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Story of a Man drama giveaway: Results!

The brief was simple: Take any male character from any kdrama and tell us his story. And wow, how you all came through! With your fabulous poems and plays and stories that made the judges laugh out loud or just sigh in envy at the sheer eloquence and creativity. Take a bow, nattacatta, langdon813, tupai,… Read More ›

Tamra the Island (MBC 2009)

I promise this review will end with: “and they lived happily ever after.” For my (few) loyal readers, this might be the only fanservice I can do for you. It recently dawned on me that I have only been discussing dramas that have required an increasing dose of therapy after watching it. I can’t fathom… Read More ›

Sageuk Awards

Was it six years ago? A man and a woman at night, she bleeding from a wound on her shoulder, he tending so gently to the wound. Their voices are as soft as the breeze is light. As they walk home afterwards, cherry blossoms flutter around them, like a million pink and white lights aglow… Read More ›

Best and Worst Dramas (Part 7): 2009

I know. I know what you’re thinking. “HELLO! It’s not even December and you want us to vote for the 2009 dramas? Getting carried away with this poll thingy, are you?” Wait, hear me out. I know it’s early, but depending on which spot on the planet you’re planted, December is just 1-2 days away,… Read More ›