You’ve Fallen for Me: Episodes 1-2

A crotchety grandfather. A chivalrous stranger. Just like that I was sold, and all within the first two minutes.

If you had asked me last month if I was planning on watching You’ve Fallen for Me (2011), I would have stared at you blankly. The name does not ring a bell. But about six days ago I was casually checking out one of my favorite blogs, Electric Ground, and saw that dear Blue had a new post out, a recap this time. As usual this spoilerphobe averted her eyes, but one of the tags jumped out at her, like a single bulb glowing in the dark. The spoilerphobe’s eyes widened as she read the name of the actor.

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Family Honor (a review and giveaway)

Family Honor (2008/2009) is many things: family drama, romance, comedy, thriller, Go-Stop manual. Its themes are myriad as well: relationships (parent-child; sibling; stalker-stalked; just name it), culture, tradition, revenge, recycling (not of clichés or plot devices but discarded bottles and sundry junk), redemption, coupling.

Of the last you need a notebook to keep tabs, because there are so many couples in the drama you keep wondering when it’s going to be great-grandpa’s turn; surely the writer’s not going to leave our beloved patriarch out of the dating game when everyone else is either hitched or ditched-and-hitched? That’s not fair, is it? After all, even the youngest in the family (Dong-dong; ten years old) has to ward off the advances of a girl who likes him so much she beats him black and blue.

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Thank You


(thundie: I’m thrilled to introduce my second guest blogger, someone whose gifted writing I’ve long admired. Please welcome Serendipity!)

Hi, I’m Serendipity. Thundie made me an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse: an invitation to contribute to this fabulous blog. This is my first foray into the wonderful world of k-drama blogging, and to stay my nerves I am taking the advice I often dish out to drama writers – just write from the heart. So for my pilot review I’m attempting to articulate why I have been smitten by the 2007 k-drama Thank You (or TY in short). As I’ll be focusing more on the overall effect of the show than on plot, any spoilers there may be are quite mild.

So, come with me. Let us go on a journey.

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Falling under Queen Seondeok’s spell

With its ratings surging past 20%, industry talk is that Queen Seondeok (2009) could become a major hit. And why not? It’s extremely well made and barrels of fun. The fourth episode, which aired this week, ended on a cliffhanger and I’ve been antsy ever since. Is it Monday yet?

While waiting for this week to quickly pass us by, allow me to share the reasons why this sageuk (period drama) has held me spellbound.

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