Personal Taste [MBC 2010]

This is my inaugural First Impression review. So do bear with me if I stumble through some rough patches. What’s my definition of a First Impression review, and why does this review qualify as such? It’s where the reviewer is basing his or her critique on an incomplete set of information. Perhaps the reviewer intends to continue with the piece of work, and merely has a desire to share some preliminary thoughts. Or maybe the reviewer has given up on the piece of work, but feels there is some merit in sharing the rationale for the decision.

Regardless of the reason, the reviewer has provided the context up front: “I’ve only seen X amount of the work, and here are my thoughts.” I don’t believe that only reviews based on a completed viewing ought to be written, as long as the basis for the review is disclosed to the reader. You have been duly forewarned, so read on at your own peril. This is a First Impression review because I have only watched 12.5 episodes of the drama I am about to discuss.

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Hometown of Legends 2009: Episode 1

Some experiences in life I don’t covet, thank you very much, and being scared witless is one of them. I jump when a lizard crosses my path, go weak in the knees at the sight of blood, and get nightmares for weeks if I chance upon a trailer for a ghost story while innocently channel-surfing. I don’t need to see the images; just the creepy music alone is enough to make my hair stand. Horror is just not my thing.

But the other day (as part of fansubbing duties) I watched my first Korean horror drama — a sageuk at that — and found it so entertaining I just might become a convert. Scary has never been this hysterical.

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