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Protect the Boss: Episode 4

Your Honor, I’m really looking forward to recapping this episode. I watched it twice and it was so good… There’s no need. I’ve written it for you. Don’t edit anything. And leave out my name. WHAT? You watched Episode 4 and recapped it? But how, Your Honor… Your last recap reeked of a certain reptilian… Read More ›

Protect the Boss: Episode 3

Archidamus: She’s out? Portia: Like a light. Archidamus: Cool, let’s get cracking. Portia, you continue to keep watch. Signal if you hear anything. Portia: How? I refuse to lose more bodily parts for this drama. I already lost one… Archidamus: Just shush. You know it’ll grow back. Guard her closely and click or hiss if… Read More ›

Protect the Boss: Episode 2

Court is in session The People v. Thunderbolt The hearing will now begin. Are you, Thunderbolt, the author of this post which has caused undue and severe emotional distress to fans of the Korean drama, Protect the Boss? Yes. Speak up, don’t mumble. And no one-word answers. YES, I AM!

My Love

My Love (aka Lovers, 2007) is three love stories, or three and the half, if you consider that the leads are seven. Each story in the movie is separate from the rest, but all will converge on a day when Korea experiences a rare solar eclipse.