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Mid-Year Report Card (Part 2)

Okay! Now that we’ve sussed out the best/worst kdrama offerings for the first half of this year, it’s time to check out the lead performances and everyone’s favorite topic: the OTPs!

Giant: Episodes 1-4

The first thought that sprung to mind as I watched Giant (SBS, 2010) was that I had seen the drama before. It felt familiar, but not the kind of familiarity that envelops you like an old friend or a childhood haunt. No, it felt like a dreamscape where scenes from a dozen disparate places assail… Read More ›

Favorite Male Roles (Part 2)

It was about two weeks ago that I had this ‘brilliant’ idea to create a poll of our favorite actors and their most-loved roles. So I posted the first poll (male roles) and then the second (female roles), patted myself on the back and went about my merry way, whistling. And then it started. A… Read More ›

Superstar Mr. Gam

Do you enjoy stories about underdogs and the tenacity and triumph of the human spirit? In these troubling times, why not watch a feel-good movie that’s not only touching but also funny and romantic? And, don’t you want to check out a film where Ha Jung-woo speaks only one line and Gong-yoo two? The former… Read More ›