Mid-Year Report Card (Part 2)

Okay! Now that we’ve sussed out the best/worst kdrama offerings for the first half of this year, it’s time to check out the lead performances and everyone’s favorite topic: the OTPs!

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Indian Summer


I watched Indian Summer, a 2001 movie, in late-2004.  Lee Mi-yeon plays Lee Shin-young, a woman on trial for murdering her husband.  Park Shin-yang is Seo Jun-ha, the lawyer assigned by the state to defend her.  Right from the onset he faces an uphill battle. Resolutely uncooperative, his client is determined to pay for the deed with her life.

Several of my friends and I were really taken with the movie and we discussed it at length.  We loved its atmosphere (so evocative of the song Indian Summer), and we especially loved the Jun-ha character for his devotion to Shin-young’s case and to Shin-young herself. 

Here are some of my thoughts after I had finished the movie.  They relate specifically to the final decision that Shin-young made, and they attempt to explain the significance of the movie’s title.  Thus, be warned that these thoughts contain MAJOR ENDING SPOILERS.

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