Because she rules

Yes, she really does.

So shame on us for paying way too much attention to actors and not enough to actresses! Make up for it now by piling on the accolades, you hear? Take a leaf from samsooki’s devotion to Bora Sung Yu-ri! To quote him:

Sung Yuri rox. I love her because she’s equal parts beauty, cuteness, fun, heart, attitude, intelligence and style.

Maybe she won’t win any baek-sang awards but so what. She’s got a killer smile that’s eco-friendly cuz it lights up a room without a carbon footprint.

See? That’s a fan who knows what he’s talking about. So… who are the actresses who are “equal parts beauty, cuteness, fun, heart, attitude, intelligence and style” for you? And who act as though they were born to do exactly that?

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  1. My favorite is Ha Ji Won. I love her in Secret Garden and after that drama I begin to watch her past series. Have watched Damo, What Happened in Bali and currently on Hwang Jini and with each drama I love her more and more. She may not be the most talented or brilliant actress out there but she has a natural screen charisma and she’s great at expressing emotions with her eyes (which always scores points in my book). My favorite HJW role so far is Chae-ok because Chae-ok as a character is awesome and I love heroine who kicks ass. Best role is Lee Soo-jung, not the most likable but definitely most realistic and complex. In real life, HJW also seems like a really nice person. She love to laugh and she is not afraid of laughing at herself too. I really hope she do a movie with Won Bin some day, they will be awesome together.

    Second favorite is Yoon Eun Hye. Stars in two of my favorite kdramas, Goong and Coffee Prince. Like HJW, she has a screen charisma that is appealing. While HJW is Heroine incarnation, YEH has more of a girl-next-door charm. She is really good at getting viewers to empathize with her character. Go Eun Chan will always be in my favorite kdrama characters list.

  2. I am with Jade where Ha Ji Won and Yoon Eun Hye are concerned. Two of my favourite Korean actresses. The number of fav actresses can be counted on one hand unlike actors.

    Not long after I was introduced to kdramas, I watched Hwang Jini and was awed by Ji Won’s acting. I tracked down her other works like Damo, WHIB, etc and her fate as one of my favourite actress was sealed.

    As for Eun Hye, I was highly entertained by her performances in Goong, Coffee Prince, Vineyard Man, etc. When she cries, you would want to cry with her.

    • And here’s YEH in Goong… for Mika and Jade!

      • I’m so glad you guys like me!

        • I did not actually like her in Goong ’cause i find her character annoying and i did not see coffee prince but in lie to me she was so charismatic that she instantly became one of my favorites

      • I first watched YEH in Coffee Prince, and there I thought she really WAS a tomboy and looked better as a guy! And when she got extensions and went to that party as a girl, I thought “She does look weird as a girl. Maybe that’s why she was chosen for the part”. I face-palmed when later I got used to seeing her as a girl, and then watched her in Goong and X-man. That girl can really pass off as both a VERY VERY pretty girl, and a VERY VERY handsome guy! And she transforms for every project! She is like Ha Ji Won in that aspect that she can transform effortlessly into anything!

  3. My fave will always be song hye kyo and moon geun young.both stars in autums in my heart but I don’t get hook at the right away because I hate sad crying all the time drama but after I watch full house then I began to nail at SHG.that girl so talented,natural beauty,humble and hard working.although she had rough time she manage to keep healthy.her 2 new movie rocks!She’s talented,natural goddess,humble,easy going,hard working lady SONG HYE GYO.
    as for MGY,I saw her in my little bride and just think she is cute but it’s in cinderella unnie that makes me go wow on her.then I start to look everything that has her in it.innocent step really show off her skills,painter of the wind gave her lots awards and she totally deserve it,MSOAN solid just because her acting and JGS because plot just bleh.she’s young,talented,humble,angel heart,beautiful,easy going,shake her booty well,all in MOON GEUN YOUNG.

  4. If I have to pick my fav K actress,then Kim Sun Ah wins…She makes me LOL so much (MNIKSS,CH),cried my eyes out(MNIKSS,again & of course the current SoaW),embarassed along with her( MNIKSS,AGAIN)..but my favourite is of course when I fall in love along with her (whether it’s Binnie, CSW or LDW)…KSA..You Rocks 🙂

  5. Loves Park Shin Hye… first saw her in Stairway to heaven.. then any other dramas she is in. I think she is a very good actress and versatile.. pretty, cute, seems very down to earth and talented…. of course Gong Hyo Jin will always be my favorite.

