Joo Won

I know. That’s a HUGE pic. (And a telling title, too. It says nothing… and everything.)

But the guy’s really tall. Apparently the growth fairies paid Joo Won a visit when he was in eighth grade and all of a sudden he shot up 20 centimeters (eight inches) in just a few weeks. (To read more, go here. Pretty awesome interview, that one.) Now he towers over many people at 1.85 meters. That makes him just a centimeter shorter than Kang Dong-won. Put them side by side and you would think they are twins.

No, wait. They can’t be twins. Kang Dong-won is six years older. (The way I’m crunching numbers now you would think I was always a math whiz. *falls off chair laughing* Thank you, kdrama addiction!) Still, they really do look alike. (Of course I would know. I’ve been following Kang Dong-won since forever!)

Anyway, as the title suggests, this post is about Joo Won.

I’ll have a lot to say about him and his Hwang Tae-hee character when I review Ojakkyo Brothers in a few days. (Yup, I finished twenty-eight episodes in one week and thought that was quite a feat. Until I went to OB Central and learned that some people accomplished the same deed in two days! Waah, why do I always lose, waah?!) I’ll also have plenty of screencaps of him to post because Softy and I are in a race to see who has more Tae-hee screencaps. (Bet I’m ahead, haha!)

For now I just want to share a few Joo Won clips that I found on YouTube. The guy sings. And dances! (Because he’s theater-trained.) And apparently also played a villain of sorts in his debut drama, Baker King. (No one told me! If someone did, I would have watched more than one episode for sure!) And oh, he also models occasionally.

Here’s one more, from the same photo spread for Vogue Girl.

Alrighty. We have clips to watch. For starters, my latest K-find has a movie that’s premiering real soon. With Uhm Tae-woong.

Two clips where he sings, la la la!


And dances, yo!

Here he sings a track from the Baker King OST.

What else? Oh, there are a gazillion Ojakkyo Brothers clips floating around (because the show has quite the following as I recently, and also belatedly, discovered). Here’s one that I like. A LOT.

This couple is so cute. I’ll explain why in a few days. Stay tuned!


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