Mawang (or, The Devil or Lucifer) (KBS, 2007)


Mawang was my first true love. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (reviewed here) was a mere trifle, a bitty flirtation with a spot of flimsy fun. With Mawang (also known as The Devil or Lucifer, KBS 2007), my affections were seriously spoken for. The show grabbed me and made me contemplate committing for life. Merely for the chance of watching another gem like Mawang am I now willing to endure (and have in fact endured) hours of forgettable k-drama.

In my more enthusiastic moments I think everyone must love Mawang. What’s there not to love about a gripping, well-acted, impeccably executed and thought-provoking show with a stunning soundtrack? However, I have to concede that I’m sometimes spectacularly out of alignment with popular opinion. So, I’ve devised a little test for Mawang viewer compatibility:

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Delightful Girl Choon Hyang – My First Love


I recently met up with my (real life) first love. We have both moved on since those oh-so-distant days, and we are now friends so casual I usually forget that I once thought that a light would go out in my life if I never saw him again. And when I do remember I feel a little embarrassed. Nowadays, I even find him a little tiresome when I see too much of him. However, I don’t blame my younger self for having fallen for his wit, charm and mild eccentricity. With the benefit of hindsight I realise it was probably a good thing that things didn’t work out between us, but nonetheless I can’t regret the feelings I once cherished for him, which were real to me then and are now woven into my life’s story.

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (DGCH) (or Sassy Girl Choon Hyang) was my first k-drama love. I no longer think it is the best thing ever, and if I watched it for the first time today I suspect I might find some plot contrivances tiresome. But it will always have a special place in my heart and I can’t regret the love I lavished on it. I thought it might be interesting to explore what made it so attractive to me at the time, what struck me then, and what qualities might endure (and endear) today.

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Treasure Trove (Part 2)

For Part 2 of our Treasure Trove series, I’m pleased to present an eclectic selection of dramas. All of them have one thing in common: awesomeness in spades!

Oh, before you start clicking those links, here’s a public service announcement:

The four dramas are raining hotties so have a bucket handy for your drool. On a related note, the editor of the Eight Days’ subs gets first dibs on the king. (If you are going “Ha, go ahead and have him,” you ain’t seen the king and his swordsplay yet. Sexiest royal alive.)

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Favorite Male Roles (Part 2)

It was about two weeks ago that I had this ‘brilliant’ idea to create a poll of our favorite actors and their most-loved roles. So I posted the first poll (male roles) and then the second (female roles), patted myself on the back and went about my merry way, whistling.

And then it started. A reader told me I had left out Song Il-gook. Oops. Then, while happily sipping my Diet Coke at a mall, I nearly choked when one missing name popped into my head. Uhm Tae-woong!

Still, I resisted. I’m made of sterner stuff, after all.

But last night I was brushing my teeth before bed (and I tend to get some of my wildest ideas for recaps and posts when my mouth is full of toothpaste foam, don’t ask me why) when it hit me.

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Falling under Queen Seondeok’s spell

With its ratings surging past 20%, industry talk is that Queen Seondeok (2009) could become a major hit. And why not? It’s extremely well made and barrels of fun. The fourth episode, which aired this week, ended on a cliffhanger and I’ve been antsy ever since. Is it Monday yet?

While waiting for this week to quickly pass us by, allow me to share the reasons why this sageuk (period drama) has held me spellbound.

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