Best Love: Episode 15

Of course on tomorrow’s episode that potato will finally bloom and a flower will emerge; that is just expected. All this time that potato stood for their love: how it grew, went through some hard times, but managed to hang on just like AJ and J. As far as fictional characters in a love story goes, these two deserve to be on top. Not just because they belong up there, but more so because who will ever forget what these two did to our hearts every Wed and Thurs. They elevated what love can be to heights we couldn’t imagine could be done in a drama and made it so perfect that it was hard to believe our eyes and ears sometimes. There were actual lines that I translated and I sat back to look at them, marveling at the talent behind this show for putting certain words together to leave us speechless and breathless at the same time. That is what I am going to take away from this show: an appreciation for the language of love and how it translates so well to anyone who is, will be, or ever has been in love.

There was a trailer for “Festival” and it looks like Shin-woo got an attitude because he is telling Mi-nam (Park Shin-hye) not to chase him around-and that last line (should I let you know why others are chasing me like crazy?) was so un-Shin-woo-ish. This time he is making her cry. Freaked out here (not used to Jung Yong-hwa acting so arrogant); scared to watch the drama now.

Best Love Episode 15 (live)

Starts from AJ singing outside the hospital. Then the doc stopping the heart.

Press conference with Moon and H. She says J is overseas recovering for a short time to avoid all the interest because he needs rest and peace the most. They ask about J’s condition. What is the reason why they couldn’t see him at all for 2 months? Is the reason why he wasn’t seen at the airport overseas because something went wrong with the surgery?

Moon says she wants to reveal something now to all his fans: J’s heart surgery was a success. People don’t want to believe till J shows up for real. They rewatch what people did to AJ’s scene when she ran out of the Section TV show but they made a parody of it (a gag).

Jenny looks at the gag, saying how sad AJ must have been as she was running out but that gag actually found a way to turn it into a joke. AJ says she was worried she would be kicked out of all shows but she was just fired from Section TV and it was all thanks to that gag. Jenny asks when J is coming back to Korea. AJ says if he comes back, there will be talk again so he will probably come back after some more time.

Jenny: “What is going to happen to you two now? He thought he was going to die so he told you he would reveal your relationship. He isn’t going to come back with a change of heart, is he?” AJ: “From what I can judge from what happened, he is really loved by all of Korea. That someone like that liked me… it makes me see the difference between us.”

Jenny: “So you are going to overlook his confession when he thought he was going to die. And since he came back to reality, you’re saying that if all of that is broken, it doesn’t matter?” AJ: “With my own lips I promised that I would let him go so he can zoom past me.” Jenny: “But still you liked him so much. Don’t you want to see him return after he survived?”

AJ: “I want to see him so much but if we meet… ‘What are you going to do with me now?’ I hate having to bring that kind of talk up. ‘Since you lived now, you are going to jump into my dog poop, right?’ How can I bring that up?”

At the airport, J comes out hiding his face. H runs over to him saying, “I missed you a lot. Have you been well? You got better looking. You are really ok now, right?” J: “Now my heart is perfect.” He shows H his heart rate at 68.

H: “The reason why you didn’t tell Moon that you came is because of AJ noona, huh?” J: “I have to take care of things in real life now.”

H: “Did you prepare some kind of cheesy surprise event? If you’ve been separated for a long time and show up, you are supposed to prepare stuff like that, receive love. You didn’t prepare anything, did you? Should I give you some ideas? Tie a ribbon around your neck and make a bow and say Dokko is AJ’s present.”

J laughs and tells him to throw out the blue bag. H asks what it is. J says (just like H just did): “That is your present; go throw it away. Do you have any other ideas? Was I too easy on you while I was sick? I’ve been upgraded so I am a more special DJ.” (J says something about how for two months he was away; he isn’t just any present for GAJ)

The kid asks why J doesn’t come. AJ’s dad: “That’s true. If he was alive he should have come running over. Did he die and become a ghost? Why isn’t there any news of him?”

The kid looks at the ring and says, “Ahjusshi has to come so I can give this.” The granddad comes over and says the kid can’t touch just anything of the aunt’s and takes the ring box and puts it high up. So the kid just puts the ring in the sneakers.

J comes home with H. J asks what the plant is and asks, “Are you the potato? You are the potato. Thought you were dead but you are alive.” H says AJ planted it. After J collapsed, H wasn’t able to come to the house for a few days. So he thought it had withered and died. But AJ said (flashback to H and AJ at J’s home discovering the potato on the ground)…

H: “I think it died.” AJ: “It can’t die.” H: “Hyungnim grew it so carefully/tenderly.” AJ picks it up, plants it, and waters it. “You are a special potato; you can’t wither and die.”

J: “She did? Then she should have come to take care of me. Why did she only take care of the potato?” H says how there were too many reporters around the hospital so how could she go there?

