What I’m Watching

Hi Thundie’s Prattle readers! It’s been a while.

I can’t believe almost a full year has passed since my last post. 2012 has been a year of great dramas, many of which I watched and wanted to write about. Unfortunately this has not been such a good year for me in real life; I spent most of it struggling with my health, repeatedly crashing again just when I thought I might be getting better, and starting the whole cycle again. On the upside I had a lot of time to watch dramas while I was convalescing – and I have a lot of half-finished drafts of drama rants and reviews languishing in my hard-drive.

So I told myself this time I would finish, no matter what! And instead of biting off more than I could chew with my limited energy these days, I decided to do a brief review/first impressions of each of the currently airing dramas I’m watching right now. Also, fair warning: I’m rusty because I haven’t done blogging of any sort for a long time, so please forgive me if this is very rambly and long.

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Dong-Yi: A Love Story

[I’m sure you’re just as thrilled as I am to see a new post from Michael. Whether you have watched Dong Yi or not, this is one review that’s going to have you smacking your lips in delight. Happy reading! —thundie]

I initially wrote about 90% of this almost 2 years ago, but as much as I loved Dong-Yi, I couldn’t help but drag, procrastinate, and rationalize to delay the inevitable because I generally don’t feel as comfortable watching or translating sah-guk (사극, historical drama). Why? Because it feels like writing about a foreign film when I don’t quite understand the foreign language fully. So what, you say, because that’s how most of you feel watching Korean dramas? Well, that’s because you don’t have to decipher old Korean language into English. I was, and still am, suffering from lack of confidence as to whether I’m correctly translating the old Korean into English. So do cut me some slack and let me down gently when you (you know who you are – a few of you out there who are sah-guk virtuoso – yes, dramaok, that means you, too) see any glaring mistakes.

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An insult to snails

It’s October. This fact may mean something or nothing to you, but to an occasional kdrama reviewer—one with her own kdrama blog to boot—the tenth month of the year is usually that time to start checking numbers and planning a list of sorts, or maybe even three or more lists: crack, crap, hot, not.

These lists are only possible, of course, if you have finished four or more dramas and they conveniently happen to be crack, crap, hot and not respectively (“hot” and “not” referring to actors; a drama is never “hot,” not even when it leaves you all hot and bothered). The ideal is finishing at least nine by this time (one a month?), not a feat when you consider how many dramas air in a year. (Less ideal is merely watching fifteen minutes of the first episode and then judging the whole drama based on that cursory viewing.) In the past I’ve sometimes managed to watch close to twenty dramas, finishing twelve or more by mid-December. Not this year, though. As of now I’ve only finished Fermentation Family. That makes for a grand total of ONE.

In a decade of addiction I’ve not clocked a slower pace. No wonder I hear all these noises in the night and find more droppings than usual; the lizards in my room are displeased and they make sure I know it.

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So you want to blog about Korean dramas

If you are an aspiring blogger (or an expiring one, all jaded-like and needing some help rekindling an old passion), this post is for you.

We are five ardent fans of Korean dramas, having watched them for a decade or thereabouts. We may not look it, but mark our words, we know this stuff. So, even though we aren’t bloggers per se and have no experience blogging (except one time and even then on the fly), we would like to offer some choice morsels of advice on the subject.

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The doctor is in

Doc: Shouldn’t it be “The Doctor is JIN”?

Ha-eung: Sure, sure. There’s a 100-nyang bounty on your head, but we’re not at all worried about that, are we? Why don’t you just march to the police bureau and give yourself up? Save the officers there the trouble of hunting for you. In fact, I might as well take you there myself now.

Doc: All right, no need to flap; it was just an innocent question. Back where I come from, it’s basic courtesy to tell people your name.

Ha-eung: I don’t know what backward village you hail from, but over here you lie low and stay out of trouble, you hear? You treat the people who come, I collect the payment, and together we…

Doc: But I’m not a psychiatrist, I’m neurosurgeon Dr. Jin Hyuk!

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All about Wane

Not a brother of Kane or a newfangled spelling of Wayne but merely this:


intr.v. waned, wan•ing, wanes
1. To decrease gradually in size, amount, intensity, or degree; decline.
2. To exhibit a decreasing illuminated area from full moon to new moon.
3. To approach an end.

1. The act or process of gradually declining or diminishing.
2. A time or phase of gradual decrease.
3. The period of the decrease of the moon’s illuminated visible surface.

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