Warrior Baek Dong Soo – Episode 28

Away we go! We start episode 28 with an extended recap as to how the coup got set in motion. But now everything is in readiness! Despite Jin Ju and Jin Ki’s efforts to stop it, the meteor shower/flaming kite signal goes up, and so the coup starts!

For reasons best known to the writers, Kenjo, whose job is supposed to be killing Dong Soo, merely says “later” to him, and goes back to gather his men. And unfortunately, Cho Rip happens to run into Un just as he was going towards the palace with his forces, and so Un stabs him.

Fortunately, Hong Do saw Cho Rip collapse and piggy backs him back home to Sa Mo’s.


Hong stands before the massed fighters, and gives everyone the go signal. Un, Kenjo and some of the fighters start towards the Prince’s palace, while Hong will be waiting outside the King’s palace with his men. The plan, in theory, is that the assassins and fighters will invade and kill the Prince. Well, so it seems at the moment, because the plot is more involved than that.

Kenjo signals various groups to their places as he, Un and more fighters go to the palace.

Dong Soo rushes towards the palace and sees Hong Do carrying Cho Rip home. Hong Do explains that Un stabbed Cho Rip. This naturally upsets Dong Soo, who had just finished declaring that he’d protect everyone!

As he runs towards the palace, he begs Cho Rip to survive. He magically arrives at the palace on horseback (yeah, don’t ask me) and is told that the palace has been sealed, no one is allowed entry. The commander of that unit is also in on the coup.

As Hong’s men take up their positions, he gets a bad feeling, particularly about Un, and sends Hong2 off to the Prince’s palace to keep an eye on things.

Dong Soo gets into the palace by going over the wall and starts towards the Prince’s palace. He is ambushed by some of the fighters Kenjo left waiting, but easily takes them out.

Hong’s men reach the King’s palace and they send in a troop of fighters to take on the King’s guards. A wounded eunuch gets to the King’s chamber and tells them they are under attack, giving Seo enough warning to take out the fighter who makes it to the chamber.


Then the Hongs and some official-ish troops come in to the courtyard of the King’s palace and start killing the fighters, making it look like Hong and company “saved” the King. A troop of guards commanded by another of their cohorts arrives to convince the troops that Hong is on the side of the angels. They go in to see the King. However, they hadn’t really reckoned with Seo (and possibly the King) still being alive. They urge the King to order them to bring in all of the troops to guard the palace.

Seo tells the King that he has enough guards already, and pulling the troops away from other places (oh, like the Prince’s palace) will… And Hong interrupts to declare that protecting the King is the most important thing.

The King knuckles under and gives the order. As Hong declares that he’ll defend the King, the bell is rung to muster all the troops.

Over at the Prince’s palace, the mountain boys realize that his personal guards are now the only ones guarding the Prince. Meanwhile, Kenjo, Un and troops march towards the Prince’s palace. They each recall their orders, Un’s to go kill the Prince, Kenjo to kill Dong Soo, keep an eye on Un and kill both Un and the Prince if Un doesn’t do it.


As they turn the corner, Dong Soo finally catches up with them. He calls to Un and they all stop. Un leaves as Dong Soo faces off with the troops.

The mountain boys report to the Prince that the King’s palace was attacked and have to talk him out of going to the King’s palace to join in the fight there, arguing that it may be a feint to then attack him.

Dong Soo swiftly makes his way through the line of fighters and faces off with Kenjo.


Un arrives at the Prince’s palace and with a few of his men face the Prince’s guard. Instead of letting the groups fight, Un takes them all on and knocks them out. He stations his men out front and goes into the Prince’s quarters, where he is faced by the mountain boys, swords already drawn. They ask him to please leave, which causes the Prince to ask if they know this guy. Un simply says that Lord Hong is leading a coup. As the Prince grabs his weapon, Un tells him to stay put, the boys issue more threats…and then we cut away.


Kenjo and Dong Soo face each other and charge. We see in shadow one leap and the other duck, and come back to find Kenjo dropping his sword. Kenjo’s final words are that he has no regrets. Dong Soo proceeds on to the palace.

