Andre recaps New Gisaeng Story

Not just one episode, mind you, but twenty in all, from Episode 25 to Episode 44.

I know, it’s a lot for a little lad like me to recap. But would you rather I do the job or get my brother to do it? If it’s the latter, then you’ll have to put up with Sa-ran screencaps galore because my brother is nothing if not smitten with his girl. But me? I give you what you see above. Because my brother sees me in the buff all the time (me in the buff, not him, sorry), I thought I’ll return the favor. But promise not to tell my dad, okay? He’s a prickly one.

Speaking of Dad, did you know he got possessed by the ghost of some gisaeng? No kidding! It happened one night when he woke up to pee. Said ghost entered Dad’s body and he started pissing like a woman and dancing like some gisaeng school dropout. Freaked the hell out of me. My fur hair was standing on end, y’all. Maybe yours will, too, when you read about the shenanigans that have been happening in my part of the woods. It’s like everyone’s gone batty. Everyone but me.

I want to start my recap with a preface of sorts. I’m still a wee one, y’all. So don’t expect me to make a lot of sense. After all, sense has been pretty scanty of late in the story that I’m about to relate. Another thing. You may not think me capable of insight since I’m so young, but I see more than you realize. Events unfolding before me and beyond me. I see a lot.

For instance, and I say this affectionately, I can see that my dad’s a huge sissy. He may act like he’s some god at work and at home, but deep down he’s just an insecure little boy who wants to be mothered. When Mom won a dare and made Dad wear a wig, he really didn’t have to, y’know. Because Mom went out so she wouldn’t have known if Dad donned the wig or not. But you know what? Dad went and wore it anyway. Really, he needs to stop doing things that scare the shit out of me. I’m going to grow up with issues, I tell ya.

By the way, did you know Dad’s been feeding me dried pollack? What does he think I am, a cat? Fine then, I’ll just pretend to be one and hiss at him. Because much as he adores me and I him (the feeling’s greater on Dad’s part admittedly), he was behaving like a total thug toward Sa-ran. Trying to drive her and my brother apart. Not just blowing his top when he found out that Sa-ran was THE ONE, but going to extreme lengths to deny my brother a livelihood.

My poor brother Da-mo. How you have suffered. Giving up your comfy bedroom to go sleep in a room where lizards are non-existent, all of them having expired before their prime because of noxious gases swirling inside the room every night. Doing everything you could to win back the heart of your Sa-ran, the woman that you dumped so unceremoniously on your birthday. When it seemed like you were about to succeed, what did she do? Decide to have her hair raised by some obscenely wealthy movie boss.

That whole hair-raising business? I, Andre, could not make head or tail of it. The only thing I can tell you is that it went on for far too long. Is she or isn’t she? Back and forth, back and forth. It sure got everyone flapping, but the one who flapped the most was of course my dear brother. And then, when it seemed Da-mo had no choice but to accept Sa-ran’s decision, what did he do?

Hyung, I’ve got to hand it to you. You DA MAN.

Copious amounts of tears later, and some blood, all was well again between my brother and Sa-ran.

Everyone was giddily happy, everyone except Dad. So what did my brother do in order to show Dad who da boss? Moved all his belongings out of the house, everything including that HUGE photo of himself half-naked. My brother, he’s into the details.

To cut a long story short (because I, Andre, am not into the details; some of them bore me to death on account of how random and repetitious they are), Da-mo won and Dad lost. Our family grew by one and everyone was giddily happy, again.

Well, everyone minus two. On the day of the wedding, Sa-ran’s mom and dad got into a small accident and landed up in the hospital. Which posed a tricky problem: Who was going to walk Sa-ran down the aisle? Who should she and Da-mo pay their respect to, when it was time to bow to her parents? All eyes promptly turned toward Dr. Geum and his newly acquired wife, the former head chef of Buyonggak. So it transpired that on her biggest day, Sa-ran bowed before her real parents who didn’t know they were her real parents and thought they were merely standing in for her fake parents whom everyone thought were her real parents.

It’s an omen, I tell ya, an omen. It’s also more drama than I, Andre, can handle on one day.

Anyway, the wedding proceeded swimmingly, which was such a relief. Everyone was blue in the face holding their breaths for the nuptials to be over because there was no telling what new obstacle might spring up to thwart my brother’s happiness.