J: “She worries about things that don’t matter. Then why didn’t she come when I asked her to?” H: “She didn’t go because you were in a critical state.” J: “Even after I got out of intensive care, she didn’t come.” H doesn’t have an answer. “That… You should ask her in person.”

Moon tells AJ that after J comes back he has 3 more CFs to do. AJ: “Then he already has 18 of them.” Moon says DJ has twice as many as he used to. Isn’t he something else? It must be from the aura of the miracle of beating death. AJ agrees.

Moon mentions how a famous director wants J to star in his movie (that could be shown at Cannes). Some other movie offer came in too, so Moon doesn’t know which one he should do first. AJ says because J likes awards so he might like the Cannes movie more.

Moon: “How can J really zoom by if there is nothing holding him back?” AJ says she knows the reason why Moon keeps calling her over to tell her how well J is doing. Moon: “Yes, you will know that well. You said back then, as long as he came back healthy you would be able to applaud and let him zoom past. Now all we have to do is clap.”

J claps at the potato. “You did well, potato. Because of AJ, you and I are both alive and well. I was going to hang in there till GAJ came running to me, but I miss her like crazy.”

H tells him to rest and that he will get going, but J stops him. “Brief me again on what you said a while ago about the cheesy event with the ribbon.”

H sits back down and explains: “Wear a ribbon around your neck with a bow right here and say ‘Dokko is AJ’s present’.” J blusters: “How can I do that?” He does the ‘Dokko is AJ’s present’ and asks: “Is this right?”

PJ’s mom is mad because PJ still doesn’t listen to her when she finds out he went to the medicine market. He is at the market looking at oriental medicine stuff. OMG, he looks freaking amazing. Screen caps of dimple, please, thundie.

Some guy says he thought PJ went to study in China and PJ says he didn’t get to go yet. The guy asks if PJ doesn’t come out on shows these days and PJ shakes his head. The guy says today there will be a show filmed with the woman PJ came out on his show with; she is the reporter for the show today. PJ says her name and smiles.

Couple show PD and writer say to AH how good it was for AJ to get a new show to do. AH tries to get AJ a spot on the next program the PD is in charge of—a cooking show—and the PD makes up an excuse and says he forgot an appointment. The PD tells AH to talk to the writer (and she gives the PD dirty looks) and she makes up an excuse, but AH reminds her how hard AJ worked and she runs away too.

GAJ is wearing some weird hanbok and interviewing the store guy and the director tells AJ to dance. He says she was a visual dancer and suggests tumbling. PJ watches from afar.

AJ hurts her hand on the dirty ground so PJ asks a lady with a broom for a favor: to sweep up the area for AJ. The lady does it with the excuse that since the market area is being filmed it would be better to have it clean. AJ thanks her.

PJ watches it all, a blissful smile on his face. (sorry, softy, had to add that line because I need an excuse for the next screencap! –thundie)

The kid comes out and J is there with a ribbon tied into a bow around his neck practicing what to say. The kid just stares in disbelief. J turns and says all happy, “It’s been a while, Ding Dong.” The kid just stands there. J: “During that time you lost your manners, Ding Dong. Why aren’t you saying hello?”

The kid walks over and pokes him. J asks what he is doing. The kid sighs deeply and smiles: “Thank goodness you are not a ghost.” J: “Did someone say I died and became a ghost?” The kid: “My friends all said that.”J: “List who they all are so I can sue them.”

Kid asks if J is a present. J: “I am your aunt’s present and your present is this (a Disney bag so must be a Disney product).” But the kid hugs him so J says: “Since you are so glad to see me, I will be your present too.” J looks the kid over: “Ding Dong, your body line isn’t as good as it was. You need to take care of it. What have you been eating?” J jokes with him.

The store owner notices that AJ is limping and asks if she sprained her ankle while tumbling and she says it happened on that last tumble. He asks if she is ok and she says she will just put that sticker patch thing on it. But he says he knows a really good oriental doctor and to go there and get acupuncture done. She says she will and asks him to tell her who that doctor is.

PJ shows up and says: “I am here.” She is surprised to see him. The guy asks why PJ didn’t leave yet and then remembers that they know each other well because of the show and says that PJ can take care of her sprain.

PJ: “I was watching you film. Since you were tumbling so much on bare ground, that is why you injured your ankle.” AJ: “How is it that you are here?” He explains how he comes here because of the medicine for his hospital.

AJ: “So while you were out and about, we are running into each other serendipitously (by accident).” PJ: “It’s serendipity mixed in with a little bit of intent/effort.” (thundie dies from reading this line, ahhhh!)

He says he heard she was coming to film today so he waited. “I was wondering how you were doing and was curious but it was as simple as following you around while filming. Were you well?” She mentions how she was going here and there doing this show.

