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Finis Origine Pendet

The End Depends on the Beginning – Except in K-dramaland, where sometimes the end is a truly confounding or bizarre event that has viewers scratching their heads or fuming years later. I was reminded of this recently when I happened to link back to an epic series of posts on dramabeans about My Love Patzzi,… Read More ›

Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School (KBS 2003)

Prologue: This story must be a modern folk tale. Getting passed down from viewer-to-viewer – the story of Sang Doo and his Eun Hwan, the story of Eun Hwan and her Sang Doo. Like all folk tales that have come before it, it feels both real and whimsical. Like all folk tales that will come… Read More ›

Best and Worst Dramas (Part 6): 2003

  This was supposed to be a five-part series… until I saw the list of 2003 dramas. How can I skip the year that produced the first drama that nearly drowned me? I drooled, I wept, I was becoming dehydrated! (Thank you, Damo. I owe you.) At some point it will end, but for now… Read More ›

Sang-doo, Let’s Go to School!

Are first impressions important? Definitely. If I had watched Bi (a.k.a. Jung Ji-hoon) in either Full House or A Love to Kill first, I would have fled from his subsequent work. But my first look at Bi was in Sang-doo, Let’s Go to School! (2003). His Cha Sang-doo role (student, single dad, gigolo, security guard,… Read More ›