Happy 3rd Birthday, Thundie’s Prattle!

Hi everyone!

Thundie’s Prattle turns three today. I haven’t been around since the beginning, but it’s very exciting how much this site has grown even since I discovered it. It’s all a credit to thundie’s creativity, her eloquence, and her gracious and generous spirit. We’ve been missing her lately, so what better way to mark this milestone than to share how special she is to us and what we love about Thundie’s Prattle? A few of us guest bloggers got together to celebrate thundie and this wonderful haven she’s created, where we can all spazz, rant and rave about the dramas that have us so completely under their spell. Thank you thundie, and congratulations!

Some messages from your guest bloggers:


Thank you for letting us play on your site!


I discovered Thundie’s Prattle through Thundie’s year-end review for Dramabeans. I was attracted by this site’s pleasing aesthetics, sensible and interesting writings about K-dramas, and above all its friendly tone. I noticed for instance that Thundie often replied to her commenters in a warm and welcoming way. I was quite excited when Thundie started interacting with me, and over the moon when she invited me to contribute to this blog. I had never considered blogging k-drama, but once she planted the idea in my head and egged me on I realized this could be a lot of fun. I don’t really need more time-sucks in my life, but I couldn’t resist Thundie’s friendliness, enthusiasm, and pure love for k-drama. She patiently helped me get to grips with the technicalities of blogging, and gave me helpful feedback and lots of practical help. When I had learned the ropes and was more-or-less independent and germinating opinionated opinions all my own, Thundie continued to cheer me on, greeting my work with (undeserved) delight and encouraging me to write whatever I wanted.

Thundie’s Prattle is about k-drama and k-movies, yes. But more than that, it is a safe and fun community. And that’s really thanks to Thundie herself, and her skilled and dedicated facilitation. In blogging for The Prattle I’ve learned to write better and stretched my powers of expression. And I’ve made friends and had lots of fun. I owe Thundie’s Prattle a great deal. Happy Birthday, good old Prattle!


How I discovered Thundie’s Prattle

I was frolicking in a wooded glen with my pet unicorn and chasing a golden butterfly when I stumbled upon Thundie’s Prattle. I promptly forgot about my unicorn (hope it didn’t starve to death) and the butterfly and fell to my knees to see such a glowing goddess of drama chatter. The rest is history.

The best thing about TP

It’s home. How can I aptly describe what makes a home a home. All I know is that I can always come back, participate in any discussion, read any post and chortle with mirth, and sit back and watch drama lovers having a great time connecting and sharing.

Why I love being a TP guest blogger

It’s the best job in the entire world. I get to write whatever I want without a deadline, Thundie pats me on the head when I do well (That’ll do, Koala, that’ll do), and I am part of an always growing collective of drama lovers who appreciate differences while embracing commonalities.

Most memorable TP post

My review for Tamra the Island. It took me one week to write, which is like 10 lifetimes considering my typical writing speed. Even Mr. Koala pitched in and contributed a quote or three. It was so long I got tired of editing it. I love that drama so much, I actually had to stop myself from writing more in my first draft, because my affection became this outpouring of words that threatened to leave any reader eyes-crossed by reading it. It was so much fun to write, and I can never get tired of saying Team Park Kyu!

A message for Thundie

My dearest chingu Thundie. When the spirit feels exhausted, those who love you will always be your source of support. We hope you can start writing again, but understand if you can’t. While you may have written about Korean dramas and movies, your writing actually shared the best parts of the human spirit, to laugh and to think. I miss your words and your presence dearly.


How I discovered TP

Googled around for info about YAB and came across her blog. Clicked around, read some posts and thought – wow, how did she come up with all this? Everything was clever and hilarious. Kept checking back after that and never looked back.

Best thing about TP

No one is mean when they leave comments. People don’t act out of control and everyone is supportive cuz that’s the environment Thundie built over the years – it’s a place where people can go and hang out talking about dramas and feel like they are among friends. Even newcomers feel right at home and keep coming back. Everyone might drop by other blogs for a quick look, but TP is the one where they always hang around and talk by pulling up a chair. Only thing missing are the drinks but it’s BYOD here (Bring your own drinks)

Why I love being a guest blogger

Both times I recapped with Thundie, I had so much fun that I didn’t want it to end. Makes me wish I could always recap with her cuz she edits all my typos and writes messages on the screencaps for me so it makes the post more personal and even years later I can visit and still smile over the good times we had.

