Best Love: Episode 16

Pre-recap thoughts

Softy here. While we are waiting, I wanted to ask everyone to share their favorite moments or what they loved the most about Best Love.

I’ll start. Yoon Kye-sang (aka Pil-joo). The first time he gave Ae-jung the rose and not to that girl from Coffee House (Park Shi-yeon), I just thought YKS with all that makeup looked so amazing in the light. Made me realize just how much I missed him since Who Are You? Those few minutes of Road No. 1 doesn’t count; could not stand watching him scowl so much. But here—like that market place scene yesterday—oh man, what a dream. If I ever saw an oriental medicine doctor that good looking, I would sprain my own ankle and go get it treated by him every day. Okay, maybe not because I hate pain but still, I would find some ailment that would need treatments. Another favorite was when Jae-suk got drunk and manhandled Jin. Could play that over and over; hands down so hilarious it will crack me up every time.

What I loved about BL is how this drama started off uneasy for me, but by the end of the first episode I was hooked. I knew right then and there I was going to like this; just didn’t know then that I would love it to death. Then each time J said and or did something so sweet like cupping his hand where her cheek was through the glass, it got me. My knees went weak and would have buckled had I not been sitting already. My all-time favorite scene would have to be a tie between their picnic or the stairwell scene when J just stares at the burn on her arm. Man, I have no idea why but I still bawl over that. The love he has for AJ in that scene, how he didn’t express it with words but action… OMG, nothing can beat that.

There was a movie I used to love a long time ago but I forgot their names. In it a poor guy spends his first year college tuition to buy the girl he loves a pair of real diamond earrings. She is from the poor side too but has the looks to hang out with the popular crowd of rich girls. She has low self esteem so she has to always borrow her friend’s nice things. The reason why he gave her those real diamonds was to show her that she was someone with worth, someone who deserved to have her own earrings and not have to borrow. She explained: “I’d rather be with someone for the wrong reasons then alone for the right.” But his love showed her that she didn’t need to sacrifice who she was for who she wanted people to think she was. It sort of applies her with AJ.

It took a love like J’s to make AJ realize she always deserved something this great but she fought him for so long because of the damage it would cause to his career and he hesitated only when he realized the harm his declaration would have on her. Tonight we get to see just how much fallout AJ has to face, but watching that trailer and seeing her hug J and saying she won’t let him go now… Man, that was so satisfying. It will be interesting to see just how much a car accident can change everything around for the public to not hate her for being lucky enough to snag a top celebrity like J.

Thundie said I spent over 160 hours on BL and that’s true, but what she left out because she has no idea is that it also meant during that time, I consumed like over 40 juice packs, enough popsicles to build a giant mansion with, cookies galore, and other snacks because translating into the wee hours makes a girl hungry. So add about 5 million calories to that and my fluctuating weight is very grateful there is one less show to add on the pounds. On top of that, I may have to go get my eyes checked for some glasses soon. Staring at size 5 font for hours on end is not recommended. Despite all the raw carrots I consumed like a rabbit, my vision is still blurry when I wake up these days.

Despite all that, I would translate this show again in a heartbeat. Why? Because blogging with Thundie is the most fun a girl can have – she gives you support before you even knew you needed it. Every word of encouragement from her has enriched this experience. I never thought we could top our SKKS days, but she proved me wrong. Thank you, Thundie, for making me feel so at home here. We must do this again when another great one comes along. (Yes, definitely! Just promise me that you’ll take a looooong and well-deserved break first. –thundie) Just give me some time to lose the weight first. 🙂

There were some dramas I thought would never end, some where I prayed fervently for my TV to break down so I would have a legit reason to post that technical difficulties would not allow me to post recaps. That one was for Midas; it was sheer torture from minute one and made me realize what slow death meant; just hearing the name still makes me grimace. Thankfully, for the most part, dramas don’t end for me. In my head the characters I have come to love live on and have happy lives.

Some dramas make the above easier to envision when they show a marriage and children running around like Secret Garden or Smile You. Others like Mary Stayed Out All Night, I can’t imagine them having it easy with the parents that they have to deal with. The hardest to picture is how the Sungkyunkwan Scandal clan would have ended up because I am not too familiar with sageuk life. But I’m sure of one thing, if Sun-joon and Yoon-hee had a daughter, I bet anything SJ was the one who made sure his daughter was educated and smart just like her mom. That is what I think will happen here too. If AJ and J have a kid, I am not sure how in favor AJ will be to let their child be part of the entertainment world. Something tells me AJ would try to convince the kid to go into a normal occupation.

