Best Love: Episode 14

Shows like this should come with an accurate detailed warning label: Proceed with caution – you won’t know just how painful this can be till you are right smack dab in the middle of it. It could get more addicting than air. Your tear ducts will get quite a workout from overuse. You could lose all sense of reality and imagine giving hugs to characters that do not exist. You will forgo sleep, free time because you will want to watch reruns over and over and life as you know it will pause on Weds and Thurs at 10pm Korean time. It will stomp all over your heart then pacify you with adorable characters you can’t stop smiling over. It will keep you dazzled with a really hot second lead* you’ll cheer for all the way till the end, despite knowing the truth from minute one. It will have heartfelt moments you think you’ve heard and seen before, but realize no one did it better than this show. More importantly, it will reinvent how we look at love which is an almost impossible feat in itself. And at the end of it all, you won’t care that there was no warning label because nothing could have dissuaded you from watching this once you started. This drama will remain one of the best this year not only because it deserved to be, but because there was no way it could ever be anything else than what the title said – greatness personified.

(*scroll down to see really hot pic of really hot second lead, keke)

Pre-recap present

Yang Han-yeol (양한열), the kid who plays Ding Dong, was interviewed at school. During break time other kids from other classrooms, some as old as 5th grade, go into his classroom just to stare or get his autograph. He signs like a pro, asking for the kid’s name to add to his autograph. His best friends act as his bodyguards and turn away other kids when break time is over. Ding Dong says he signs as many as 100 a day. Like a grown up, he says he feels bad to his classmates for all the fuss other kids make around him therefore inconveniencing his friends.

In one week, he goes out to film about ten times. He has stayed up all night to shoot before too; he finished at 5:58am and he also finished around 6am. Kid was asked isn’t it hard to study and act but he says it’s ok. While studying he can be a smarter actor (awww). (*don’t misconstrue this; he wasn’t overworked or anything and it was just twice, probably for that picnic /kimpap scene when J went over to AJ’s home)

They follow him home as he walked and OMG, his home has a swimming pool. Plus two huge dogs. His mom looks sort of like a man with her hair so short. His dad is pretty good looking for an average guy. The kid used to love Johnny Depp but recently changed to DJ. Because he never met Johnny Depp even once and isn’t good to him, but DJ treats the kid really well.

I just realized PJ is going to be my Moon Jae-shin (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) again. For the last few episodes, my hope for a kiss between AJ and PJ has been fading, but now reality set in. Tonight I had to face facts: it is never going to happen. There should be some kind of Kdrama rule that if the second lead who is hotter than the main lead doesn’t get the girl, to appease his fans, the writer should include a scene where he gets to kiss the girl passionately at least once or twice and throw in an obligatory shower scene, shirtless work out scene, or a variation of the two. I wonder who I need to blame. Did YKS ask to be let off the hook? Did he let himself go lately and didn’t feel like competing against CSW’s abs or did the Hong Sisters never see YKS’s shirtless photos before? Because let me tell you, one peek at that and they would have been running to their computers to add in a scene to showcase his great physique. Do yourselves a favor and google it and thank me later. 🙂

(googled and ogled; thank you, Softy! –thundie)

Best Love Episode 14 (live)

After AJ yells out for him to tell her he is joking, DJ steps closer to say, “In this situation, with your strength alone you won’t be able to get out of it. If you sell me out, you can get out.”

AJ: “I can get out of it?” She gets sarcastic. “That’s good. Now I don’t have to cry because you are my guy, since you are going to die. How good is that?”

He holds her wrist. J: “Think about this coldly.”

AJ: “How much more can I be cold? I’m cold enough to freeze to death, saying that it’s good that you are dying.” J: “GAJ.”

AJ: “Isn’t that what you are saying to me right now? You are asking me to sell your death to get me out of trouble.” She takes her hand away; he holds it again but she shakes it off.

AJ: “Don’t hold onto me. Now I am not your charger or anything. Thinking that you are dying – you think it’s ok to bury your bones in dog poop. Don’t even dream about it. It’s my patch of dog poop. I never even thought of putting you in it. Don’t even dream about dying too. Live well on top of that high arrogant tower.”

After she leaves, he says: “Please, GAJ.”

Moon asks about J and AJ shakes her head. Moon tells AJ not to sell out anyone if she doesn’t want to. All she has to do is say “I’m sorry” and Moon will take care of the rest.

Reporters ask if it’s true that AJ betrayed everyone when her group disbanded. “Are you going to tell everything truthfully today? How do you feel now? Don’t you feel sorry to your members? Don’t you feel apologetic to YPJ?”

