Floored by Song Joong-ki

There is much I could say about Song Joong-ki‘s performance in Tree With Deep Roots (2011).

How I love that his voice can be gentle and tender, and yet also startle with its ferocity. How his eyes can blaze with such anger, but also soften with compassion as he watches a child grieve so inconsolably for his father. I could tell you about how my own eyes welled up as palace gates fling open and the young Sejong steps into sight, in full view of a courtyard of soldiers and a former king. How my heart raced with fear as the arrows fly toward Sejong and yet also burst with pride that our king is resolute and unafraid.

Every scene with him in it is richer because of his presence; every scene without him feels instantly dull. He can express so much even in the absence of words! Despair and determination. Hope and conviction. Grave one moment and in the next moment smiling with such delight. If even his father, the former and much-feared King Taejong, is no match for his charm and charisma, what about me as I watch, transfixed and awestruck?

I loved him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but now? I don’t know how to describe how I feel now except to tell you that it’s akin to being drunk. Yes, I’m drunk on Song Joong-ki’s portrayal of King Sejong. I play and replay his scenes; I take a gazillion screencaps. I can’t get over the powerful and poignant way he is interpreting his role. His acting is exquisite and altogether perfect.

So yes, there is indeed much I could say. But rather than words, I’ll let the screencaps speak for themselves.

In parting, Episode 5 will air tonight in Korea. It will be the first episode where I will not see Song Joong-ki, unless the writer takes note of our collective moping and gives us an onslaught of young Sejong flashbacks. That’s not too much to ask, is it? After all, we are looking at the breakout performance of the year.

(Screencaps from Episodes 2-4)

Love HIM.

80 thoughts on “Floored by Song Joong-ki

  1. Thanks for giving us a place to define our love for the man.
    SKKS made me fall in love realy hard for SJK. From the moment he sidled up to PMY, and whispered sweet threats in her ear, I just died. He is a beautiful person, but it goes beyond that, Maybe it actually goes behind that. He is so smart.

    I get the feeling as I watch him, he is always one step ahead of what is going on onscreen. Rather than sitting there, counting the seconds, or speaking the other actors’s dialog in his head, his presence draws time to him, somehow. When he does speak next, it is as if the universe agrees that is exactly what is supposed to be spoken at exactly that time. Is it confidence? Magnetism? Credibility? I think I said on DB that he has acquired a weight that wasn’t there.

    Whatever it is, I like it a lot. I need to writers to come up with wonderfully long and involved flashbacks for the young king. Maybe have him monologue. Oooh! I would reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy like to see him getting to know the young So Yi. Their quick scene grabbed me. I am extremely curious how she became his right hand woman.

  2. coincidentialy i’m rewatching SKKS right now… SJK’s character was always my fave though i loved YAI’s jae-shin best. The two of them together were magic. so i’m enjoying SJK again so much… and his acting was perfect and engaging
    but tree with deep roots is another thing… his portrayal of the young king is beyond perfection. i think a crazy or bad caracther is more risky but if an actor/actress does well it’s easy to shine. but when the character is weak or a puppet like the king seems to be when the drama started, is more difficult to impress people. SJK took this character and make it so alive and believable… you are so involved in his growing as a king, you can feel what he feels… everytime i saw him my heart races, my eyes waters and all i can do is tremble and feel the mindblowing effect of SJK. he is that great to me. i really can’t believe he is gone. i’m so sad because i’m gonna watch episode 5 and there will be no SJK in it (though i like the new king) happily i will see him in epi 6. but the truth is i can’t get enough of SJK.
    i’m needing a new drama with him as a lead… please!!!

  3. so I hope this is true..he’s supposed to be making a comeback in ep 8…i’m guessing it will be flashback, anyhow, here are some pics from of him with his awesome adult counterpart :

    • It’s true. You can watch a preview of his appearance at the end of episode 7. The powers that be are just as taken in with his performance and interpretation of the role, and according to the press, it’s what has inspired them to use an important scene in episode 8 to include him.

      • Yeah, the preview for Ep 8 totally had me jumping up and down in eager delight! So smart of the Show to make use of SJK in combo with HSK.

    • I hope those who miss Song Joong-Ki as our young Yi Do/Sejong will nonetheless give the show a chance to prove how well they’re building on the foundations he worked so hard to establish at the beginning. Just saw episode 8, wept over the ending, and I know I wouldn’t be this emotional if Han Seok-Kyu, Jang Hyuk and Shin Se-Kyung didn’t remind me of the three children who were so traumatized by the events of that terrible day.

  4. i started watching TWDR after i saw this post…and to say the least i think i have developed this huge admiration for SJK..i knew he was a good actor but OMG i am awed by him! the scene in epi where he stood up to the great king was OMG EPIC! he was so good! it gave me goosebumps! that scene was the turning point for me..before it i was not too sure if i would continue with the drama but after that i am believer! also the older version of the king is such a good actor too! i am loving TWRD! i think i have become a sanguek lover thanks to “sungkyunkwan scandal”, “the princess man” and now “tree with deep roots”

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  6. I love the facial hair; if he was sporting the Won Bin hairstyle from the movie “Man from No or So Ji Sub in “Rough Cut, he looks damm sexy… I sure wouldn’t mind Joong Ki with a five O’clock shadow as long as he got it because he was too busy playing with me to shave…..

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