Mid-Year Report Card (Part 2)

Okay! Now that we’ve sussed out the best/worst kdrama offerings for the first half of this year, it’s time to check out the lead performances and everyone’s favorite topic: the OTPs!

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Super Rookie

I watched Super Rookie (2005) immediately after A Love to Kill and had to do a double take. Someone thinks life is not worth living and takes a leap off a bridge. A scruffy boxer gets pummeled in the ring.

Egads! Did I pop the wrong drama into the player? Thankfully it’s soon obvious that Super Rookie is very different. For one thing it is funny. It’s also forgettable (which A Love to Kill is not, alas).

First, the hilarity. At one point Kang-ho (Moon Jung Hyuk a.k.a. Eric) dons green eyeshadow and I nearly crack a rib as a result. It’s a wonder he could act that scene with a straight face. But that warpaint is just another sacrifice he must make in the name of company “research”; after all, our lead character is one dedicated (and reformed) employee.

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