OTP of the year

Wait, don’t roll your eyes yet. I know it’s premature to go out on a limb so soon, given that we are still in June and I’m woefully behind on not just the May dramas but most of the ones that came before.

But this post is not about how many One True Pairings I’ve seen in 2011 but about the one that’s wormed its way into my heart. The OTP that I love the most this year.


Yes, Can You Hear My Heart is not only my drama of the year (for now), it gives me an OTP for the ages: Cha Dong-joo and Bong Woo-ri.

Theirs is a love so pure, so strong, I get teary just looking at the hundreds of many screen captures that I’ve taken of them. I’m moved just by their stills, so imagine how I feel when they’re alive before my eyes on the screen, episode after unforgettable episode.

To be frank, I rarely become enamored of the couples in my kdramas. Even for the ones that I feel warmly toward, I’ve always liked one-half of the couple more (usually the guy, oops). And once the drama is over, I move on; I don’t pine for the OTP. But CYHMH is different. Just the thought that there are only four episodes left (excluding this weekend’s) makes me feel blue. I am going to miss our sweet couple so much.

I’m going to miss the quizzical way he studies her face, as if he’s looking deep into her soul. Reading her eyes and lips intently, his own expression a mirror of her affection.

I’m going to miss how her whole face lights up when she sees him. I will miss their banter, and the cute catchphrases that they’ve made up between themselves. “The person who likes Cha Dong-joo.” “The person who likes Batman.”

I will miss how happy they are in each other’s company, no matter the tempest raging around them. Unlike many a kdrama romantic pairing with their attendant ebbs and flows and myriad misunderstandings, our CHYMH couple’s relationship is rock-solid. There’s never any doubt that they are loved by the other, and loved deeply.

I love that on a public stage where the media’s cameras are aimed at him as he’s about to make a most startling confession, her face is the one that he seeks for confirmation that he’s doing the right thing, foolish though it may seem to the mother who has raised him and done everything to protect him from such a moment.

I love that she’s smiling through her tears as she acknowledges his bravery. As she signs “you’re a fool,” her love and support for him shine so brightly in a room that moments ago was lit by nothing but confusion. I love that he remembers everything that she tells him, and it’s her words that he repeats to give him the strength that he needs. I love that they are always there for each other.

I love that Woo-ri initiates hugs and kisses. I love that Dong-joo gives great hugs and kisses, too. I love that they can be playful and also quiet with each other, comfortable in the other’s presence without the need for words and constant reassurance.

I love how gentle they are with each other. And how very gentle he is with her dad and grandma.

I love that the dad and grandma love him back, as best as they know how, with a compassion that transcends the knowledge that his family is responsible for wrecking their lives sixteen years ago.

There’s so much more that I can say about why I adore Dong-joo and Woo-ri, but I think the following videos will do a much better job.





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33 thoughts on “OTP of the year

  1. awwwww – I had to pause translating just to read this – makes me feel so sad we dont get to see them after two more weeks – what will we do without these two? They will always remain the ideal OTP for me cuz as individuals they were really good ppl – but together, their unity is their strength. You just know their future is rock solid – which most OTP’s cant guarantee as convincingly. What they do for each other every day – every word of encouragement should be a testament for all the other love stories to emulate and aspire to achieve. Thanks Thundie for sharing your love of D and W with us 🙂

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  3. thanks for the beautiful write-up. I like the fact too that Woori initiates hugs and kisses too. She’s quite different from other kdrama heroines i’ve seen. I hope kdramas in the future will allow heroine to take the initiatives from time to time. It’s quite cute and lovely i think =) and much more romantic *^_^*

  4. Ah these two are sooo sweet together. Not watching the videos yet because I’m a huge spoilerphobe and I’m only on ep. 16, but I will definitely be back!

    I love the soundtrack. The instrumental pieces are like old-world movie tracks, and perfectly suit the innocence of the two main characters. The brightness of their love, if that makes sense.

    Thanks for the lovely post 🙂

  5. Eeeeep! Yes, Yes,Yes .They are my (100%) OTP of the year, cuz I rarely have one, hehe.

    Gotta hand it to writer Moon (she will become my no.1 K-scriptwriter, if the show ends well), and the PD.
    Together they’d created such a unique couple. Cha Dong Joo with his hearing impaired, is such a gentle soul yet not stupid, quiet but clever. He understands human nature so well, may be when you cannot hear, you see more. His love for WR is subtly solid, he kept his jealousy (if any) in tact, lashed out in a reasonable way and cute. I love how he gives WR spaces to lead her normal life without trying to change her to fit his world. Even if there is obstacle in the future, I believe Dong Joo will know how to guide WR well, to have her by his side.

