Can You Hear My Heart: Open Thread

I thought my journey with Can You Hear My Heart? (2011) was over some months back. I even tweeted “best ending ever” as soon as I was done with the final episode.

But this morning as I was brushing my teeth (must be a magic toothpaste I’m using since I tend to get most of my harebrained bloggy inspiration this way), a little bird outside the window told me that I still had unfinished CYHMH business. Did I not sense (especially in the last two days) that some TP readers want to (need to!) talk some more about this gem that’s a shoo-in for best drama of the year? Because there’s still so much that needs to be said!

For starters, we have Bromance No. 1.

Bromance No. 2.

And Bromance No. 3.

We even have a bromance triangle, good grief!

Of course we have the sweetest pairing since… Okay, there’s simply no comparison. Best OTP ever!

They were always meant to be together.

Her mom and dad, too. Look at how smitten he was…

…and how broken he became when she left.

Good bye, Mommy.

(Damn you, little bird. The next time you drop an idea, warn me about the consequences. I’m out of tissues, drat!)

I believe we are all in agreement that this mom and grandma rocks. Here she is cracking everyone up with her “this is how you deliver a baby” reenactment.

Even when she’s cranky she’s still a lamb.

She’s the soul of Can You Hear My Heart, always reaching out to gather her children and grandchildren close to her.

We love you so much, Halmoni.

Although if it comes down to the wire, I confess I just might love Halmoni’s son a teeny-weeny bit more. Look at the joy on his face when his long-lost Ma-roo finally comes home to visit.

Ah, Young-gyu’s gentle heart. To have a father like him! And a son, too. Has there ever been a son in a kdrama who adored his mom as much as our Young-gyu adores his? He must think she hangs the moon in the sky.

Can You Hear My Heart is hands down the best acting by Jung Bo-seok. That’s saying a lot, you know, since this thespian nails every role he’s given.

As for Lee Hye-young, whether you think she’s been typecast or not, you can’t deny she’s mesmerizing to watch.

Her all-consuming love for her son Dong-joo…

…and that twisted combination of affection and aversion where Joon-ha is concerned.

A pause here as we drink in the cinematography in this expertly directed drama.

One more, for good measure.

The colors are so pretty they blow me away, like many things else in this drama.

I mean, just look at the interplay of light and shadow in this scene.

I’m sure you’ll have plenty to say about the guy’s expression as he stares at his father, don’t you? In fact, were the drama a college textbook, I bet there’ll be a slew of term papers on The Characterization of Bong Ma-roo!

Is he to be pitied or vilified? Did you root for him, weep for him, or did your blood boil as you watched how he tried to hurt the last people in the world that he should hurt?

Namgoong Min’s amazing, amazing acting. Oh, we’ll have lots to say about that for sure.

And about his brother, keke. Ah heart, be still.

Dear Dong-joo. Except for that one time when you went up a hill and came back down with an unbecoming hairdo (who cut your hair up there, eh? Woo-ri?), there’s hardly a misstep in what you do. We pronounce both your character and complexion to be practically perfect!

You’re the sweetest boyfriend. You listen so attentively… even though you can’t hear.

You have the most adorable smile. Little things crack you up.

You care deeply. You forgive easily. Like your future father-in-law, you are gentle and compassionate.

All right. Let’s not focus so much on the two brothers that we forget to talk about Bong Woo-ri.

Tender-hearted Woo-ri.

Giggly Woo-ri. I love how playful she is with our beloved grandma, and how she intuitively knows how to read and care for her.

Yes, let’s talk about that mushroom hairdo. You know you wanna.

Go ahead and wax lyrical about Lee Kyu-han’s abs, too.

This guy is just the best pal a girl can have.

His dad is pretty awesome as well.

Everyone is, actually! You’ve got to hand it to whoever did the casting. Jackpot!

We love the catfights.

We love when they kiss and make up, bwahaha.

And boy, are we relieved when a rival quickly realizes Dong-joo’s the kind who will never waver when it comes to LURVE.

Who knew when the drama started that a small-town story would take us on such a roller-coaster ride of emotions? I didn’t.

We cried; we laughed and cheered; we fell in love.

This thread is for you, Can You Hear My Heart fans. You know who you are.

Gush away. Talk at length about a character. Debate if you must; we love diverse opinions! Post a review if you feel inspired. Or ask me for more CYHMH screencaps (I have about 3,000, no kidding). Don’t hold back!

