Best Love: Episode 13

During their picnic when AJ wished their location had some shade to shield her from the sun, as soon as J pulled out that umbrella without a moment’s hesitation, I realized he is always prepared. He has always known from day one that this storm looming over her would be coming. He knew and made up his mind what to do before the clouds even came in. I bet he knew and was ready before he even realized it. Ten years ago, he wanted to survive his surgery for very different reasons. But this time around, there is a desperation that is almost palpable. You can sense it in his tone and every action. Just look at their outing – everyone else sat together- but with AJ and J- for two people sitting so far apart, they couldn’t have been closer in mind and spirit. They may have been physically sitting a few tables away from each other, but emotionally they were inseparable. The distance between them lovingly gapped by an obliging little boy who will always be their biggest supporter. In a scene meant for comedy, I couldn’t help but cry thinking about how one boy was demonstrating what the right thing to do was in this situtation. He was cherishing what his aunt and J had together, while so many others were trying to tear them down. The love between AJ and J shouldn’t be scorned or mocked, it should be adored, emulated, and even envied. Even a child can see that, so why are so many other grownups so blind?I just hope nothing tragic has to take place for them to finally open their eyes.

Best Love Episode 13 (live)

After J threatens to kill PJ, AJ leaves her home to go see J. Mina is there and calls out her name. Mina asks AJ to save her.

Mina and Manager Jang meet. He asks why she changed her name and lives in hiding. She says it’s just because it’s all in the past and she left behind the celebrity world for good. He says even though she left, she is still left in people’s memories so she can’t completely end all her ties. Even now if she gets in trouble as her name now, tomorrow morning the papers will run the article with her name.

Mina asks why he asked to see her. He says he wants to know when the group disbanded. “I want to know if something happened to GAJ. That’s why I wanted to meet. After hitting SR, all she had to do was explain and reconcile and didn’t need to break up the group. So what was her reason for getting involved and insisting on disbanding?”

Mina says she forgot the past. He says: “Since you were close to AJ, you should know.” Mina: “I don’t know anything.” He asks, “What is AJ hiding? She had some guy watching her back, huh? Mina: “AJ is not that kind of person.”

Jang: “Then did you have a problem? Even though you’ve been gone ten years, with one line of the news you can make a comeback in this (celebrity) world. If you want to live quietly, tell me what you know. What is AJ hiding? Because of your friendship with AJ, is it hard to talk right now? Then go home and look at your husband and baby’s face one more time and let’s talk again.”

Mina asks AJ: “Like you did 10 years ago when you didn’t tell anyone about me, this time too you are going to protect me, right?”

AJ: “But Mina, I have something to protect too.”

Mina: “I am sorry for being a coward and hiding behind your back again, but I am really happy now and I want to protect it so it won’t be broken. Please help me.”

AJ says she wishes she was a superwoman so she can protect everyone. She goes back up and sits alone and is upset. She says she wishes she could get out of this now; she’s going crazy. (meaning she wants to be out of this mess with Mina)

J shows up. He sits next to her.

J: “No matter how long I waited, you didn’t come to rescue me so I came down on my own. Know it’s an honor.”

AJ: “Listening to how you are talking, that spell for you to be nice didn’t have any affect at all.”

J: “The only thing that has an effect on me is your song.” He asks her to sing the “Thump Thump” song. She says she doesn’t want to sing that song anymore. “I am going to get out of that ‘thump thump’ Treasure Girls. I have a new song I am going to reveal.”

J: “You do? If it’s not “thump thump” what is it? Oolong oolong kun-thak kun-thak?”

AJ: “It’s not like those; it’s a ballad. Do you want to hear it?” She plays it for him. He says the singer sang it seriously well.

AJ: “She did, huh? The demo singer sang it so well so if I sing this song, it looks like people will just insult me.”

J: “It’s ok. You are not a singer who is a singer for her voice.”

AJ: “How did you know that? I was a visual singer for my face and body shape.”

J: “Visual? For what?” (as in ‘looking at what?’)

AJ: “From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, everyone said I was pretty and called me “national treasure” body. Didn’t you like me because I was pretty too?”

J: “That’s enough; it would be better not to look.” He lies down and she ends up lying next to him because of the earphones they are sharing. He holds her in his arm and tells her to be still.

J: “I was not charged for too long so I have no energy.”

AJ: “If you are broken here (she pats his heart) and (your heart) is racing because of me, shouldn’t your eyes be broken too and see me as the prettiest? And your mouth broken too so that you say I am the prettiest. That’s how it’s beneficial for the person next to the broken person.”

J: “That’s right. I am broken.”

J remembers his conversation with PJ.

PJ: “GAJ will be scarred (hurt). Didn’t you think about ‘what if’?”

J: “That’s why you are asking me to be polite and bow out. That’s how the remaining person’s heart will be less hurt and won’t rip more.”

PJ: “The scar has to be small so that it will heal faster.”

J: “Doctor, I am too famous so I can’t quietly not give pain and disappear. If something goes wrong I will end up dying. Even after I die, I can’t quietly be forgotten. Why? Because of the DJ image that remains behind. Without an end it will keep appearing in front of her eyes and will continue to give her pain/scars.”