    As for Wu Ri, I appreciate her kindness towards the elders and the disabilities as a whole, her strong judgment, her righteousness. Her love for Dong Joo, I believe part of it comes from his hearing (and her mom), how she always hugs him tight, kisses him when he’s feeling down.That kind of things is needed (in real life) for the disabilities; their feeling of insecure, not belong in the society, she warms his heart and gives him strength to stand strong. Yes, two more weeks to say good bye to this gem, but thanks to you for this post, for now I know I can always come back here and bring back good memories whenever I miss them. I’m so glad that you’ve come love this drama as much as we do…….

    And I didn’t say this before, but I remember you from SKKS day, didn’t get a chance to join you then, but it’s never too late, isn’t it?…..nice to meet you (again). ^_^

  6. I’ve been a silent lurker for a while, but i had to delurk to thank you for this one. Without your review I would’nt have watched. Same goes for Jejungwon. After reading I watched 22 episodes in a row. The OTP is one of my all time favorite, alongside such ones as Kang Tae Joo / Han Eun Soo in Que Sera, Sera or Lee Dong Jin / Yoo Eun Ho in Alone in Love.
    What i like the most is when she calls his name with a slight lisp : “Dsa Dong-dzoo”, it’s too cute.

    Thank you for feeding our addictions.

  7. OTP of the year? I can’t think of a better OTP in the last decade!!

    I usually stick to short, light-hearted dramas, but I feel like I could watch those two for an eternity.

    On top of their chemistry, I love the strength of their relationship and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so strongly that I was actually watching two people fall in love. Usually love in kdramas is a mysterious result of coincidences and forced skinship, but with this OTP it’s impossible to imagine them not falling in love with each other.

    I also like that this drama is not about how they finally get together, but how they help each other and grow together as a couple. It feels like such a sincere and trusting relationship that I often find myself tearing up at the happiest of moments. Why are there no other kdrama OTPs like this??

    I hope they stay strong until the end and don’t suddenly give into exterior conflict during the last few episodes because so far their faith in each other has been overwhelmingly heartwarming and refreshing. I’m actually forcing myself to wait until episode 30 airs to watch the last six episodes because I don’t think my heart can take seeing them anything but happy and adorable together (the possibility of them getting angsty and having to wait a week to see them reconcile is too scary!).

    Before I picked this drama up I was watching (and loving) 5 of the May dramas (GL, BFB, LTM, CH, RT) but CYHMH has put them to shame with its excellence and made it almost seem like work to watch them. CYHMH manages to feel new and fresh while still seeming real, and I can’t remember the last time a drama made me feel so warm and fuzzy.

    Thanks to everyone here for spreading CYHMH awareness. I feel like we need to start a non-profit organization or something!

    • I loved everything you said about this drama. It’s also a surprise to see that Thundie is a fan too. Yay! I’m such a huge fan of this OTP. I for one can’t think of a more “pure” OTP than this couple. Their ability to grow, care, and love for each other is so touching and refreshing to watch. It’s such an old school type of romance that is also deeply rooted in friendship. For me, that’s incredibly refreshing to watch given all the zippy plot lines writers try to create in establishing the OTP. CYHMH is a wonderfully old fashioned romance and is now in the top gunning to be my favorite of the year. I cannot wait for the happy ending that awaits these two.

  8. I’m on episode 23 now, heart all shattered for the two brothers. I really hope that there is more to Joon-ha’s dark turn, since Nam Gong Min’s eyes deliver so much meanings. He’s my discovery of the year.

    I love everything about this couple. I love the way they treat each other so casually, kiss and hug and all that jazz just like two little kids. Everytime they speak to each other, he always comes thisclose to study her lips. I swear I am always so distracted all I could think of is “Kissssssssss now, damnit!” And Dong Joo has some seriously great pick-up lines, such as “do you like me that much?” I would hide no shame and say YES xxxtimes [in fangirl mode]

  9. tears started welling up in my eyes as i read this blog! i gotta hand it to u thundie!!! u have a way with words! i can’t imagine how my life will be like after the drama ends 😦
    i’m going to miss the WooCha couple dearly!!</3

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  11. Cha Dong joo, Bong Woo ri fighting! Love them both. I agree they are one of my all time favorite couples. Also every time I hear the opening song to this show I want to cry. I so don’t want this show to end, but I know all good things must come to an end.

  12. Because of Cha Dong Joo and Bong Woo Ri, i’ve learned to appreciate the hardships of loving and sharing my heart, yet through all these hardships LOVE prevails…They are the best OTP!They are one of the reasons why I always sleep with a warm heart and a happy soul!Sad to think that there will be 4 episodes left for everybody to watch..but their gentleness will always linger in the heart…

  13. thundie, you make me eager to watch CYHMH. I’m such a sucker for this kinda relationship between OTP. An OTP that can give me a warm feeling, feel giddy and always make me smile the whole time watching them together. Interesting enough, I love HJE OTP previous drama,too… So… If I will come to love this OTP more… <3…

    THX THUNDIE, I will never forget your fantastic review and thanks to you if I love this drama the way you do.

