Answer Me 1997 confessions


I don’t get the pop culture references (Sechs Kies who?), I’m perplexed by the screaming (people in love whisper sweet nothings to each other, not yell their lungs out, eyes blazing), I like but am not enamored of the lead couple. (What?! Did you just say that? Are you feverish? How you crazy?) I also don’t remember behaving this puerile when I was eighteen. By that age I had already experienced the loss of a father and the wrath of a customer whose pristine white skirt I had just made un-pristine with a generous serving of Coke. Of the latter… okay, I have butter fingers but hey, it was my first job and no one told me that placing a tall glass at the edge of a tray was a bad idea.

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Friend, Our Legend



This is the review that very nearly didn’t get written. For one thing, I very nearly didn’t finish watching the twenty episodes of Friend, Our Legend (MBC, 2009) (“FOL”), having stalled altogether in the early episodes at my first attempt. For another, I have such mixed feelings about this drama, I’ve found it hard to write a coherent review.

Initially, I was intrigued by what others said about this drama. “Heart-breaking.” “Hard to watch.” Most intriguing of all, “I loved it, but I would never recommend this to my friends.” With a dis-recommendation like that, how could contrary-me resist? My own reaction has touched extremes, from indifference to utter absorption. Though I gobbled up the last four episodes and was left speechless and emotionally wrung out, I can’t deny that the middle of the series was a slow hard slog for me with stretches of (dare I say it) boredom. I’d say, provocatively: I don’t love this show, but I recommend you watch it.

And why should you watch this?

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