Quiz: Guess the headers (and win a prize)

If you notice… WE HAVE NEW HEADERS!

Yes, someone has been very busy the last few days making headers instead of writing recaps. (Go ahead and bonk her head when you’re done reading this.) All for a good reason, of course. To test how well you know your dramas and movies, and to give you an opportunity to talk about the ones that you recognize.

There are 50 headers in all: 25 k-dramas and 25 k-movies. How many of them are familiar to you? If you can guess the titles of at least 45, you stand a good chance of winning a gift from Thundie’s Prattle. To make this quiz a little easier, I’ve named a few of the headers. It’s now your turn to name the rest! Just keep clicking on the header to refresh it.

Once you’re sure you have the correct answers, send them to me.

The contest will close in two weeks (October 6) or when someone correctly identifies all 50 headers. Happy guessing!


33 thoughts on “Quiz: Guess the headers (and win a prize)

  1. If you want to know names of headers from this page:
    Here you are:D

    Headers by Mings:
    1.My Dear Enemy
    2.Evasive Inquiry Agency
    3.Kang Dong-won photoshoot
    4.Lee Min-ki photoshoot
    5.Kang Dong-won photoshoot
    6.Kim Myung-min photoshoot
    7. Kim Myung Min
    8.Ryu Seung-beom photoshoot
    10. Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow
    11. Chun Jung-myung photoshoot
    12.My Dear Enemy
    13.So Ji Sub, Shin Min Ah, Tiger JK, and Jung Woo Sung for Giordano
    14. Ha Jung-woo photoshoot
    15.Shin Min-ah photoshoot
    16.My Dear Enemy
    17. Shin Min-ah and So Ji-sub for Giordano
    18.Ha Jung- Woo photoshoot
    19. Damo
    20.Bittersweet life
    21. The Greatest love
    22.23. Gong Hyo-jin
    24. New Gisaeng Story
    25. Gong Hyo-Jin photoshoot
    26.Sung Hoon photoshoot
    27.So Ji-sub photoshoot
    28.Beastie Boys / The Moonlight of Seoul
    30.Kang Ji-Hwan photoshoot or Coffee House
    29 .31. Yoon Kye-sang
    32. Yoo Seung- ho photoshoot or Flames of Ambition
    33. Eric Mun photoshoot
    34.Jeon Do-yeon Photoshoot
    35-37 Warrior Baek Dong Soo

    1. Can you hear my heart
    2. Heartstrings
    3. I’m Sorry, I Love You
    4. City Hunter
    5. City Hunter
    6. Return of Iljimae
    7. City hunter
    8.9. – Lee Min-ho
    10. City Hunter
    11.-12. – Protect the boss

    1. Can you hear my heart
    2. Im Ju- hwan photoshoot
    3. Warrior Baek Dong Soo

    1. Duelist
    2. Can you hear my heart
    3. Kim Jae-won (photoshoot or Can you hear my heart)
    4. Lee Min-ho
    5. City hunter

    1. The Duo

    1.2.4.- City Hunter
    3. Heartstrings

    1. Damo
    2. Im Soo-jung and Lee Min-jung photoshoot
    3. What happened on Bali

    I’m total addict-_-“

    • Thank you for taking the time to list all the previous headers, KaΕ›! I don’t have a single artistic bone in me, but TP readers have been very sweet and generous and have given me really awesome headers. πŸ˜€

  2. Keke, I got all 25 of the movies, but only 23 of the dramas. I could take a guess at the remaining two, but I’m not positive. I’ll wait to post my answers to give others a chance to play. I love quizzes! Give us more, more, more, Thundie!

    • No ma’am, some of them are pretty tough plus you have to refresh many many MANY times to get them all which I still don’t think I did.

      I just watch way too many movies and dramas apparently. Of the movies I think I had seen all of them except maybe 2 and of the dramas all except maybe 4 or 5.

  3. I don’t know what I was thinking attempting this – I should have known better. I only got 3 dramas and 2 movies right so far after 30 clicks. For the rest of them, each time I clicked, I was thinking – “what? They made a drama together?” “What’s bae yong joon doing wearing a hanbok?” “Whoa that’s a scary looking header”- “hey that hand in the rain scene didnt originate with yffm after all”-“maybe this wasnt supposed to be included in here cuz that doesnt look like korea”- “this is too hard, I give up.” And in that main pic, is he the grapevine drama guy who played the prince in WBDS-why is he dressed like that? Is he homeless? Too many questions – this is the hardest quiz ever – I can’t even name the actors much less the title πŸ™‚

    • Ooh, that is darling Oh Man-seok aka Manzzang. Yes, he’s a prince in still-airing Warrior Baek Dong-soo, but back in 2006 he played a monk in Shin Don.