  14. I absolutely love this OTP, and watching them makes my week every week.

    The only problem, though is the total lack of doubt at any point, from either of them.
    They met as children, and for all those years continued an unshakeable devotion to each other.
    They re-met years later devotion intact.
    Except for some plot-induced bumps in the road, once they reconnected there were never any real obstacles, unless you count the crazy mom-in-law and her threats. Those don’t count. I mean the internal obstacles we plant and nurture and then, have to face, deciding to let them stay or with effort, force them away.
    What if for an episode or two, we saw a BWR who didn’t have a pure pure heart and couldn’t date someone who is hearing impaired? Shouldn’t we have shown that she actually made a decision to love him rather than, “Oh well, mom was also hearing imparied so you are perfect for me.”
    For some reason, I allow CDJ’s devotion from the git-go because BWR was the only girl who knew him at both stages of his life. Still, I would have liked to see him make a choice for her, too. His oma’s ultimatum aside, he just seems fated to love her. I think that is too easy. We are shown that he is in conflict with BMR, but not with himself.

    These are my thoughts. I will miss this show when it is over.

  15. Ms. Thundie, now that you’ve pointed it out, my all-time favorite OTP before DJ and WR was the Hyun Soo and Jung In from Smile, You. Isn’t this the same writer? Wow, writer-nim has a gift. I wonder if they get sent to OTP boot camp before filming the drama.

    The drama still hasn’t ended but I think DJ and WR already won me over because the drama itself is solid (Smile, You had some wonky bits) and the story is unbelievably beautiful. Thank you for showing the rest of the world what they’re missing out on.

  16. I totally love this show. I love the relationship they have and the relationship they had. I love how Dong Joo faces his evils straight in his face, especially as long as Woori is with him. I love how not possessive he is in the ways he send Woori to Joon Ha and his non-jealous vibes even though he knows Joon Ha’s visiting the Bong household. This OTP is sane, normal and totally adorable

  17. You know what, thundie? Everytime I look at their picture together (your rotating headers especially), my heart gives this strange reaction that I can’t describe. My mind keeps playing all of their silent scenes together. While I was marathoning 26 episodes back to back, I have to admit, I sometimes skipped few scenes (especially Shin Ae’s scene, which I think even if her character doesn’t exist, it won’t ruin the plot. She exists solely to annoy us.)

    I’m not addicted to it like I am with Best Love. But this show, just keeps pulling me to it. Keeps me wanting to appreciate what they offer us, with their love being so pure and full of trust like no other. And reading back all your CYHMH related posts, makes me fall deeper into their relationship. (read awhile back before watching the show, and re-read after watching the show, gives you different feelings)

    Thank you for your first CYHMH post, I knew its existence because softy transcap it and recommend it to me, and decided to watch it after reading your insight post. I’m glad I’m on board while everyone still here (though I think it’s too late, ending this weekend. Argh!)

  18. just said g/bye to cyhmh. watch the final epi 3 times already and still my tears kept flowing. just love this drama, the best so far for this yr although the yr is not yet done. love bong marro’s appa ( sorry forgot his real name) but hate him really ,really hate him in Giant. his probabably gonna get best actor award again.Kim jae won what can I say , you pick the best drama after coming out from MS. you acting skills has realy mature. ur the very first k-actor that I like, after watching u in 100 days of arrogant ‘coz ur so cute n g/looking. nam goong min first time I’ve watched u in kdrama, u really wow me w/ ur acting too. g/luck to all this ppl n hope to see them in another drama, especially my beloved Kim Jae Won.

  19. Thanks for the wonderful videos, article and thoughts!!

    i loved this OTP; even though i shouldnt. I resisted watching this drama for ages just because I thought it will be cliche, boring and plain old-melancholic romance!! Boy was I wrong..

    I just fell in love with Cha Dong joo and Bong Woo ri!! 🙂 Their interactions, glances, actions, everything, tha tha, is amazing!!

    But the thing that i realized the most about this drama is Thanking God for the blessing of being able to hear. This drama was an eye-opener and the least it taught me was to be grateful to be able to hear. 🙂

    Thanks for your comments and May you be blessed!!

    • just done with watching… and i just can’t move on.
      This is really the OTP who beats all the OTPs ever
      i reread this post and is amazing… you say it all
      you know what i love? they never quarreled, they never had a misunderstanding, they never need to explain things to each other cause they already know, they complete each other, they’re suportive and caring and loving and playful and perfect for each other
      just thinking about them got me crying all day long (so silly and incovenient for me, cause i’m with red nose and red eyes). i don’t know if i cry cause ive already miss them so much, cause their love was so beautiful it hurts, cause their love moved me like no other. cause the way they look at each other eyes shines with LOVE (they make me think they’re really in love)
      i think i’m going to rewatch all their scenes (i replayed all their scenes while wacthing the drama, some of them many times) cause i can’t see another drama right now… all i can think is Dong Joo and Woo ri…

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