PJ: “Are you saying you can’t be forgotten forever?”

J holds her tighter. J: “GAJ, my eyes are broken so you look the prettiest to me. My mouth is broken too so this kind of talk keeps coming out… You’re so pretty I could die!”

She grins. AJ: “Did my DJ leak some oil because he is broken? It’s so oily I think I am going to slip.”

J: “Since the oil is leaked, should I set it on fire?” (hinting at skinship)

AJ: “Should we? Should we just play with fire? Should we drop a fire bomb?”

J: “Why are you like this?”

AJ: “No, I won’t be able to take responsibility for my J all the way till the end. I have to protect you.”

He says she doesn’t need to protect him, but she says she is going to make sure she protects him no matter what. AJ cries.

AJ: “DJ.”

J: “What?”

AJ: “After you fix what is broken… so that you can zoom past me and I won’t hold onto you. One day when I come to my senses and ask you to let me go, you have to let me go then.” She makes him promise and they pinky swear.

J: “Ok, you too. Even though I let you leave, don’t be hurt and break away from me. You have to endure it well.” He holds her hand and she cries more. (*bawled like a baby through this twice)

PJ is driving and remembering what J said.

PJ: “Are you saying you can’t be forgotten forever?”

J: “That’s why what I can do—giving her less pain, isn’t it—I am giving her more love to overcome it so even for a second or two if I can stick by her side, even for a second or two, I have to see her more. Time that may be my last, just leave it alone.”

PJ: “Is that a threat?”

J: “Instead of a threat, if it works better to call it a plea, I’ll call it that. I don’t even have time to take care of my pride. That’s how much I am desperate.” (end of flashback)

PJ gets a call from SR. She apologizes for last time. He says it’s ok. What she said was right because he was playing it cool. She asks where he was coming from.

At the playground PJ says: “I feel like I just came back from somewhere strange.” SR: “Somewhere strange?”

He asks if she knows the comic Paul from a strange land. SR: “A comic? Why all of a sudden a comic?”

PJ: “Some character named Paul gets caught by some strange country’s leader. And goes to rescue Nina. Do you know it?” SR: “I think I might have seen it.”

PJ: “To rescue Nina who is crying, Paul bravely goes after her. But due to bad timing he always loses Nina to the leader.”

SR: “All children’s comics are like that. It’s over when he rescues Nina.”

PJ: “One time, Paul holds Nina’s hand and succeeds in rescuing her. Lina says the leader is too pitiful and lets go of Paul’s hand and goes into the strange land on her own. If Paul went to the leader and argued to let Nina go, “because Nina is happy here, don’t bother,” if he said that, Paul probably wouldn’t have gone back into the strange land to save Nina, right? But if he keeps interfering to try to save Nina, Paul is really a strange kid, isn’t he?”

SR asks if he is Paul from the strange land, going to rescue AJ who is with J. She asks which character she is. He says SR is someone who can later be chummy/close to Paul.

SR: “Have we gotten a little closer?” PJ: “Yes.” (*this is when softy silently but fervently prays for SR’s swing seat to break)

PD and writer talk to AJ. She asks if PJ said that he wanted to quit the show for personal reasons. PD says PJ wanted to finish up with the next filming. The writer asks her to convince PJ to keep doing the show since the mood is really good and it would be a waste for AJ to end like this too.

AJ says sorry but she wants to finish up the show. She explains how PJ said that it was because of his personal reasons, but truthfully she was the one who said let’s finish up the show. The writer asks why. Is it because PJ’s family opposed AJ? AJ says it’s not because of PJ; it’s all because of her and says sorry.

AH asks if she has to end it with PJ. She says on the last show she has to settle things. They see Manager Jang and decide to ignore him.

Jang meets with SR. She asks if he met Mina. He says that Mina turned white and couldn’t speak when he asked if something happened to AJ when the group disbanded . SR says Mina and AJ are close friends so Mina won’t easily talk. Jang says if Mina wants to protect what is hers and not get in a bind then she will talk.

SR worries about herself and asks if she is going to get messed up while he goes after AJ. Jang says if Mina shows up then SR will be involved too. If people find out that SR fed medicine to Mina and got slapped by AJ, SR will be in a bind. SR tells him not to hang onto her too and fall down.

He asks for a favor then. When he reveals what’s going on with AJ, SR needs to say one thing. For example, the reason why SR broke up with DJ was because of AJ. Stuff like that. SR asks if he plans to mess with J too. Jang: “Because I can’t do that, that’s why I am asking you to.” He gets up to leave. “If I meet Mina and find out, I’ll let you know.” SR regrets and says she did this to get a chance with PJ.

SR goes to PJ’s hospital. She reminds the nurse that her friend had an appointment today. The nurse says Mina canceled. SR says she has to meet Mina and asks for a number. The nurse says they don’t have a contact number for Mina. She called to make the next appointment but the number came back as disconnected.