There was no question of a happy ending for these two for me; my biggest concern is for my dear PJ. My hands are shaking because I am so nervous. What kind of ending will the Hong Sisters give my favorite second lead of all time (who is right up there with SKKS’s Moon Jae-shin)?

Please, drama gods, I am begging you. Please let PJ be SR-free by the end of the episode; let her China plans fall through. Just let him study in peace or find some other great girl over there. I promise to eat some of my vegetables once in a while, promise to be nice and be less selfish. I’m not sure who I am pleading to right now but it sort of sounds like something I said to Santa when I was a kid, but anyway I only have minutes left before the show airs so here is the rest of my prayer: please, please don’t give SR a happy ending with PJ because I really don’t want to end up cursing on the last episode. 🙂

Best Love Finale (live)

Starts from when J declares that AJ is his ideal and the woman he loves. He is asked if they are dating and in love. J confirms it saying they are dating and love each other. The lady asks if J is AJ’s boyfriend. AJ cries and says, “Yes, that man is my boyfriend.”

PJ looks sad but manages a brave smile. Jenny says J is really cool. SR looks at PJ and gloats. AJ’s dad asks where AJ is now. AH says at the potato place.

J is asked if AJ knew J would say this and J replies she doesn’t know and will be surprised now. Moon looks upset and turns off the TV. She asks if H knew ahead of time. He says sorry. Moon sighs and says there will be a lot of trouble again. Calls come in so H asks what to say. Moon says to say that it hasn’t been long since they dated and let’s watch them have a beautiful love.

J is asked what he likes about GAJ, how she was able to grab his heart. J: “First, she is pretty. Like visual singer, (everything about *) her is pretty.” AJ laughs. (*can’t hear but it might have been “body is pretty”)

J: “Like I’m under a spell, I’ve fallen in. Even if this is the last, it’s enough for me to think it’s the happiest. It’s really the best. GAJ, you’re the best love of my life. GAJ, I love you.” AJ cries watching that.

J is waiting with the ring in his hand and bow around his neck. She comes in and he says, “Dokko is AJ’s present. I clung to you again; couldn’t ask because I was babbling on the show. You take responsibility.” He points at her with the ring.

J: “This is the future I can give you. Please accept it.” She holds out her finger and he slips the ring on. She grips his hand. AJ: “Now I held onto you properly.”

J: “Now I’ve been captured, don’t ask me again to let you go so you can run away.” AJ: “Run away? Don’t even dream of it. I will never let you go.” She hugs him.

She tells him how she saw the potato flower today and shows him a pic of it. He says how his potato has to bloom too; why isn’t it? She says it went through some hard times.

J: “It will safely have a flower bloom, right?” She says if he waits, it will bloom. He looks at her ring. She says it fits perfectly and he says it’s pretty. (*that is one gorgeous ring)

The news all say they are shocked. AJ asks why their dating is something so shocking. J says this much was expected. Top star DJ’s girlfriend wasn’t Shin Min-ah or Han Ye-seul, it was GAJ. From his perspective, not having a shocked reaction would have hurt his pride. GAJ sarcastically retorts: “Must be nice that your pride wasn’t hurt.”

More articles come out and AJ wonders if it’s talk about her. J shuts the computer lid saying it’s better not to look. He tells her not to worry because he has some reliable fans who stuck by him when he went in to have surgery. Those fans will have a better reaction and support them.

They take a pic together. She asks what he is doing. J explains: “If we post this, the fans who like me, their reaction will go up and AJ will feel better.” He tells her to smile. He posts the pic. Right away people say: “AJ, get out on your own”; “even if we don’t interfere, they will break up.” J says: “As fans they are just jealous. AJ should put up with this much.”

One fan says they look good together and J brags his fan has loyalty. Then some guy says he is disappointed and embarrassed about J: “Pathetic Dokko Jin.” AJ says even J gets insults.

There is more negative feedback. Some guy wonders if during J’s heart surgery, the doctors mixed up J’s organs. This riles up J and he wants to sue people who write that. AJ tells him to stop reading too, saying it’s better not to see them. He wants AJ to reply to them that it’s not true but she tells him to be patient. Because this is just the beginning, how could he fly off the handle like this?

Moon compliments J saying on yesterday’s program he was cool. As a woman, Moon thought AJ was impudent but Moon was still envious of her. As his agent, J’s current situation is rejection. J says he knew what he was getting into and did it. Since he is prepared she should spill it.