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77 thoughts on “Can You Hear My Heart: Open Thread

  1. Finally started this drama! the only thing i regret is not having enough time so that i can marathon it. i’m in episode 7 and i’m so crazy about it. the kids are amazing, specially little dong joo. i love young kyu and of course the best of it all Kim Jae Won. this guy is just perfect, he is really beautiful and charming… everytime he’s onscreen i don’t know if cry or smile or both cause he is so traumatized and sad yet so beautiful and his killer smile never fails to kill me! i had to restrain myself for rewatching every single scene of his… so i just rewatched some (like when he’s on the balcony (what an episode ending) or when he’s walking imitating sounds (so beautiful scene) or in the bicycle scene or everytime he is with Woo Ri (priceless!!!) or that scene when he’s pointing the mirrow… enough i have to stop myself
    and this drama is also beautifully filmed
    i don’t know how many times i read this post
    there’s no enough info about this drama 😦
    can’t wait for episode 8 🙂

  2. Thank you Thudie!!!!!!

    Ur post is e last push tat shove me into a wonderful life of Maroo 😊

    I was hesitating to watch this drama even after Softy comments n recaps. But I’m sooooo glad tat I’ve watched it.

    Such a heartwarming drama!!

    Joonha/Maroo is my all time Fave character now. I love how misunderstood he was, that he went on a journey to find love n acceptance n it is only right that he didn’t find it in Woori but his Beloved Father YG.

    Actually DJ n WR relationship doesn’t intrigue me do much as they Hv super rock solid relationship tat I Hv seen in ALL drama I’ve watched :p

    Maroo really steal e spotlight. Even when he switch to e dark side I know tat it is only a matter of time he will show his gold heart tat he receive from YG.

    Grandma is such a wonderful loving parents. Even when her husband leave her, she has Soo much love that shows within her not-blood-related family she has.

    *omigosh I rant too long kekeke*

  3. I think what make this drama so great is the great foundation it set. I was floored by stepfather-stepdaughter portrayal by Jung Bo Suk and Kim Sae Ron in the first 5 episodes, how they bounce energy off each other to create pure magic. I never took my eyes off Jung Bo Suk and Yoon Yuh Jung as grandmother progresses with Alzheimer’s disease, the whole story of how Bong Young Gyu was adopted come together. Love and We-are-family-no-matter-what is what make this drama so great.

  4. i finished this drama like 2 weeks ago (after watching it in 9 days…) and i’m still sleep deprived cause i’m rewatching all DJ’s scenes and also i’m watching it with mom and sis on weekends. and i’m watching Romance cause i can’t get enough of KJW (and it’s not that i’m not busy at work is that i don’t sleep anymore)
    i love this drama so much, hands down my fave drama ever… it rocks all the categories: best drama, best leading man, best couple, best bromance, best acting overall, best photography, best kiss, best ending, best kids, best grandma, best daddy… and so on
    i don’t know if i’m biased but i think this drama is just perfect… it’s so beautiful and heartbreaking, and sad and heartwarming
    of course my fave character is DJ, every time he smiles i smile and cry at the same time, cause he’s so brave and beatiful and sad and good and he loves everyone so much… the way he looks at WR kills me and the way WR looks him back (all starry eyes) makes me love this couple beyond words… they’re so meant to be . And DJ with YK? OMG they’re so cute together… i’m so happy DJ found YK cause he needs a loving father so much… and who could be more lovingly than YK? After DJ he’s my second fave character.. also best acting i’ve ever seen. i love their scenes together almost as much as i love DJ+WR scenes
    i’m not leaving out MR, he and DJ are amazing together… the last best scene was such a relief… i needed them to be happy together so much
    i even pity and understand the evil characters (evil MR’s mom and dad.. urgh and DJ’s mom). They did wrong but they have to pay for it… and they (i’m including MR here) are so lucky that DJ, MR and YK are so forgiving…
    i know it is so long but i don’t watnt to end without naming SC and his dad: best friends a girl and a man can have… and dearest grandma…
    miss this drama so much…

  5. I finished CYHMH at 2:33am and that may have been the best last episode in like FOREVER. It was soooo heart-fixingly good. There was nothing lacking. Yep, NADA. I cried the ugly cry. And I also want to say I love Seung chul. Lee Kyu Han really should be cast as the lead right now.

  6. The trot song that WR sings with her dad is called 님과 함께 by Nam Jin

    I can’t seem to find a video of them singing it. If anyone finds one, can you please hook me up?
    My gmail is meiyouxiangjiao

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