The doctor is in

Doc: Shouldn’t it be “The Doctor is JIN”?

Ha-eung: Sure, sure. There’s a 100-nyang bounty on your head, but we’re not at all worried about that, are we? Why don’t you just march to the police bureau and give yourself up? Save the officers there the trouble of hunting for you. In fact, I might as well take you there myself now.

Doc: All right, no need to flap; it was just an innocent question. Back where I come from, it’s basic courtesy to tell people your name.

Ha-eung: I don’t know what backward village you hail from, but over here you lie low and stay out of trouble, you hear? You treat the people who come, I collect the payment, and together we…

Doc: But I’m not a psychiatrist, I’m neurosurgeon Dr. Jin Hyuk!

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City Hunter

Dear Diary:

What I’m about to tell you is highly embarrassing. As soon as I write it all down I’m going to burn this entry. Where do I find matches, do you know?

There’s a drama that I like. That’s nothing new, right? But what’s new, and what’s making me blush, is how I felt long before I started watching the drama and how differently I feel now. My avowals then. My complete turnaround months later. Even at that time it was a first for me, to be heartily sick of an actor that I hadn’t watched in anything. That cauliflower hairdo. That smirk. That too-pretty face. I got so tired looking at that face. It was friggin’ EVERYWHERE.

Last night, after finishing Episode 8 of this drama, I went online to check how many episodes remained. When I saw that I had twelve episodes to go, I felt instantly relieved. And happy. Because I get to dwell on that face some more.

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SKKS: Serendipity’s Krazy Koncluding Scenario


It has been a great party. Our site view stats have gone through the roof. We have more posts on Sungkyunkwan Scandal than on any other drama, ever. We’ve had a truck-load of squeeing fun. We’ve made lots of new friends. I’ve (co-)recapped my first series and found that it is hard work but fun. And Thundie still hasn’t fully recovered from the exertions of partying so hard.

We’ve decided, after all, not to (re-)recap episodes 17 to 20. We hope you are not too disappointed. But really, both of us have said pretty much all that we have to say. Between the Epic Review and the Live Recaps I think our work here is just about done.

Thundie has graciously allowed me to have the last word. We all know that the show really wanted to go for five more episodes, and indeed some of us feel that the story was wrapped up in unseemly haste. What if the story had unfolded as it should? (At least, as I think it should have…) Ladies and gentlemen, in lieu of an Episode 20 recap, I present:

SKKS: Serendipity’s Krazy Koncluding Scenario

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[Epic review] Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Thundie’s Prattle is thrilled to roll out our second epic review. (The inaugural one is here.)

This time we have invited six fans of a drama that’s officially known as Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but which most of us prefer to call Joseon Crack, or Micky-Yoochun-I-Love-You!, or Give-Hottie-Yoo-Ah-In-The-Girl-Dammit! (or, to a smaller extent, Gu-Yong-Ha-Take-Me!).

All six reviewers share a few things in common: They adored the drama (for the most part), they spent more hours on it than they care to admit, and they are fabulous writers. Their reviews are long (so make yourself comfy) and honest (exceedingly so, because love isn’t blind). In a nutshell, a wonderful read that everyone will enjoy.

blue1004, dramaok, Lei, miss_tofu, momosan and Softy, thank you so much for being part of this epic review. SKKS brought us close and for that I will always be grateful.

I must also thank the following: ^L4uRa^, who created the lovely wallpaper that you see above. Serendipity, who partnered me (most doggedly!) in bringing you the SKKS recaps (and we’re not done, so please don’t leave us; we have four episodes left!). All the patients of our SKKS AA Hospital, and everyone who has laughed and cried us with us on this unforgettable journey.

This epic 20,700-word review is dedicated to all of you.

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Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 16



This is not really a recap, in the sense of a detailed description of what happened in SKKS16. Some of you may be new to Thundie’s Prattle, but our regular readers will know that Thundie and I prefer not to do “linear” or “straight” re-telling of stories. We present our personal take. Not quite a review, but not quite a recap either, and certainly opinionated and subjective. I should also add that Thundie does not edit my work and the views I express are entirely my own and do not reflect any “position” of Thundie’s Prattle.

Ready? Hang on to your hats! Let’s start with a confession: While I have enjoyed watching and recapping SKKS, I haven’t suffered an SKKS-induced lobotomy. Perhaps because I have so much affection for the show and its characters, I can’t ignore its flaws. I’m not fully devotedly blindly squeeing-ly 100% fangirlying, to be honest.

Hence I have come to Episode 16 with mixed feelings. I have been pretty on board with the OTP (“one true pairing”) and pretty on board with all SKKS has stood for (e.g., fan-servicey entertainment over hard logic). But I’m not beyond a bit of considered analysis. Especially when it comes to this pivotal episode, where the rubber hits the road, and where I feel that the show’s best aspects as well as some of its weak points surface. It’s as if I have a split personality with this episode: The Rabid Fangirl on the one hand, and the Disgruntled Detractor on the other.

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It’s Monday but where’s my Sungkyunkwan Scandal?

Are you like Soon-dol above? Clinging hard and refusing to let go? Wailing your head off because you’re back to hating Mondays?

Well, if it’s any consolation at all, here’s a post-SKKS poll to assuage (or aggravate) the pain somewhat. I call it the SKKS Silly Poll because… well, I hope its silliness will make you giggle a little and forget (momentarily) that Joseon Crack is over! Waaahhhhh!!

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