Moon: “From the 18 that came in, 17 CFs dropped out.” J: “What is the loyal one that is left?” Moon says some ad that he would never normally do, something about difficult times in life. J says when his image goes back to normal he can do CFs again. If he does the next movie it will be ok, but she says there is no next movie.

J: “Even if the Cannes one is gone, there were other scripts.” Moon says now there isn’t; all the directors won’t take her calls. She reminds him she said he would be ousted.

AJ is with her family and shows off her ring to them. Jenny says how pretty the ring is. Jenny: “Guess I should congratulate you now.”

AJ: “It’s the first time I received this from the person I love the most. No matter what others say, of course the people here should congratulate me.” Her dad congratulates her. “Even though it will be hard for you, will you be ok?”

AJ: “Dad, ask me how happy I am. It’s the first time I got this.” AH asks if she is happy and AJ says she is. Kid says “happy” the way J does. Jenny talks about marriage.

SR reports that AJ was proposed to and will be getting married soon (within a few months). PJ asks if she came on purpose to tell him that. She says she just told him thinking he has settled all his feelings (for AJ) after watching J’s interview.

PJ: “I have almost finished putting away my feelings and I am ready to leave. SR: “You’re really going, aren’t you?” She says she is going to China too to make a movie. He makes an unhappy face.

SR: “Since I will be near you, let’s meet often.” PJ asks if she is going to a certain city; she says yes. He explains where he will be. From where she is it will take a two-day train ride to get to where he is. It’s really far; China is very wide. He grins. She is disappointed but PJ seems relieved. (softy does a happy dance)

AH talks to some guy. The guy says AJ’s show has twice as much ratings; he guesses maybe because people are watching it to malign her.

AJ says sorry to J for being cut from all his CFs and movies and she gets to keep doing her show. He says she needs to earn the money and hang in there so she won’t get fired. She says she is going to because she likes that program a lot. She likes her coworkers and going to markets to meet people; those people really treat her well.

J asks her for her autograph; she agrees to it. She looks at it in surprise. (it’s to register for marriage, like a marriage license)

AJ: “You’re asking me to sign this?” J: “Please sign it.”

AJ: “Can I just sign it without thinking?” J: “When I first met you, I didn’t think of anything and we came all this way. So you don’t think of anything and just follow along.”

She asks why he is rushing like this. He says he watched all the reaction. They need to show they are more serious than just girlfriend and boyfriend who could break up anytime, so he wants to make her his wife and show them.

She sees that he already signed it. She reminds him that when he first gave her his signature, he told her “don’t hang around and move aside.”

J: “For not moving aside and hanging around, congratulations for becoming DJ’s wife.” Since there is a lot to prepare for their wedding, he wants to register them first. He helps her sign. She hesitates so he says: “Know that it’s an honor.” She signs.

The news report that AJ and J are registered and came out to see fan reaction. People are still in shock. J is wasted on AJ. A guy says J and AJ look good together but the girl says J looked better with SR; why did it have to be AJ of all people?

Moon says after he revealed on talk shows and announced his sudden upcoming wedding, as soon as he announces something, the entire country is in a panic. She wants to know the reason why he is doing it like this. J says he has to keep revealing it so people will direct the reaction to him.

Moon says the way he wanted happened; these days the gossip is about J. She is upset that J is being looked down upon. How could people think J is a choding (child-like)? J says calling him choding won’t be something he reports so that is why they are doing that.

Moon says while J is going through this, Kim Jun-sung (Kim Nam-gil) was chosen for male lead. Moon regrets not being able to hold onto that director and go to Cannes with J. J comments from looking at the script: “Whoever gets that role will start off by stepping on the red carpet at Cannes.” Moon: “Since you aren’t doing that, KJS will probably do it.” J reaches for his vitamin water and it has Kim Nam-gil on it. J asked when the pic changed. Moon says ads are the fastest.

Jenny reads more negative feedback with H. Someone wants AJ dead. H wonders what kind of human beings these people are. Jenny wants to report them. H says if they do they will get in trouble.

Jang is talking with PD and writer about Candy. He overhears Jenny and H talking. Jenny is mumbling about J’s video. H says all famous stars have rumors more than once about it. Jang’s ears perk up when he hears H say J has a video.