Most memorable TP post

I can’t choose just one. YAB (cuz I had more fun reading those than watching the actual drama itself), Recapping the Kdrama (cuz I had no idea I was the only one who took so long to translate/recap), and JooWon (cuz every photo he ever took and everything I needed to know or wanted to know about this guy is all here so it’s like heaven)

Message for Thundie

Happy birthday TP – you gave us so much joy over the years so I don’t know how to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be blogging so all my readers have you to thank as well. You held my hand through all the early stages till the present time so I owe you a great deal not just for your generosity with your time, but also for your friendship. We are here waiting for your return. Hopefully some day this year or next, a drama will come along that will make you miss writing and blogging and until that day comes, I am going to wait patiently. Who knows, during that time you might have accumulated more inspirations for new posts.  I trust that the writer in you will never stop coming up with new ideas so I believe that you will return to TP soon. That’s when we need to throw a welcome back Thundie party. we love you and miss you – come back to us soon. 🙂


How I discovered Thundie’s Prattle

Through a link on Dramabeans’ Open Thread, I came across a First Impressions review on Giant, (even to this day, those opening episodes of that show are mucho cherished by me — they’re my gold, my riches) which I was loving so much  — so at the time it did feel like she’d driven a stake through my heart, but it’s ok, I’m a grown-up and I know dramas don’t have feelings, so none of it should ever be taken personally, right? Honestly though, it was a very neglected show back then, I was just very glad just to find someone else in the universe had actually given it a chance and at least acknowledged the phenomenal acting by those kids, they may be garnering better publicity in more recent projects, but their finest work to date were in those very episodes (‘hyung!’ *sob*).

The best thing about TP

Is thundie herself. She’s honest about what she loves and doesn’t love about kdrama, and call it a cliche but honesty is always appreciated. Her passion, it really shows. I guess that’s what also forms a bond between her and us readers, ’cause we get it.

Oh and she’s resourceful, she has tonnes of download links to some of the rarer, harder to find kdrama. (Mmm… rare… hard to fiiind… *grabby hands*)

Why I love being a TP guest blogger

Honestly, I’m not much of a guest blogger. The two posts I have done in the past were meant as one-offs. Kind of got coerced into creating a new WordPress account eventually though, in spite of the tonnes and tonnes of whiney excuses I could think of (I’m not even exaggerating, I thought of loads). But when thundie is determined..? OMO. But I do feel honoured that my writing is considered worthy. Thanks so much hun.

Most memorable TP post

One… Must I only pick one? Thundie’s is such a vast site that I tend to lose myself in it. Let’s see, the Top Actors/Actresses/Veterans etc pages, they were heaps of fun, we spazzed to our heart’s content. Choi Soo-jong’s bad perm in Emperor of the Sea, the A Man Called God Recap (bahahaha!), Lizards recapping dramas… Something about boring dramas and a sleepy Yoo Seung-ho. The invaluable Treasure Troves, Serendipity’s Thank You recap, Momosan’s Baek Dong-soo recaps. Gah! There are so much more yet.

A message for Thundie

Congratulations on TP’s 3rd Birthday.
I’m not too good at finding the right words of encouragement and comfort, something that won’t have already been said, but in all earnestness, I miss you! Come back. ❤
By all means, take your sweet time, all the time you need. xoxox


How I discovered Thundie’s Prattle

I came across thundie’s end-of-year review at Dramabeans, and wondered where I could read more from this amazing writer – and found myself at Thundie’s Prattle, spending hours voraciously reading posts old and new. I was impressed by the quality of writing, the friendly atmosphere, the creativity and the humour. And I was blown away when thundie personally answered my first timid comment with her customary warmth and grace. That was it – I camped out here permanently.

The best thing about TP

What I love best about the Prattle is the feeling of community, the way everyone is welcome and all kinds of posts are welcomed. We can enjoy intellectual discussions and analysis, wickedly funny satire, or slightly insane fangirling – sometimes all three at once! Everyone is free to be honest with their opinions, and yet TP never loses its friendly tone, and that is a credit to thundie’s graciousness. She watches over us, encourages us, makes no demands but only welcomes everyone to share their words. She makes it feel like home.

Why I love being a TP guest blogger

I’ve only written two little posts so far, but it’s been an amazing experience. I was going through a very painful and difficult time when thundie asked me if I would be willing to contribute to the blog. Her encouragement gave me the courage to believe that I can write again, and brought back the inspiration and joy I thought I had lost. thundie made the whole experience so easy and smooth, even adding screencaps for me, and giving me lots of encouraging words of praise. (Seriously, thundie would make the best boss ever.) And reading and responding to the comments is even more fun – everyone here, blogger or reader, has so many intelligent and funny things to say.

Most memorable TP post

It’s hard to pick one, but I think the post about how our tastes differ, and what one person loves another person hates. I will never forget the image war that resulted between those who think Lee Min-ho is a gift from heaven and those who think he looks constantly constipated. I laughed so hard I might have ruptured something. I also loved thundie’s wonderful review of Can You Hear My Heart, which made me take a second look at a drama I had zero interest in, and ended up loving.

A message for Thundie

What can I say except that I love you, you inspire me, and I hope that life gives you a chance to come back to us soon? Not because kdramas are so important, fun and addicting as they are, but because I want you to be happy and peaceful enough to write and enjoy as you used to. Thank you so much for being a light in my life when I desperately needed one. Your warmth, wit and creativity are gifts that have made watching and obsessing over kdramas about more than just the stories and the actors, but a way to reflect on life, love, family and being human. It’s a gift that is precious beyond measure.