SR wonders if Mina got rid of her phone after meeting Jang. She runs into PJ’s mom. SR is really sweet to her when she hears that she is PJ’s mom. PJ’s mom says even after the show ends, to come by the hospital a lot to get facial therapy and the mom will get her a special celebrity discount and tell PJ to treat her well. SR says she hopes the show will end well so PJ doesn’t get rejected. The mom says how she hates thinking about PJ getting bewitched by AJ.

SR: “To be honest, we (production team) made a mistake too. If we knew that AJ had another guy we wouldn’t have let PJ do the show.”

PJ’s mom: “What? GAJ had another guy she was dating and came on the Couple Making show and received those flowers from PJ?”

SR: “I’m sorry we didn’t do enough research and since the person AJ was dating is a celebrity, we couldn’t be open about it.”

PJ’s mom: “A celebrity?”

SR: “I said something I shouldn’t have said. Just pretend you didn’t hear.”

(*looks like SR broke her own seat. If PJ finds out about this, forget that friendship he was talking about.”

PJ’s mom is really mad and goes and yells at the PD and writer. She keeps yelling and saying: “Isn’t GAJ going too far? If she has a guy, why did she come out on a couple show?” PD says they didn’t know either and apologizes. The writer tells her to calm down.

A reporter is talking to the junior writer outside of the room. She asks if PJ and AJ were doing well so why are they suddenly stopping the show? The writer says something about how one season stops and another one that is prepared is aired next. They can hear PJ’s mom yelling for the program to say that AJ had a boyfriend. The junior writer tries to get rid of the reporter saying she will send the rest of the info later and runs over and closes the door.

PJ’s mom: “Why did a girl with a boyfriend come out on that show? I’m so embarrassed to death. That impudent girl.” The reporter listens in. That reporter talks with PJ’s mom and asks for an interview because there is interest in the mom since she is the mother of the perfect man. His mom asks if she will come out in the newspaper. The reporter says yes and the mom can talk about how she raised a perfect son or talk about what happened after the show. PJ’s mom says she has something she feels is unfair so if she talks about that, will the reporter write that well? The reporter says of course she will.

J is helping the kid with English homework. Kid thanks J for helping him with the homework.

J: “Because your homework piled up and you might not be able to go on the picnic, that’s why I am helping.”

Kid: “Then you are letting me be included on the picnic?”

J: “I am going on a picnic with your aunt but I am letting you be included as a fire extinguisher, even though it’s a waste because there can’t be a fire.” The kid: “Yes.”

J: “Since I let you be included, during important moments you have to have foresight and get lost (step out of the way).

Kid: “When it is important?”

J: “That’s… There is no point in telling you a 7-year-old to have foresight. I will send you a signal. If I say ‘Ding dong, you understand, right?’ and hold up my fingers like this, then it means you move somewhere else.” They practice it. (*cutest kid ever)

H drives J there to the rest stop. J is on the phone with AJ and asks if she came in. She says yes and he asks where. She says she can see him and she is on the right. He says she saw him. She drives by and J and H wave. J asks H if AJ didn’t dress too noticeably since she can’t stand out. H agrees. The kid sticks his whole upper body out of the window to wave at J. J waves back and calls out “Ding dong.”

J and AJ have separate outings where one person gets the food and the other gets drinks. J asks what she wants to drink over the phone and says he will get it on his own. Because she probably said “anything,” he orders two iced coffees, one coffee, and iced hot chocolate. He calls AJ to say he bought it. She asks where H went.

J: “He had a tummy ache and went to the bathroom.” She tells him she will buy the hot dogs. She orders two plain and two chili.

They sit separately with a few tables between them and he asks her to send the hot dog over because he is starving to death. She tells the kid “go and give it to ahjussi” and he replies ok and runs off. J gives the kid two drinks to take back to AJ. AJ gives the kid his iced chocolate and asks why J got her hot coffee when it is hot instead of iced. He wants the other hot dogs and he says he has iced coffee here so the kid goes back and switches them out. J says, “You did well, Ding Dong.”

J and AJ tell each other to have a nice meal. He tells her it tastes good. He has it all over his mouth then he drops some on his lap. He asks for napkin and she asks if he spilled. She pulls out wet wipes and tells the kid to make another trip. She gives him two pieces saying one is to hand to J and the other is to wipe J’s mouth with. The kid nods ok and goes. He gives J one and J starts to wipe his pants and suddenly the kid leans in and wipes J’s mouth.

J: “What are you doing?” Kid: “Aunt told me to wipe your mouth too.” J pushes him off saying: “Ya, my lips will be gone.” They look over at each other and he sort of blows her a finger kiss.

Moon and AH are staring at an article on the internet and she asks what this talk about AJ and PJ is. She reads that AJ had a celebrity boyfriend; “perfect” man was “completely” duped. (*those two words in Korean: the prefixes sort of rhyme)

Moon asks what happened and AH asks why this article came out and calls AJ but her phone is busy. Moon asks where AJ is right now. AH says she is in the middle of a call.

AJ says they are done eating and asks if they just need to go for another hour more. Some girls spot AJ and because of the article they wonder what she is doing here. One guesses AJ is on a trip. They think she might be with her boyfriend now.