      Keep guessing, Softy! πŸ˜€

  4. I’m so so so soooo happy that you included that shot of Bae Yong Joon. Love love love.

    As for the contest, I’m not gonna try. Blue & Krystal upped the bar too high to even attempt…

      • Thanks for the encouragement, but the headers made me realize I still have A LOT of catching up to do. I only got about 20, without help from Dramawiki or Hancinema. BTW you’re way into LMK. I don’t think I’ve seen a single thing with him in it, can you believe? Must put on “To Watch” list. πŸ™‚

        • While making the headers, I felt my heart physically ache for many of the dramas and movies. How I wish I have more time to rewatch and write about them! Of the 50, I’ve seen all except for three. Love most of them, too.

  5. Well, using the rule that I couldn’t look a title up (just to see how many brain cells were still working) I got 35 of the 50. I knew I knew a couple more, but couldn’t place the name. OTOH, one of my completely irrational movie loves is the cartoon header of the 4 guys (not telling in case someone else doesn’t know it) and I wanna know where you got the cartoon – because that is just priceless.

    • I love that movie, too! It’s so funny and one of my favorite Jang Jin movies.
      Thundie wrote the title in the bottom left corner, so I think it’s okay to state the name.

        • Thank you, thundie! This was such a creative and fun quiz!
          I knew a majority of the headers, but definitely not all. I was just stabbing in the dark for a few, but it was fun to see old faves (now I must go on a rewatch frenzy!) and some new ones that make me curious.

      • Oh my! Right clicky and saving!! Thank you so much. 😎 I love that movie so much it’s ridiculous. 😎 – completely irrational fangirl reaction to the whole silly thing. Thank you thank you!! Geez, I was so excited I almost couldn’t remember how to enter my name!

        • Keke, that movie is one of my favorites as well. I think I watched it after Ruler of Your Own World and was so surprised to see a very different Gong Hyo-jin. Jeong Jae-yeong was one of my big crushes at one stage.

  6. Hi everyone,

    The fastest way to get the header to refresh is to click on the header itself. When I do that, 9 out of 10 times a new header will pop up and pretty quickly too. Rotating headers are awesome. Thank you, WordPress! πŸ˜†

    • No, it’s not working for me…. I for once clicked the banner 10 times, and all I got is Shindon.
      I click most of your links, and post — and realized that there are many posts I never read! πŸ˜›

      Interesting quiz, thundie. I tried to guess — I think I know at least half of them, and then I read someone can guess 47, and gave up. hahaha. my internet connection is not that good. And I’m just to lazy to wiki / google the others.
      Good luck for everyone else!

      • I think it’s a special sign for you, djeedjes. You need to watch Shin Don! πŸ˜†

        But seriously, the headers should be rotating. Clicking on the header will take you back to the main page (“Home”). It’s the same as refreshing the page. A new header should pop up each time. I just tried clicking about 20 times and got about 15-16 different headers; the rest were repeats.

        • what happens is that in some browsers, it’ll load the page from your cache instead of from the web. If the page hasn’t been changed, then it doesn’t bother to go fetch it. So, if I hit refresh or back, I won’t get a new header unless the page has changed. OTOH, if I clear my cache (in Firefox Mac, it’s Firefox, Preferences, Advanced, Network, CLEAR NOW) then I will get a new header. Clear as mud?

  7. I feel really dumb asking this but where are the new headers…the headers link above only has the old ones…or are those the ones we are supposed to identify?

    • Hi K, the new headers are the large horizontal banners at the top of the page. They are rotating headers so you should see different ones each time you visit the blog or open a new page or post.

  8. Ooh, this looks like fun!! I’m definitely going to give it a try – I’ve watched an absurd amount of movies and dramas. πŸ˜‰

  9. WE HAVE A WINNER, WOOT!! Someone who identified all 25 dramas and 25 movies correctly!

    That means the contest is officially over. I’ll post the results soon. πŸ˜‰

    Thank you, everyone!

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