She says sorry for disappointing and she should have behaved better and that she will stop being a celebrity. One reporter asks what AJ thinks of how she kept being a celebrity with her dirty image. AJ thinks about what J said about not being able to get out of this with her strength alone.

Reporter asks: “What do you think is the way to change your image?”

She thinks of what J said: “While I am dying I can protect you.” So she says aloud: “If I die, will that work? If I die, will I be able to get out of this? If I die—whatever I sell, whoever I loved—will I be able to get forgiveness and go to clearer pastures and not be insulted? Then will I be able to get out of being the unlikeable GAJ and get out of this? If I die… what can I protect? It doesn’t make sense…”

She cries too much to continue so Moon steps in and says they will end here. AH takes AJ away.

Moon reports to J what happened with AJ’s interview and that it didn’t go well. J orders for a statement to be prepared and that he wants to cover her news with something bigger: DJ has a major heart surgery ahead and it’s a matter of whether he will live or die. If it’s that kind of news, then it will cover hers.

Moon: “If you explode that, you are throwing away the rest of the time you have till your surgery. You want to spend the time you have left with reporters sticking by you?”

J: “There has to be something to throw away to be able to protect.”

Jenny tries to stop AJ from drinking so much wine.

AJ: “If someone you love could die, aren’t you supposed to wail and cry and cling to him and beg him not to die? Aren’t you supposed to be sad together and comfort each other? But he says if he dies, something good will happen to me. What am I supposed to say? You’re going to die soon; thank you for dying. He can’t die but am I supposed to say that?”

Jenny asks what AJ is talking about. Did something happen to DJ? Who is going to die?

AJ: “He said while he is dying, he is going to improve my image. He said he will stay by my side doing that. How can I be by his side?”

AJ passes out crying. J shows up and Jenny tries to wake her but J says to leave her alone.

Jenny: “Didn’t you come to talk to her?”

J: “GAJ doesn’t listen at all; just leave her be. I’m going to look at her like this and kidnap her. Are you going to report me?”

AH reads the press releases H is preparing and finds out that J will have heart surgery. Does it mean he could die? H: “Yes.” AH: “What do I do? Does our AJ know? What do I do about AJ?” H asks how he can just worry about AJ in this situation. AH says he is worried about J too but she is his younger sister.

H says that J is releasing these articles because of AJ. He is revealing this news to cover for her. AH wonders if J had sincere feelings for AJ. H: “He doesn’t even have much time left before his surgery.” He begs AH to ask AJ to stop J.

J touches her hair and talks to AJ while she is passed out.

J: “Aren’t you going to repeat words today like your usual drinking habit? You’re not doing it. There were words I wanted to hear even if they came out of your drunken habit of repeating. No matter what I do, please forgive them all. Please understand it all.”

He leans in and whispers “I love you” and she repeats it: “I love you.”

J grins. “That’s good. Since you said that, now I have an urge to abduct you.” He holds her hand.

PD and writer meet with PJ. PD tells PJ about how he got what PJ said corrected from his point of view. Even the PD confirms that the news sites were too harsh with AJ. PD asks the writer what the response to the article is. She asks “What this is?” so the PD asks, “If they’re insults again, is it too severe?” The writer says there is nothing about AJ. All the search sites are about DJ and his heart surgery.

PJ asks if news of J’s heart surgery came out. The writer says yes. There is no article about AJ at all. J’s articles have supplanted hers completely.

AJ wakes up and realizes she is at J’s home. J comes up holding a glass of water. She asks what he did. He tells her to drink water to sober up. She asks why he brought her here. He says he kidnapped her to be with her.”

AJ: “I told you I didn’t want to.”

J: “When you were drunk, you didn’t say it like that.” She says she is leaving.

J: “You can’t leave. There are tons of reporters everywhere now; can’t even compare to last time.” She looks out the window and asks why reporters are out in front of his house.

AJ: “Did you tell them about you and me?”

J: “I didn’t talk about you – I just told them about me. I only told them that I was going to have surgery. What you said to the reporters today… No one is talking about it. Everyone now is only talking about (he pats his heart) DJ’s heart.”

AH says all the news is about J. H says there are tons of reporters gathered at J’s home. AH: “AJ is with J right now, huh?” H: “Even though everyone in the world bothers them, let’s leave them alone.” Jenny: “AJ loves J so she will need to settle her feelings.”

J: “Reporters are gathered and if you leave, what do you think will happen? It doesn’t matter to me.”

AJ: “What do you want to do now?”

J: “Until I have to go to the hospital, I want you to keep staying here.”

AJ: “You must be crazy. I don’t like you that seriously.”