Maybe all the excitement did eventually get to Da-mo and Sa-ran because… Oh, I can’t even bring myself to tell you what happened on their wedding night. You know, I have no other sibling except Da-mo and I idolize him with every bit of my little being. Not only is he handsome (the two of us come from good-looking genes although you wouldn’t have guessed it looking at my dad), he’s masculine to boot. So how do you account for this?

It’s the reason I’m seeing a shrink these days. And why I scamper off in the opposite direction when he comes home and calls for me. Wretched memory, die!

But it wasn’t just Da-mo acting totally out of character on the night that he was supposed to consummate his love for his bride, it was Sa-ran acting totally in character when she was supposed to yield to said consummation. Because Sa-ran, she can be standoffish, we’ve seen that. But when one’s been through hell for love, shouldn’t one forget all of one’s inhibitions? Instead of doing what any sane woman would when face to face on a bed with the likes of my brother, Sa-ran started acting all coy and prudish.

Really, even though I’m still a wee lad, I know a stupid wedding night when I see one. Dear brother and dear sister-in-law, I have only one question: Whatever possessed the two of you?

Thankfully the marriage was consummated eventually and continue to be consummated gleefully, judging from the skip in my brother’s steps every day. The guy’s as aglow as a thousand fireflies captive in a bottle.

As for Sa-ran, she spends her days now feeding the family and behaving generally like some nutritionist during meal times. Girl forgot she majored in dance and not food.

Did I tell you what Da-mo and Sa-ran did to get Dad to agree to them moving back into the house? Knowing what I mean to Dad, and to make him eat humble pie so that he would have to accept living under the same roof as the daughter-in-law that he despised, they kidnapped me! You see now why I’ve increased my sessions with my shrink to twice a week? Yes, Dad’s footing the bill but I’m the goddamned one on the couch!

Anyway, life’s more or less settled now in my family. There’s still that thing about Sa-ran’s parentage, but I know my brother’s going to get it all sorted out. He’s a smart one, Da-mo. Hire an acting extra to pretend to be Sa-ran’s real mom so that she can go to Ra-ra’s house and ask if anyone’s been to the house the last twenty-five years looking for the baby that was abandoned? Brilliant idea. Now pray hard for the stars to align so that the right people would be at the house when the fake mom comes a-calling. But dang, of all times to be out of the house, the grandmother had to choose that moment. And of all times to visit, Ra-ra’s mom (the one who birthed her, not the one now presiding over Buyonggak) had to choose that hour. Stars, you have no heart!

So maybe it’ll take all of the remaining six episodes for Sa-ran to meet her real parents. No, don’t bail stop reading now. You’ve followed the story for forty-four episodes, what’s another six more? No, that does not feel like an eternity; exaggeration does not become you. Anyway, don’t you want to know if I’ll become an uncle soon?

While we wait for Sa-ran’s story to run its course, I must tell you about Ra-ra. So she was about to be wedded and was busying herself with wedding preparations while her mama’s boy of a groom sat back and lifted not one finger. After learning that Ra-ra was not the biological daughter of Dr. Geum, the future mom-in-law made her son go on a matchmaking date. Of course Ra-ra and her friends bumped into him feeding said date at the restaurant and of course Ra-ra threw a hissy fit. End of wedding.

“No one loves me. Everyone has betrayed me. Waahh, I’m going to be a gisaeng!”

Sweet and formerly spirited Ra-ra depositing herself and luggage at the doorstep of Buyonggak, to everyone’s collective chagrin. Declaring that she was sick of the world and would henceforth devote herself to the gisaeng house owned by the mom who raised her. Guess who coincidentally decided to move into Buyonggak at the same time? Yes, none other than Kyle from Assorted Gems.

So even though Da-mo and Sa-ran have left, Buyonggak is still as happening as before. And of course Kyle will fall in love with Ra-ra. And become her chauffeur, like he was someone’s chauffeur previously. And show off some mean wakeboarding skills, too. And… to top it off, even make mention of a certain lead in Assorted Gems, saying Seo Young-guk might drop in at Buyonggak one of these days. And so now people who want to bail (out of New Gisaeng Story) have no choice but to stick around just in case Seo Young-guk pops up unannounced.