PJ: “Before we catch up, should I take a look at your ankle so you can continue getting around?” He bandages her up and tells her she can’t wear any shoes with heels and gets her a pair of his flip flops that are clean to wear. She says: “Even if they were dirty, thank you.”

J is in AJ’s room and puts more face cream above his lips and sniffs. “GAJ’s smell… This was it.”

The kid says the ring is gone. J: “You lost the item I entrusted you with?” Kid: “I put the ring inside aunt’s sneakers. It was here yesterday too.” Kid says his aunt must have thrown those sneakers away. J:”What is this? She threw the sneakers away again.” Kid: “It’s gone. It was here though.”

J: “Let’s just say you threw away that really expensive ring because you didn’t know about it, but could she think of throwing away those sneakers again?” Kid: “She threw them away again today. I got those sneakers back for her last time.” J: “What? She threw them away before?” The kid nods.

J: “Where did you get those back last time?” Kid: “Outside in the recycle bin. Ahjussi, should I go with you to get them back?” J: “Ding Dong, I am DJ, who has been upgraded and become more special. How can I rummage through trash? I have to go. Where is it? Let’s go.”

Batman music plays. J sneaks around with the kid as a lookout. J: “Ding Dong, if someone sees it will be embarrassing so keep a close lookout.” J reaches in and pulls out clothes helter skelter on the street and makes a mess.

Some women come over and try to get J’s attention. J wraps a scarf around his face, the bottom half. One woman asks why J isn’t replying. J pushes the kid forward to talk to them. She asks what J is doing. The kid says they are looking for something. The woman says J should be looking while keeping it clean and neat. If he just pulls it out like this the street will get messy.

The kid offers to clean it and put it back in but the lady says the kid doesn’t have to. Kid: “It’s ok. I will do it.” The woman says J is a bad dad and tells the kid to leave it and the women would do it. The kid says it’s ok but J grabs his hand and says, “What we were looking for isn’t here so let’s go.”

One lady blocks him saying how could he just leave and that he needs to clean this up before he goes.

J says the women said they would clean it but they said they offered to help because the kid was doing it alone. One tells J the kid’s dad to clean and go. Another woman yells at J to hurry and do it. J picks it up in a pile and throws it in so they want him to fold it neatly. J says it was already in there like that from the start. The woman orders him to fold it neatly and put it in.

Kid: “Ahjumma, this ahjushi is a very special…” But J stops the kid saying: “You can’t just reveal a superhero’s identity just anywhere. For the sake of the neighborhood and the ahjumma’s sanity, let’s quietly clean this up.”

One woman guesses from the looks of it the dad is jobless and he covered his face so he won’t get tanned. One finally yells for J to clean it well and leave. After they walk off J just randomly tosses in anger. J: “Anyway, the important thing is your aunt didn’t throw away the sneakers here. Let’s go home and look for it again.”

Inside the car, PJ says, “Being here like this… It makes me think of P-line, what I already settled awhile back.” AJ: “Safe, strong and dependable P-line?” PJ: “It’s a waste, huh? Just erasing P- line. Even when I think about it, it was a really good line.”

AJ: “YPJ is a perfect man. But from what women can see, you’re not totally perfect.” PJ: “Why not?” AJ: “Your mother… she is really scary.” PJ: “If I control/make her, my mom can’t do anything at all.”

AJ: “What? Controlling her by eating ramen?” PJ: “If I eat it 3 times a day, I have total control.” AJ: “That is because she is thinking of her son. When a daughter-in-law appears, she is going to nag the daughter-in-law for you eating ramen.”

PJ says AJ really nailed the weak link for the P-line. AJ says she was kidding. “I have to use things like this as an excuse to feel less sorry.” The talk turns more serious. He asks if she is afraid right now and she admits she is. AJ: “What I should do with a guy whose mother-in-law is the entire country… I’m afraid right now.”

PJ tells her to make sure to drop by his hospital tomorrow because if she doesn’t take care of her sprain she will suffer longer and she worries because she has to film in the mountains. PJ: “Go up. Although I can’t piggy-back you, I will carry these for you.” He takes her bag and shoes, and gives her his arm to hold onto and she thanks him.

The kid comes down and only sees his aunt and runs back upstairs to tell J his aunt is home. J says this is an important moment and does the hand sign. “Ding dong, ‘you understand, right?’” The kid offers to go out the other way secretly and go to Jenny’s. “Ahjusshi, fighting!” The kid winks at J and runs off.

J prepares himself and says: “From the beginning I am going to start off well and make sure to shut ‘butthole’ and start with ‘Dokko, AJ’s present’.” J starts to say it when he sees PJ. J curses (“damn”) and runs and hides. PJ sees him but doesn’t tell.

