Lost and found

I must have a thing for punishment. In the last few days, egged on by a harebrained idea that refuses to die, I’ve been pulling out one drama after another (old and also recent ones) and revisiting selected scenes that make me bawl my eyes out. As I tweeted yesterday, I will go blind at this rate.

But oh, never has crying felt so good!

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Only You (or when the mediocre charms our socks off)

For the past few days, a friend and I have been talking about dramas and why some mediocre ones move us, worming their way into our hearts despite decidedly lousy writing, directing and even acting. In contrast, an exquisitely filmed drama might wow us intellectually, but it does not make our hearts quiver in anticipation nor does it leave an ache that takes months to go away. Why do we fall in love with certain dramas when others scoff at it, giving it ratings as low as two out of ten?

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Best and Worst Dramas (Part 4): 2005


I love Part 4 of our Best and Worst Dramas poll because THE DRAMA OF MY HEART aired this year, keke. I believe some of you will also find your all-time favorites here (see MV above!). Please check out Parts 1, 2 and 3, too. If you have not voted yet, please do, thank you!


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Only You

Three years ago, stumbling upon an English-subbed Korean drama in the store was like tripping over a pot of cactus (the rarity, not the pain). The moment I saw one I grabbed it. (Buy in haste, peruse and regret at leisure.) So that was how I went to the mall for pet food one day and ended up coming home with Only You (2005).

When I finished the drama, I thought it just average fare, neither great nor terrible. Yet funnily, a couple of days later I itched to watch it again.

Was it the gorgeous scenery (the first two episodes take place in magical Venice) that had cast a spell on me? Was it because the main setting for the drama was a restaurant and I was (still am, oops!) partial to food? Or did it all really boil down to one reason: the male lead, who had eyes like pools and hair like a poodle… (Okay, the latter I exaggerate but wait till you see the evidence!)

A half-baked synopsis and coffee talk about hair and such… >>>