Un comes out of the palace and faces the fighters, who ask if the Prince is dead. When their leader tries to go into the palace to check, Un stops him and confirms that he was never really on their side. Un’s man, Tae San the bounty hunter, suddenly comes to his side and Un tells them that he isn’t their foe. They turn to find Dong Soo.

Dong Soo asks Un what he’s doing, but Un leaves with Tae San, apologizing to Dong Soo saying he doesn’t have time to explain.

The head fighter challenges Dong Soo, preventing him from following Un, and Dong Soo tells him that this time they will have to fight for their lives.


In a momentary comic relief bit, Hong2 is creeping back to the King’s palace and is caught by Un and Tae San.

Lord Hong is starting to wonder why they haven’t heard from the Prince’s palace or Hong2, and sends Hong1 with some more fighters and troops to check.

Un and Tae San have bopped Hong2 over the head, and find that he has a signal horn. Un leaves Tae San there and tells him to blow the horn at sunrise to signal a retreat. They also see Hong1 and men heading to the Prince’s palace.

Dong Soo makes relatively short work of the 8 fighters, and runs to check on the Prince. In a flashback we see what the boys have to explain to Dong Soo. Un came in to tell the Prince the goal of the plot was to kill him and the King and put a tame Prince Eun Jeon on the throne (who if memory serves, because I didn’t feel like translating the rest of the caption other than the name – was the youngest half brother of the Prince – let’s say he’s 7-ish at this point so he’d be a puppet).

He tells the Prince that until Dong Soo arrives, he’ll protect the Prince. And so it happened – when Dong Soo showed up, Un left. Dong Soo is truly startled to hear that Un had been helping guard the Prince, and that they’d have been in real trouble otherwise.


They suddenly hear an order being given to attack, and fighters burst into the room. They fight them off, and move out the door to see Hong1 arriving with more troops. Hong1 gets to utter the “AH! IT WAS YOU, BAEK DONG SOO!” that we were all waiting for some villain to say this episode (LOL!). Dong Soo orders the troops to put down their weapons, and Hong1 just sneers – my troops vs you and your measly guards?

The Prince chimes in with a “how dare you!” royal command, but that doesn’t work either. Hong1 gets in a nastier sneer about royal blood not mattering when you are dead.

Dong Soo sends the Prince and boys inside, telling the Prince to trust him that he can protect him. They go in, and Hong1 orders the fighters to charge.

And so it begins – Dong Soo vs. many. They charge the steps, and Dong Soo protects the door vs the first onslaught of about 10.


As Hong waits at the King’s palace worrying, Seo comes down to tell him that he should be worried – people go to the Prince’s palace and are never heard from. Should we guess why?

Hong says he sent 100 men over there, does he think 3 measly guards will protect the Prince. Seo replies – Ah, but there’s also Joseon’s best swordsman, BAEK DONG SOO!


And as we switch to the theme music, WOOHOO!, Dong Soo grabs another sword and marches down the steps to the remaining men. Hong1 orders them to kill, and we get a lovely Bidam-esque 1 vs many fight, with people circling and various fighting techniques. (The reason I mention Bidam is that it really is similar to a couple of fights in QSD – they probably had the same choreographer or something, although this is a much extended version and frankly a little less slick)

Dong Soo starts to wear down and get some wounds, and Un returns to the courtyard. From the corner he sees that Dong Soo is in trouble, so he launches himself into the circle and joins in.


Dong Soo gathers himself up, and Un remarks that it’s been while since they fought together like this (awwww). Dong Soo immediately asks what happened with Cho Rip. In a flashback, we see that at the time, Un had told Cho Rip to not move, and please stay still. Un tells him that Cho Rip should be fine, he didn’t stab him anywhere vital, and that it was unfortunate but he needed to keep his cover.

Dong Soo looks up and grins in relief and then declares that now all they have to do is deal with this bunch. Un grins back and the fight begins again. They start working their way through the fighters, when suddenly the gunmen arrive. As Hong1 yells for them to fire, Dong Soo and Un each grab another fighter and use them as human shields against the gunfire.


