291 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Life is good. It qoes on with or without you so I decided it made sense to stay with it.
    The last and recent hospital visit was very successful. No more hole in
    Hope you arer also in a better place thundie. Never give up of course. Life is good.
    Love peg throat; First time in two years. Good surgeon for a change. Just have to advance my diet from clear soup to more normal food. then gain weight and get strong like Superman again. Nothing like a ninety three year old female superman………

  2. Sorry for mixup. the hole was in my throat. also a fistula. The new sign in system is not comfortable for me. but I think I got here. Peggy

  3. HI Thundie,

    How are you? I hope you are happy, and well. I only just recently found this blog and I just want to say you’re amazing!

  4. Thundie, I haven’t been to your website for a long time. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. All my thoughts are with you and I hope you can make a good recovery.

  5. Dearest Thundie, I’m currently watching I Remember You and my mind keep drifting on to Ma Wang, Resurrection, and you. I miss your witty writing. I miss another mashcap like The Doc is In, that always puts smile on my face whenever I feel restless with the current drama. I miss the naughty-unhappy lizards rants, and moreover, I miss you. Lots.

    I hope this message finds you healthier, and happier. My thoughts and prays always be with you. I’ll talk to you again soon?

    Hugs and kisses,

  6. Sending all good thoughts thundie. I want to state that on my own diet I have gained one pound each week for the last three weeks. Now I am 103 pounds. Got to get back to 115 and I will be happy and back to normal I think. It really does depend on how your mind is set thundie. Nothing negative is allowed. Life is good. We can only make it better at times like this.

  7. Dear Thundie, I was here in May 2015 and I am here again to check if you are back. I miss your witty writing. Like I said before, it was your interesting bog that introduced made me realise there’s a community of other blogs covering K dramas. Now and then when I need to have a good laugh, I visit your blog to read your old articles. Praying God will heal you completely.

  8. Hello Ms. Prattle (or Laica as I have read in DramaBeans). Hope you are OK, but since I did read a comment from you today 10/04/2015 I guess you are.

    I had a question about a Murakami reference, I will proceed to Copy-Paste what I did write in DB’s Blog:

    “Hello Ms. Laica, sorry but the Murakami reference is lost to me. If you are talking about Haruki Murakami, I have only read After Dark and The Wind-Up Bird Cronichles. I have also started The End of the World and a Desperate Wonderland (please note I am reading those in Spanish). So if it is H. Murakami, please be kind enough to tell me what book it comes from, and if you recommend it.”

  9. Dear Thundie,

    As I have several times before in the past couple of years, I found myself coming to your site to read your comments on a drama I’m currently watching, in this instance, “Goodbye Solo.” Once again your words filled me with the happiness of finding someone who responded similarly to a drama, and ever so eloquently. Thank you, thank you.

    My prayers are with you that like me you’ll soon find yourself in a place where cancer becomes a memory of the past rather than ever so present.

    And, oh so selfishly, I look forward to more of your musings on the Kdrama world.

  10. Another year … and more warm wishes for health, happiness and peace of heart and mind. Wishing all the best for your family in 2016 Thunder! <<>> Ju

  11. Wishing you the best of the season and a Happy 2016, Thundie. I’ve always loved your blog and hope you are winning this battle. Lots of love,R!

  12. Hello Thundie, it been awhile, will you please send a shutout to all of us even short hello and or someone fill us in with a little bit of news. We really need to know, it has been three years, hoping you are well and finally won your battle, please let us know, will be glad to hear from you.

    • It does feel rather empty not hearing from thundie. I can’t quite imagine just what happened but unless she is having a really bad time and lots of chemo she should be feeling a little better by now. I do know what I am talking about since eight years ago I had colorectal cancer and had massive surgery and fourteen months of chemo. I got better pretty fast and now have to deal with colostomy which is OK. Since then two years ago a doctor killed me in hospital starting a surgery for a minor op. for Gallbladder removal. He tore up my esophagus pulling out a camera on a tube. I immediately was in the afterlife and it was glorious. I did not want to leave. However, an older surgeon decided he wanted to bring me back to life and after they argued for over half an hour he went ahead. I was killed off by a young Korean and brought back by an older Japanese…… There is more to this experience but I just want to impress Thundie that we need to hear something from her even if she is not doing well. Prayers always help and I know this because they have helped me. I think Thundie will be cared for by her family so I know she is not alone. I am alone except for a good neighbor. I am now 93 and can longer drive my car which is the worst part of all of my problems. I do have a wonderful Guardian Angel I am sure because I am still walking and talking and this is not a fairy tale but the real truth.
      I still hope we can hear from Thundie. Peggy

        • Hello Mona,
          Thank you for your post. I am not wonderful really. I just have been here a long time and there must be a reason I am still alive. Life is good I think and since it will go on with or without us we should jump on and finish the ride as long as we can. I regret not being able to travel. I was thinking about Japan and China since they have such wonderful histories but now I just watch historical films and enjoy it all on TV. The history of China is totally amazing I think. I do hope we will hear something from Thundie one day and that all is well.
          Take care Mona and enjoy life.

  13. Hi dear, time marches relentlessly … I really hope life is treating everyone a little better on the home front. Please take good care yourself! <<>>
    And Hi Peggy! Good to know you’re keeping well too.

    • Dear Jusash it was so good to read your post.. Thanks for the good thought. I am OK and intend to be walking and talking as long as possible. Seeing is more difficult since my vision is not good so excuse all errors please. I was searching for two hats that you will remember. I could not find them because the Home Help women took them as well as lots of other clothes and things. I never did lose any hair by the way but I had saved the hats. Lots of bad karma for all those ladies I think. Stay well and have a good year my dear. Peg

  14. Hello Thundie,
    It’s 2016 and I am rewatching Dong Yi and re-reading your reviews. Just wanted to say we miss you here and to cheer you on with all the difficulties in real life.Fighting! And may god bless you

  15. It’s almost 3 and half year since the last post from you, dear Thundie, and you’re still in our mind and pray. Hope life and time treat you well and full with kindness. Speedy recovery, dearie.. ❤❤❤

  16. It’s 2017.. It has been a couple of years and alot has changed but somethings still stay the same. I hope you are well Thundie. Wherever you are =)

  17. It’s been 4 years and 4 months, and no word from or about you.
    Just like everyone said, I hope only the best for you, dear Thundie,,, wherever you are,
    I miss you and your witty writing. Take good care of you.

    • Hi Thundie,
      I hope you are well and all your family and life is good to you now. I am still walking and talking. In two weeks I will reach my ninety fifth birthday. Still feel mostly OK but now and then wish I could have better sight Life is always good and I still have a wonderful Guardian angel I am sure since I get thoughts in my head now and then and it always seems things turn out very well The weather in California is pretty good down here on the coast which is more than helpful. Just wish I still had my Lexus. Ah well must be thankful for a good life still. I am more and more sure that prayers do a lot of good and I wish you could read all the good ones sent to you over the past few years. The world is getting so strange but I do think that the right prayers from the sensible people will eventually put things back to normal..
      I am still watching many Korean draas and finishing up one called ‘I Will Take Care of You Father’
      Large family and lots of dramatic problems. Emotions and lots of funny things so it stays very enjoyable. I see many really old Korean dramas on my Chinese channel. Nice to see old friends who don’t act in dramas now. Best wishes to all and remember Life is Good.

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