Prosecutor Princess — The Curious Case of the Near-Miss



Prosecutor Princess has an ardent following. I couldn’t get past eight episodes. It was a close-run thing, though. I might just as easily have carried on watching. I didn’t vehemently hate it. I just ran out of interest. It was a near-miss for me. Why?

Recently I sprang a question on Thundie: “What in your opinion is the greatest sin a drama can commit?” And then realized that I can’t give a very coherent answer myself. Perhaps, taking PP as a case study I could manage an analysis. Now, this isn’t quite on point because PP is by no means the worst sinner or worst offending drama I have encountered. But on the other hand it’s quite interesting to explore the borderlands. When a drama is very bad it is usually bad for fairly obvious reasons. When it is good it is just good. When a drama is in the middle for me, not bad but not great, what tips the balance between “ok, I’ll go with this and keep watching and take it for what it’s worth” and “forget it, I’m outta here”? Perhaps by analysing why PP fell onto the wrong side of the line for me I can figure out what makes a drama work for me. Or not.

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