J is buying some snacks and asks if Ding Dong likes anything in particular. He says he already bought that one and tells her not to go anywhere and wait for him because he will go there. People recognize him. The girls guess AJ is waiting for the person she came with and they get ready to snap a pic of AJ and her celebrity boyfriend.

H gets a call from Moon. H says he is with J and AJ right now; what’s going on? Moon says come back right now because a problem occurred with AJ. H: “We didn’t even get to start the picnic yet.” Moon says the picnic isn’t the problem now. If other people see that J and AJ are together, it will get complicated. “Be careful and come back right away.”

H goes and stops J from going to AJ. H called out “hyungnim” so J tells him to be quiet. “Do you want to make me into a monkey in a zoo?” J gives H the bags to carry but H says wait a second. H: “A problem occurred for AJ. J: “What?”

The kid asks why Ahjusshi is not coming. AJ says, “Let’s throw out the trash and go too.” Those girls are disappointed because it seems like AJ isn’t with anyone.

H: “If people see you two together now, Moon said it would be a problem.”

J: “I’ll handle that. Don’t tell her about the article at all, you got that?” H says yes and points to AJ and the kid. J calls her over. J says to the kid: “Ding dong, we need to push today’s picnic back to next time. Go back to Seoul with hyung.”

AJ: “Why?” J to kid: “Goo Hyun kyoo, you understand, right?” They do the finger sign.

Kid: “Ok, go with aunt, the two of you. I will go with H Ahjusshi.” The kid moves over to H.

J to AJ: “You saw, right? Ding Dong understands. GAJ, let’s go.” She asks where they are going. J tells the kid to be careful going. The kid waves goodbye to them and they wave back. AJ and J drive off.

The outside of PJ’s hospital is packed with reporters and they don’t listen to the nurses and insist on interviewing PJ. The nurses are trying to keep them out and one goes back and reports to PJ that those reporters are not moving no matter how many time the nurses tell them to leave.

PJ goes out and says this is a hospital so they shouldn’t be doing this. One asks if PJ knew that AJ had a celebrity boyfriend. Does he know who that boyfriend is?

PJ says he had feelings for AJ. What he showed on the program was real/true. “AJ did not hold back and hide anything. She told me everything and we discussed with each other and decided to quit the show.”

One guy asks what the reason was. They ask too many questions all at once.

The reporters twist his words around. PJ tells the PD that he didn’t say it like that. “Why did the reporters write it like this?” Since the PD knows these people, he should meet them and catch them. PD explains what the people want to know isn’t what PJ really feels and AJ’s situation. They care more that a perfect man was pushed aside and rejected for a celebrity boyfriend.

PJ says if the article goes out like this, it makes it look like AJ planned to dupe PJ and makes her look like a bad person. The writer says there is nothing they can do even if PJ is frustrated. They are frustrated too, but at times like this it’s best not to do anything and probably AJ’s agency will handle this.

PJ goes and sees SR and asks her for help. Since she knows reporters, help him to explain his side clearly. But she tells him to stay out of it and not interfere because the interest is which celebrity AJ is dating.

SR: “You are not going to reveal that the celebrity is J, right?”

PJ: “What I have to hide and not talk about keeps getting bigger.”

SR: “Don’t think about going over to that strange land. Whatever happens to Nina, that leader will handle it.”

Inside the car on the highway, AJ asks: “Where are we going? Why are you like this suddenly?” J: “My original plan was this. I already set this up with Ding Dong. You heard how Ding Dong said he understood it all.”

AJ: “So we are not going to go where we originally planned?” J: “The weather there is too good so I think there will be too many people. We have to find another place.”

AJ: “Where else?” J: “Korea is very wide so you think there isn’t a place where the two of us can go around comfortably?”

AJ takes out her phone to search on the internet for some good place to go, but he turns her phone off and says she can’t turn it on till the picnic is over.

AJ: “Give it back.” J: “GAJ, this is my first picnic of my entire life. Until we safely end the picnic and go back, you are forbidden to talk to another world.”

H and AH take calls and try to do damage control. H says he can’t reach that person now (AJ); the agency doesn’t know about this so “when we confirm it we will respond.” AH says AJ has not met that actor from the scandal long ago, not even once. Moon says it’s not true. “The person said so with her own mouth, so why are you like this?”

People on the street say AJ is too brazen for doing that to the perfect man. One girl wonders who the celebrity AJ is dating; another girl says, “Leave out J because their levels are too different.” Other girl says they are in the same agency, came out on the quiz show together. The other girl says it’s not AJ and J because the girl is his fan and makes her friend erase J as a possibility.

H tells Moon that people on the internet are guessing who AJ’s boyfriend is. Reporters didn’t even get it verified and wrote that so this is getting out of control. She asks if J is still not picking up his phone. H says yes.

Moon: “In this situation, what can they do if those two are together?”

H: “I think J already decided.”

Moon: “What?”

H: “To reveal his relationship with AJ.”

J and AJ go to a deserted place, a rice field. He says because there is no good view, there aren’t any people so it’s great. “Let’s just have the picnic here.” They get out of the car.

J: “There really isn’t anyone around.” AJ: “Even though there is nothing to see, it’s comfortable here.”