  6. These 3 Go Hyung Jung (So beautiful and talented to boot and she is sooo cool) Kim Sun Ah (She is the ultimate favourite and her comic timing is excellent) and Yoon Eun Hye (she has to work harder in acted her role because after coffe prince she had chose quite bad projects she has a lot to offer hopefully better luck next time)

  7. I love Kim Tae Hee’s brain, beauty, elegance, and perseverance.

  8. Moon Geun Young…Moon Geun Young…Moon Geun Young

    From the cute to the angsty this girl can do it all and do it well. Her Eun Jo character in Cinderella’s Sister blew me away. I was so used to her being cute and sweet and then she turns into a bitter porcupine. Even if the script was bleh…she did it justice. Same with Mary

  9. I love Moon Geun Young. She just amazes me every time…

    I also love Son Yeh Jin, Ha Jin Won and Kim Sun Ah! ❤

    • pretty much agree with your list, except maybe syj. i love her, but i don’t necessarily want to watch all of her work. mgy is my favorite. i admire her not only because of her acting skills, but also because of her character.

  10. from actresses i like son ye jin the most. she´s very talented and beautiful too, loved her especially in classic and personal taste 🙂

  11. My favorite actress is Son. Ye. Jin. She rules the quiet/meaningful moments and portrays them so excellently that you can’t help but be moved by her sincerity.

  12. Love Yoon Eun Hye over other actresses by a mile. The next ones are Ha Ji Won, Su Ae and Son Ye Jin.

    • I absolutely adore Kim Ha Neul, and Jeon Do Yeon. I cannot say who I love the most! Kim Ha Neul can be so catty and mischievous and then immediately turn cold, and Jeon Do Yeon smiles like the sun!

      To that I can add Ha Ji Won, Kim So Yeon, and Eun Hye. I like kickass women with spirit!

      And I realize, I am girl-crushing on more actresses than actors.

    • Soo Ae is so pretty.

      Love her voice.

      • Yes, Su she is. Thanks, Thundie.

        Before I forget again, I have one other favorite actress – Lee Min Jung. Saw her first in Boys Over Flowers and actually liked her acting more than the lead. I thought she had wayyy greater chemistry with Lee Min Ho. And then I found her in Smile You where I fell in love with her. Have watched her since in many others, including the movies Cyrano Agency and White Night, (even MVs and CFs!) and she has never failed me. She is always on the ball, very talented and beautiful.

  13. While others may have their favorite actress, I must nominate the elegant, adorkable, versatile, and awesome KIM SO YEON! She’s been evil (All About Eve), badass (IRIS), and snobby-with-a-heart-of-gold (Prosecutor Princess), among others. There are few actresses in K-drama land that could pull off being deadly yet delicate, and she is one who can. Plus, she could wear rice bag capes (like Kim Soo Hyun in Dream High) and rock it like a designer item!

  14. I think I kind of mentioned Go Hyun-jung in the Amazing Ahjummas category, when she’s the original Ahgasshi…. But anyway, I adore her, Kim So-yeon (girl crush!) and Jung Eun-byul (she’s so promising, in spite of her lisp, I hope she makes it big).
    Also pretty recently became a fan of Choi Gang-hee. ❤

  15. Im Soo Jung, baby.

  16. I have to admit, I seriously have girl crushes on, Kim So-Eun, Lee Si-Young, and Park Bo-young.
    Hey!!!! And look!!!! Park Bo-Young is in the spotlight this week!!!!! xD

  17. My girl is not a major favourite, and might even be hated or resented by many. But whatever and however, she is still the one who’s rocked my world since I got addicted to K-drama – Lee Da Hae.

    Of course Gong Hyo Jin is always welcome as well. AWESOME lady!

