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Frights of fancy

An unbridled imagination, it goes places. Just ask me. So three days ago I was watching Episode 5 of Tree With Deep Roots. Rather listlessly, I confess, because I was still bummed about a certain someone’s exit the previous episode. Friends raved about Han Seok-kyu’s acting and how it was helping them to be, you… Read More ›

Hairy distractions

Some TP readers think I have a hair fixation since I tend to harp on the subject in my recaps or reviews. But the truth is I don’t notice hairdos unless they are weird or downright awful. Take Emperor of the Sea which I’ve been watching spellbound the last two days. Nine episodes in (and… Read More ›

Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 1

I’m in sageuk heaven. First, there was The Princess’s Man, a story that got me reading into the night about King Munjong and his brother the Grand Prince Suyang. Now there’s Tree With Deep Roots, a new and promising drama about Munjong and Suyang’s father, King Sejong the Great. Eight minutes into the opening episode… Read More ›

Tazza (SBS 2008)

Open Pack of Cards: I like to think there is a loophole to political correctness. People turn a blind eye to potentially offensive stereotypical proclamations about an ethinic group if the negative blanket statement is made by someone about their own ethnicity. I’m not saying this should be condoned, merely that most people tend not… Read More ›

Thank You

(thundie: I’m thrilled to introduce my second guest blogger, someone whose gifted writing I’ve long admired. Please welcome Serendipity!) Hi, I’m Serendipity. Thundie made me an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse: an invitation to contribute to this fabulous blog. This is my first foray into the wonderful world of k-drama blogging, and to stay my… Read More ›