J suggests dipping their legs in the water but she gives a reason why it’s not a good idea. J: “Since the view is bad there isn’t anything to do. In my car H packed an ice box so there should be something there.”

They sit and perch somewhere drinking and eating fruit.

J: “When people go on picnics, people leave things out like this (spread out) and eat and stuff.”

AJ says there is no shade here so it’s too hot (she shields her eyes). He pulls out an umbrella and covers her. J: “Shaded places that are cooler have too many people. There is no one here so there are no interruptions.” She says someone is here and points out a cow. “It’s glaring at us.”

J: “A cow saw us. As long as that cow doesn’t meet and talk with reporters, it’s ok. Hey cow, if you open your mouth I will sue you.”

AJ: “If you talk to a cow like that, will it understand? You have to talk like this: ‘moo’.”

J says ok and talks like a cow. “Moooo, I am DJ, moooo. A top star with a lot of money, moooo. If you open your mouth I will sue you, moooo. I’m done translating.”

AJ thinks if the cows are here then the owners will be here so before they appear they should go somewhere else. She starts to leave but he wants a picture of them together to remember being here.

AJ: “A picture? At a place with that background?” J: “It’s ok, the model is DJ so I can make up for the visual that the background lacks.”

AJ: “Can we take a pic of the two of us though? Don’t think we should have proof lying around.” J: “Let’s just take one pic then. I want to have proof remaining that you and I had a picnic here.” AJ: “Then should we take a pic over there with the cow as witness.”

He puts a self timer on the camera and poses to take the pic but at the last second he leans over, grabs her, and kisses her. J: “I succeeded.”

AJ: “This is ok. From now on let’s keep going to places with no view and no people and go for a walk.” J: “Should we?”

She lists other things they can do in different locations. She fans herself because it’s hot so he leans the umbrella more to her side. She pushes it back to his side. AJ: “My top star’s face will get tanned.”

J: “Since you are stared at for your visual, you have to take care of yourself.” She laughs. He asks where she really wants to go. AJ: “Why?”

J: “Should I film another Section TV interview and pick out the location you want to go to?” She says he already did it once so it will be too obvious if he does it again.

J: “Then should I do a Section TV interview that I am GAJ’s man? Then we don’t have to go to places like this and go where there are the best views, huh?” She says he must be overheated because it’s too hot. He needs to drink some cold water; she goes to buy drinks. She turns her phone back on and looks at it.

J is waiting and some old lady spots him right away and guesses who he is. He says she is old but still knows who he is. He asks her to pretend not to have seen him. She wants a pic together.

J: “You have a camera with you too. When did everyone in our country become paparazzi?”

She tells him to crouch down so she can take the pic. He says asks if she is going to take the pic and just keep it to herself on her cell phone background, but she says she is going to brag to her friends and send it to her grandchildren in Seoul.

AJ reads the article and calls Jenny. Jenny asks where AJ is. “There is so much trouble now. Are you with J? At a time like this, if you are caught going around with J, the news will break.”

AJ: “No one mentioned him, right?”

Jenny: “People don’t even imagine that. Celebrities who are suspected of being AJ’s boyfriend are putting out articles refuting it. Fans feel insulted.” She tells AJ to hurry and come back. AJ says she will.

AJ goes back and shows him the article and asks if he knew this happened. J: “It would have ruined the mood of the picnic.” AJ: “We have to go back. Also, what you said earlier… you know that is ridiculous, right? You can’t ever do that. Let’s stop the picnic and go back.”

After she goes to the car, he mutters: “For DJ to protect GAJ, I have to talk about this first.” (he touches his heart)

Jenny: “Did J really say to tell that you are dating him?” AJ: “He said that.”

Jenny: “You can’t reveal that you are ‘just dating’; if you are going to reveal something, say ‘getting married’.” AJ: “What marriage?”

Jenny if AJ says she is dating him, people will just count down to how many days till they break up. “You have to get married right away so people will accept. If he offered to go that direction, tell him to do it.”

AJ: “How can I at a time like this? It will probably get better. It’s not like I went through this just once or twice.” Jenny says she feels uneasy and nervous about this.

Manager Jang talks to reporters about how AJ, even when she was with Treasure Girls, she betrayed her own members and went out to make her solo album. Even this time, on the Couple Making show, she didn’t care about the other women on the show and made sure she was the only one left, with a lie.

The reporter says AJ did that when she was with Treasure Girls too. Jang says even when she was a Treasure Girl, she stuck to her agency that favored her.

Jang: “She will do that again this time. What do you think the reason is why she is suddenly doing so well these days? Get into a famous agency, get on many programs, and get to release a solo album. It all means that someone with power is backing her.” He suggests the reporters look into why the Treasure Girls broke up because it will be fun.

Moon talks to AJ. Moon says people are saying that AJ’s boyfriend is a celebrity and she is getting sponsored. AJ: “How would I have someone like that?”

Moon gets her an interview on an entertainment news program that is close with the agency. AJ needs to show her real life the way it is. AJ: “What do you mean real life?”

