Family Honor (a review and giveaway)

Family Honor (2008/2009) is many things: family drama, romance, comedy, thriller, Go-Stop manual. Its themes are myriad as well: relationships (parent-child; sibling; stalker-stalked; just name it), culture, tradition, revenge, recycling (not of clichés or plot devices but discarded bottles and sundry junk), redemption, coupling.

Of the last you need a notebook to keep tabs, because there are so many couples in the drama you keep wondering when it’s going to be great-grandpa’s turn; surely the writer’s not going to leave our beloved patriarch out of the dating game when everyone else is either hitched or ditched-and-hitched? That’s not fair, is it? After all, even the youngest in the family (Dong-dong; ten years old) has to ward off the advances of a girl who likes him so much she beats him black and blue.

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