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Delightful Girl Choon Hyang – My First Love

I recently met up with my (real life) first love. We have both moved on since those oh-so-distant days, and we are now friends so casual I usually forget that I once thought that a light would go out in my life if I never saw him again. And when I do remember I feel… Read More ›

Favorite Male Roles (Part 2)

It was about two weeks ago that I had this ‘brilliant’ idea to create a poll of our favorite actors and their most-loved roles. So I posted the first poll (male roles) and then the second (female roles), patted myself on the back and went about my merry way, whistling. And then it started. A… Read More ›

Homeless in 3-Iron

A male protagonist who did not speak a single word but gave me the chills. A movie which was not a horror story but felt ghostly. I watched 3-Iron (2004) with my mouth open, transfixed but not enthralled. In some scenes my hair stood on end. Events on the screen, each more surreal than the… Read More ›