J: “It doesn’t matter. You were like that from the beginning. I started on my own because I wanted to. Until the very end, I am going to see you as much as I want. GAJ, I don’t have time to convince you or make you less angry. Being angry, being upset, crying… Do all that in front of me because I need to see you even a little bit more.”

AJ: “Let me go out.”

J: “I won’t send you away. If you leave now, you are admitting in front of people that you are my woman. You said you didn’t want that right? So just stay by my side so I can see you. Either way – I like both.” She says she doesn’t like both and goes upstairs.

J: “GAJ, my home is an open space so wherever you go I can see you. Right now I can see you are going upstairs.”

AJ looks online at the news and mutters: “J did cover everything.” J looks in the fridge and says there is plenty of sustenance. He says how happy he is.

PJ reads the news articles. He says in the end he (J) took her out of that world. He remembers how J said he wouldn’t die quietly. Jenny tells PJ that J kidnapped AJ and took her away. “Both of them looked so bad off that I couldn’t stop him.”

PJ: “That person does what he wants.” She says it’s good that J and AJ were able to get through this ok (without being caught). PJ: “But nothing has been resolved; the misunderstanding with AJ has been cleared up.”

Jenny: “What can we do when AJ won’t talk about it?” PJ: “AJ said she would protect so the people she was protecting, we should meet them and make them clear it up.”

SR meets with Moon. SR says lots of reporters came to her. “Is J’s condition that serious?” Moon: “Yes, the survival rate of a successful surgery is low.”

SR: “What AJ say yesterday about dying and getting out of it… Was she talking about J?” Moon: “Yes, DJ is going to give all his image to AJ. If DJ ends up dying, AJ’s image as the woman he loved will be so great.”

SR: “Then why didn’t AJ accept that?” Moon: “Don’t you think she protected J the way she could?”

SR mutters that AJ was always good at protecting people from a long time ago. Moon reminds SR that AJ protected SR too when the group disbanded.

Mina tells PJ that she is going back to America soon. “What happened to AJ didn’t get bigger like I thought and was covered up well so that’s good.”

PJ says if she thinks it’s good, shouldn’t she explain about AJ to the people involved? “There was someone who kept wanting to meet you. Meet that person today.”

PJ calls and has someone brought inside. SR shows up and asks why he wanted to see her suddenly. Mina stands up.

PJ: “The person SR was looking for and wanted to meet… I wanted you to be able to meet her.”

Mina and SR talk with Jenny. Mina says what AJ said about “If I die, can I get out of this?” Mina said that to AJ 10 years ago on the rooftop when AJ chased Mina and told her to not go (jump off the roof).

Mina: “I want to quit everything and forget all of it. Please help me. All that bad press (burden) AJ is receiving now, it’s all mine. During Treasure Girls I had a hard time. I wanted to get out of it. Also, I found someone I loved then.” SR guesses the idol member Mina was dating.

Mina: “Even though it was hard and we were busy, we really loved each other a lot. I was planning to marry him and run away but because of your prank, SR, my hope died.”

SR watches Mina touch her stomach (meaning the baby died). They show how SR put medicine in the drink and how later Mina complained of pain. SR says she didn’t know. She cries and says she was just mad because people looked down on her and left her out. She thought AJ was causing all that. “I was just kidding around to pay her back.”

Mina says AJ knew at that time that she was pregnant and knew something had happened to the baby and got mad at SR like that. (*in Korean they didn’t use the words “pregnant” and “miscarriage”; I added it)

Jenny: “So that’s what happened. If AJ had said something about your prank, SR, you wouldn’t have come this far.”

Mina: “I wanted to run away and die but AJ saved me and helped me run away. AJ didn’t reveal why she hit you, SR, and made a contract with another agency and disbanded the group. AJ protected all of us.”

AJ looks at the potato. J calls up and asks if she is going to keep staying upstairs. He goes up and starts to take his sweater off. She asks what he is doing. He says he is going to change clothes so she goes down. He follows her.

AJ: “What?” He says he is going to work out first. She goes to the stairs and he blocks her. She gives him a look so he asks, “What?” He was going to wash first. She turns and walks away again.

J: “GAJ, talk. If you are going to get angry and insult me you have to open your mouth. If that doesn’t make your anger go away, use your arms or legs and kick and hit me because it’s ok.”

She just sits on the sofa and turns on the news. The reporter says how they interviewed the surgeon in charge (J’s doc) over the phone. J’s doc is interviewed and asked about J’s chances of survival. The doc says all they can reveal is…

J turns off the TV. J: “Why are you watching this? If you are curious, ask me directly.” She says she wants to watch it on TV.

J: “Fine then. I will do it like the way it comes out on TV.” He holds the remote like a mic and puts it up to his mouth and makes her hold it.