Jenny: “Really? Did you see it?” H: “It’s not like what you are thinking.” H says that is how rumors end up like what she thought. H says something about watching a lot of porn. Jang says it will be fun. (he twists the news to hint that it’s like porn)

AJ and J make a public appearance. People take pics. AJ: “This is weird being where there are a lot of people; feel like we should hide or cover up.” He says he revealed it to go around doing this. “If we can’t even do this then it’s too unfair. I’m DJ who does anything he wants.” He hugs her.

She asks what movie they should see and picks one about a dog; she likes that. J says since the dog won’t talk, he agrees to watch it. J hugs AJ again.

While waiting for the movie, one girl says: “Would they want to go around like that being insulted?” Her friend says: “If it was me I would just stay home. They must have come out to get their pictures taken and garner attention.”

J is about to say something but AJ stops him and tells him not to listen to that. J: “They are doing that to be heard so I should hear it.” AJ: “Instead of listening to them and getting upset, want to hear me sing ‘Dugeun Dugeun’? I haven’t sang it live for you yet.”

J: “You’re going to sing it for me? Ok, sing it.” AJ sings her song into his ear (errr, more like his cheek); he sort of sings with her. Flashback to their past scenes. J: “You sang it well, GAJ. You should have sung it sooner.”

H asks if Moon has the CD J entrusted her before he went to surgery. Moon: “Yes, why?” H says people are saying ridiculous things about J’s video and wants to show it. H asks to borrow the CD. People will think it’s porn and open it, and shock them with Pororo. Moon tells H not to tell other people what the content of the video is yet. Moon gets an idea.

AJ asks if J really has a video. Jenny says there are rumors AJ was filmed too. “You didn’t, right?” AJ: “What do they think I filmed?” Jenny: “If you pick the best 3 of the rumors of J’s video, the first version: AJ, you are a Sailor Moon (? no clue because she pronounced it weird).”

Jenny tells AJ about what people are saying, that J filmed with AJ. There is a scene where AJ is wearing a sailor-like uniform and pointing a star at him saying she won’t forgive him tonight. J falls on the bed and slaps his own butt saying, “like it.”

AJ asks how she is a Sailor Moon and what else is there. Jenny: “In the second version you are holding something.” AJ: “What am I holding?” In this one, AJ ties him up and whips him. She asks how he likes being tied up tonight and he says he likes it.

J: “Why are you hitting so lightly? Do it with more strength.” (OMG, what is going on? Can’t believe I am typing these words)

AJ: “Is J some kind of pervert?” Jenny says the third version is more unbelievable but AJ says, “Don’t tell me. There is no such thing.” Jenny: “Anyway, Kim Jun-sung got an award and J has rumors of a video so you must be upset.” AJ wonders why instead of getting better, more bad things happen. Jenny says people feel better watching them hit rock bottom and then be happy.

AJ goes to J’s home and he turns off the TV. She asks what he was watching and asks why he turned it off. He says because something he didn’t want to see came out. He is in a bad mood. He goes off by himself so she thinks he might have heard about KJS. AJ: “He must be upset.”

She goes over to him and asks if he wants to go for a walk and buy ingredients to make kimpap for their picnic tomorrow. He doesn’t reply. She almost leaves but tells herself to cling to him. She hugs him and says recharge because he is upset about KJS.

J: “Why would I be upset about him?” AJ: “Because that person is getting a major award and you get insulted these days because of me.” J says he is going to Cannes later and will take her along and let her brag. He tells her to sit on his lap. She says it’s good that he is still bragging.

J: “I am mad; MBS is annoying.” AJ: “Why?” J: “Just now on TV, the program with you and ‘anyone’ oriental doctor came out. It’s like they are airing it on purpose. If you look, it’s on here and there so if you add it all up it’s on the whole day.”

AJ: “What you just saw was Couple Making?” J: “That’s right. Why do they keep playing reruns? Tell them not to show that. Try suing them.” She laughs because he is mad about watching that show.

J: “Why are you so happy?” AJ: “You are saying you are jealous because you like me so of course I am happy.”

J: “Watching that show… To look good for the oriental doctor, you really wore a helmet and did a sexy dance. Do it here in front of me.” AJ: “I don’t want to.” J: “Why don’t you want to? You wanted to borrow that helmet from me. I will lend it to you now. Do it.”

AJ: “No, I don’t want to wear a helmet anymore.” J: “Then do you want to wear a hat (baseball cap)? A hat you signed.” AJ: “When did I sign a hat for you?” J: “There is something like that.” J shows her the yellow hat.