What is your favorite thing about Thundie’s Prattle?

46 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday, Thundie’s Prattle!

  1. Happy 3rd Anniversary TP… Thundie -I love your blog – what can I say….

    I started out in those fun days of SKKS & keep popping back…. Thanks to you and your captivating writing – I watched “Can you Hear my Heart” and loved it (believe me I would never have watched it if not for the glowing endorsement from your side)…

    And those mad SKKS recap parties – who could ever forget those and all those imaginative comments (OK – we all added our two bits) (poor Scholar, aka Dr. Lee & co’s ear’s would have turned red)…

    And guess what, we need you to throw the same wild parties again since its that time again. The Moon that embraces the Sun has started and we need your witty writing and invites to hang out at TP again…

    So Thundie ….please come back…. sooooon

  2. Sorry for the late reply and happy belated TP!
    I think I discovered TP after reading one of Thundie’s year end reviews over at Dramabeans. Oddly enough I remembered your pseudonym at first because I barely agreed with you for one of your year end reviews (2009 I think) and then TOTALLY agreeing with you with the next year because you were one of the few bloggers (who I knew at the time) who praised, let alone watched Jejoongwon, and Comrades. But what really captivated me was your writing style because I really think you do a great job of conveying your feeling and passion through your writing. After I read my very first TP post, I couldn’t stop.

    The most memorable posts for me were your epic reviews. I would never have given Giant a chance if it weren’t for you. Same thing with Conspiracy in the Court. I hadn’t even heard of that drama before going to your site. I remember almost crying reading through the truly epic, epic-review of Comrades because that review itself was emotionally wrought. All those cracktastic posts about CYHMH. Thank you for bringing awareness to such an underrated drama. And that epic review about my favorite drama Tamra. Thank you so much Koala! That being said, this goes for all your guest bloggers too. Thank you guys for all the variety that you’ve put into TP. I look forward to every post because not only is it entertaining, it’s just plain fun to read, plain and simple.

    There’s a lot more that I can say but I think it all just boils down to: thank you. Thanks for creating this site and for featuring such amazing writers. We wait for your return and we hope that TP has many more years to come

  3. This is so sweet and unexpected. THANK YOU. It means a lot to me. (Like heaps and heaps.) I’m not worthy of all your love and kind words but will gratefully accept them. I will save this post in a corner of my heart and revisit it often.

    I’ve not touched a kdrama in a month, but today I was reading Dramabeans while sitting in a waiting room (I do a lot of waiting these days) and saw that GF had written a post on Ojakkyo Brothers. (Apparently her second OB post too!) Omo, that made me so excited! (Although I had to hide my squealing because there were people all around me.) I ate up every word and screencap and felt an unfamiliar ache (because I’ve never been away from a kdrama this long before, you see).

    So yes, I will be back (to watch, to write). I miss all of you.

  4. I hope I’m not too late in wishing TP a Happy Birthday!!!! My favorite thing about TP is Thundie herself without a doubt…I found this site through DB and loved how witty T was but today I love her writing because it has so much heart in it…not many kdrama bloggers have moved me to tears with their reviews…Thundie has done that more than once and she is also one of the few kdrama writers I love to read over and over again…favorite post–so hard to pick one but I love re-reasing the one about different types of kdrama viewers

  5. Happy Birthday Thundie!

    I’m a regular visitor to this site regularly since SKK. Your writing has been consistently brilliant and keeps us all excited and passionate about Kdrama. Thank you!

  6. Like many have said before, I found TP just by chance and really noticed the true joy of KDrama love sans the snarky. TP folks play nice here and I always learn or try something new because someone has gently suggested or totally gushed over it. Thundie’s writing is so enjoyable and insightful that many times my household chores suffer reading TP. Thank you for creating this wonderful haven for us all. Congratulations and we’ll keep good thoughts for you until your return. Be well.

  7. Happy Birthday, TP! Here’s to many more birthdays to come!

    I’ll echo everyone’s words here to say: Take care, Thundie! We miss you and will wait patiently for your return when you’re ready.

  8. happy (belated) birthday TP *throws confetti*
    somehow this morning i found that i’m so intrigued with the word “three”
    after googling a bit….aha…it’s TP’s 3rd birthday
    and…it’s actually on 13th not 30th….dummy *bang my head*
    please accept my apology for being amnesia *puppy-eyes*

    and….still in Lunar New Year spirit…hope you and your family and your reader and your guest blogger always get blessing.
    enjoy your day and i’ll be waiting for your comeback…..
    like all pictures above said……….saranghaeyo *big happy smlie*

  9. happy 3rd anniversary, TP!!!

    i chanced upon tp when i was googling shining inheritance (brilliant legacy) and found out that she recapped yab, also. i have been a lurker eversince. i like her writing (as well as all the contributors) and the atmosphere in this blog.

    i was really touched when i was mentioned in one of her blog post and appreciated it that she took the time reading all the comments.

    thank you, thundie!!! we miss you and we’re praying for the best!!!

    always keep the faith!!!

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