J: “Section TV reporter GAJ, ask the questions you are curious about.” He holds the mic up to her mouth.

She asks when the date of the surgery is. He answers in one week or 160 hrs; there is not much time left. She asks how difficult is the surgery and about the survival rate. He says 10%. “The survival rate isn’t high, huh?” She says she hopes he recovers quickly and puts the remote down, but he picks it up saying: “How could you do an interview like this?”

J: “I have someone I care about, but since there isn’t much time left and since my survival rate wasn’t high, I hid it from her. Whatever she does, she does three times. Seeing how that girl isn’t asking anything, it seems she is really mad. In her head she probably keeps wondering about the answer to the question ‘Why did you have to do that?’ which is just one: I did it because I loved her too much. GAJ, I don’t have time to explain this or that with you. For all the questions there is only one answer: I love you.”

She starts to cry. He holds her.

J: “GAJ reporter, isn’t it a waste that you can’t put this pre-surgery interview out there on the real show?”

AJ: “Don’t make me the last (tuckjong) for you. Don’t try to prepare me like that.” She cries. He hugs her.

J: “Ok, I will do everything you tell me to.”

SR repeats how AJ protected her. Jang shows up with a reporter and asks SR to say to the reporter what she and Jang talked about last time, about who was in the middle of her break-up with DJ. The reporter asks if it’s true that AJ got in the way between SR and J leading to their break-up.

SR: “That’s right, AJ did get in the way/interfered.” Reporter asks if SR means that AJ was the cause. SR: “No, when I was having a hard time, AJ got involved and comforted me a great deal.” Jang: “What?”

SR says ever since they were Treasure Girls she was really close with AJ and she was upset to hear bad things about AJ during their time together as Treasure Girls. “I was going to do an interview to clear this up anyway so this worked out. Should we do it now?” The reporter agrees. Jang: “KSR, then should I talk about what happened with Mina?”

SR: “Mina… I met her yesterday. Since we met after a long time, it was good to see her and we had fun. How about if we all gather together and meet?”

Jang asks why SR did that suddenly. She tells him to leave AJ alone and forget about what happened ten years ago. Jang says after he killed himself nurturing her, AJ left on her own to do well. He is going to show the group he is nurturing now that if they betray like AJ they will fail.

SR: “If you do that, your group Candy will disband like Treasure Girls. Among them there is a girl who thinks she is the best and has all the popularity and is dating secretly just like we used to. Take care of them better.”

Jang asks if she took some kind of pic with AJ and SR replies she doesn’t really want to but should she take one? She says she knows his member Hae-mi filmed Couple Making even though she has a boyfriend. She will keep her mouth closed if he keeps his mouth closed.

SR tells PJ how she was able to stop Jang. He says she got better and she says it’s because PJ kept “treating” her. She says that AJ is caught in J’s home so “Aren’t you going there to save her? Does Paul not want to go rescue Nina from the hands of the ruler anymore?”

PJ: “You don’t know how that comic ends, do you? The ruler disappears and Nina comes back to Paul’s world.”

SR: “Paul took her back?” PJ: “That’s why Paul is the strangest kid.”

SR asks what happened with her character and Paul. PJ: “Let’s see… what happened? It’s because Paul didn’t have much interest in (her) character.”

SR: “I don’t remember the story for that comic well but I do remember my character was popular. How much longer is Paul going to cling to Nina?” He says until Nina doesn’t cry anymore.

AJ and J eat. She tells him they are running out of rice and it’s the last of one of the side dishes. He says he thought she wouldn’t feel up to eating so he thought it would be enough but she is eating better than he thought. AJ: “I thought if we eat the rice up quickly, you would think of leaving here.”

J says he doesn’t want to go and be treated by doctors looking at him pitifully and wants to hang in there to the very end right here. She asks how someone who wanted to hang on till the end being cool could think of going with her to roll around in dog poop.

J: “Since it might be the end, if it’s for you I thought there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do.”

AJ: “Even before you thought of it as the last time, were you thinking of revealing our relationship? Be honest and say it.” He says before he was surprised by that situation; he was thinking of deciding things.

AJ: “Because you keep thinking you could die, you just thought you could reveal this and that.”

J: “Don’t make my love look insincere.”

AJ says she wishes he would go back to worrying realistically about being involved with unlikeable GAJ because back then he worried about his own future.

AJ: “Why do you only worry about my future? I am not happy at all that you are dying and protecting my future. Just live and say, ‘it’s so good that I didn’t impulsively reveal my relationship with GAJ.’”

J: “Ok, I am going to make sure I live and show you what you said was wrong.”