  18. Oh yes! What would kdramas be without the queens? Well, there are those who act, those who can act, and those who breathe life , bring new dimensions and sizzle chemsitry with male leads in their roles:

    -Kim Su Nah : Kim Sam Soon and Shi Mirae both rocked for me (can’t wait for SoaW to be on DVD)
    -Ha Ji Won: very expressive eyes and what screen presence!
    Kim So Yeon: a lovely chameleon – she can take on a wide range of roles and be right at home with each …from Athena to Prosecutor Princess to Dr Champ..
    -Yeom Jung-ah in Royal Family: wow! literally, steel in tofu. I just love to watch her manipulate and toy with ‘the mother-in-law from hell” wonderfully played by Kim Young-ae;
    -Go Hyun Jung : she win awards for a reason!
    -Han Hyo Joo: In Brilliant Legacy and Dong Yi
    -Park Min Young : brings great energy into her roles and chemistry with her leads , certainly a newbie to watch
    -Yoon Eun Hye: ditto and very believable in her roles
    and last but not least, my ma’s favourite kdrama queens – Cho Ji Woo in Ronda/Winter Sonata and Lee Young Ae in Dae Jang Geum.

    • Hehe, your ma loves her, but how about you?

      The luminous Ms. Choi Ji-woo!

      • I think she’s gorgeous – but as an actress, it is the same set of expressions after a while. I think she can do very well to stretch a little more in her delivery …. you know what I mean? Like the way Meryl Streep does it for me as an actress…

    • you are missing a lot by waiting for the DVD for Scent of a Woman. Watch it now online and enjoy it like the rest of us. Kim Sun Ah totally rocks Kim Yoon Jae.

      • I know! … but with a 24/7day job in HK (and weekly pan-Asia travel) as an MD in private equity? I can multitask but watching 1 episode online each time doesn’t quite do it. I diet and binge -(like do 2 all nighters on City Hunter over a weekend). …ps: a friend of mine has access to a supplier that whips out high qulaity HD DVDs (with Chinese and English subs) within 2 days the shows finish in Korea……I suspect SoaW is going to be another of those epiphaniic series for me.

  19. Got to say, I really love my Gumiho, Shin Mina.. She’s the quintessential pure/ innocent and sexy at the same time.. Love her since Bittersweet Life, My Mighty Princess and Beauty & the Beast but became an ardent follower because of 2010’s MGiaG.

  20. Absolutely adore Gong Hyo Jin. And although she’s not my favorite, I think Soo Ae is breathtakingly beautiful. Real life personality-wise, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Ha Ji Won and Moon Geun Young by the press and insiders. Oh yes, and I want Shim Eun Ha to make a comeback!

    Man, my actresses list is so much… shorter than my actors list.

    • Here’s Shim Eun-ha for you, dear blue.

      I’ve only seen her in three movies: Christmas in August, Art Museum by the Zoo, and Interview (her last role). Love Christmas in August the most and will never tire of rewatching it.

  21. i love love HAN HYE JIN, an understated beauty. good actress too.

    • Hi Liesel, have you watched Han Hye-jin in 1% of Anything? That was the first time I saw her and I was struck by her beauty. I think that was her debut?

      • Yeap i’ve seen her there, but she was in Romance too (starring Kim Ha Neul & Kim Jae Won) and if i remember correctly, she was the resident b*tch there. Our pure and beautiful Han Hye Jin had her villainy role too! And oh, Romance aired earlier than 1% of anything too. Would that make it her debut drama?

  22. Anyone here a fan of Lee Mi-sook? She was my first k-actress crush (from the movie An Affair) and I’ve never stopped being a fan. (Although what kind of fan bails out of LMS’s 2008 drama East of Eden after just 1.5 episodes? Bad fan!!)

    • She’s just oozes sex appeal, doesn’t she? I watched a whole lot of Smile Mom just to watch her. (It was a pretty terrible drama.) I’d really like to watch her in Jang Hee Bin – I think her first leading drama role.

  23. I personally really like Lee Minjung and Moon Chaewon. I find them really refreshing and talented. They’ve got a definite leading lady charisma and likability, but also accompanied with decent acting skills.

    Park Yejin is another favourite. Sadly, she seems to be stuck in second lead territory.

    Also……Hwang Jungeum, hehehe. I was even going to come to her fansign event. Yes, seriously. I liked her segment in We Got Married, and ended up loving her role in Highkick. Skipped Giant, and now Can You Hear My Heart has become one of my favourite dramas. Hope she’ll be making wise choices in the future.

