Mackerel Run giveaway results

Who’s the best person to judge an Lee Min-ho drama giveaway? A dear friend and fellow blogger who breathes the same air as he does and who has seen him up close. (Read all about the LMH encounter and other celebrity sightings here.)

About three weeks ago, I asked interested TP readers to write about Lee Min-ho. My guest judge would then pick two winning entries. Well, Softy has selected the winners!

Congratulations, jmmangoes and abby!

You will each receive a copy of Mackerel Run, Lee Min-ho’s first lead role. He shines in this sweet coming-of-age drama and I’m pretty confident you’ll love it and also love his Cha Gong-chan character. Thundie’s Prattle will be emailing you very soon.

Thank you for judging the contest, Softy! How we envy you for living in Seoul and frequently bumping into our favorite stars! And thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. Softy and I really enjoyed reading your submissions.

Okay, without further ado, here are the two winning entries.


Months and years passed,
Felt like there was no meaning,
No passion for life,
Emotions never expressed,
Fires never so hot,
Ice never so cold,
Winds that never blew,
Suns that never shone
A life without any reason.

Until there came a cool breeze,
Achange of seasons,
A twist of time,
A new meaning,
An undescribable feeling
That surged through our veins.
That was when we came to knew
Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo
And everything changed.

Then one day that flower boy
Bloomed into something elese.
As Jeon Jin Ho
You taught us to trust people all over again.
You brought us smiles, laughters and even tears.
You showed us how to forgive
You showed us that the beauty of life
Is that it always makes up for its bitterness.

And just when we thought that
The world isn’t fair and is full of corruption
You came as the City Hunter
And we felt the adrenaline rush in our veins
We came to believe in the power of law
Your hopes became our hopes
Your smiles became our smiles,
Your tears became our tears,
Your fears became our fears,
But most of all…
Your passion became our passion.

To sum it all up,
No matter what race or religion,
No matter what age or gender,
No matter what where we are
Or what we speak.
Lee Min Ho breaks all those barriers that divide us
And Unites us all by
Making us empathize with his characters and
Inspiring to believe and love life all over again.


Lee Min Ho,
A far away star I want to reach
The soulful melody lying in my heart
The light that shimmers in the dark
An overflowing feeling that never ends at start

The smile that cost my billion happy tears
The looks that melts my heart serene
The name that flutters the soul within
And the gaze that spare the million girls that had seen

In a wishful thinking I might have forget, that you were just my dream
You felt so real that all my anxieties subside
You served as my inspiration when the calling of lessons arrived
Because of you I set my goals, And I know someday In a meters away
You’ll smile at me formally


6 thoughts on “Mackerel Run giveaway results

  1. Congratzzz!!! to the winners… if I had half the talent in writing as them I would have joined…but sadly I’m not huhu… so congratzz again… ^_^

    Look LMHot said you did great!!!

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