AJ: “I also don’t like the two of us sitting here staring at the time. I don’t like it because it feels like a final countdown. Since you can’t trust the future that you will live, you liked it so much you abducted me and brought me here and you are being careful not to even touch me.”

He looks at her funny.

AJ smiles: “I thought it was weird all that time, saying let’s go play and made sure to bring along Hyun-kyoo, citing CF contract restrictions, can’t take off clothes…”

J stops her: “Wait a minute.” He gets up and extends his hand to help her stand up. He kisses her a lot.

J: “Just wait and see. I am going to have a successful surgery and show you a lot more future.” They hug.

AJ: “You have to do that. You make sure you do that. I am going to trust that and go out of here now. If I stay here and the day of the surgery comes, reporters will be here and it will be hard for me to follow you. At your most important moment you’ll need your charger by your side.”

J: “That’s right. When I have surgery, make sure you are by my side. Come and sing ‘thump thump’.”

She nods looking up at him. AJ: I will keep singing it till your battery is full.” They hug tightly and he says “recharge.”

An ambulance is called. H rides shotgun. AH comes out of the back of the ambulance looking worried with H. They go into J’s home. A body is brought down from J’s home. H is crying and distraught. Reporters leave and follow the ambulance. Inside the ambulance H asks the paramedics to unbuckle AH.

J looks out and says all the reporters followed the ambulance so she can leave. J walks her out holding hands.

AJ: “See you at the hospital. I will be there waiting.” He says he will give her the interview. She smiles and says she will keep calling.

J: “Don’t leave looking so happy; it’s making me feel bad.”

AJ asks if she should say something for him that she really feels inside. J asks what that is.

AJ: “I won’t do as you said you would let me do, not wanting to wait for the time to pass here. I won’t explain why and make things complicated. There is only one correct answer.”

J guesses: “Because you like me a lot.”

AJ: “Thang (incorrect). More than you think… I love you a great deal more.”

J cries and says: “My heart—with your love—will overcome.” He holds her face and says he had one final reason to kidnap her but look forward to it in the future. She nods.

After she leaves, he holds onto his heart and cries.

J looks at the flower ring he has for her. “Will I be able to give you this future?”

Jenny and AH and H are talking. She asks if AJ went home ok. AH says AJ keeps sleeping. She asks H if J is ok at home. H: “Yes, but he keeps sleeping. If they stayed together, even a minute or a second wouldn’t have been enough but since they are apart they probably want the time to pass quickly.”

She asks if H was struggling with a problem these days because of J and not because of her. He says yes. She looks disappointed and AH looks gleeful.

H: “Why would I worry because of you?” AH tells H not to worry because of Jenny at all. H leans in and says the wine he drank last time was really good and asks if he can drink it again. Jenny pinches H’s cheek.

AH to H: “When did you drink wine with Jenny?” H: “Ask Noona.” H giggles and runs off. AH is upset. He asks if she gave wine to H. Jenny: “Think whatever you want.” She leaves. AH: “Jenny! That bad girl. What is this? Did I become PJ?”

Jenny goes outside and SR is there. SR says she did an interview about their Treasure Girls days and made it sound like they were close so the four of them need to meet and take a pic because it will be helpful to AJ. Jenny will do it, right? Jenny agrees to do it and asks if busy SR came all this way just to say that.

SR stammers so Jenny asks if SR has something to say to her. SR asks if PJ comes here often. Jenny asks if SR in interested in PJ. SR admits she is and tells Jenny to not push AJ and PJ together. Jenny says she wanted to but AJ likes someone else so Jenny can’t. SR: “That’s right. AJ has to work out with J.”

SR is praying in church and they think she is praying over J. She is praying that J has a successful surgery and work out well with AJ and give her PJ.

Moon and AJ talk. Moon says it got quiet now like it was just a lie, after everyone went after AJ like they wanted to kill her. AJ says she feels embarrassed about the interview she did. Moon tells her how SR got involved and said nice things about AJ and their Treasure Girls days, and about how PJ did an interview for Couple Making for her sake. AJ says she needs to thank everyone.

Moon: “You know it could happen again since you experienced it a few times, right?” AJ: “Since I experienced it a few times, it was hard to go through each time.”

Moon says J thinks he could be AJ’s man because he could die, but J will live and go back to his reality so what AJ chose to do is good. AJ says as long as he survives, even if he cuts their ties and zooms past her, she can say goodbye while dancing.

(*this might sound confusing so here is an explanation: Moon makes some kind of comment about what J is going through, all this shock and stuff so he is forgetting about reality and implies that he is only doing this—declaring his love for AJ and stuff—because he thinks he could die, but when he survives and reality sets in, he might see things clearer. AJ goes along with it saying she can let him go with a happy face as long as he is alive.)

