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Story of a Man drama giveaway

Yesterday was a special day for this blog because… (*drum roll*) the number of total hits crossed 500,000. That’s half a million! To commemorate this milestone, Thundie’s Prattle is giving away two English-subtitled DVD sets of Story of a Man. This drama was many people’s choice for Best Drama of 2009 and I’m not surprised,… Read More ›

Giant (2010): Mid-Point Review

Let’s start this review off with a bold proclamation. After watching the first 24 episodes, I am unequivocally in love with Giant. With that said, I shall attempt to justify my sentiment with a semblance of reason and logic (but if you look at that kiss above, I think it says enough by itself).

Damo, the Undercover Lady Detective (MBC 2003)

Do you subscribe to the belief that “you never forget your first love”? It’s a lovely sentiment, but in reality not always true. We forget stuff all the time, including poignant memories such as a first love. [Like, I recently forgot I was married with kids, and attempted to buy a ticket to Japan to… Read More ›

Hi, Dharma!

Here’s the deal (a.k.a. synopsis in a nutshell): A group of gangsters run to a secluded mountain monastery to hide from a rival gang. Their appearance is met with much resentment from the resident group of monks, and tempers fray even more when the raucous thugs insist on staying at the monastery for at least… Read More ›


I popped this 2004 movie into the DVD player without knowing what I was watching. When a friend sent it to me, I looked all over the cover for the title, but there was nothing in English that I could read. Two male faces I didn’t recognize peered at me from the front, and on… Read More ›