Moon: “You have to show that you aren’t getting support/backing from a sponsor.” The reality that AJ is living a hard life renting and now owning her home. Reveal how they lived after her dad’s business failed and talk about how her brother who works as her manager—the two of them going around doing events—how AJ carried around the burden of the family’s baggage.

AJ: “Then people will see my father and brother in a bad light. They are family to me, not baggage.”

Moon: “That looks good; say it like that. Also let people know about your nephew. Rumors are that you gave birth to him. Say that in place of his mom who is divorced (from your brother), that you his aunt. You are raising him like a son.” AJ: “Our Hyung Kyoo too?”

Moon: “Also when Treasure Girls disbanded, I heard from Jenny about SR. Reveal that SR was the cause of the fight.” AJ: “That’s all talk from the past.”

Moon: “Also, you are hiding something about your member Mina, aren’t you? What is it? Let it all out, that you tried to handle the burden on your own, that you lived a hard life. If you show it all, your dirty image will be wiped clean.” AJ: “Are you asking me right now to sell out my family and friends?”

Moon: “If you want to live through this, you need to do that. If you don’t want to, it’s the end right here. One more thing I will ask you as a person. If you are going to end here, don’t drag J with you.” She says something about how she isn’t asking this as a favor, how J has a bright life and she doesn’t want to have to kick him out (of her agency) or end it (her friendship with J).

J’s doctor says the preparation for the surgery is going well.

J: “There isn’t much time left.”

Doc: “What I heard lately is that your “thump thump” young lady has a problem.”

J: “This isn’t a time for you to have free time to show interest in celebrity news, Doctor.”

Doc: “I am checking on the most important thing for my patient’s heart.” He hints that J is having a hard time accepting his survival rate and just acting like it doesn’t matter.

J: “I am thinking of a way to protect her no matter what the survival rate is.”

Doc says if he doesn’t save J, J will hurt himself. If that scandal with her gets out, then J will lose everything.” J says that line about if you roll in dog poop, it’s good for you. If he ends up rolling in dog poop with her, the world in still a better place-he has been rolling around in poop with her a lot lately, but he still wants to survive.

Two women are talking about AJ after reading the articles about AJ, how AJ really is cheap/dirty, how AJ had support/backing and wanted to be the only one to do well after the group broke up. After she came out of the group, she failed then got a popular guy. Now she is on TV, how in order to get a guy she did something bad. That she lives in her neighborhood and looks modest but is really different from how she looks.

Kid overhears those women talking about AJ and he just keeps crying. He is holding an Iron Man snack. They ask why he is crying and if he is ok.

AH tells the family that AJ has to stop all her activities and “rest” (meaning she is forced to take a break). Her dad asks if the solo album won’t come out because that song was good.

AJ asks her dad and brother: “What did I do so wrong for everyone in Korea to hate me so much? Did I do something that was so awful that people can’t stand the sight of me? All I did was work hard every day, smiling even though I was upset, that’s all I did. Is living like that a crime? What did I do that was so wrong?” The kid cries with her.

PJ meets with Mina. Mina asks if it’s not wrong for a doctor to come all the way to a patient’s front doorstep.

PJ: “Saying AJ was your hero, but acting like you don’t know that GAJ is in a difficult situation and just making sure you live well. That isn’t doing the right thing either.”

Mina: “I have nothing I can say except to ask her – like a long time ago – not to say anything.”

PJ: “So ten years ago and now too, you are going to make all this fall on GAJ and just let it go at that. How can everyone be so selfish? Why do you just put her out front and let her get hurt? Does everyone not have somewhere else to hide?” (meaning: “does everyone now have someone else to hide behind?”)

Jenny and AJ are talking. AJ: “If I act pitiful, do you think people will forgive me?” Jenny: “That’s the only way she (Moon) said. Should I do an interview about SR and you?” AJ: “I don’t know what is right.”

Reporter comes to Jenny’s cafe. AJ sneaks away. The reporter says to Jenny that she is here to talk about why the group broke up. Jenny motions to AJ to run away and the reporter notices AJ. The reporter keeps bothering her. AJ falls down but the reporter introduces herself and pesters AJ to talk about the group disbanding.

PJ shows up and asks what they are doing to AJ. The reporter recognizes PJ. He says GAJ has nothing else to say. PJ takes her to his home and puts a bandaid on her cut (from when she fell).

PJ: “You can’t just leave it alone.” (she thought he was talking about her cut but he wasn’t)

AJ: “It’s ok, with time it will get better.”

PJ: “You are so frustrating. Why do you always leave things alone saying it will get better? That’s why scars are left and you have to live with it for years.”

AJ: “Then what do I do?” She explains if she says she is hurt and stuff it will go somewhere/someone else.

PJ: “Come out of there (celebrity world). Come out of this strange world that only gives you pain/scars. DJ, celebrity life… You always got hurt. It let you get hurt. You have to keep watching out that you will get hurt. If you need it, use me to get out of there. I will help you run far away from it.”

AJ: “If I run away from here, I can’t protect. Even if I get hurt, there are people/things I need to protect. If I run away, I won’t be able to protect anyone/anything.”

AJ receives pics of J and her on her phone. AJ: “Let’s protect (him).”