As Hong1 mutters that it’s time to see if their swords are faster than gunfire, Dong Soo tells Un that now they really may die. Un shrugs and says they will die together. As Hong1 mutters that they are crazy and tells the gunmen to aim, suddenly Jin Ju appears on the roof of the palace and starts picking the gunmen off with her arrows. Jin Ki and Sa Mo burst through the front gate and start fighting from behind the gunmen.

Hong1 runs off with the few remaining fighters. Dong Soo turns to thank Un, who doesn’t say anything. As Dong Soo goes to greet Sa Mo, Un beats a retreat away.

After reassuring them that the Prince is ok, Dong Soo leaves them there to protect the palace while he goes to make sure that the King is alright. He’s pleased to tell Sa Mo that he thinks Un is back to his old self.

Hong1 arrives back at the King’s palace to tell his father that Dong Soo has destroyed their plan, and that Un betrayed them. Hong1 says they’ve failed, but Lord Hong says they will play this out to the end.


Suddenly they hear the retreat horn, and realize they don’t know what happened to Hong2. Well, he’s all nice and tied up, and it’s Tae San blowing the horn.

Meanwhile, Un is reporting in to the Queen. It turns out that in case the coup failed, she had Un as a back up plan. He told her to make the military officers hers, not Hong’s, bailing out on Hong. He advised her to throw Hong to the wolves if the coup failed.

She had thought he’d easily kill the Prince, but he tells her that Dong Soo really is a best fighter, and she overestimated him, so he apologizes.

Essentially, Un has engineered the failure of the coup by first splitting the Queen away from Hong, purposely saving the Prince, and then backing up Dong Soo.


As another commander outside the gates wonders if the coup has failed, Seo confronts Lord Hong and an army commander in front of the King’s palace. Hong and Seo play battling orders, with each issuing orders to their side – arrest him, no you arrest him! The Queen, however, had told this commander that if the coup failed, he should abandon Hong.

Hong tells him that if the coup fails, he’s going to make sure this commander goes down with him. As he says he’ll go kill the King himself and leaves with Hong1, the troops stand off against each other. But the King comes out and orders them all to put their swords up, and all of the soldiers on both sides listen. The commander is between a rock and a hard place, so he launches himself at the King. As he strikes, a sword comes flying out and fells him – Dong Soo threw his sword to protect the King.


Lord Hong and Hong1 make tracks to the Queen, and cross paths with Un. Hong asks why he betrayed them, and Un tells them that he wanted to live to see a new world. When Hong1 rhetorically threatens him with a “do you want to die?” Un smiles and says “I’m an assassin. No assassin is afraid to die.” As a parting shot, he reminds Lord Hong that he had taunted Un once, but Un has now destroyed a mountain with his bare hands. As Hong tells him that it’s not over yet, Un grins and strolls away.


Lord Hong sees the Queen, who plays innocent and says she has no clue what he is talking about. He threatens to take her down with him. In a fury, he leaves and sends Hong1 home to get the scrolls that have the names of all the conspirators.

Not surprisingly, the Queen has also thought of this, and told Un to retrieve the scrolls as well.

The Prince goes to the King’s palace to check on him, and Dong Soo lays out the plot to the King, telling him that Lord Hong was behind it. The King orders the arrest of the Lord Hong and execution of any remaining rebels. Hong kills a couple of guards trying to arrest him and disappears in the palace.


As Dong Soo and company are leaving, he stops and sends them on ahead. He calls out for Un, who was hiding around a corner. (awww) Dong Soo thanks Un, who replies that he didn’t do it for thanks. Dong Soo clarifies, and thanks him for returning to his old self. Un sighs and tells him that he’s going to go look for Hong1, Dong Soo should go look for Lord Hong. As Un turns away, Dong Soo apologizes for doubting him for even a second.

Sa Mo, Jin Ju and Jin Ki happen by Tae San, who is still watching over Hong2. The other two are startled when Jin Ki greets Tae San fairly warmly and then ponder what to do with Hong2.


Hong1 rushes home and finds the scrolls, while Hong’s toady leads troops to the house. Surprisingly, he’s not there to defend it, but to arrest everyone and ransack the place for evidence. It seems Un gave him the choice, and the toady flipped sides to save his life. However, he finds the scrolls already gone.