J: “I will now reveal my identity. I am Couple Making’s ‘GAJ forever’ DK 1974. I kept voting for you for the popularity so I won prizes like this.”

She asks if he started liking her since then. He nods. She hugs him. He asks if they should wear that and go on a picnic with a great view. AJ: “Yes, let’s go somewhere with a great view.”

J: “GAJ, since the mood is good, I am asking this. Back then you didn’t like ‘anyone’ oriental doctor like this, did you? It’s ok, I won’t get angry. I won’t get angry.”

She says a little and he almost gets angry yelling “a little what?” J: “I won’t get angry.” She asks if he is angry. J: “Get lost, ‘anyone’ oriental medicine doctor.” (OMG, so cute)

AJ is on the phone with J, saying she is on her way to film. He asks where she is going today. She says Wonju. She asks if he likes the noodles she is going to feature and he tells her to bring some so he can taste it. She says she will finish around dinner and go home.

The director sees the pic on her phone and guesses it’s a potato flower. She tells her director that her potato flower bloomed. A car drives crazy and causes a car accident. AJ’s car goes off the road.

J and the kid are together. Kid asks what a word is because that is what people are calling him. J: “Ding Dong, that means a tiger’s neck hole. If you get caught in that you will die.” J gets a call and he looks stunned.

J goes to the hospital and looks at AJ. She is lying in bed with her wrist broken. She is sleeping and he calls out her name. She asks if he was surprised. He hugs her and says: “Thank goodness, GAJ, thank you, thank you.”

AJ: “My Dokko worried a lot.” He says it’s not just worry; he thought his heart would burst. She asks if he is ok and checks his heart and says it’s too fast and to do mind control.

Jenny is taking care of AJ. Jenny sees a mean remark and wants to delete it or something. J comes back and checks on AJ. He holds her hand.

J: “I brought some things from home but you check if she needs anything else.” Jenny says, “Ok, wait a minute.” He asks what she is doing. She says there are some terrible anti-fans who are sticking close to AJ and saying things they shouldn’t say to someone who was in an accident. “I’m going to report them and get it erased.”

J: “Is it that bad?” He reads it. He looks sad and then he looks at AJ. J: “I won’t put up with this anymore. Find them all and sue them.”

Moon says if they take legal action more people will start talking too; it’s better to quietly overlook it. He says he won’t and will sue and punish them all.

H goes to the police station. He holds up a statement. Police catch some young girls, then some guy, then another lady. H tells AH and Jenny: “After we found them all, we looked like we were out of line. The young girls were the ones who said ‘die die’; a housewife said ‘pregnant before marriage’.”

Jenny says she saw the news and there was a college professor and other regular people. AH asks why those people said they did it. Why were they so hateful?

Moon says those people want to apologize in person and promise not to do it again so is J going to sue them? “I know you are angry and you just want to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.” J asks why they did that and she says those people just said it without thinking and were sorry.

AJ tells J to cancel the lawsuit, but he says: “I won’t ever do that. I’m going to sue till the very end. From now on I am going to keep suing.” She worries about his image. J: “You are laid up in bed. Is this a time to worry about image?” H runs in and says more trouble happened. J: “What else could happen?”

Jenny worries about J’s video. AH says that won’t happen; someone just made this up and posted it. Jenny worries whether it’s real or fake. If it starts to get spread around, saying female celebrities get their image damaged from stuff like this. AH worries if he should watch it. She says it’s everywhere and they can watch it now; is AH going to watch too? AH: “Going crazy.”

People are watching it as soon as it was uploaded.

AJ watches the video. J is wearing a suit. It’s what he filmed in case he dies. He bows.

J: “If this is shown it means my heart surgery failed and I am not alive in this world. For those people who loved me, I want to please ask you to take care of the person I love. One way to look at it is that I was ‘made well’ and received a lot of love from many people. The woman I love was misunderstood for this and that and wasn’t liked by many, but if you knew the truth, she is a really good woman, GAJ. No matter what she did, she was misunderstood and maligned so I left proof (evidence: those pics). DJ loved GAJ with all my heart. So that she won’t be maligned, please protect her. I am asking this favor.” He bows his head.

AJ cries.

J is standing there. He said he left it just in case he dies so and “just in case” didn’t happen, so how did she end up seeing this?