PJ: “You are uncomfortable, aren’t you? I should have just piggybacked you.” AJ: “No, it’s ok.”

PJ sets her things down. She thanks him. He tells her to rest and that he will watch over her while next to her to show how well he is doing. J makes a fist.

In a nice parting gesture and to egg on J, PJ touches her arm. J mouths the words “don’t touch.” She thanks him and says bye. (* how cute is PJ to still be childish to bug J like that? OMG, so adorable)

J comes out and leaps in front of AJ and shocks her. He says a bunch of funny stuff about how he envisioned what their first time meeting would be like after their time apart. Something about the first scene, same melo, whether it’s a romantic comedy, fiery erotica… “I thought it would be stuff like this but I didn’t count on it being mixed in with horror.”

AJ laughs: “Since you are yelling and saying whatever you want, you really are DJ.”

J: “For something like this I want to shut my butthole but it’s hard to hold it in because all the things I was holding back are trying to push their way out. All this time I thought you were thinking of me, but were you hanging around with that ‘anyone’ oriental medicine doctor?”

She puts her finger on his lips and pushes him away. “That’s enough. Just be quiet.” AJ stands and puts her ears to his heart. J: “What are you doing?” AJ: “Checking to see how better it is. Want to hear it beat like ‘kun-dack kun-dack’.”

J: “This got totally upgraded (and pushes her off but she puts her ears back on it).” AJ: “It did. Now it doesn’t beat weird like long time ago ‘ull-long ull-long’ and sounds different.” J says something about if you change something, it gets much better.

She asks if he ate. J asks why she is suddenly bringing up food. She says even in romance he has to eat and go because you have to eat and live. She limps inside. He pretends to leave but follows her in.

She sees her room in a mess. She asks if he did this and he said he was looking for something. She asks what it was he was looking for and that he could have called her to ask.

J: “I showed up as a surprise so how could I call?” He asks where her sneakers are. AJ: “You were looking for that and made this mess?” J: “Where are they?” She says in the shoe closet and takes them out.

He says he thought she was taking good care of them but she left them with other shoes. She asks if he came to confirm she was holding them safely.

He takes the ring out and hides it. She asks what it is. J: “Are you curious?”

He looks at the distance of the room and suggests she start from the end of the room and come running over to him, act super excited to see him, and he might show what he is holding. Then he gets another idea. So that he can run and hold her, she needs to be overwhelmed with emotion and cry a lot. He wants to change this scene because it’s awkward and not fun.

She says how can they change it when this mess is their reality? She is curious and tries to see what is in his hand.

J: “Forget, it this isn’t the right time. Look forward to the future. What happened today is canceled. Pretend none of this happened and edit it out. I will come back tomorrow. At that time with a happy heart. Think about what I said a while ago: melo – erotica – romantic comedy ,ok?”

He puts the sneakers back in and holds up his fist with the ring inside. She asks what about food but he leaves looking pouty. After he is gone, she says, “Those weren’t what I wear just anywhere. I left them out to wear when I went to see him.”

J: “New heart mind control, you did well to be patient and not let just anything come out of my mouth there and turn around. It’s good that you did that. Erase today and start over tomorrow.” He hangs that ring on the potato plant.

PJ remembers seeing J hide. He looks at his two pens and says: “Misunderstanding one more time. Thought it would be nice if he just got lost. It’s childish but it’s an honest wish.”

Moon gives a new documentary program about food for AJ and asks what AJ thinks about going to do it. Moon says it’s a program that goes around overseas for over two months and AJ will suffer a little but if AJ makes this program hers, when AJ comes back she can continue to do food programs as a guest host. AJ says it’s true and it’s a great chance for her.

Moon asks: “You think because of J that I am sending you far away, don’t you?” AJ: “Yes.” Moon: “You are correct. Before J takes action, I’m hoping you will stall for more time.” AJ says something about how far away J would have to go so that AJ couldn’t hold onto him. Moon pushes the program saying she thinks this is the right path for AJ.

Moon gives J a thick packet of contracts he has to follow from now on. CF and movies options are the best even compared to the past. J points out that she can’t make contracts for CFs yet. If he reveals he is dating AJ, J might have to reimburse them.

Moon: “Do you know how much all of that is? It’s not just money. You are able to do those because you are the best (at the top).”

J: “Whatever decisions I make from now on I am going to push them along. So don’t make GAJ who is going to follow me bear responsibility.” Moon reminds him that as celebrities because of the difference in their levels, he will lose out a lot more than AJ. So from where AJ stands, isn’t she not taking that into consideration enough?

J says he will praise Moon for saying all this so well because that’s how she ended up in charge of their agency. “But what I will clearly say is this: Whatever reason you use to try to dissuade me, I will never let go of her.”