Luckily, Un already knew where the rendezvous for Hong1 was, and Un and his men are waiting there for him to show up. Un takes the scrolls and hauls Hong1 off.

The Prince is presiding over the interrogation of Hong1, Hong2 and some of their rebels, but they still can’t find Lord Hong. Hong1 has the cojones to offer a few more threats, but he really doesn’t know either. The King wants to question the criminals at noon, so the Prince wants Lord Hong found by then.


Dong Soo finally thinks to look where no one would think of – the throne room. And that’s where Hong is, sitting on the throne and pondering how it came to this. Dong Soo demands that he get off the throne, and Lord Hong muses that he thought the throne was within reach. He ponders those who died trying to reach the throne notes that history is written by the victors, while others die unknown. Hong starts to cry as he gives himself up. He says that the one mistake he made was not killing Dong Soo back when he was a baby.

As Lord Hong takes up his sword and looks like he might go down fighting, Dong Soo tells him that all of his problems were caused by his own greed. Hong drops his sword and collapses. He tells Dong Soo he’ll die in whatever way Dong Soo sees fit, and starts to laugh.

Un returns the scrolls to the Queen, and Dong Soo reports Hong’s arrest to the Prince.


The King is busy questioning the Hongs, or more accurately, he’s busy yelling at them. When Hong says that he merely didn’t want people to follow a traitor’s son and to strengthen the crown, the King goes ballistic. He orders them beheaded and their pates displayed at the gate. Hong goes to his place still yelling about how the Prince will cause bloodshed in revenge for his father.

As the day lengthens and Dong Soo’s done with things, he runs home to check on Cho Rip. As he runs in the gate, Ji Sun is so pleased to see him, she drops a bowl and runs to hug him. Cho Rip, BTW, is more or less ok. Mi So is looking after him.

And then everyone else also starts to pair off, and greet each other in relief. ::eye roll::


Just outside the palace, where it’s execution time, Hong2 hyperventilates, Hong1 tries to hold it together, but Lord Hong sits quite calmly until he sees Dong Soo in the crowd, which makes him laugh at the irony. And the dancing executioner swings his blade…

As we get the closing credits music, the Prince is asking “WHAT?” Cho Rip is telling him that Chun Joo killed the Crown Prince. The Prince asks if he really killed his father, and Cho Rip says yes and tells the Prince to destroy the Assassins and kill Chun Joo.

As Un sits happily with Gu Hyang looking over a ledger, Cho Rip is busy telling the Prince that he needs to kill Chun Joo to secure the throne.

And there we end episode 28…

WTF Cho Rip! I have to say, the first time I saw this I pondered and thought – well, you know that could very well be a ploy on the part of Un, to actually enlist the aid of the Prince to dismantle the Assassins. Right up until Cho Rip insisted Chun Joo had to be killed. Which put it right into WTF territory. Even then I thought – well, that could be a fake deathy thing, right? Gwang Taek’s last words to Cho Rip were not to overlook any detail, and he’s clearly committing sins of omission to goad the Prince. But Cho Rip, dude, um, did you even get the whole story before going off half cocked?

Let’s talk sword fighting here for a second. That was some pretty decent fighting! As I noted, it wasn’t particularly original, but it was fun. I put it down partly to production time, but the best sequences in the series so far have been the opening fight and the Chun/Gwang Taek fight. But it’s fun to see Dong Soo and Un at work and happily fighting together.

I wasn’t thrilled to see everyone starting to pair off at the end here, but it was bearable. And yes, after 28 episodes of being the Big Bad, Lord Hong deserves to top the page.

But still WTF Cho Rip!!!

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  1. Only one more to go, nooooooo!! 😥

  2. Yeah, the first time I watched this I concocted this really elaborate scheme in my head in which YW had orchestrated the whole thing and it was all part of his plan to take apart HC, by…I don’t know, having them see their Sky Lord “die” at the Prince or DS’ hands (it made sense at the time!), and I was still convinced going into the last ep that CR was in on it and the reason he wasn’t telling DS was because YW had made him promise not to because if DS knew he’d try and stop YW sacrificing himself…I don’t know, it was all very complicated, but I was THAT sure CR couldn’t just be doing it on his own.