AJ: “You confess when you are alive and when you die. Just exactly how much do you like me?” J: “Think of it as an honor.” They hug. (OMG, I am crying again. * this kind of love must feel like the warmest embrace; the kind you feel the effects of forever)

Moon and H weigh in on people’s response to J’s revelation. H reports about J’s video, that it was seen by more than… (a number so high I don’t know how much it is).

Moon: “That means all those people saw J’s real feelings.” H thinks it’s weird that talk of J’s video started suddenly; he says he can smell somehow oil was added to the fire. She tells him to watch and learn from her because she is the top image maker.

Jenny, SR, and Mina are AJ’s bridesmaids. AJ thanks her group members. After they disbanded, meeting for something good like this is the first time. SR says she is being generous doing this. There are reporters outside because J called them.

SR doesn’t like the dress saying it’s old fashioned looking and reminds her of their Treasure Girls days. Jenny suggests meeting regularly like this. SR says she is a top star and Jenny says she feels a little proud that one of them is a top star. SR says of course Jenny should. If they admit she is the best she will think about gathering more often.

Mina brought the clover bread. She asks if they remember it. So that everyone will have good things happen, they have to split their wishes. They share it and say it tastes good.

AJ is asked by the shop lady if she is getting married. AJ says yes. PJ pulls up. They go and talk. She says it’s been a while. He says her leg seems better. She says it got all better without any lingering pain. “I listened to you and paid attention and took care of it.” He says it’s good that she isn’t hurting anymore.

AJ: “Now it doesn’t hurt anymore.” PJ: “It’s good that for the last time I get to see Nina smile.” He says he is leaving in a few days to go study.

AJ: “You’re going this time?” PJ says this time he isn’t going as an excuse or to run away; he is going because he wants to. AJ: “That’s good because studying was the easiest for you.”

He asks her for one last favor: for her to press his wrist (the spot to calm him). She does.

PJ: “Now it’s all settled (put his feelings in order) and I am calm. Thank you. Because of you, I feel like I lived in a strange land and came back. It’s left in my heart. If I hit it often, it will hurt a little, but at some point it will all go down.”

AJ: “Thank you for your heart (for liking me).” PJ: “For saying that, it makes me happy.”

The wedding is on the news. AJ and J are going to say hello to their fans. AJ’s wedding dress is revealed because so many people were curious.

J and AJ are waiting. J: “Why is this so hard? Before the wedding we are going to be tired out.” AJ: “It was hard and exhausting to get here, wasn’t it?” J: “But thanks to a great charger, I gained energy to come here.”

He shows her the video their fans sent. He says now she is loved by many (she has shed that old image of hers). (OMG, that ring looks stunning with her dress)

People overseas send greetings in English: Congrats on your wedding. Be happy. We love you.

J is shooting a CF with some other model than SR. He takes a break and H gives him water. H says he was cool today. J starts to say, “don’t say such unnecessary things” but ends with thanks. H says the model wants to buy J dinner but J tells H to eat with her because J has to go first. H says let’s go together. “Is it urgent?” J says it’s really urgent.

J goes shopping and buys diapers and baby formula!!!! People take pics.

AJ gets a call from a director and says she saw the script and will go to the film set. She tells a sleeping J (with their baby next to him) that she is leaving to go film and will be late. She covers J and the baby. (OMG, so cute) She kisses sleeping J.

Moon talks about changing J’s image to a warm family man. H says a cable program needs a new emcee and suggests AJ. Moon says that’s good and they have to do that. She gives H a promotion. He is so excited and thanks Moon.

Jenny congratulates H. She asks if he is going to take care of new stars and stuff. AH doesn’t make a big deal about H’s promotion. AH said he did that but he is still just handling AJ’s schedule. H says he is different from AH. H started by getting interviewed and got his job but AH got his job because he is AJ’s brother.

H brags that J trusts him the most. H tells AH to call him a higher level name than AH. Jenny asks why they are fighting over work and just do what they always do and fight over her but they yell at her to stay out of it.

Someone asks if PJ has a girlfriend and he says he doesn’t. She says he is perfect for her daughter. Since he is asked this often, he gives his pic and resume and questionnaire for the women interested to fill in the back and says mail it to the address (Omo, softy, what is the address? ^^) and his mom will send a reply a week later. He says it’s better not to talk during acupuncture when she protests.

SR is signing autographs. She still has the Paul and mushroom pic. AJ’s dad goes to see PJ’s mom at the hospital. She calls him Dokko Jin’s father-in-law. He said he came to confirm something. He asks if PJ’s mom went around claiming the medicine from this hospital J took made AJ and J have a daughter.