AJ goes to meet Moon. AJ says she talked about people around here. Moon says she may not be able to continue being a celebrity.

AJ: “Just to keep being GAJ the celebrity, the real GAJ can’t throw away people around me. It’s better just to end it here.”

Moon: “If this was just a regular job, you can write a resignation and look for other work but you can’t. What do you think you can do somewhere? You won’t be able to do anything.”

AJ: “Even so, I still don’t want to talk about my family and friends.”

Jenny is upset because she doesn’t know anything to reveal it as truth. What’s going to happen to GAJ? SR and writer talk about AJ. The writer wonders if there is something about AJ and asks if SR knows anything. The writer says the attention has been shifted elsewhere so their show is alive.

Mina looks at the articles about AJ and looks at her baby. She mutters: “I’m sorry, AJ.” AJ says aloud in a room she has nothing to reveal, that she is stepping away from being a celebrity, and cries and says sorry.

J goes to the office. Moon asks is J here because AJ is holding onto him and “stretching him out” (ruining him). J: “I came to hold onto GAJ and be “stretched out.”

Moon: “This isn’t the end. Don’t make up your mind to be ruined like this.”

J: “I want to live too so I am holding onto GAJ and being “stretched out” (hung out to dry) with her”

J goes to see AJ. She asks why he came.

J: “GAJ, there is no need to talk about anything else. Just talk about me.” AJ: “What?”

J: “You and me. Just talk about us, to everyone. If you just give permission to be DJ’s woman, I’m going to say that’s correct.”

AJ: “It’s ok. Thank you just for saying it so stop kidding around.”

J: “I’m not kidding. What I said before wasn’t a joke. Saying that we should announce that you and I are dating, it wasn’t a joke. That I am clinging to you because I want to marry you right now, it’s not a joke.”

AJ: “Thank you for not kidding.”

J: “This is the most serious one… That I could die and disappear, it’s not a joke. GAJ, I am seriously broken. I may not be able to be fixed.”

Reporters are setting up.

AJ asks: “So… because there is a chance you might die, are you saying it’s ok to reveal what’s going on with me (their relationship)?

J says that line about dog poop. J: “Even if I end up (leaving=dying) here, I can’t ever leave you behind to go through this hard time and be hit by dog poop.”

AJ: “Say it’s a joke.”

J: “There is nothing for you to sell. Sell me (out), to cover everything you did. I will give you DJ who is really, really expensive. Go and sell it.”

AJ: “Tell me you are joking.”

J: “To be able to do that (=for that sake), tell me to be your man.”

AJ: “I said tell me it’s a joke!”

The end


Manager Jang says: “After I killed myself fostering her, she left to do well on her own.”

SR adds: “It’s true. AJ interfered.”

Jenny pinches H’s cheek. AH asks if Jenny gave wine to H too.

AJ: “Your (chaemun) was broken but now you became my destiny? I became really impressive, huh?”

Breaking news: DJ collapsed due to heart failure. J is in pain at the hospital.

J’s doc: “Is the ‘thump thump’ young lady not coming?”

AJ hears about it and goes to the hospital.

J: “From somewhere that woman will sing it live for me.”

In that last line when AJ yelled out for him to say he is kidding, did you sense her desperation in her tone? She doesn’t want to lose him. She doesn’t care what he is offering – she just wants him to live.

“That’s why what I can do – giving her less pain, isn’t it – I am giving her more love to overcome it so even for a second or two if I can stick by her side, even for a second or two, I have to see her more.”

When J said this line, I translated it just in the same order he said it; I didn’t move or change any words. Why? Because this may be my favorite line in a drama – like top three. The way he said it – with so much conviction – you believe every word and his sincerity was so moving, I bet it silenced PJ for a bit. If AJ ever heard this, there is no doubt… this time J wouldn’t even have to say it, she will indeed feel honored.

As I am translating with tears streaming down my face – it occurred to me – a love story should not hurt this much. But then I realized all the great ones are tragic. Man, I am not going to be able to keep it together tomorrow, I know for sure. Today was hard enough. Translating through tears is like really hard. You want to stop and let the emotion pass but you have to hear the lines over and over, watch the scene repeatedly. It’s like an endless cycle of tears.


115 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 13

  1. Guys,
    When the raw go out…could someone please post the link here? I’ll be really grateful 🙂

    Thank you in advance ^^

  2. The only thing I have to comment on here is that I really, really want to slap Mina. How could she be so selfish?! Ugh. I hope she redeems herself by owning up to whatever she did and clearing AJ or I will be pissed.

  3. Thank you Softie and Thundie….
    Reading today’s recap really hurts. (part of me glad that I had to miss the show tonight)
    but since it’s only three more episode, AJ does not have to suffer for long…… hope this drama have a great ending.

  4. I also dont like Minah. She should face her past and stop hurting AJ. Seri too. Her only happiness seems to make AJ miserable. The manager is the worst though. I hope he gets discover and that no one wants to work with him anymore. The only ones that care about AJ are AJ’s family, DK, Pil Joo, and Jenny.

    • I have a feeling that MiNa is going to tell SeRi when the two of them meet with PJ. I think that SR will have a big “gut kick” coming to her when she finds out what her prank really did to MN and how AJ protected them both all this time.

