My fat suit is fatter than yours

The name’s Karl. Karl Go. Male lead character in Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung. What do you mean, you’ve never heard of my drama? Fine, I’ll concede that quality-wise we rank way down the pecking order in that year of sterling offerings, but I’ll have you know my drama boasts something that none of the other 2007 dramas can lay claim to.

A fat suit.

Sure, I looked like Barney the Purple Dinosaur in my fat suit, but is that my fault? Damned budget cuts eating into my prosthetic makeup and causing me to look like someone dunked my head into a tub of violet-red paint. Still, I was king of the kdrama fat suit and reigned without a rival for four heady years.

And then Romance Town (2011) came along. HE came along. Waaahhh!!!

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Mid-Year Report Card (Part 2)

Okay! Now that we’ve sussed out the best/worst kdrama offerings for the first half of this year, it’s time to check out the lead performances and everyone’s favorite topic: the OTPs!

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Super Rookie

I watched Super Rookie (2005) immediately after A Love to Kill and had to do a double take. Someone thinks life is not worth living and takes a leap off a bridge. A scruffy boxer gets pummeled in the ring.

Egads! Did I pop the wrong drama into the player? Thankfully it’s soon obvious that Super Rookie is very different. For one thing it is funny. It’s also forgettable (which A Love to Kill is not, alas).

First, the hilarity. At one point Kang-ho (Moon Jung Hyuk a.k.a. Eric) dons green eyeshadow and I nearly crack a rib as a result. It’s a wonder he could act that scene with a straight face. But that warpaint is just another sacrifice he must make in the name of company “research”; after all, our lead character is one dedicated (and reformed) employee.

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