Warrior Baek Dong Soo – Episode 27

So, where were we? Well, the Queen, the Hongs, the Norons, Kenjo with some Japanese soldiers, and many of the military officers are planning a coup against the King. Dong Soo, the Prince and his guards more or less know about it, and are investigating.


Episode 27 starts with Un chatting with the Queen as she tries to make sure he’s in her employ, not the Hongs. (and thanks to a few commenters, I’m never going to be able to see this scene without *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* subtext now.)

To prove his abilities, the Queen first suggests that he kill the King. To which Un replies “you’ve got to be joking.” Then she suggests that he kill Dong Soo.

Dong Soo is running away from Hong’s fighters, who have been hired by Dae Ung to kill him. He stops in a narrow alley, stretches out, grins and takes them on one by one. (And seriously, I do love that he is using Chun’s moves and his old sunnier attitude in this fight.) Finally he is down to just the leader, and when the guy’s sword gets trapped in the small space, Dong Soo beats him up, ending that encounter as Dae Ung takes off.


As he runs off, Dae Ung bumps into Jin Ju and Sa Mo, both of whom want to kill him. So, he’s trapped between the three of them. Dae Ung once again snivels for his life, and Sa Mo kicks him to the ground. As Sa Mo threatens to whack Dae Ung, Dong Soo stops him and says to let Dae Ung go. Sa Mo (justifiably, I might add) points out that someone should have killed Dae Ung long ago. Jin Ju adds that she can’t forget what he did to her and her father (again, justifiably). Dong Soo lets Dae Ung leave. Sa Mo tells him he’s an idiot, but Dong Soo says that killing Dae Ung won’t change anything.


Anyway, Un asks if the Queen has a reason for wanting Dong Soo dead. When the Queen asks if assassins need a reason to kill someone, Un replies that she’s picked the one person he can’t kill. The Queen tells him he’s just making excuses, and he apologizes. She then looks at him and says “So…” and we pull away to see Un bowing his head to the Queen and then leaving.

We zoom back in again to the Queen saying to her father that she has to make Un her person (yeah, yeah, mind back in gutter). Her father says it would be good to have him on their side for at least a while.

In running away from Dong Soo, the fighters he hired catch up to Dae Ung. They are not happy to have had their butts kicked. He turns to run from THEM, and Hong’s forces have caught up to him.

They haul him off to Lord Hong’s house where he has to try to explain borrowing the fighters to kill Dong Soo. Dae Ung snivels some more, and instead of being killed outright is wrapped in a mat and beaten. While that’s going on, Kenjo reports that his men will be arriving, and in voice over we hear that what the Queen had asked Un for was one of Lord Hong’s arms.


Seo returns the Crown Prince’s pole weapon to the Prince, explaining that he couldn’t bear to destroy it. He figures that if it’s discovered, he’ll take whatever punishment the King might hand out. Cho Rip tells him that things are getting critical, so they want him to have the weapon handy.


Back at home, Jin Ju complains about Dong Soo letting Dae Ung go, but Jang Mi says that it was a good thing, and that Dong Soo is becoming more and more like Gwang Taek. Out in the courtyard, Dong Soo talks Jin Ki and Sa Mo into practicing with him, trident vs sword and knife, and wins easily. He tells them that Gwang Taek taught him. As they all go in, Dong Soo gets a bad feeling, and we see Kenjo lurking around.


Ji Sun and Mi So report that they didn’t find out much in the market. They saw a cart take stuff to the blacksmith, but when they looked inside didn’t find anything. Jin Ju decides to check, since she’s a lot sneakier than the two girls. Dong Soo also decides to keep an eye on Lord Hong’s place.

Hong1 reports that with the Japanese forces, their manpower should be enough. Also, the men are learning to fire the new guns, so all should be in readiness!


Dong Soo sneaks around Hong’s place and happens across Dae Ung tossed in an alley. He helps him and gives him a drink. Dae Ung, not surprisingly, reacts by going WTH, are you just letting me go to hunt me down later? Dong Soo tells him if he wanted to kill Dae Ung, he’d already be dead, and to make tracks before he changes his mind. The other fighters see Dae Ung sneaking off like a rat, and follow.

Un meets with Lord Hong and acknowledges that he met with the Queen. He tells Hong that the Queen ordered him to kill Dong Soo. ant that he told the Queen he would. Unfortunately, Dong Soo happens to be eavesdropping.