She says the dad said the medicine she gave him for free had a good affect. He says he said it was good for body aches from colds. He tells her not to go around saying that again. If she damages his daughter and son-in-law’s image he is going to sue her. The mom yells he is bragging that his son-in-law is a top star. She tells the nurse not to give him any more free stuff and only give it to SR instead, to give her a lot. (*AJ’s dad said his “granddaughter” but why is the baby dressed like a boy in each scene?)

SR is hiking up a mountain. Her assistant complains of leg ache hiking so early in the morning. She asks if PJ comes here to this mountain and SR says she confirmed it. SR says let’s go to the top and come back but the girl rests. She yells to SR that PJ is here.

PJ comes up the mountain so SR is worried what to do. “Let’s go down. No, if we go down and meet, then I can’t go up with him.” He goes another way. She runs after him and slips and falls. He asks if she is ok. “When I saw you a while ago you were going up the other way. Did you run over here? Because you are running on the mountain, that’s why you fell.”

SR: “You saw it all. Then you saw me watching and came this way on purpose to avoid me?” He extends his hand and says, “Take my hand. This road is not easy to climb. Do you still want to go on this road?” (dear lord, please don’t let that be a metaphor for their future relationship!!!!)

SR takes his hand. “Yes, I want to go.” They stand on a cliff.

(*The last time I hiked up a mountain, 80-year-old grandmas were either climbing faster than me or helped me up the mountain. That kind of humiliation is not something I want to repeat, but if YKS liked hiking for real, I would give it some serious thought for his sake.)

PJ helps SR up the final step. PJ: “It’s nice, huh?” She says she brought stuff (burner) to make ramen. PJ: “It’s against the rule to cook on a mountain.” SR: “Then we can go down and cook it.” She says it’s good to come here with him. (oh crap, he smiled at her)

Kid is teaching the baby, holding up cards and asking what it is. Kid complains: “Uncle Dokko-shil must be a dummy. She can’t follow one thing.” J explains a ten-month-old baby can’t pay attention to picture cards. J makes the baby smile and tells the kid that the baby is the best and is perfectly normal (smart).

AJ brings milk for the kid and J’s pic is on the bottle of milk. Kid says his friends always drink his uncle’s milk. J offers to sign the bottles with his pic on it and send a few boxes and tells the kid to pass it around.

AJ: “Looking at your face seems to have a good effect as ads.” J: “Of course. I’m Dokko Jin. From my head to my toes, so perfect that women want to steal this husband…”

Since J bragged again, she says she goes crazy as soon as he opens his mouth. She asks if he saw the article in the paper about them. He asks what now? Divorce? They need to go on another picnic then and show up in front of a lot of people. She says picnics might be weak. He asks what would be good. She hints celebrities with lots of children get better image.

J: “Ding dong. GAJ, let’s get started right away with taking care of our image.” He winks at her. She says she needs to fill up his battery. She holds his face. They say “recharge” to each other.

They play with the baby and look into the camera and wave.

The end

There should be a new Kdrama rule: may all endings have weddings and cute babies. So glad Ding Dong was there too. Leave it to the Hong Sisters to make me cry one last time, but the video message got to me. It reminded me just how much love can affect us even though it’s vicarious through great characters like these two. It transcends fiction and leaps right into the realm of possibility. And for the lucky few, it will keep going till it becomes a reality.

Thank you everyone for joining us here. It was so much fun to share this drama with you all. *passing out hugs all around*

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  1. Reality check: i hope there’s still a man in this world who can love a woman like Dokko Jin. He’s so cool in every way!!! Ae Jung with a good heart really deserved a guy like him. Well,if given a chance to have this drama longer,i hope to see more suffering/karma to Manager Jung. I also want to see some highlights on Dokko’s 2nd surgery & why Ae Jung didn’t visit him after the operation. It would also be nice to see some parts on their wedding ceremony, and oh, on Ae Jung’s pregnancy. I bet Dokko is really funny on that situation!

    Maybe we should request for BL/TGL 2??

  2. I have forgotten how addictive korean dramas can be until my sister introduced me to GL/BL. Reading Softy’s recaps on TP made me reflect on what is not just a wonderfully produced show, but also set me to experience things that I’ve not tried (like posting my thoughts here!)

