More room to gush

More rooms, to be precise.

Because this blog is all about abetting your kdrama addiction, I’ve added five new pages where you can rave about your favorite actors all day (and night).

See that menu bar at the top of your screen? Point your cursor to K-actors and the following will magically appear!

Titans on our screen

Tigresses on our screen

Because he rocks

Because she rules

The young’uns

Have fun exploring and comment away! I only ask that you avoid posting spoilers (if you must, please warn us first!) and dissing actors who aren’t in your favor. If you are raring for a fight, the K-Quarrel post is where you can slug it out (in jest, of course)!

And oh, before I forget…

We have our own domain now:

Just a change of URL; everything else (including the snail pace at which thundie writes) remains the same!


20 thoughts on “More room to gush

  1. yeah!!! thanks a lot for the new space! XD
    And congrats to your own domain!!! You truely made it into a celebrity level in the world wide web!!! There should be an interview of you soon… ^.~

  2. Wow! Thundie more room… yes!!! thanks a lot and congratz! on your new domain… schwertkrabbe is right there should be an interview of you soon…^_^

  3. Indeed I am so grateful to you for this nice blog and all the space for our thoughts . Congratulations for your new name .

  4. Wow, everyone is upgrading to their own domains now. Congrats!
    You must be watching Protect the Boss and loving it like the rest of us judging by that screencap.

  5. I’m an idiot, so please HELP me figure out how to post pictures and videos in my posts here … I really DON’T GET IT.

    • Hi leonardswench, if you copy and paste the URL of the Youtube clip, WordPress should embed it automatically. If it doesn’t, I’ll do it for you.

      As for pics, after you’ve uploaded them to Photobucket, copy and paste the 3rd URL below the pic (the one with the words “HTML Code”). If it doesn’t work, no worries, I’ll embed them for you as well. Thanks for sharing!

      • Thank you, thundie! I have some things I’d love to share on your new threads …… and now I hope I know how to!!

  6. HAHA! The top screencap is ridiculous. Love the spacey feel, but it doesn’t make sense. What are those files doing at the top of the shelves where no human can easily reach, and scattered loosely all around at that?

  7. Hi Thundie! You are awesome. Discovering your blog is the best thing that has happened to me since I started watching K drama seriously 6 years ago. No, that’s not true. That’s an understatement.

    Remember, I found comfort that I am not the only one who discovered my love for Lee Min Ho so late in life ( hey! LMH only started acting in 2006 ).City Hunter did it and you confirmed it.

    Just WHO are you? How can a mortal hold down a totally unrelated full time job and yet dish out comments on K dramas like she is brushing her teeth? Like on auto pilot. Only you can present drama facts hilariously with a straight face.

  8. I love all these threads Thundie, especially the Titans & Tigresses, because I feel the older actors/actresses don’t get enough love. I secretly hope for a “But I watched it anyways” sort of thread, for all the shows we’ve slogged through because of an actor or premise….and now need some brain bleach for, hahaha. I’d like see what everyone wants their precious hours back from~

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