    To be honest, I think the writers always wanted to end the show with an epic YW-DS fight, which, fair enough. But they wrote themselves into a hole by effectively reuniting them, and by having DS stress every ep how he’d never give up on YW, etc, By the end of this ep, neither one is in a place where they could believably be fighting each other by the next ep. So when it came down to it, they sacrificed CR’s character continuity in order to create the scenario they wanted. And it sucked! Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to came out of the whole show hating CR more than anyone else! I can think of several more organic directions this final storyline could’ve taken, none of which would’ve revolved around a central character suddenly doing a 180. Basically, it just looks like they were running out of time, panicked and pulled this last plot out of their collective…behinds.

    Thanks for the recap though! I think “WTF Cho Rip!!!” pretty much sums it up!

    • You said exactly what I was complaining about. Effing should have ended it here.

      Totally makes CR look like a little whiner, “I’m gonna get you, Un, for stabbing me. I’m gonna tell the Prince on you.” I feel bad for the actor who had to perform the about face. He prolly read the script and asked,”Do I really have to say this? Chongmal?”

  3. One ep left….I will definitely watch this over winter break or summer…I have to say, Un is still my favorite character ;P

    Um…I may just go back and re-read all the recaps but who is Chun Joo? D: I feel like I’ve missed an extremely important part of the plot haha…

    • Chun Joo is the title of the leader of the assassins. It’s usually translated in the subs as Sky Lord. To become the next Chun or Chun Joo, you have to kill the previous one. Un was In Joo – after the others tossed the previous In, Dae Ung, out. However, once Chun died, Un became Chun Joo. Normally I would have used Chun instead of Chun Joo – but in this particular instance, when Cho Rip was specifically saying that Chun Joo had to be killed, I went with that, because Cho Rip is deliberately being confusing – it wasn’t Un who killed the Crown Prince, it was the previous Chun Joo, aka Chun. Clear as mud?

  4. I thought so too…that after YW got Hong out of the way…part of his plan to disassemble the Hoksa is to indirectly use the power of the Prince. Cho Rip urging the Prince to kill YW is shocking…stupid & bitter? But I’d find it more shocking if the Prince will listen to CR without more information. I also find it naive for an intelligent Pince to not have known about YW, Hoksa & about his father’s death.

    Using CR to get after YW feels too rushed.

    Yay! YW & DS fighting against the bad guys together! Ready to “die together” fearlessly.

    Hong must be laughing bitterly about the irony of his demise…he put DS’s dad to death as a traitor…now DS got him to die as traitor.

    Thank you for the exciting recap.

  5. OMG! this was my favorite episode EVA!!!! I just loved every part of it. DS fighting 100 men! Now that’s what a hero is!
    “Dong Soo grabs another sword and marches down the steps to the remaining men. ”
    Yes! JCW’s expression at that scene. Perfect!
    and then his friend YW coming in to save at the moment when DS is most likely going to be killed. EPIC!!!! and the way YW entered! OMG! ok, I’m squeeling a little too much. Just thinking about this episode, I can forgive all future sins on part of the writers. ok. maybe not all sins.

    Unfortunately this episode also had the JS/DS hug scene that completely put me off. Did anyone else feel a little… I don’t know… cheated? I can look back and see the small signs of JS’s love for DS. The writers obviously were going for the whole “who does she really love?” mystery… but to me it just felt flat. I think because they spent too many episodes and too many scenes buliding up the other 2 pairs. And there was zero chemistry between the leads, so the whole “oh! she really loves DS!” wasn’t satisfying at all. But I didn’t watch this show for the romance so it’s ok, I guess.

    It was also during this episode that I truly started liking the Un character. I always had a soft spot for him, because he seemed so tragic and pitiful and complex and conflicted, but I also thought that he was a little weak. With ep 28 my respect for his character really grew.

    When I saw the final scene, with CR and the prince, I too thought that they were planning a fake Chun Joo death. Ah! If only they had gone that way! Sigh!