Before she leaves Moon says she left him a script in there and reads the director’s name. Moon reminds J that the director’s movie has a direct ticket to Cannes. If J stars in that, for next spring, J can make reservations now for Cannes and no one will think it’s strange and tells him to read it (she mouthed something but can’t read her lips at all).

H says to Moon: “I know it’s not my place to butt in but Hyungnim and AJ are so close that it would be hard for even death to separate them. So I don’t understand why you are trying to stop them.” Moon: “J lived, so since he survived he has to go the path to live better.” She says basically that’s her job as a top agent.

J looks at the script and is impressed. He says: “Shouldn’t the movie title be that I am going to Cannes?” He looks over at the potato. “To make this film I have to push AJ away. I can’t do that.” He tosses the script aside. “Potato, do you know what I am doing right now? I’m rejecting Cannes.”

He laughs but J is tempted because he likes the script. He wonders what his recharger is doing and not giving him energy at a time like this. The bell rings. “What is this? Did she come?”

J asks: “What is this? You could have just come in pressing 6090. Why press the bell?” AJ: “Since you got a new heart, I wondered if it would be ok for me to just come in.” J: “Of course you can. Hurry and come in.”

He makes room next to him on the sofa for her, but she says she will sit on the other sofa. He asks why she keeps being awkward. Why is she like this? Two months ago before she left here, it wasn’t like this so why is it so different? She says back then, they were thinking not much time was left so even a moment or a second was precious but now thinking about what should they do from now on, that makes it different.

AJ: “I didn’t want to bring this up first but keeping it realistic, what are we going to do now?” J: “Do what? Since we have a future to be together, we should keep staying together.”

AJ: “Ok then. I don’t know if I can ask stuff like this but I heard a lot of CFs and movies came in for you. Are you going to be ok if all that goes away in your future?” J: “GAJ, I only need you. I want to give you a romantic answer but reality makes it hard to say those words but we have to overcome it.”

She asks about his home, if it was bought. He tells her not to think about those things and that they are able to meet up again after going through difficulties. AJ: “How can I not care about those things when this isn’t a romantic comedy?”

J: “GAJ, should I call my accountant and show you with numbers my fortune, taxes… How much the surgery came out to for you to feel safe?” AJ: “Instead of that, are you really going to be ok?” J: “What?”

AJ: “Can someone who has to live being praised and acting arrogant/bragging live with having to watch what others might think and being insulted by people? Do you think you can live like that?” J: “That is something I can only live through if you are by my side, so stop asking me about the future and trying to scare me.”

AJ: “It’s because I feel like I am too selfish. If you insist on coming into my pile of dog poop, somehow I want to clean up the parts that are too dirty and make it a little better for you. But it’s not something I can do in a day or two. I’m really sorry.” J: “If you think like that, you have to cheer me on more so that I won’t be cowardly and hang onto what’s important.”

She moves over and sits by him so he inches closer all happy. She quickly puts her hands on his cheeks and says “recharge” before he knows what happened.

J: “What is that? Is that all of it?” She takes his hands off her waist. AJ: “I will give you a last chance. It’s your last chance to zoom past me so think it over well.”

She leaves. J: “Who killed all her spirit like that?”

J asks if Jenny is the one who made AJ afraid and killed her spirit. Jenny: “I didn’t say anything that was wrong/incorrect.”

J: “I’m ok with it so what difference does it make? Why is everyone jumping in and getting involved?” Jenny: if you two are together, who do you think will be insulted more?” J: “If they take us as a set, we can divide it up.”

Jenny: “Does that work? Your mother-in-law is the whole country. A mother-in-law doesn’t treat her son badly; she only goes after the daughter-in-law to begin with. She will start hearing stuff that she is a pregnant seductress/vixen who held onto your ankles. And from your strongest fans she might be terrorized. A while back when you couldn’t go to Hollywood, you know what your fans did to AJ, right? Say she endures all that and gets married. She won’t have a single day where it’s peaceful.”

J says she is talking nonstop like it’s a script. She says this script is reality. “DJ, just go to Cannes like a cool guy. If you leave AJ alone, she will meet a nice guy.” J: “A nice guy like whom?”

PJ and AJ are talking. He asks why she isn’t coming to get treatment for her ankle. AJ: “It got better because I put some compresses on it at home.” PJ: “Even though you did, if you don’t get it treated properly you won’t be able to tumble anymore.”

AJ: “I think I will be able to stop tumbling and do another program.” PJ: “Really? Then do I need to congratulate you?”

AJ: “I might do an international traveling program. Normally an announcer did it. If I end up doing that, then maybe my image will improve.” PJ: “To get brownie points from mother-in-laws?”