    Greatest Love to me is a show about courage – the courage to own up to how you feel about someone, and to stand up and defend the one you love. Dokko Jin did not hang on to his pride – he wore his heart on the sleeve and opened up his feelings to AJ early in the show, and endearing himself with an unlikely ally in Ding Dong. He spoke with his actions – from picking up her call for the quiz show, reserving the clothes, vitamin bottle to sooth the slap mark, organising something special for AJ’s 10th anniversary, the sneakers, pen, punching the manager… and I’m not even mentioning what he did in the final 2 episodes. All these just meant so much more than fluffy words and promises. He is not afraid to confront and own up to what his heart is telling him – that’s how one should live isn’t it ? Beneath all that obsession with CWS / Dokko Jin, this is my biggest take-out from the show.

    Thank you Softy and Thundie – I’m flabbergasted by the amount of effort that you put into this blog – you truly made a big difference to fans like me who aren’t korean-speaking, and have to put up with the suspense.

    And yes, if I see CWS, my sister and I will definitely mention TP and Softy (that’s right – I’m going to my first ever fan meeting with sister xyu!)

  3. Wahhh, I can’t believe it’s really over. What am I supposed to look forward to to help me recharge every week now?! Thank you Softy and Thundie for hosting the live party! I’m already anticipating your next one!

    As for Softy’s question, my favorite scenes have already been mentioned by Softy- the stairwell scene and the scene where Jaesuk feels up Jin and he… umm, seems to enjoy it. LOL.

    Omo, I almost choked while reading this recap. In particular at this part:
    “If AJ and J have a kid, I am not sure how in favor AJ will be to let their child be part of the entertainment world. Something tells me AJ would try to convince the kid to go into a normal occupation.”

    I was nodding vigorously in agreement to what Softy wrote, and then the next photo to show up is that of Jin doing this:

    So hilarious! And their “daughter” dressed like a boy? That’s going to be one traumatized child. Hehe.

  4. WOH…!!!can’t believe i just being addicted with this drama..
    seems like i just search for something simply new love story…. but then this great thing pops up…it’s nice to know that it ended the way i want it to be…
    how i wish someone i like would love me like DG for AJ….hehe
    let me share you something…..
    because i’m only working on Internet Cafe..i’m limited to watch videos online…
    what i did…due to my warm appreciation of GL and just to know how the story goes..
    i have saved your live recaps to flash drive and view it when i’m home…
    thanks to Print Screen key…lol to myself…just can’t help it…
    now that it end up….i’m going to watch out new Hong Sisters drama…and I know it will even go better than all their previous works….
    and especially thank you very much to THUNDIE and SOFTY!!!
    정말 감사합니다 (jeongmal gamsahabnida)

  5. OMG it ended 😦
    i’m so grateful to you Thundie and Softy. really thanks a lot!!!!!! hands down to you softy please take care of yourself and have some rest!!!!
    i love this episode so much it was just perfect. this drama is pure Heart. you can feel their love and that’s what makes the drama so great. cause even unreal situations feel real. and most important the love feels real!!!! how can i let this drama go? i think i won’t. i’ll go and rewatch.
    Hong Sis thanks. CSW GHJ YKS YIN you’re all great… but CSW you really outshine the rest. for me you are the best!!!

    BEST written
    BEST cast
    BEST production
    BEST metaphor
    BEST sound effect/ background music
    BEST director

  7. One of my favorite moments (and one I have watched over and over) is from Episode 4 where Dokgo Jin is in that studio hallway amongst all the drama posters wondering to himself just what the hell is going on with his feelings towards Ae-jung and ‘I really really like you’ and ‘prince’s first love’ etc pop out. Cracks me up every time!

    I am going to miss this show so much!!!!!!!! I cannot wait until the dvd set comes out! 🙂

    I have just finished the episodes and now I can finally have som rest , need a Kdrama rehab to go back to my real life
    it was a pleasure to meet you all DK Girls, nice to have a place to share our BL

  9. BL is so far the best romcom i ever watched. I like it more than LTM actually. It’s script was much, much better than LTM. If it wasn’t for the chemistry bet KJH and YEY, LTM would have gone down. But with BL, everything is just perfect! I am going to miss this drama. I hope they also add in specials like what they did with PK. 🙂 I can’t think which scenes i like best coz i like almost every single one. Like the “heartbreaker” and the scene in the car where he was tearing up after he saw AJ and PJ together and the ending ….. i love all the scenes very much that i am wishing there were more episodes to come!

  10. yay! thanks for the sinopsis! I’m gonna miss the dokko’s laugh

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