Kenjo spots Dong Soo, and challenges him in the courtyard. When he tries to get Dong Soo to come inside and have a wee chat with Hong and Un, Dong Soo draws his sword and they begin to fight. Un comes out and calls to Dong Soo. Hong asks what he’s doing there, and ventures that this would be a fun fight to watch.

Hong tells him he has to bear the consequences for venturing there, and a troop of his guards comes running in to challenge him. Un asks Dong Soo if he can’t stay out of trouble for a day, and Dong Soo returns is that why Un agreed to kill him?

Dae Ung wanders into town and encounters the fighters again. The leader tells him that Hong ordered them to kill him, and takes out the poison that Dae Ung himself had given them. As they are about to make him drink it, one of them is hit by an arrow, and they scatter. Jin Ju, against her better judgement, saved Dae Ung.


Back at Hong’s, Dong Soo takes on the guards without even drawing his sword. He knocks them all out as some more fighters arrive. Kenjo tells them to wait, and says he’ll take care of it.

As Kenjo draws his sword, Hong tells him to stop. Instead, the gunmen arrive. Un starts to reach for his sword, and Hong tells him to stop. Dong Soo braces himself, and the gunmen take aim. Suddenly they start falling, because they’ve been hit by arrows. Jin Ju and Jin Ki have arrived as back up!


Jin Ki throws a smoke bomb into the middle of the courtyard, and Dong Soo escapes. Hong keeps the troops from chasing them, saying they need to stay safe until the coup. However, inside, he tells Kenjo that it looks like Dong Soo has gotten a whiff of something going on, since he showed up like that.

Dae Ung stumbles away, and collapses, cursing Dong Soo for pitying him when he was the one who had wanted to kill Dong Soo.

Back at home, Dong Soo tells Cho Rip and Sa Mo that they can tell that things are almost ready, but they have no idea exactly when this coup is going to go down. Dong Soo and Cho Rip plan to report to the Prince.

Meanwhile, Un and Gu Hyang try to figure out how to grant the Queen’s request for Hong’s arm. They assume she means it metaphorically, so he gives Gu Hyang a list of things to get done. Then an underling reports that the Japanese troop has left and is heading their way. He sends the underling out to keep an eye on the Japanese.

Then in a flashback, we see that Dong Soo stopped to talk to Un under the cover of the smoke bomb. Dong Soo told him that the only way he’d give up on Un was if Un killed him. And back at home, Dong Soo ponders hearing Un saying that he had agreed to kill Dong Soo.

Gu Hyang hands a message off to an official, and so the word of whatever it is Un wants them to do gets passed around his palace spy network. Finally an official gets the note, and sends some troops out to arrest Hong’s toady for taking bribes from exam entrants. Not surprisingly, since he’s actually guilty, they have evidence.


Dong Soo and company happen to see him being hauled off to jail, since they are at the palace to see the Prince. The Prince is meeting with the Queen, who tells him that she doesn’t want him to be regent because she’s afraid it’ll cause him harm. He tells her that it’s something he has to learn and he’ll do his best. Her father arrives along with a palace lady carrying a bird cage. After the Prince leaves, Lord Kim tells her the toady was arrested, and that the bird is for getting a message to Un. If she sends the bird, Un will arrange for the toady to go free, otherwise, he’ll die.

Dong Soo meets with the Prince, but doesn’t have any concrete information on the timing of the coup. He sees the Crown Prince’s pole weapon, and flashes back to meeting the Crown Prince. (Manzzang! How we’ve missed you!)


Hong visits his toady in prison, but mostly he’s angry that he got arrested right before the coup is planned. Hong1 runs in to say that they can’t find out who ratted on the toady, but Hong adds it up and concludes it was the Queen. She, however, denies everything. Since Hong needs him for the coup, he asks the Queen to arrange for the toady to be released. So she sends the bird off to Un and the toady goes free.


She gets summoned by the King, who is feeling better, but still insists that the Prince act as regent for a while. He plans on announcing it the next day.

The Queen gets into a snit and summons Hong, who was expecting it. She wants to advance the plans a day, but he argues that doing so will make it less likely to succeed. However, he has a suggestion on how to delay the announcement. The Queen agrees.


Dong Soo’s side decides to keep an eye on the Japanese soldiers as a way to judge when the coup is starting, but worries that Hong won’t call them in until late in the game, so Dong Soo has other suggestions we don’t get to hear.