AJ: “Yes. I have to go up even one level for the person I am holding onto to fall even one level less.” PJ: “If that person falls and gets hurt, it’s that person’s fault. If you try to catch his fall, you will only end up getting hurt worse and that person won’t think of you using you as a safety cushion.”

SR to J: “Thank goodness you look healthy. When are you planning to marry AJ? Hurry and do it.”

J asks SR about what she went through a long time ago when the first scandal about their relationship came out. Did she get abused by his fans?

SR: “You’re asking me that now? I was a top-class star too but I heard a lot of insults. That I offered up my body to raise my level, let’s see how long it lasts… I had to change my number a lot because of terrorizing texts.” J: “That happened?”

SR: “To be honest I liked you a little bit back then. Other than your personality being bad, all the people making a fuss were more annoying so I stopped liking you.” J: “You stopped liking me?”

SR: “I’m saying this now but some woman put a knife through my pic and sent it to me, telling me to drop out because I didn’t match your level.” J: “They do stuff like that too.”

SR: “Why are you worried? If KSR was treated like that, AJ will…” (she doesn’t finish because it’s not a nice thought)

J: “So that we don’t have to go through that, after the news breaks, we have to hide out where it’s quiet and avoid it.” SR: “For how long and where?” She waves her phone. “In this day and age, where is there that you can go to avoid it? Also, if you are quiet (something )…” J: “Then that’s not a solution too?”

J is staring at his ring and sighing deeply. The kid asks why J isn’t giving the ring to his aunt since he found it. J says he has a lot of complicated things that a 7-year-old wouldn’t understand. The kid says he has lots of complicated things too.

J: “What is it? Should I look into it?” The kid explains how someone wrote this in the bathroom (and writes it down). He wrote a girl’s name *heart* the kid’s name. J reads it and guesses a scandal broke out for the kid. “Is this true?” The kid nods. He shows J a chain necklace made of paper saying how he made it to give to the girl. J: “So what is complicated?”

Kid: “Friends kept teasing me so I just stayed quiet so (“DB” the girl’s name) just went home.” J: “You shouldn’t have stayed quiet. You should have said DB is my partner and this necklace is DB’s. In front of everyone you should have declared it like that.”

Kid: “If I did, then kids would have teased me.” J: “If this is the truth, you have to put up with the teasing. The answer to the problem for you, a 7-year-old and a 37-year-old, is the same. You tell your friends who the necklace belongs to. And I am going to tell who this belongs to (he is holding the ring).” (“Moon River” played through this scene)

Jenny, AH, and H talk. H says J is recording a talk show now. Jenny guesses he is showing people that he came back ok. She already heard J came back out healthy on the news but he has to show everyone.

AH wonders what J is going to talk about. Moon says J was going to talk about his movie projects and stuff he has planned. Jenny: “If he does all those movies, then it means until they are all done… It means he is saying that he isn’t going to reveal he is dating AJ.”

AH: “Dating secretly could be done but if you get caught dating secretly, it will be harder on AJ.” Jenny: “That is why you have to stop this. You better stop her.” AH says he did stop AJ. He kept telling AJ to do the program Moon got her. Jenny: “She has to do that and get away from J. Also, you said AJ was going to China first. I think PJ is going to China too so I better find out where.”

H says he has to go with Jenny but AH tells H not to make any more advances on Jenny. H: “Why?”

AH: “You drank wine with Jenny, didn’t you? I did too.” H: “You probably just drank wine.” AH shakes his head no. H: “There is no way…” AH nods his head yes. H looks back at Jenny and calls her a bad girl. AH: “Let’s not be twin fools anymore for that bad girl.” They both cry.

J tells her he recorded a talk show. She says she saw the article; the response was amazing. It will get high ratings like 50%. He says: ‘Of course, it will be that high. I bet the entire country will see it.” AJ: “You have to show your fans how healthy you are.”

He asks what she is doing on that night it airs. She says she has to film; since it’s about food it will be shot at night. “I might not be able to see the show.”

J: “GAJ, you said you would give me a chance to run away.” AJ: “Yes.” J: “I said very bluntly what my plans for my future were. If you watch the show, you will know what I will do from now on.”

She promises to watch the show. J: “Yes, watch it. From now on, because I went and bragged all I wanted about what would happen in DJ’s world.” AJ: “You did? And go to Cannes?” J: “I talked about Cannes too.”

She promises to catch the show and tells him to leave. He stops her and ask why she never clung to him even once. “No matter how hard the reality is, (I /you) could like (you/me) enough to ignore all that.”

AJ: “When I see ahead so clearly, how could I ask you to ignore all that? I have been kicked out before, from the very top to the very bottom. In one moment I fell. I am too afraid that you will experience what I already went through. And after that happens, I know too well how much you will resent me, since I did that. You think I was so nice that I didn’t resent Mina and SR and took all the blame and lived? I didn’t—to be honest—inside I hated them and resented them. I am the most afraid you will feel that way towards me. If you decided to zoom by, don’t get tired and just go. That you left me out of your future, I won’t hold it against you. I really mean this. I won’t ever resent you because you sincerely loved me.” She goes in.

