Lie To Me (SBS 2011)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Koala in possession of a keyboard, must be in want of writing about Lie to Me (“LTM”). While my proverbial pen is hardly mightier than the critic’s sword, a heart in want of expression most often than not trumps logic in service of persuasion.

I set forth the presumption that a drama existing solely as a showcase of love hardly merits scientific analysis. Really LTM ought to be enjoyed through the lens of airy emotion. But who can turn off the brain when it governs equally as the heart does? Perhaps the most fitting perch from which to view LTM is in the context of the divide between Sense and Sensibility.

For those of you who loved LTM because it engaged your full sensibility, and those of you who hated LTM because it aggravated all your practical sense, a viewer can and may find a common ground between the two.

So come take a walk down a cherry blossom lane with me. If it pleases you, do stay for a visit. If it befuddles you, feel free to traverse another path. This is one drama where folks have some mighty strong opinions, perchance review is warranted to parse the extremes for a comfortable medium. Continue reading

Lie To Me: A Love Story

I was pretty certain that I had to wait at least a few years after Secret Garden before I chanced upon another drama in a romantic comedy genre worth raving about. After all, there were similar intervals between My Girl (2005), Coffee Prince, First Shop (2007), and Secret Garden (2010).

But it was the kiss, one of many I might add, that told me loud and clear maybe I didn’t have to wait that long this time. The telltale signs were all there because I found myself watching certain scenes over and over again without becoming tired of them. But this obsessive-compulsive phenomenon didn’t happen until the end of the fifth episode, when the first kiss occurs. Does this mean this drama is not worth watching until the episode 5? Hardly.

The participants in this momentous kiss appear in a new SBS drama Lie To Me starring Yoon Eun-hye as Gong Ah-jung and Kang Ji-hwan as Hyun Ki-joon. The kisses have enjoyed such acclaim, even before they were aired, that they even have their own names: the ice cream kiss and the cola kiss.

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