Go ahead, scream.

But all’s not lost. Guess who’s getting married next? No, not Kyle and Ra-ra. One piggyback ride does not a marriage make; work at it, dude. You have a ways to go before we forget how you played us out one drama ago.

I don’t sound like Andre anymore? Says who? Do you know me like my brother knows me? The last time I checked, I was still very much Andre to him.

Back to what I was saying earlier. Next to get hitched (or at least planning to get hitched, parents’ objections be damned) are Sohn Ja (now renamed Geum Ja) and Gong-joo. Yay! There’s still that little back-history to be resolved (remember how someone’s mom staggered drunk into some toilet and proceeded to pee on someone else’s mom?), but I’m betting the two lovebirds will find a way somehow.

Wait. Not quite lovebirds yet, actually. It’s supposed to be a sham marriage so that Gong-joo can be freed from her mom’s shackles. (I know, I did the obligatory eye-roll as well.) So absolutely no skinship, declares our girl to a despondent Ja. Well, we’ll see how long that rule lasts. Let’s have some hot passion on the wedding night, okay? Do not simply sit and stare at each other.

So there you have it, my recap. Twenty episodes in 2,000 words. Not bad, eh? (Terrible recap, Andre! You left out so many important scenes!) Especially since I’m not given to much yapping chatter normally. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look for my dad and jump into his arms. Hmm, shouldn’t he be home by now? Wait, I hear the phone ringing. My brother’s picking it up. His face has turned ashen. What is going on? What else is going to rock Andre’s world now?

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34 thoughts on “Andre recaps New Gisaeng Story

  1. Hahaha… Bravo Andrrey! *claps*
    And guess what? It got an extension of two more episodes.
    Usually when I drop a drama, I drop, but with there being so few episodes left and a lingering affection for Sonja and Gong-joo I thought I’d stick around till the bitter end, but with an additional two episodes, I think I’d be better off to drop it now.
    Unlike a lot of fellow-watchers I actually loved the high-drama of the middle episodes, the conflicts were great. I don’t get why people are so afraid of high-drama. There was so much bitching about those episodes, and even talks of how the show should be cut, suddenly it’s gone lightweight fluff and it’s hitting 20% in the ratings..? Blah.
    I think the extension may be more about the drama set to take up its timeslot, Lee Dong-wook may need that extra week to rest before he starts filming or something.

    • I think the raising of the hair and the time in the gisaeng house were probably the best part of the show even if it did go back and forth a little too much. The episode where Damo stormed in and clung to her dress after punching out mr rich director guy was my fave. I cried like the chump I am! I had such high hopes for the show after that episodes but now things have just gotten kooky and dare-I-say-it, boring. This drama may turn out to be one of the strangest I have ever seen.

      • I’m kind of thinking it may have been rebellion on the writer’s part. Some people accept criticism gracefully, some let it bounce off them as they forge ahead doing it their way for better or worse and you get some ultra-sensitive types who let it affect them, in a really negative way and then they kind of lash out. I think Im Sung-han is reacting to her critics.
        To think her writing prior to episode 34 was deep, profound, even bordering on feminist and there was the whole in-built debate about the legitimacy of Gisaeng culture. It was really interesting stuff. Y’know?
        Oh well, fangirls got what they wanted; love scenes and Damo in the shower. All that cute stuff.

        • Speaking of fangirls, I just saw Jo Han-seon in your header and a scream just escaped my lips, so high-pitched I just scared myself. *blush*

          I forgot to add that the main theme isn’t so original now that I can pinpoint where I’d heard something very similar to it before – (wait for the cello part).

  2. Hey Andre, listen. You and your demented family have taken our master’s attention away from us too much! She’s constantly screaming at the tv about how Saran must have had a lobotomy or rolling her eyes at Rara and that four-eyed guy who always has a red face. We must admit his Korean is awfully good though! We’re impressed but we/she couldn’t even make it through one episode of that other show he was in so why bring him back now! Wer’re sick of it. We demand you end this silliness pronto so we can go on with our lives. Plus, we want more of that pasty deaf guy! He is so cute. We don’t understand why he keeps going after that mushroom head chick though. I wonder if he needs any pets? I mean he’s got all that space to roam around in and gardens we can dig up! We do love to dig.