  24. Sorry, samsooki and Kristal. For some weird reason my Sung Yuri comment, which was the very first comment on this page, was stuck at the bottom. I’ve moved samsooki’s reply into the post itself but unfortunately had to delete Kristal’s comment. Please repost, Kristal dear!

    • I was basically saying what samsooki said above.
      So here’s a gif instead:

    • I love your comment about YuRi Sung. She is one rare talent and beauty. Love her smile. Snow Queen is my favorite drama and the best drama at all times. One can watch the drama over and over again and never get tired of it. She is Korea’s rose. That one day she will on the front cover of every magazine in the world because she is YuRi Sung.

  25. The fabulous, the resplendent, the incomparable Jeon Do-yeon! (Someone please remind me to finish Lovers in Prague, aigoo!)

  26. It was Lee Da Hae in “My Girl” in 2005 that started my love affair with K drama. She was pretty and cute. Before that I had watched dramas from Singapore, Korea, China, Taiwan, HK and Malaysia and nothing did anything for me.

    So it was LDH for me for 5 years until strangely, I saw Park Min Young in SKK Scandal in 2010. I like her cute, friendly disposition and genuine smile and particularly her boisterous laughter. I was tottering on the border of leaving LDH as my favourite and putting all my attention on Park Min Young. Then LDH in Miss Ripley and Park Min Young In City Hunter confirmed it for me.

    Somehow, PMY looks like a real person whereas LDH appears like she has issues and comes across as less genuine.

  27. My first K-drama was “Personal Taste” where I first experience Son Ye jin. I thought she was most convincing in a okay drama. But I looked up to see what other movies she had been in and saw her in April Snow with hottie Bae Joon young and thougt she was super great actress!

  28. i love kim sun ah. i love her as kim sam soon. i love her as shin mi rae (city hall). im loving her as kim yoon jae in scent of a woman.

  29. go hyun jung! i have seen only one of her dramas — what’s up fox, but man, she is soooo pretty and is such a good actress.

    shin min-ah — loved her in my girlfriend is a gumiho

    park shin hye — soooo cute and likable. she and jung yong hwa looked great together.

  30. I’m always moved more by a drama with great female characters. Here are some of my newer loves with tons of promise:

    Seo Woo: I recently watched Crush and Blush and she played a sassy middle schooler to a tee. Totally wanted to wash out her mouth with soap and pinch her cheeks. I need to go watch Tamra!

    Lee Min Jung: Even though Smile You went downhill, Lee Min Jung stuck with her character throughout. Not only do I think she can pull off the girl next door look with such ease.

    Moon Chae Won: I first remember her from Painter in the Wind. Even with the awesome Moon Geun Young, she was kind of a scene stealer. She has such a classic face made for sageuks. I imagine she’ll be cast in a lot of them throughout her career. She’s currently in My Princess’ Man and again so so beautiful.

    Kim Ha Eun: So I’m biased because of my love for CitC but I think Kim Ha Eun can be a very good actress if given more roles. Seol Hwa in Chuno was one of my favorites. I know she was in Thornbirds – anyone watch?

    Min Ji Ah: She played the clean faced slave in Chuno but she’s really carved herself a space in the drama short world. She really has an air about her. I just love her subtle acting. She’s another one who I would love to see in a drama.

    • Omo! Seo Woo is definitely an interesting pick. I find it impossible to hate her, she is so refreshingly unconventional. Has nothing to do with that old ice cream CF, no. Not at all. Tee hee!

      actually rooted for her in Cinderella Unni over Moon Geun-yeong and loved her to pieces in Flames of Ambition.
      In fact, I like all of those actresses.
      Min Ji-ah is definitely one to watch after her performance in Chuno and in the Drama Special – Great Gye Choon-bin.

      I watched Kim Ha-eun in the trainwreck that was Thorn Birds, she made an appearance in it alongside another rising talent Jung Eun-byul. ❤

    • recently watched princess’ man and i found myself fall in love with moon chae won. she’s so beautiful. i also watched the interviews and found her bright personality attractive. i can understand now why PSH said he’s able to act because MCW is very beautiful. she is indeed very beautiful. i never knew she’s the same beautiful actress in “english teacher” before. in princess’ man, she’s very… beautiful. totally a princess material… in a good way.

      p.s. sorry for my limited English, lol :p

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