  6. Thanks Momosan!! Just one more… I’m sad 😦
    A lot of stuff happening in this episode, but I think it was paced and comprehensive. I’m glad DS informed the others about Woon coming back to his old self. Too bad they don’t get to learn how much he has really helped them.
    At last, the very much anticipated Dong Soo vs Kenjo fight was here!! I was getting comfortable in my chair to enjoy the match and… missed it! Literally!! I had to rewind to watch that part. WTF? Couldn’t stop laughing.
    Dong Soo battle with the 100 assassins was epic. Woon’s entrance took me to fangirl heaven, and the subsequent collaboration between the two kept me there. Poor DS, he looked soooo tired.
    I never had a doubt in my mind that Dong Soo and Jin Su would be a pair. That was very clear for me. He was smitten by her since the beginning.
    The one thing I have left to say is that I HATE CHO RIP!!!

    • But but but “I never had a doubt in my mind that Dong Soo and Jin Su would be a pair. That was very clear for me. He was smitten by her since the beginning.”

      But NO! I have been holding out on hating JS, OK, not really. But I have been holding out on really hating the character as plot device because if Un follows his heart, leaves the Assassins, Jin Su becomes his reward, right? The previous Chun’s advice was to go after the girl, not the glory of leading the Assassins. If we pair up DS and JS, uri Unah’s escape route is effectively sealed off. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

      Plus, I read wiki, the real historical wife is in this Drama. Why change it? Why change it for a block of ice that sells a load of ginseng?

  7. This episode could have been the perfect ending for the series, I love it!

  8. The writers did a great job ending the drama with superb redemption of YS. He really never killed anyone, like GT said.
    But the real love story here is btween DS and YS. Loose the girls to the winds…..DS and YS love was one of the best in KDrama….not even Queen or Hong could of broke it. DS to the end did not kill YS, YS Planned his death and planned protecting DS all along the years…..
    JI CHANG WOOK (DS) is truly one of the finest actors with a “full of Grace” attitude, within n without. His eyes and smiles a heavenly gift he does not even fathom.
    truly gifted ….that is.


    • The writers surely didn’t do a great job with the ending and Yeo Woon had more than gained his redemption already in ep 28 (and even before since he protected every single one of his friends at one time or another of the show) so the ending was pure wtf for the character that definitely deserved the most some hapiness, sth he actually never had. Sorry for the rant but I won’t acknowledge the ending as great, still not swallowing it even after nearly 2 weeks.
      But I agree the true love story was btw YW and DS, screw Ji Sun and her pokerface!
      thanks Momosan for the awesome recaps! never commented before but I appreciate your great work!

      • Edit:I realized that you might have meant that this episode was the one to see the redemption of YW and not the last one. Sorry if I’m being over sensitive, first time I’m so mad at a drama ending as in, so mad upset I wanna slap the writer’s face 😀
        Also agree on JCW, nice to see him getting recognized through this role, even if YW was my fav character and I’ve a soft spot for baby Yoo Seung Ho, Chang Wook did a really good job here as well. Can’t wait to see him in T ARA MV with Cha Seung Won.

        • I can’t wait for the t-ara mv! And there’s the ramyun shop thing coming up which I am hoping will be good. JCW Fighting!

          I also have Blind to look forward to for my YSH fix. Apparently its amazing. I wish he’d appear in a drama soon. Something where he gets the girl. if you’re YSH fan, you should watch the strong heart episode where Jiyeon talks about her first kiss with YSH.

          Strangely I am least concerned about the future projects of the leading ladies. I liked Jin Joo a lot, but not enough to become a fangirl.

          Btw, if you’re a choi min soo fan, you should watch strong heart ep 92. He will make you laugh so much your stomach will hurt.

          Is it obvious that I miss WBDS so much that I’m searching the internet for anything WBDS related?

          • While searching for more Yoo Seung Ho & J i Chang Wook projects/dramas/movies…I came across Strong Heart…JiYeon talking about her first kiss with YSH & more. Choi MIn soo is a cool dude…but a kill joy…I didn’t get to finish watching about his ghost story …can’t find part 5/6.
            I want to see more of YSH & JCW…found YSH movies…The way home, Hearty paws, 4th period…so cute!