    Now Andre, I know you might not be frightened of us being we are just a little pekingese and shitzu, but I warn you. We also have a pitbull in our family and she is sick of your family too! Plus, she likes that Royal Family show better. So watch your back.

  3. I am in the office and thank God noboby is around at this time of the morning (7:00 a.m.) because you had me laughing!! Very funny – very impressive writing! when I get the chance, I make sure I read some more of the links.

    thank you Andre!! your brother is really very attractive – you should try to duplicate that body of your brother DaMo!!

  4. Quite perceptive for a little guy, Andre! I, too, loved all the high drama surrounding Buyonggak and the hair raising (even if I think Sa Ran really needs a beating sometimes to knock the self-righteousness out of her) but also because I’ve managed to convince myself that all the hours I’ve spent watching this show were for educational purposes….Of course now I’m admitting that the real reason I watched was to see a little passion between Da Mo and Sa Ran, so after much head shaking in disbelief there I am holding out for Gong joo and Ja (put your elders to shame, you too!) Let’s hope they don’t go that route with Ra Ra and Kyle….not seeing the chemistry there (And why, may I ask as someone from the US, can they not come up with better American Korean speaking actors than this?!!) I have loved this show all along, so cannot give up now, no matter how many ghosts or nurtitional tid bits come along. After all, wasn’t this the same show that had Da Mo singing “Tombe le Neige”? I expect random riduculousness from time to time so am not too disappointed. Who knows, Andre, they may introduce a doggie for you to love, too!

  5. Andre , you are the best ! My love for this show is still here because the OTP is awesome and I like all the other characters who give the impression of true life .
    I like very much the editing , the music and all the attention paid to the details such as the colours , and the reflection about Fate : are the other people the makers of your Fate or are you your own decider ? Saran and Damo against others ?

  6. I am not actrually watching this drama because one more drama will drive me up the wall…. but i am intently savoring the recaps of zelioner…this was just dabaek thundie!! thank you

  7. thanks andre! that was good… tell your sister in law to show your brother how much she love her… you know your brother needs some skinship… :p

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  9. Hey Andre. You’re smarter than you look. Great job on your first recap outing!
    Next time your dad picks you up from your therapy session, get him to take you to a hair salon too. If anything, gotta keep up the pretty appearance, ya know.

  10. Andre I think you should have your dad or your mom talk to your therapist about your med’s. I have been concern about you because you have been so non responsive as of late, but now that I know you are having issues and I sure being medicated it makes sense.

    Again check those med’s I would hate to see you turn into a prescription addict.

  11. OMG reading this is much much better than watching the show!!! I’ve never laugh as hard as today… hmmmm kinda depressed because LTM is ending and seeing the last part of ep14 was a downer… anyway, thank you for making laugh…

  12. “But when one’s been through hell for love, shouldn’t one forget all of one’s inhibitions? Instead of doing what any sane woman would when face to face on a bed with the likes of my brother, Sa-ran started acting all coy and prudish.”

    Andre, we think the same on this. After all the passion defending their love, why was the honeymoon so… so-so. And with a super-hottie like your brother! I could never understand SaRan….

  13. Hilarious post.
    Hilarious comments.
    Addressed to the dog?
    Oh my, this drama….
    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Writer Im, you win!

    • You know what really, really bugs me? (And makes me so mad, grrrr!)

      Spoilery for Assorted Gems:

      It’s Kyle confessing in New Gisaeng Story what he should have told us early last year in Assorted Gems… that he wasn’t in love with Ruby! And then telling Ra-ra, in a most pointed way, that he’s ready to fall in love now.


      The countless hours he spent with Ruby, building up a relationship that we felt so invested in, and he was just leading her (and us) along? And now, hardly knowing Ra-ra but just mesmerized with her beauty I bet, he’s ready to commit?

      Kyle is reminding me afresh why I was so pissed off with AG’s illogical and totally haphazard ending. To think I adored the drama so much until the final two episodes. I honestly don’t have high hopes for NSG’s ending. What’s with the stupid ghost anyway? And Michelle’s appearance was so random. And this whole fake marriage thingy with my favorite Ja and Gong-joo… The drama’s all over the place now and the main reason I’m still watching is because the subs come out so fast (bows to awesome Viki team especially dramaok). A secondary reason is just to see Sa-ran and her real parents cry a river of tears when they finally reunite. I actually don’t care that much now, to be honest.

