Favorite Male Roles (Part 1)

Today’s a wonderful day because one of my favorite stars was discharged from the army. It makes me so happy to know he’s back!

I’ve been thinking about Chun Jung-myung all day and revisiting memories of his past roles. Which of those have I loved the most? One thing led to another and I thought, “Hey, let’s have a poll!” The last (and only) poll on the blog was so very long ago.

Here in random order (except for the first one because today is his day; welcome back!) are twenty actors and seven of their most recent or most prominent roles. Some of them I love ardently, some of them you love ardently. All of them are familiar names, I’m sure.

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Accidental Couple

Episode 1 of Accidental Couple (aka Just Looking aka That Fool, 2009) was surreal. Never had I been so simultaneously awed and repulsed. Here was acting at its finest and here was acting so excruciatingly awful I wanted to throw a shoe at the screen.

Imagine the very best tenor in the world giving the standout performance of his life. He opens his mouth to sing and your jaw drops; it will remain on the floor for the entirety of the concert. Then it’s the turn of the accompanying “choir” and your hair stands as you listen to what sounds like seagulls and sea lions cackling and barking at each other. You call that singing?

But behold a miracle midway in the performance.

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Waikiki Brothers

I bought only two movies when I was visiting Seoul very briefly in 2006: Waikiki Brothers and Barking Dogs Never Bite

When I think of the hundreds and thousands of offerings in the stores, it feels queer that I picked only these two very obscure titles. Okay, a limited budget was one reason but then again, I’ve never been very normal when it comes to my tastes in K-movies. (Duelistwhich I love to itty-bitty bits, is an excellent example of how non-mainstream I am sometimes.) Anyway, I bought Waikiki Brothers because I’m a Park Hae-il fan and this is his debut movie.

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A Bittersweet Life

I love A Bittersweet Life. I never thought I would love a violent movie, but this one gripped me from beginning to end. I want to watch it again just to savor Lee Byung-hun. His portrayal of Sun-woo blew my mind. He was just magnificent. If it wasn’t 2.00 am. when I finished, I would have rerun it immediately.


These are my thoughts about certain aspects of the movie. I won’t try to be too analytical because I think this movie is not easily analyzed. It’s beautiful and magical in its own way and some questions may never be answered.

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