            I searched & found more JCW interviews & photoshoot…he’s really adorable. Unfortunately some are not subbed. Can’t wait to see his future projects/dramas. I like his performance in Smile, Donghae.

            For me…Ji Chang Wook & YSH’s on screen charm kept the show alight. I found Ji Chang wook in WBDS. I’m a big fan now of this adorable superb actor JCW!
            Ep 28 is one of my favorite episode in WBDS.

          • EDIT: “And there’s the ramyun shop thing ” Sorry, it wasn’t a ramyun shop , It was a veggie shop.
            “Bachelor’s veggie store” The ramyun shop has Jung Il Woo.

            • LOL I didn’t want to correct for fear of looking even more like a stalker… 🙂 And how funny is it that both JCW and JIW were once repped by the same talent agency (even though JIW has since jumped to another outfit).

              Still no news on the “Chonggakne” front — I wonder if JCW is waffling because it would air on Korean Cable (which historically, their programming usually sees a single-digit viewer rating at best). Besides, My Precious is too busy promoting other projects to think about playing with vegetables right now… 🙂

  9. Thanks a lot for a recap :-)). This is the last episode I watched. Episode 29? NO. Thanks, I like this end better.

  10. Aww… Our Lord Hong – Lee Won-jong.
    As kristal called him; ‘thug4lyfe’. Yeah. He was, total badass right to the bitter end.
    That throne scene was epic! His execution along with his sons, was well, what they deserved but still sad. And yes, ironic. Especially when he spies Dongsoo among the crowd and it all hearkens back to the first episode.
    Still, the way he prophecised more bloodspill… Noooo..!

    Chorib’s scene with the prince still makes more sense than not, not only because he was rattled after almost being killed by Woonie himself but also as the prince’s aide — the Heoksa Chorong being the last remaining threat had to go, for society’s sake, for Sado’s sake… So story-wise it was good, but the way it was executed? No. It all seemed hurriedly tacked on to the episode, it just ruined the flow.

    But Dongsoo… After all that talk about him lacking the desperation needed in order to kill anyone — goes all out Kill Bill on us — eeeeeep! (I just love that BMK theme tune too, it kicks so much ass!)


    The first thing I thought of as the Epic Fight Scene unfolded and Dong Soo started walking down the Palace steps and grabbed an extra sword out of a dead guy was “OH MY GOD I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!!” The second thing I thought of was “DAMMIT GIRL START BREATHING AGAIN!!” I was doing the live recap on Soompi and there were moments I thought I was going to pass out from hyperventilating. There was much kvetching and whimpering here at Casa de CherKell after DS started tiring and took a few choice slashes… and then again when Woon-ah made his grand entrance (Boing! He’s a Pixie!) to join in the fray. Just… absolute… magic there.

    I honestly thought when DS and Woon-ah were facing down the guns, YW was going to either throw himself in front of DS to take a bullet or run off and be mowed down gangsta-style — since YW already had his ‘death wish’ firmly implanted in his mind, he would make the Ultimate Last Sacrifice to save DS in order for DS to finish off the rest of the Bad Guys and then go stop Pig’s coup. I couldn’t stop my tears when they both realized at the same time that they might actually die at that point. That is bromance with a capital B right there. Sigh.

    Now THAT was an Episode — I could look past all the padding and filler and nonsensical WTF moments of the ones after the extension was announced. For a brief shining moment, I was actually looking forward to what Episode 29 would bring…

    And then some disjointed scenes were thrown at us. The whole Kenjo “non-battle” — um, what was that? After the other three well-done swordfights (especially upon their first meeting that gave us Sweaty and Disheveled Dong Soo – rawr!!), THAT’S IT?!? Was the PD-nim trying to go all stylistic and Koreeda on us by shooting in silhouette? I blinked and almost missed it too! I guess DS did take Sword Saint’s training to heart, to conserve your strength and use as few strokes as possible to kill your enemy. But geez… next to anticipating what the Writers would come up with the DS/YW Final Battle to End All Battles, I was really looking forward to DS dismembering Kenjo right in front of our eyes!