The Queen drinks a concoction and falls ill, which was the delaying tactic they had in mind. Another bout of that allergic reaction to the herb.


The little kid who Dae Ung had used to pass messages spots him hiding in an alley of the town, and very kindly hands him something to eat. The kid points out where he lives nearby and skips off.

Cho Rip follows the Japanese troops and sees them meeting up with various military officials. Gu Hyang also sees them and reports back to Un who says they’ve reached the point of no return. Then he receives a message from Hong asking for him.

Dae Ung follows Dong Soo and Jin Ju around, and sees them go in the blacksmith shop. When they can’t find anything there, he goes in and tells them they are looking in the wrong place. He shows them the hidden entrance to the storeroom.

Dae Ung shows them the little bit of remaining gunpowder in a box, and tells them that a meteor will be the starting signal for the coup, but that’s all he knows.

Dae Ung takes the box, and they decide to believe his information. He goes to Hong’s house planning to blow it up, and uses some beggars to distract the guards. Inside, Hong is giving his list of people to remove before the coup starts – General Seo and Dong Soo.

Hong plans to have the police raid the village near Dong Soo’s and arrest a bunch of people as thieves, figuring that it will draw Dong Soo out to protect them. The police should have orders to kill anyone who resists. Dae Ung overhears this, and realizes that the little boy lives in that area.


Hong calls in Un, and Hong1 reports that everything is in place. Hong announces that everything will start that night with a meteor signal.

The police head to the village to raid it, and are seen by Hong Do, the artist. He runs off to tell Dong Soo. He’s meeting with Sa Mo and company, and concluding that it’s not just a move against the Prince, but a full out rebellion against the King.

Jin Ju and Jin Ki are out on the mountain, hoping to prevent the kite signal. Cho Rip goes to tell the royal guards about the police raid on the village, while Sa Mo and Dong Soo head to the village itself.


On the mountain, Jin Ju and Jin Ki prevent some kites from launching. At the village, as the toady orders the police to arrest villagers as thieves, Dae Ung shows up. The toady sputters as they are all hit with a powder, and Dae Ung is delighted to tell them they are all now covered in gunpowder. Dae Ung yells and points out that all the villagers have left.

Kenjo arrives suddenly and stabs Dae Ung, who drops his torch. As the toady thanks Kenjo, Dae Ung staggers forward, noting that being stabbed is nothing to him. He grabs his fallen torch, and lights the fuse on his box of gunpowder. Everyone dives for cover as he tosses it and it explodes.

On his way to the palace, Cho Rip encounters Un and some troops.


The little kid finds Dae Ung in the street and starts crying over him. Dong Soo and Sa Mo arrive to see the carnage. Dae Ung tells Dong Soo that because he made Dae Ung change, Dong Soo was really the one who saved the village. He tells Dong Soo that because he used a sword to save so many, he’s better than Gwang Taek. He thanks Dong Soo for allowing him to do one good thing. He tells Dong Soo to go stop the coup, and finally Dae Ung dies. (YEAH!!!)

Kenjo comes out and approaches Dong Soo. He tells Dong Soo that it’s admirable that he avoided revenge and saved people, but that a kingdom is built on power and strength. Dong Soo tells him that’s not so, a strong kingdom can be built like this. Kenjo wonders if Dong Soo can stop a plan that has already come this far.

Just then, Hong2 sets off a set of signal kites.


Un moves forward and stabs Cho Rip. As he is stabbed, Cho Rip looks up and sees the meteor kites.

And there we end episode 27!

Sigh. It was mostly just set up for the big bad coup, but necessary. Breaking with tradition, even though he croaked, Dae Ung doesn’t get to top the page, because he spent 27 episodes annoying me with his screech.

It’s also annoying that Kenjo, who really should be off plotting away, hung around to be exposition samurai there at the end with Dong Soo so we could get platitudes of the day about the quality of mercy and building a country. I realize he was there to kill Dong Soo after the troops were supposed to lure him there, but why stand around and chat after you’ve been blown over a wall by a bomb? You’ve lured him there, so fight!

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  1. Ha! Pretty sure that main image is going to send some people on a squee high.

    Thank you, momosan! Only two more to go, sob!

  2. This was the first episode where I thought that Un can be a dangerous guy. Till ep 27 he seemed weak to me. I still think him watching while gunmen were aiming at DS was a little spineless but I guess he was ready to sacrifice DS to maintain his cover – for the greater good. Or maybe he thought that DS could evade the bullets as well.

