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Are you a collector? Do you willy-nilly collect every piece of your favorite actor’s work without pausing to check if the piece is worth the collecting? Are you also an optimist? A movie title such as “Haunters” should stop you in your tracks since you shun anything remotely suggestive of horror, but now you pick… Read More ›

Fermentation Family

Can a thug be a decent human being? Can kimchi save a life? Can a cable drama which left me baffled and underwhelmed at first become both crack and comfort food eighteen episodes later? You bet.

Thoughts on Films of 2011

What is this madness? It’s almost the eve of February and here I am with another year-end review, right? Nah, let’s just call this a ‘collective film review’. What a great year for Chungmuro! Bravo! It was filled with so many delights. I found myself striking gold subsequently with each flick that I casually picked…. Read More ›

2011 Review: The Quickies, Part 1

Terminal Why am I late with my 2011 reviews?  You may be asking yourself this question, and I have the answer:  2011 just ended about 72 hours ago, depending on your locale, and I refuse to compare and contrast dramas that are not complete yet.  I also had to take a little bit of time… Read More ›

Serendipity takes a Stab at 2011

2011 has made me ponder my relationship with K-drama. Why do I spend so much time watching? Why do I expend so much energy writing about it? I’m in a contemplative mood at the end of 2011. Not because it has been a great year in k-drama for me, but because it’s been the worst… Read More ›