AJ thanks PJ for all his help doing the interview for her and stuff, and for his help with Mina and clearing up the misunderstanding about AJ without putting Mina in a bind; she is most grateful about that. PJ says he is glad he could be of help. She says she wanted to say goodbye to him properly while filming the last show but it’s ending like this.

AJ: “Thank you for everything all this time.” He says she is saying goodbye like they wouldn’t meet again. AJ says it’s because they don’t need to meet to film and he is going far away to study. She offers to buy him a meal at Jenny’s before he goes.

AJ: “I’ll be leaving.” She gets up to leave and he stands up and calls out her name.

PJ: “Your expression is a lot more cheery than I thought it would be.”

AJ: “Did you think I would be crying nonstop because of J’s heart?”

PJ: “I was worried that you might be hurt (scarred).”

AJ: “I have to be by his side and overcome.”

PJ: “If you are by his side, isn’t it harder to overcome? That’s why most people move far away. Whether it’s studies or work, using excuses to avoid it. If you run away, you thought you wouldn’t be able to protect. When what you want to protect disappears and you want to run away, I will be your excuse.”

PJ’s mom comes to AJ’s home. She says her son made her come and apologize and give the medicine. She couldn’t do anything about it so she came here. AJ’s dad says if she came because she couldn’t do anything about it then forget it; he pushes back her gift. She pushes it back and says she needs to apologize and get evidence that she gave the gift because that is the only way she can get PJ to stop eating ramen.

AJ’s dad: “Evidence?” She says, “Yes and wait a minute.” She pulls out her phone and gives it to the kid and tells him to take the pic. She explains he has to capture her and his grandpa receiving her gift. The kid says ok. He looks at their faces. She asks if they came out well. He says yes.

PJ’s mom: “Sorry for putting your daughter in a complicated situation. If I could fill my apologetic heart, please accept this expensive medicine.”

AJ’s dad: “You didn’t need to give me this.” He opens it and says there are empty spots. She says she was in a hurry and couldn’t fill it all up. “Just close it for now and take the pic.” He asks if she is going to apologize sporadically too. She promises she will fill it up later. They pose again and she starts her speech but the kid yells out for them to smile and stick together. Kid takes the pic.

H brings the kid to visit J. J tells H to go. Kid asks if J is hurt like the TV says.

J: “It’s a complicated condition to explain to you, a 7-year-old. To put it simply, the manmade heart is broken so it needs to be repaired.”

Kid: “Iron Man got it repaired and it got stronger so Ahjusshi’s will get stronger too.”

J: “That’s right, Ding Dong.” He flexes his arm muscles to impress the kid.

J: “Ding Dong, I have an important thing to entrust to you. Hold onto this.” He hands him the ring box.

J: “If I hold onto it and am not able to give it, it will be regretful so I am entrusting it to you. If I don’t get stronger and not come back, put that where your aunt keeps her things that she values the most and won’t throw away and hide it next to those valued belongings.”

Kid asks if he can look at it. J nods so the kid opens it. Kid asks if J is going to marry his aunt with that ring.

J: “Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong. Ding Dong, I am DJ and a special person. Because of that, it will definitely happen.”

(*that ring is from the Van Cleef & Arpels collection and costs a small fortune)

Kid goes to AJ’s room and wonders what his aunt likes the most. He puts the ring in with her sneakers.

Reporters are still outside. J says he should have held onto her a day or two longer because he is lonely. She asks if she should ride the ambulance again and get back in. He perks up and says, “You want to?” But he says once they use it, it won’t work again.

J: “I will be patient but make sure you come to the hospital on the day of the surgery.” AJ: “I will make sure to be there.”

J: “When they do heart surgery, they do it by stopping the heart. Ten years ago your song made my stopped heart beat again like fate.” (*not sure if it’s miracle or some other word)

AJ: “A spell?” J: “No, it was destiny. While my heart is stopped again, to make it beat again I met you.”

AJ: “You said it was a spell then it’s broken. Now it’s destiny. I’m really impressive, huh?”

J: “I want to look cool in front of others so I can’t let on that I am scared. Since you know I am pitiful butthole-Jin, come and be by my side so I won’t be scared.”

She promises: “I will make sure to go, for sure.”

Moon talks to H saying there aren’t many days left till the surgery. Lots of reporters will be gathered in front of the hospital that day so start getting ready so no problems arise. H gives her a packet saying J wanted to ask Moon to take care of this. She looks at the picnic pics and CD.

Moon: “What is this?”

