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[K-drama scribbles] White Tower

White Tower (2007) is a drama that deserves a thoughtful and thorough review, preferably after multiple viewings. But as I explained here, time is not on my side for now. Thus, rather than let many months slip by – the prospect of a review growing ever dimmer – I thought I should post the White… Read More ›

White Tower giveaway results

The brief was demanding, but then again a great drama deserves to be hard-earned, yes? On November 28 I asked blog readers to write about their favorite actor’s best role. Eight of you responded, with prose and poetry that wowed ockoala and Serendipity, my two guest judges. Thank you for writing from your heart, everyone…. Read More ›

White Tower drama giveaway

I first saw Kim Myung-min in More Beautiful Than a Flower (2004) where he played a man hiding a dastardly past. “What a gem of a drama and actor,” I thought, not realizing at that time that MBTAF would mark the beginning of an abiding love for one of Korea’s greatest actors. Bad Family (2006)… Read More ›

Bad Family (SBS 2006)

Bad Family is a thoroughly endearing and enjoyable drama. Strangely, it must defy reviewing, because I am having a terribly constipated time writing about it. The words just aren’t coming to me like they normally do. I’ll take this as a sign from the drama gods that this is a drama that needs to be… Read More ›

Sageuk Awards

Was it six years ago? A man and a woman at night, she bleeding from a wound on her shoulder, he tending so gently to the wound. Their voices are as soft as the breeze is light. As they walk home afterwards, cherry blossoms flutter around them, like a million pink and white lights aglow… Read More ›