Meet Totuta

If you’re like me and can’t watch a kdrama without English subtitles, you’ll rank fansubbers way up high on that totem pole called “The People Most Deserving Of Blame For My Kdrama Addiction.” Said pole also nicknamed “Kdrama Folks That I Lurve The Most Who Aren’t Actors.”

Fansubbers. What will we do without them?

Long before the emergence of major fansubbing groups like WITHS2 and Viki, one lone person was quietly translating Korean dramas for a small but growing community of international viewers. This was back in the days when downloading a drama was as familiar a concept as wearing flip-flops on our head. (The next step—joining subtitles to raws—even caused the technically-challenged among us to cry.)

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Best and Worst Dramas (Part 6): 2003


This was supposed to be a five-part series… until I saw the list of 2003 dramas.

How can I skip the year that produced the first drama that nearly drowned me? I drooled, I wept, I was becoming dehydrated! (Thank you, Damo. I owe you.)

At some point it will end, but for now may I present to you Part 6 of our Best and Worst Dramas poll? (The five that went before are here: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.)

By the way, I’m not kidding when I say “worst” because some of the worst dramas I’ve ever watched are here! *runs away screaming*


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Attic Cat


Two men: Yoo Dong-joon (Lee Hyun-woo) and Lee Kyung-min (Kim Rae-won).

One’s an asset, the other a liability.
One’s a gentleman, the other an overgrown kid.
One’s chivalrous, the other cowardly.
One rallies around her when she’s in trouble, the other runs away.
One feeds her, the other wants to be fed!
One’s an initiator, the other a reactor.
One’s selfless, the other self-centered.
One gives her hope, the other takes it away.
One tries to heal her heart, the other keeps breaking it.

Two very opposite characters. And Nam Jung-eun (Jung Da-bin) loves the one who’s the obvious cad, the one she has described as “garbage,” “scum,” “parasite,” and “worthless.” No wonder Dong-joon says to her, “When you love someone with all your heart, you become a fool…”

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