      Sorry for the rant. Episode 33 was so good, but after our OTP got married, it just went downhill.

      • It didn’t go downhill : you should have been aware since the very beginning with the episode of the thief that the drama is about real life with its good , bad , odd , funny moments and not simply about love ; however , the different facets of love are very well depicted . Kyle and Rara are very interesting : they don’t have special chemistry but they bring eachother what the other one lacks ; and it shows us that now you don’t feel things as you thought things had been .
        Michelle’s appearance was indeed a trick but usefull to show different things about Song Ja.
        Gong -joo has so many wounds inside ( as her dances showed us ) ; no wonder she is afraid of a real marriage .
        This drama stays as one my favourite ones because it is a very rich one – you could speak about it for hours – and because the OTP is absolutely awesome .
        Thanks for your post Thundie .

        • Just happened to stumble on this today…. so a bit late in reply. I think Alexe has something here….about the drama being a very ‘rich one’, including all the quirky bits. Totally agreed that the OTP is truly awesome…. these 2 rookie stars really bring some sort of magic to the screen whenever they appear together or even singularly, such are their charisma and smexy appeals.

          Try to imagine ‘oldies’ like the OTP (Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye) in Lie To Me playing the roles of Adamo and Dan Sa Ran….urghh ! Their image are too jaded and ‘has-been’. Sung Hoon and Im Soo Hyang are absolutely perfect here as the awesome OTP.

          I am very thankful that I decided to watch this drama, albeit a bit late ( started about 8 days ago)…. but the advantage is that I don’t have to wait week after week for the next episode….. so i marathoned through all the 47 episodes within 5 days !!! 🙂 To think that I almost miss the bus ! shudder ~ To think that I almost miss seeing hottie Sung Hoon and the divine Ms Soo Hyang and the rest of the wonderful casts in this so engrossing drama ( altho i will admit to fast-forwarding on some parts like when the male employees at Buyounggak had their war of words and fights with the cooks etc etc, and the ghost thingy carried to the extreme when the 2nd and 3rd ghosts got into the act too).

          Thank you thundie for your post. And thank you Alexe for your wonderful comments!

      • Agreed 100% about NTOG, Thundie. They are soooo gonna make us hold out for that reunion until like ep 52 though I just know it! ARGH. And damn that 2 episode extension. I know Scent of a Woman probably needs more time to prepare with LDW JUST exiting the military but even just an extra week of Gisaeng is going to ruin it even more than it already has been. 😦

  14. I feel relieved to see I’m not the only one who thinks this whole show has gone crazy.
    I just keep watching bx after more than 40 hours invested I feel bad missing the end, and also bx I’m curious to know what other craziness comes to the mind of the writer.
    Well thanks for making me laugh.

  15. my god!

    i definitely have to repeat again the series until 100x .. hahhahha… good actors/actress and storyline.. and outburst the tears like i’m the one in the drama.. hehe

    a MUST to buy to ORIGINAL DVD.. ;p

  16. I just finished NTOG a few hours ago after several days of marathoning the drama. I suspect writer Im has some kind of schizophrenic tendencies. Bear with me if my ramblings are schizophrenic too.
    * Possessed by a ghost? WHAT?
    * 3 people discovering that their parents are not their parents?
    * And those 3 are somewhat related to each other?
    * Several people drop dead in the middle and in the end?
    * Where is Andre in the last few episodes?

    Da-mo and Sa-ran goes through various personality transplants which I can’t extrapolate because I’m not from Neptunus. In a nutshell, it’s all pizazz and zing before marriage – I watch them in fascination, wondering how far they will go, how far they will push each other and how the conflict will be resolved. After marriage: *hoahm*, *time to sleep*.

    I love Kyle & Ra Ra but together they make a big fat zero chemistry.
    I don’t get the interaction of the workers at Buyonggak. Seems like forced comedy to me? FF button, you rock.
    Son Ja – Gong Joo: are you telling me that they let you get married at your age? Huh?
    What is actually the function of Sa-ran’s adopted father and step-mom? Other than becoming a story line to push Sa-ran into Buyonggak.
    To think about it, almost everyone gets a personality transplant at one stage to push the story forward. Except Andre, of course. He just goes missing in the end.