    I really hated that Dae Ung turned good at the end. It wasn’t expected and I really feel that that’s not how the character was set up to be in the first place. I could understand if he wanted revenge against hong but it didn’t seem that way.

    And yeah, like momosan said, that last bit where Kenjo just happened to turn up and then leave was really silly. “I’ll see you later”. what the heck? If he was meant to kill DS shouldn’t he have tried before DS gets a chance to actually enter the palace and kill more of thier men.

    You know what? I didn’t care about these things when I actually watched the episode, but now I seem to be more critical of the writers…..hmmmm…. I wonder why?

    But there were some good things about this episode as well. I loved the last screencap and that scene where CR mutters, “shooting stars” and we see 3 shooting stars in the background. And the screencap at the top with the smoke and the bromance…. oh so amazing ! These are some of the things that really make me love this drama.

    • I actually believe that the Dae Ung leaving the dark side was a good plot point.
      There was no love lost between him and me for most of the show. But if DS can benefit from having mercy on the man, then I am all for it. HIs one act of kindness saved a lot of people.
      I think that is good story telling.
      And maybe it is the actor inside the iron fist, but I also teared up at his redemption while I cheered his demise.

  3. Thank you, momosan!

  4. “And seriously, I do love that he is using Chun’s moves and his old sunnier attitude in this fight.”

    And seriously, I do love to see that boy is just so… um… ::cough:: limber. 🙂 I’ve been using the “BRING IT!!” screencap on my work monitor so I can sneak in some extra squeeeeeeeing during the day. 🙂

    This is the episode where my brain nearly exploded during the first 30 minutes. Witnessing the two prior episodes being mostly flashbacks and other filler (with a few transcendent scenes sprinkled in), Episode 27 felt a little rushed to me (not as much as the Finale, but let’s not go there just yet… ). Soooooo much plot exposition!! I am still wondering if the Writers had the ending already set in stone, and then wrote backwards from there. Hmpf.

    Even though the Korean populace is big on the whole “bad guy sees the light” endings in K-dramas, the Dae Ung/In ‘redemption’ really set my teeth grinding. WTF Dongsoo-ah?!? After all that your extended family went through — EVEN JIN JOO — you let the piece of slime live? TWICE?!? Dammit, I would have had him strung up, drawn and quartered a nano-second after you got her and Jin Gi out of danger. And for KENJO to deliver the fatal blow? Oh for lame. Was there a contractual obligation to keep around Lee Yong Woo until the Finale (‘coz I would have had Woonie kick his ass all the way back in the episode (25?) where they were waiting for the Prince Heir to pass through the waystation). Lots of head-scratching moments in this one.

    Best part about this episode was that Seungho-ssi finally sunk his teeth into his character! I felt he was rather timid (for lack of a better word) in his dealings with the HC and Pig in previous eps… except when it came to his precious Cyborg Lady was when we actually saw some emotion. (Although I truly enjoyed watching those eyes act instead. Mmmmm… ) I too was scared for what Woon-ah was planning next, and I must give the Writers some kudos for keeping my nails bitten down to my wrists in anticipation of Episode 28.

    And what do you mean my precious Dong Soo could not evade bullets?!? Remember, he’s BAEK. DONG. SOO. More powerful than a runaway palanquin!! Able to leap tall palaces in a single bound!! 🙂

    Thanks momosan!! Can’t wait until you put up Episode 28’s recap. The spazzing in here will be EPIC!! 🙂

    • ”BAEK. DONG. SOO. More powerful than a runaway palanquin!!”
      Guhh! I love him! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Aaaaaaaaand… Can barely believe it but… IN DIED! No, really this time! *cackle*

      Yeahh… this was a little clusterf%^$ of an episode, it had so much going on, yet… there was some (just a wee bit of) method in the madness, I mean, that scene where Dongsoo looks so disheartened and so worn out, then he takes a moment to gaze at the night sky above and draw inspiration from it. How lovely was the metaphor; the bright, luminous moon, enshrouded in darkness — and stuff.
      In that vein, I guess Dongsoo was pretty saintly in believing no one is beyond redemption. Not even In. But then… the cliffhanger suggests there may be some who ARE beyond it. One can only be so lenient. (I agree with @aoiaheen — Cho-rib's: ''Woonah… You….? Ohh.. Shooting stars!'' = Golden!)
      Still, Gwangtaekie had a fun mean streak, he would never have allowed In to go without chopping off another limb. Atleast another finger. You disappoint me, Dongsooyah.

