Favorite Female Roles (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of our Favorite Female Roles poll. (Part 1 is here. Please check out the Favorite Male Roles poll as well: Parts 1 and 2.)

I really like this second part because it allows me to pay tribute to one of the brightest lights in the Korean film industry. She has left us (a fact that still brings me to tears), but in my heart she is always here, illuminating our days with her sweetness, her grace, her strength, and the immense power of her acting.

We love you, Jang Jin-young.

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Much ado about nothing in Full House


I first watched Full House about four years ago. Bi (Jung Ji-hoon) had charmed me in Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School with his role as a gigolo singlehandedly raising an ill child. I loved that drama, Bi’s first, and looked forward to his new one with a mix of eagerness and foreboding. He was so endearing in his debut drama and had made me an instant fan. With that first acting experience tucked away, surely he would act even better in Full House? But what if I didn’t like the drama, and worse, Bi’s acting in it?

As it turned out, optimism lost and pessimism gloated, “I told you.”


The first few episodes were enjoyable and funny. Pretty entertaining stuff even. But then the drama started getting repetitive, draggy, and downright roll-your-eyes exasperating. Substance flew out the window, leaving only style and shrillness behind. The yelling and overwrought emotions (the leads, not me) left my own nerves on edge. Instead of parking my brain in some deserted parking lot and enjoying the fluff on display (beautiful house, beautiful cast), I stupidly began nitpicking. And once I started, it was full-blown rantiness.

May I present to you some of the things in Full House that make no sense whatsoever? Well, to me, at least.

[Excuse the random pics, swiped from the official site. Also be warned this will be RANTY and SPOILERISH.]

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