A Man Called God: Episode 1

Once upon a time, there lived a man called God.

He was also called Peter Pan, Michael, Boss, Choi Kang-ta and Show-off. Of the last it was unclear who bestowed it on him; perhaps it was someone who couldn’t stand Michael’s endless posturing. Or the fact that the guy possessed an insane number of skills, conquering with uncommon ease even the sky and sea. He could be a bird, he could be a merman!

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More Beautiful Than a Flower

My thoughts after finishing the first twelve episodes…

Take a look at the following people:

~ A 60-year-old man who deserts his family for a woman who’s the same age as his eldest daughter.

~ A mother who takes whatever life throws at her like a wimp, who appears slow and even dim-witted.

~ A 35-year-old divorcee and fishmonger who does not know the meaning of tact, who is blunt, loudmouthed and overbearing.

~ A deceased son who died doing what he was good at: getting into brawls.


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