  5. Smoking!
    Hmmm…seems like the Queen has the hots for YW. Doesn’t she know the unbreakable bond between DS & YW, or does she? ( Maybe YSH is so charming & adorable I’m getting confused!)
    I really enjoyed the part where DS was teasingingly urging those men with a come on. come & get me.
    It was strange that Kenjo did not attack DS… maybe because Samo was with DS & most of Hong’s men are gone…dead, injured or ran off.
    DS power of mercy on DU paid off…he paid DS with more information & praised him as better than the SS. DS made his end decent.
    Thank you! I really like your recap.

  6. The way DS braced himself infront of the gun men was touching & impressive. The pose is honorable. Facing death with dignity. While YW was thinking: DS what are you doing….wanna die? I wanted YW to do something! Grab Hong to save DS! Yay! thanks to JJ’s arrows!

  7. Ok, NOW I feel like a pervert 😉 Was I the only one that saw the Queen giving the googlie eye to Woon during the Noron’s meeting? If no one did, I need to go to my corner and repent…

    This will be the episode I’ll remember as “The One Where Daeg Ung Made me Cry”. I know, I know…

    For a moment there, when Dong Soo was in front of the gun men, I thought he was going to turn into Neo and dodge the bullets Matrix style, or do some Jedi stuff, because he is clearly turning into one.

    • Hunh. When did my screen name get all corrupted? Or my evil twin “cherkellrkell” got ahold of my laptop and went nuts. 🙂

      @Linda165, I haven’t stopped giggling at Queenie’s ahjumma crushing. I guess we’ll all be sitting on a bench in your corner discussing that scene…

      @supah, I still get goosebumps over the Dong Soo staring-at-the-moon scene. That was sooo beautifully filmed, it absolutely took my breath away. But instead of thinking he was trying to draw inspiration from the Moon, I figured he was summoning up some words of wisdom from the Sword Saint: “Help me, Obi-Wan Gwang Taek… you’re my only hope!!” ::snort::

      • I giggle too when I think of the queen and her crush. But who can blame her? And YW knew perfectly what her reaction would be, to just one look at him.

        I noticed that DS stares at the moon whenever he’s upset. Way back in ep 7 (or maybe 8, not sure which one) when he gets caught on suspicion of being the thief. In jail he was staring at the moon too.

    • ehem…glad I’m not the only who noticed that (my comment above). If its not meant to be…it must be the irrisistable charm of YSH. He sparks with anyone. The queen made a move on DS too but rejected…she just can’t take rejection. YW manipulates the situation (with the queen) to his advantage to benefit him & his friends.

  8. Thanks for the recap!
    Why Unah? Why stab Cho Rip?
    I do belive Unah is good. I do. I do. I do belive Unah is good. I do. I do.

    So much moving around the town and scheming.
    You go there and I’ll go here and run and meet and wth? I just sit back and watch the pretty during these scenes.
    There was one Japanese mercenary whose pants freaked my eyes out, Anyone see him? Some of those outfits belonged on the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test bus.

    As far as: The Queen and the Assassin – It has been weeks now. Didn’t anyone write it yet?
    If anyone is taking ideas, I am ok with the fanfic ending with the Assassin killing the Queen, but making it look like natural causes.

    TWO MORE to GO!

  9. A true bromance. The Woon character did not have the variety in many episodes that Dong Soo did but later on he could easily have been the main character because he took action to make things happen and to change outcomes throughout the drama. Baek Dong Soo often needed everyone else to plan and direct his moves and seemed oblivious to the ways that Woon was helping the core group of friends. Cho Rip- what a disappointment and he actually gets a girl as a reward. I really dont understand Josan romance- you stake out a woman and then leave her for years, come back and continue the coy looks but never get the job done? Is everyone waiting to be on death’s door (like Sa Mo) before they get married and raide some rug rats?

  10. I was actually very sad when Dae Woong died–I hated him up until he changed, and I honestly was very sad that he died–when he was good. His speech at the end was great, and I even felt bad during the Pressure Point episode–and at the end when he finally changed, it wasn’t a “just out of nowhere” change–he noticed the difference between Dong Soo and Hong Dae Ju–the difference being “If you can’t kill him, you should be killed” vs. Dong Su and his “I won’t kill you, unless you’re a nameless assassin/character/person that’s not relevant to the plot” ways.


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