H: “If something goes wrong with J… After that, if news breaks out about J and AJ… At that point, he said to protect AJ with that.”

Moon: “Is this proof that DJ loved AJ?”

H: “While J is gone (dead), if news breaks about AJ only, she might be rejected so he asked you and me to take care of it as a favor.”

Moon says: “With this, J is asking me to make GAJ a top celebrity.”

AH and AJ meet with the Section TV guy. He said she did a great job with the recent star date. AH: “Since you didn’t fire her, of course we have to work hard.”

The guy asks if she can do the pre-surgery interview with J since she did the star date with him. She says she will do the first post-surgery interview with J after the surgery. He starts to say it’s a difficult surgery so wouldn’t it be better to do it before (since he might not make it) but she stops him and says she will do the post-surgery interview.

J asks: “Potato, are you going to have a flower bloom? Hurry and make a flower bloom so I can brag to AJ.” J suddenly collapses and drops the potato.

They are wheeling J down the hospital corridor on a gurney. H cries and tells J to hang on for a little longer. J’s doc says J needs to go into surgery right now and get ready.

Doc asks if J can hear him. J is in pain. Doc gives J something for the pain (morphine I think) and says J will feel a little better. Doc: “We are getting ready for the surgery and will go in right away. Don’t worry and trust me.”

H begs AJ to pick up but she is doing the show and doesn’t know. She is doing her Section TV part and it’s being filmed live.

Moon asks about J. H: “He is going into surgery right away.” Moon: “Did you contact AJ? She has to come in before reporters gather so she can meet him.” H says he can’t reach AJ because it’s a live program and AH isn’t picking up either.

The show starts. (softy: I am going to translate that interview with D from Can You Hear My Heart; thundie: OMG, thank you!)

Moon calls the show and leaks the news about J collapsing and going into surgery. The director of the show gives instructions on where to insert the news. Right before they introduce AJ, they announce J went into surgery earlier than planned because he collapsed. They say how their team went to the hospital and when news comes in they will update the public. They wish J a successful surgery and for him to come back healthy. Then they introduce AJ.

AJ just sits there stunned. She doesn’t say anything. She says sorry and gets up and leaves. The producer worries where she went. AH goes after her saying how she could leave during a live program? She says she has to go to J.

Doc tells J to trust him and he will make him live. “But is the ‘thump thump’ young lady not coming? There are reporters outside so she probably can’t come in. We have to go into surgery right away so we can’t wait. What do we do? Instead, should I play that song during surgery?”

J cries and says: “It’s ok. She is going to sing it to me live somewhere.”

AH worries because doors are blocked and H said J is going into surgery now. AJ says she has to go in and asks if there is another door to get in. They look for another way to get in.

H and Moon walk along J’s gurney. They aren’t allowed in and are told to wait outside. J goes in to surgery. AJ wants to just break through the crowd but AH says it’s no use because J is already in surgery.

AJ sits outside alone. “I didn’t get to see his face. He said he was scared. What do I do?” She remembers how he said, “What has a good affect on me is your song. Sing the ‘thump thump’ song. When my heart stopped, to make it beat again, I met you.”

She starts to sing it aloud and cries. She remembers all their past memories.

AJ: “Do you by any chance like me?”

J: “Ding dong.”

J: “To me, you are hard GAJ. You’re not easy at all; you’re really hard.”

AJ: “To be honest, I wavered (had feelings) a lot.”

J: “I’m broken so I can’t hold onto you properly. So this time you come to me so that I won’t stop and be able to move. Come and recharge me.”

She continues singing. The doc says he is going to stop the heart. It’s quiet.

The end

No preview

135 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 14

  1. Have an important appointment to go to shortly so will finish up screencaps when I get back. Wanted to give Softy her Pil-joo present before I leave. Hehe… 😆

  2. Softy softy annyeong.
    I didn’t know where to tell you.You know how I asked you before I needed some subs for CYHMH and you said yes.However I didn’t need it in the end.

    I wanted to tell you….mianhaeyo.I used about ?15 subs thereabouts for GL ep 13.I needed to make the ep 100% for softsubs.It was over 24hrs and we didn’t have any subbers.

    Thank you sorry I didn’t ask you again before using it.I don’t know what happened to our subbers.We’ve had a total turnaround of new subbers.

    I am going back to viki now.We’ve been having broken issues.

    • You know I don’t mind – no worries- anytime you need them go ahead 🙂
      Hope your new subbers work out and don’t have any more things get broken

  3. Softy, this has got to be my favourite part of this Ep:-

    (convo betwen PJ n SR)
    “PJ: you don’t know how that comic ends do you?
    the ruler disappears and nina comes back to Paul’s world
    SR: Paul took her back?
    PJ: that’s why Paul is the strangest kid
    SR asks what happened with her character and paul
    PJ: let’s see – what happened? it’s because Paul didn’t have much interest in (her) character”

    Phuhaha, PJ smack down of SR! Yessssss!

