Sageuk Awards

Was it six years ago? A man and a woman at night, she bleeding from a wound on her shoulder, he tending so gently to the wound. Their voices are as soft as the breeze is light. As they walk home afterwards, cherry blossoms flutter around them, like a million pink and white lights aglow in the dark.

Even now, six years later, I can’t speak of my first sageuk (Korean historical or period drama) without a lump suddenly forming in my throat. Damo changed my life, literally flinging me over the edge into the depths of kdrama addiction. It marked the beginning of a love affair that has continued to grow; both my top movie and drama are period ones and I don’t see any other genre coming along to topple them, in the foreseeable future or otherwise.

Damo stayed at the top of my favorites list for a long time, but the day finally came when I had to sadly acknowledge that another drama would take its place. So it has been, this game of musical chairs, this rotation of faves and favored. I’m not alone. One of the contributors to this post sent me this note along with her picks: “I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE MY MIND.” (See how passionate we sageuk fans are? Haha.)

So here we are, a special post on my favorite genre. Six dear friends, all familiar names in the Kdrama community, responded enthusiastically to my invitation to participate in this poll of sorts. Nine categories in all (because it’s obvious thundie can’t count; she thought she listed ten), with picks that I’m sure will delight or dismay you. Wrapping up the post is a hilarious and insightful look at how sageuk and wuxia stack up against each other.

Many thanks (and cups of coffee) to ockoala (who wrote the sageuk/wuxia piece), dahee, dramaok, hjkomo, javabeans and His Grumpiness misterX. All of you inspire me every day to be a more discerning viewer.

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Shin Don

Here’s the drama that I love to the moon and beyond. I previously wrote about it here.

Shin Don is many things to me, but above all it is a love story. It is about a king’s love for a country that once abandoned him. It is about this king falling in love with a woman who should rightly be a foe. It is about this woman loving him back with a devotion and ferocity that will rip your heart out. (And dang, just writing the above line brings instant tears. When will I ever recover from you, Shin Don?)

It is about a charlatan monk, with a wretched past, who will lay down his life for his king. It is about the monk’s sharp-tongued master, who sees beyond the visceral, who makes my heart hurt because I love him so much. It is a tale peopled by characters so flawed, so human, so unforgettable your heart soars when you see them in another drama.

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First birthday and a drama giveaway

Thundie’s Prattle is ONE today. Happy birthday, blog!

(Here’s the post which started it all, dated Jan 12, 2009.)

To celebrate this little milestone, I would like to have another giveaway, one that is special and different. After mulling for days, it dawned on me that I could give away something “homemade” this time. Something dear to me and which I would like to share with you.

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Best and Worst Dramas (Part 4): 2005


I love Part 4 of our Best and Worst Dramas poll because THE DRAMA OF MY HEART aired this year, keke. I believe some of you will also find your all-time favorites here (see MV above!). Please check out Parts 1, 2 and 3, too. If you have not voted yet, please do, thank you!


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