    Writer Im: you totally boggle my mind. It’s OK that I don’t get everything I want in Assorted Gems. But you give me THIS now? It’s not ALL bad, but overall very blech. The biggest question of all: where is the warmth and the love that I expected from you? I know, I know, thou shall not have expectation in the world of k-dramas coz the rollercoaster has a mind of its own. Writer Im, it is humiliating and painful to admit this, but I’m not done with you. I will give you another chance due to my love of AG. I will retain selective good memories of NTOG and hypnotize myself into self induced amnesia for the rest. Amen. I’m so tired.

    • Bravo, blahblahh! Thank you for ranting on my behalf!

      The drama started out promising, lost its footing for a while and then found it back, but the episodes after our OTP got hitched really take the cake for lunacy of the first order. Da-mo dressing up as a woman on his wedding night. WTH? Then sweet, sane Son-ja on his wedding night giving us a repeat of what Da-mo did but reinvented to make us scream louder. *wails* And seriously, what’s with the ghosts and the exorcism and the people dropping dead for no reason…

      Not touching this writer’s work ever again.

      Oops, just remembered I forgot to rate NTOG. *goes to do it now*

      • Good Lord, now I have the mental image of Da-Mo in a wig and Son Ja the Superman with his tiny butt is encased in blue lycra.

    • This drama by Im Sung-han is not as bad as it was made out to be……with its flaws and all, actually it is worth watching, ( esp from episode 1 to epi 40, which is plenty enuf ), with some really memorable scenes and the two main leads (rookie Sung Hoon and Im Soo-Hyang) turned out to be the best OTP to-date, and that’s a real compliment !

      Pity those who skipped this…….they just don’t know what they’r missing ~

      But then this comment are not meant for those who think the plot-less Lie To Me and other such mindless rom-com deserve the best award of the year !

      • I actually kind of liked a lot about this drama – I found the Gisaeng angle interesting, and for the most part liked the characters, which considering the amount of them is saying something (Gong Joo’s mother could have been offed much earlier!) And I can remember seriously being on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode around the hair raising time.

        I do agree that there were plenty of WTH moments throughout but they kind of made me laugh (until the ghost, there was no redemption in that.) After the wedding it just kind of steam rolled over a cliff, but to me it was worth watching just to see the whole Damo crying scene and the mother daughter reunion.

        I’ll watch Im Sung again (unlike some, I like her fast, choppy pace), but only if Kyle is not in it! He is a complete turn off to me and needs to actually learn how to act first.

  17. What I can’t believe is that when her adoptive dad and step-mum die at the end, Sa Ran is almost completely non-fussed. I’m pretty sure she entered BuYongGak in the first place to pay back to her adoptive parents what they did for her, despite not being blood related… But as soon as she has her real family, she leaves Gong Joo to cry in the dark.
    The actress for Michelle (really random appearance, I must say) wasn’t actually American, was she?
    It kind of annoys me when they have actors/actresses who are supposed to be American or English but aren’t. Like in Tamra Island (haven’t watched it in ages so can’t remember names) where the blond dude is actually French, and the Japanese dude is actually Korean and speaks better English than the ‘English’ one.
    I can’t believe BuYongGak put up with Sa Ran and Da Mo for so long. Da Mo blew up over every little thing and Sa Ran was just plain mean. I don’t see how she managed to get pregnant, I swear the only time they even kissed was under water.
    I mean, I did enjoy it, the drama of the story was great! I love how the outtro rushed in shockingly at the end of each episode no matter how anticipating the cliff-hanger.
    For example;
    Ja: “Sa Ran noona, I think I’m gonna sell my house.”
    GASP. Freeze, and cue theme tune.
    I say all of this, but I did honestly enjoy it. I enjoyed it enough to rewatch the entire thing. Although the whole marriage thing annoyed me. Like how after meeting someone once, you should marry them. Or you should only date with the intent to marry. Pfft.
    I actually recommend New Tales of Gisaeng. Enjoy ^_^

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