    Then there was the ‘elephant in the room’ with the reuniting of Cyborg Lady and Dong Soo after the epic battle ended. Remember DS wasn’t thinking about *her* as he ran back to Sa Mo’s — he suddenly remembered about Cho Rip’s injuries and that was the trigger instead. (She made a nice roadblock, ne?) Agree with @Linda that all the teasers about alternate shipping(s) came to a dead stop with that scene — I finally accepted it, especially seeing it in DS’s face after he returned to the compound and she ran into his arms. (“Okay, that’s that. No DS/JJ OTP after all. Sigh. I need a drink now.”) Next May, someone has got to give Changwook-ssi a Baeksang Award for “Best Acting Against An Immovable Object.” 🙂

    Please let me join the chorus of “WTF, Cho Rip?!?” I guess now (after almost two weeks of letting the last two episodes rattle around in my brain pan) I can see *why* CR took the path he did. He was in the King’s employ as the “Royal Housekeeper” and his loyalty had to steer toward the monarchy, but it’s just the *how* the misunderstandings piled up on top of each other that left me annoyed and bitter. The plot ended up being the Sacrificial Lamb after all. Aw, little angry Cho Rippy… are you jealous that Dong Soo went for Woon-ah instead of you? 🙂

    I could rant on and on, but I need to get back to work. One more to go, momosan!! The Sisters-in-Lust here will help you get through it! Fighting!!! 🙂

    P.S. Hey, Tae San! Nice bong you’ve got there — perchance, did you share the contents with the Writers? We’ve got to blame SOMEONE!! 😀

    • LOL ““Best Acting Against An Immovable Object.”

      I weep at the lostness of how HOT a real actress could have been inserted between these two hot actors.

  12. I was anticipating for a long fight between DS & Kenjo… I want to see DS teach Kenjo a lesson…but as I leaned in anticipation…what just happened? Replay…its over in one flick…serves you right Kenjo! DS had to rush to protect the Prince.No time to muck-up this time! There’s more work to do!

    Humbled Kenjo tells DS he has no regrets. He must feel honored to be killed by DS. Earlier he secretly witness DS disarm Samo & JG with a few flicks. In his solo ceremony, Kenjo put out the light of the candle with his hand & whispered “the best swordsman…” he must have meant he will kill DS, the best swordsman of Joseon.

  13. CHOI RIP-A was keeping true to his real duty! as loyal to preserve the royal family line and long live the king!
    He foresight to to advise the prince and the king, to have Prince Heir be adopted by his father’s older brother-his uncle, to smooth and pave the way for him to be king. It was outrages and a very dangerous thought to follow through with the visit to his uncle’s grave. And yet that advise and duty was his wisdom stemming from his intelligence.
    Once again, his loyalty and advise the young King now was to extinguish the Huseka and the Head of the Gangster assassins, so as prevent any future plots to kill royal family in the future. It just happens that along with this sense of true duty and advise to the king, Woona was in that position.
    Whom should he be loyal to to? really if you were in his shoes of duty???
    I would do the same!!!! Woona is his childhood friend, but he ditche them first and chose the assasin group not his friends group. Even though the love storyline is btw DS and YS in this drama, DS reacted more as a friend and his love for YS. Rightfully so, but given enough time and rope, he would protect the King over YS. That is his ultimate duty as a warrior.
    YS knows it and has aalways protected DS and friends. He is just a confused kid to start and came around, but not totally evem when DS asked him to come back. He said – he has gone to far to return.
    He died not in vein. His death was honored by his own wishes.
    Way to Go CRip a I would like CP to be my right hand staff if I was the King.

    my thoughts about the moral storyline here, yet I expected DS to react the way he did. After all his love story with YS began when they were kids…Way to go DS. He is certainly the warrior with heart that he is supposed be….
    All 3 became the warriors in the end, true to their warrior training as kids….NICE Ending!!!!

  14. Thanks for the recap.

    DS and YW *** sigh ***
    Don’t have much to add except I cried a lot – especially at the repairing of the dynamic duo on the same side. So wish they could have ended it here.

  15. I Really Like This Episode It Looks As If Everything Is Coming Back To Normal But Cho Rip Is Messing Up Again


  1. Warrior Baek Dong Soo Review | amusings

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