A Princess and A President: A First Impressions Review

Come one, come all – come and gape at this rare creature. She looks like a koala from the outside, but from the inside she’s likely as crazy as that scrat from Ice Age. She doesn’t acknowledge that there are divides better left unbridged, subjects of discussion that shouldn’t be broached in the same forum.

She thinks all that matters is “but it’s really good, and I want to talk about it!” She may just be right. So give her a moment of your precious time, will you? She wants to share her thoughts about a masterpiece-in-the-making called President (KBS 2010), and a scrumptious delightful little romp called My Princess (MBC 2010).

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What Happened in Bali

(SBS 2004; alternative titles: Memories of Bali, Something Happened in Bali)

First, a big Ni Hao shout-out to all my chingus in dramaland (and a warning that what you are about to read may contain snippets of a newly discovered language I hereby dub KorChinGlish – trademark pending). Second, a happy wave to Thundie for allowing me a return trip to her blog. And finally, I’m back with a follow-up attempt to entertain you, with a K-drama review which I hope answers the age-old question everyone has been dying to know.

What the heck happened in Bali?

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Falling under Queen Seondeok’s spell

With its ratings surging past 20%, industry talk is that Queen Seondeok (2009) could become a major hit. And why not? It’s extremely well made and barrels of fun. The fourth episode, which aired this week, ended on a cliffhanger and I’ve been antsy ever since. Is it Monday yet?

While waiting for this week to quickly pass us by, allow me to share the reasons why this sageuk (period drama) has held me spellbound.

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Again, My Love: Episodes 1-2

I need to begin this post with a little rant. Who coined the title Hateful But Once Again?

It isn’t just about semantics. Try substituting “hateful” with any other adjective (like “batty” or “butyraceous”). The phrase is still ungrammatical and illogical. But once again what?

So I’m going to go with Again, My Love as my preferred name for this 2009 drama. Privately, though, I’m calling it The Lioness, the Itch and the Warthog. Don’t tell the folks at KBS.

The “lioness” in the drama is Han Myung-in (Choi Myung-gil).

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