SR got her assistant to add her pic and PJ’s pics on Paul and her mushroom character.SR says it’s cute and her mushroom and Paul look close seeing it like this. She wants to show it to PJ saying she did this. The girl asks if SR intends to show it to him.

SR: “Why? If he sees it, will he not like it?” The girl says SR is going to come off looking like a stalker. SR: “Will he? Yeah, I guess he could think I was a pervert. Then I’ll just save it on my phone as background. I want to hurry and see him.”

Jenny brings PJ food. She asks if he is going to China to study. He says he is getting ready to go. She says that’s good because AJ is getting ready to go to China too so they can prepare together and go together. PJ says he heard AJ is doing a program that goes outside of Korea. Jenny asks, “If you are good at Chinese, please teach some to AJ. English is good too.”

SR shows up and says, “I’m here, Jenny unni.” She acts surprised to see PJ here. Jenny to SR: “You called and asked if he was here.” [MUST NOTE: PJ doesn’t look happy to see her. Cause for joyous celebration]

SR sits down and asks to eat with him. PJ: “KSR-shi, even though I ignored you and pushed you away, if you keep doing this, don’t you feel embarrassed?” SR: “It was like that from the start. Since I like to do it, I decided not to pay attention to it.”

PJ says she is like J (the ruler) because SR and J do whatever they want. SR: “Who is that person? The ruler?” PJ: “The two of you are similar like this and suit each other. You two should have made it work.”

SR: “You don’t like DJ, do you?” PJ: “Yes.” SR: “So by saying J and I are alike, are you saying you don’t like me too?” He was going to reply but she tells him not to answer. SR: “It’s ok if you don’t like me. But if you say you don’t like me, I think I will be depressed. I don’t want to hear.”

PJ mumbles with his hand over his mouth: “I said the mushroom was close with Paul.” He smiles and she wonders what he said. (softy had a heart attack here)

J takes the ring off the potato and looks at the potato asking, “Why is it so hard for you to bloom flowers?”

AJ is taking a break from her filming. The woman gives AJ a drink and tells her she is pretty. The woman says how they grow their potatoes in some location in Korea. AJ mentions how potatoes don’t grow well but the woman says they grow really well and how pretty the flowers are when they bloom.

AJ: “Potato flowers do bloom? I never saw one.” The woman shows AJ a pic of a field of potato flowers. AJ looks at it and says: “If our potato blooms flowers it will be this pretty. I didn’t think that flower would bloom. It blooms this pretty.”

J comes out on the show. AJ watches him on TV. They ask if J is healthy and he says he is.

She has to film and they turn it off. The lady asks to watch because she is a fan but the director says watch after filming.

Jenny SR and PJ watch the show. SR mentions how much J worried about AJ recently. Jenny: “What difference does that make? AJ will leave soon and that person will shoot movies and CFs and will be busy.”

AJ interviews the lady and asks about the potato. The customer turns the show back on and they decide to take a break because they want to see the show because it’s almost over. AJ is happy she gets to see the show. She tells J. “That is the potato flower. It would be good if you saw it too.”

They put pics of female celebrities; first two: Shin Min-ah and PSH. He chooses SMA. Then he chooses some other women. Ewww, he chose Lee Da-hae. Then it was Uee and AJ. J chooses AJ so everyone in the room looks at her.

PJ watches too.

J keeps choosing AJ. They ask how long J is going to keep choosing AJ. Without looking the whole time, J keeps choosing AJ. He chooses AJ over Shin Min-ah in the final round. AJ walks closer to the TV set. AJ gets chosen as J’s ideal.

J: “My ideal woman is GAJ. She isn’t just my ideal woman. GAJ is the person I love in real life. It’s correct, we are dating right now. We are both comfortable (with each other).”

AJ cries.

The end


J says on the show: “The greatest love that found DJ. GAJ, I love you.”

Back at her house J wears a giant red bow tie and says: “On the show I was shaking so much. I didn’t get to ask you (and gives her the ring).”

AJ: “Now I caught you for good, I won’t ever let you go.” She hugs him tight.

Moon: “Your situation right now is… You’ve been rejected (kicked out by the public).”

PJ to SR: “I am almost ready now to leave.”

