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The Seasons Dramas – A Four-For-The-Price-Of-One Review

It’s not a hyberbole to state that every K-drama watcher has probably watched at least one of the famous Seasons dramas.

Favorite Female Roles (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of our Favorite Female Roles poll. (Part 1 is here. Please check out the Favorite Male Roles poll as well: Parts 1 and 2.) I really like this second part because it allows me to pay tribute to one of the brightest lights in the Korean film industry. She has left… Read More ›

Much ado about nothing in Full House

I first watched Full House about four years ago. Bi (Jung Ji-hoon) had charmed me in Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School with his role as a gigolo singlehandedly raising an ill child. I loved that drama, Bi’s first, and looked forward to his new one with a mix of eagerness and foreboding. He was… Read More ›