    On a sober note, I’ve DL this Ep but don’t have the courage to watch it yet…..from the recaps alone, DJ n AJ are SOOOO sweet. DJ’s eyes while waiting for AJ to come before his surgery is so sad n pitiful 😦 Their convo n kisses while holed-up at Jin’s house is so meaningful. I’m glad AJ said ‘Saranghae’ to Jin, coz often times knowing & feeling another’s love is not enough, Hearing those words uttered by a loved one makes it so much more satisfying!

    Don’t know how it’ll end but I’m envisioning a Happy Ending whereby DJ, Korea’s Beloved & Angelic TopStar is holding hands with GAJ, the Reviled-Star turn Angelic Star (due to truth coming out & how she had steadfastly bore the brunt of contempt to protect her loved ones) walking down the red carpet at some awards show, happily smiling & posing for the cameras!! *goes off & dreams*

    1 can dream and hope rite? 😀

    thank you for the transcaps…now PLEASE take a good rest before the madness of CYHMH begins! 😀

    • Hey tanntoot I really don’t think anything will happen to J- this isn’t that kind ot drama – if they did kill J – during the live recap you guys will be reading a blank page cuz i will on the floor throwing a major hissy fit ( same thing if SR and PJ end up as a couple) I am currently watching the morning special for BL to see what translations I can post next week for the finale 🙂

      • Softy, if there’s a blank page next week, I’m gonna collapse… (Well I’ll collapse watching the show live.)
        You’re already preparing things for next week, you’re great ! 🙂

  4. Softy, you sure know how to put into words how we feel with this show. That’s a amazing introduction, with a present and a hot present ! Thank you !

  5. hi there, everyone..a Filipina here…:))
    i think i’m going crazy if i don’t see or know what’s happening to DJ w/ AJ but thanks to you i have it now…
    as if i want this to end happily that DJ will have another successful surgery and go on for what he planned to do -give his greatest love to AJ then she will say yes and marry him…
    Hong sisters should give us a very aspiring ending and it should be a good instance for the viewers…
    Maybe the perfect one is a DJ & AJ with children, a happy big family!!!

  6. Softy, just want to say THANK YOU again for the amazing job you have been doing!!! Thank you so so much for putting in the time & effort, and not to mention suffering from sleep deprivation, to give us these live re-caps!!! Much appreciated! You are truly the best, and a life-saver!

  7. What is the name of the song when GAJ and J is laying on the bench and they are both crying, not the song they are listening too.

  8. what a stupid episode. what started as a great drama fell flat for me. the female lead is a retard. yup when someone you love may die in an operation, you kick a fuss n wanna be out of the house, out of his presence..yup shows how much you really love that person. you only hv seven days left and you want to cut short that time and left him all alone to deal with his fear.. right, great lover.

  9. Hope this will be a relief for you guys :

    Epi 15 Written Preview

    Dokko, who has fully recovered in an indefinite location, is set to return. After the upgrade, he has transformed into an even more special version of Dokko Jin. Aejung contemplates that since Dokko is known as “Miracle Man” and has become even greater than before, maybe it’s the right timing to be happy about him zooming past her.

    Piljoo visits a medicine market where Aejung is filming, and they meet for the first time in awhile. At that moment, Dokko goes to Aejung’s house to find Ding Dong and is happy to see him when…

      • Relief that DJ is alive but wonder why AJ is not by his side, they didn’t get to see each other during his recovery… And “when…” Arggg… Let it be tomorrow already. I so want them to be happy together. Less than 24 yours to wait now.

      • sorry for the late reply, I think this is bcos AJ is trying to leave DJ, she might accidentally throw away the sneakers without knowing the ring is with the sneakers, the pics I saw showing the BTS scene that DJ together with DingDong are trying to look for the ring from the trash bin.

        • Hi,
          I can’t believe that AJ will through the sneakers & can’t believe they didn’t have any contact during his recovery
          I saw the pics too also my thoughts are:
          – ring disappeared but don’t know how
          – PJ get AJ a ride to go back home since she has an injury, they are holding hands (PJ help her to walk) but they will meet DJ (with the red bow) who is waiting for AJ = misunderstanding, end of ep 15!

          ep 16: happy ending, official dating

  10. I was suggested this web site via my cousin. I am now not sue whether or not this pubglish is written bby hhim aas nobody else know sufh unique about
    mmy problem. Youu aree amazing! Thank you!

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