SR says she is going to start some activities soon in China. (just kill me now-softy)

OMG, AJ gets in a car accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was in a van that crashed. J goes to see her lying in a hospital bed and leans over and calls out her name

Is it possible to have withdrawal symptoms when the drama is not even over yet? With each scene and line, I was thinking, “What if this is the last one of these?” Like when PJ came out and smiled, I thought: “What will I do if I don’t get to see those dimples anymore? Can life continue? Will I be able to survive?” (LOL, softy darling, you slay me. –thundie)

Then the kid came out and winked and I was like, “Oh man, next time we see him he will be all grown and will have evolved into another character who couldn’t possibly be as endearing as this one.” When H came out, I knew I would miss him so much because he was the best manager I have ever seen – so loyal, devoted, and affectionate. Next to Secretary Kim from SG, H is my second favorite manager/secretary character.

Each time SR was onscreen, I knew I would scowl at that face until she comes out in another nice role like in SG. Right now I will not miss her face for even a second. If by any chance, SR doesn’t end up with PJ, I might be able to tolerate her more. If PJ makes the biggest mistake of his life and gives in to SR, at least SR has to endure PJ’s mom. That might cover some of their punishment, for SR and for his mom; they both deserve to make each other miserable.

As for AJ and J, there are no words for how much I will miss these two. In the beginning, I thought they made the oddest pair and thought she looked better with PJ. Then I realized that love doesn’t have a look or a fit; it’s just who you are around the person you love. When they are together, they make each other a better person. Not only that, they strive to be better people for each other. In this penultimate episode, I loved watching just how much J was willing to throw away for her and AJ not wanting to let him. They will always have each other’s backs like this, in life and in their career. With that kind of unfailing love and devotion, what could possibly go wrong?

* I need to confess something dumb. During the live broadcast and during the first 3 hrs of translating, I really thought “Cannes” was the name of some drama reference I wasn’t getting. The way Koreans pronounce “Cannes” is so far from correct that I shouldn’t feel too stupid, right? Don’t answer that; it was rhetorical. 😀

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  1. When I watch it live, I kind of dissapointed a little bit of how fast he actually recovers and doesn’t feel like they separated at all. LOL. Just like DKJ said, I kind of expecting melo, romantic comedy and ero the moment they met. (And of of course uri Piljoo is not horror. He’s a genre himself, sweet strawberry dimple smile who can make everyone smile the moment he smiles) But now after rewatch it again with your transcaps in mind I like how this episode goes. Although he’s set all along, that he would reveal his relationships with AJ, he doesn’t make it without giving any thought and not based on his feelings alone. I’m not good at putting my feelings into words but I like how DKJ actually hears from Moon, Jenny, Aejung and even Seri about what awaits him in the future. And they themselves know how DKJ actually care for his image (before) and would take the offer for sure. And now they very well know it’s not his rash decisions but he has thought it very well for this so they better off support them instead.

    I would like to think that he is prepared like he always is to how the nation turned against him and AJ. Makes me remembered in earlier episodes when he’s hallucinating of netizen’s insults to his movie Fighter, in the toilet. XDDD How will he take it now? I guess, seeing how he grows in every episode, he probably can overcome it well as long as AJ is beside him. ^^ And I’m not worry at all about the car accident. XDDD

    And softy, I fall in love with you more each time you giving out your insights. Sigh. *hugs

  2. Ae Jung can keep Dokko. I’ll get to keep Pil Joo.
    Pil Joo ssi, please look at me once in a while… 안돼요?

    • 안돼. Property of softy, and softy alone. XDDDDD

      • Nikesma – if only I could make that come true but alas – never even got to see him in person- yet. So far I saw tons of the other stars here and there like jang dong gun, YAI, and LMH, but no YKS yet. I know exactly what I want to say to him – please pick dramas that have comedy roles for you to showcase your dimples more and it would be even better if you played an athlete.
        I am so watching his movie when it comes out 🙂

        • Wah. You saw YAI? As for YKS, this is my first drama of him. And everytime he smiles I feel weak. Lol. Am definitely going to check his other dramas. ^^

          • Oh did I mention I love hearing his voice as well? So soothing. How when he speaks it lows at the end of every sentence. (If you know what I mean, don’t know how to explain it XDD) ❤

  3. the most honest confession you ever made *salute and LOL*

  4. Thank u so much for everything, softy & thundie! Its nice knowing and reading Dokko girls comments here. This is the first drama that i have been hook in reading the blogs & comments about it. The first drama that i made comments on the comment box. The first drama that I found all episodes very significant and each got climax/highlight moment. It has been a rollercoaster ride ….an unstable heartbeat but in the end, a bloom of greatest love with AeJinDong & the rest of the casts 🙂 Hong sisters did a great job!!!! Congrats MBC prod!!!! Cheers everyone 🙂 Ep16 will surely be an epic episode!

  5. wowwww thanks softie this was wonderful. but i’m so sad that even Jin with a red bow can sheer me up. i haven’t watch epi 16 yet. i know it ended. but i’m trying to ignore the awful truth. I am missing BL already

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