  5. I really need to know what the big secret is… It is getting annoying I hope it is something really life changing because if it is like Stars falling from the sky I would just die. Really, those fans need to get a life, I thought celebrities in the US have it rough but I can’t believe what they do over there, I hope it is greatly exagerated and not a reality, Who would want to be a celebrity in a country like that?

  6. softy, thanks for a very nice recap . . . uh-oh, lots of trouble coming up . . . so, many annoying characters . . . i think i agree with DGJ that they should come out with it . . . to hell with all those people!!!

  7. Thank you so so much Softy for giving up sleep to give us these wonderful, thirst-quenching live recaps!!! Appreciate them so so so super much! Thanks a million and more!

    I have a feeling tmr’s ep is going to be a cliffhanger…and I will be a zombie for the rest of the week, because I can’t sleep well, knowing Dokko Jin’s life is in danger. PLEASE DON’T DIE PLEASE DON’T!!! I don’t think my heart can handle such lost…and I am sure Ae Jung cannot go through such a huge lost like this, no, NOT AGAIN.

    Please Hong Sister…please give us a happy ending…coz Dokko Jin & Ae Jung sure deserve it after all that they have been through!!!

  8. Thanks softy for the recap…i too was brawling on that scene…and i keep on crying til the end…OMG…the tears wont stop…tomorrow…i might just not watch it live..i will wait for the torrent…coz i need to wqtch it in my room….or else my nephew will again look at me and say what is wrong with me…

  9. I hope the heart surgeon tells AJ that DKJ’s heart needs her by his side in order for him to live.

    If she runs away from him he will die. Maybe then, she will realize that protecting DKJ means being with DKJ and enduring whatever storms brew. Maybe the doctor will tell the world that AJ is the reason DKJ survived the first surgery and she is the one keeping him alive. Then perhaps people will love her…

    One can only hope 🙂

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  11. ““that’s why what I can do – giving her less pain isnt it-I am giving her more love to overcome it so even for a second or two if I can stick by her side -even for a second or two, I have to see her more.””
    Thank you softy for translating it line by line and in order.

    As much as we all drowning in all the angst and how we hate Mina, Manager Jang and all, I’m forgiving them all at the end (I maybe weird). I cried at the hugging bench scene, ding dong crying scene, AJ asking what she did wrong scene, AJ practicing her speech scene and the final scene. Through the end I actually smiled and think how great their love is trying desperately to protect each other. AJ will go to the extent that she wouldn’t be able to do anything in the future if she quit now not explaining everything to protect everyone especially DKJ. She knows very well what she will face in the future, but she’d rather she takes all of the burden than her loved ones going through what she’s been through. But can they live happily knowing GAJ sacrifice her life in place of them? And DKJ, I can’t even describe how deep his love for AJ and can’t help myself wondering when did he fall so deep. (Note to self: Target bad guy + narcissist= love deeper XD). Which makes me keep rewatching earlier episodes. =.=;

    I think she believes that she likes him more and that she has to protect him. He always go around jokingly, and when he said something serious she sees it as he’s joking. At that final scene, she realized that he actually loved her more and has been preparing himself to throw everything and give it to her whether he lives or dies. T_T

    Despite all of the angst, what’s building up at the end makes me smile. It’s just beautiful.

    • I was balling my eyes reading softy incredible recaps. Yes, esp. this line.
      ““that’s why what I can do – giving her less pain isnt it-I am giving her more love to overcome it so even for a second or two if I can stick by her side -even for a second or two, I have to see her more.””
      Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Its got to be one of the best ever lines in Kdrama.
      And nikesma you nailed the emotions of it through and through. Bravo to CSW for his awesome acting, Many times during the drama, my favourite moments are those tender moments when DKJ displayed his love, soft spots for AJ when he least wants to and expects it.
      At least at this point, this is by far the best written script and best put together cast for me! – for 2011

      • Yeah, now that I think about it. God is fair, after all? After all AJ went through in her last 10 years, God sent her DKJ who loved her more than anything. <333

        • Awwwww nikesma – I knew you loved this drama but didn’t know it was this much. what you wrote was so beautiful and touching.I cried in all those scenes too 🙂 I totally forgot, but thank you for the BL NGs clip on CYHMH – it was nice to watch that so I could take a break from crying over that drama too. Man these two dramas are emotionally draining…

          • I read softy recaps yesterday night before I slept and this morning the revise version. Tears dripping non-stop. Came home this afternoon and watched episode 13 with the chinese translation. Didnt think i have more tears to flow but flow it did and it didnt stop till I finished the whole episode. I NEED TO BREATHE, breathe! I’m so emotionally involved and possessed by this show ( i see DKJ face even when I was doing my meditating and prana class!!!!!) and the truth is, I dont want to come back to the real world… how on earth is another drama ever going to match up to this

  12. If we survive this drama, it will be some kind of miracle. It’s zoomed past every other Hong Sisters drama EVER and I don’t think there’s an equivalent for television storytelling on the entire planet right now.

    I know the Hong Sisters refuse to do extensions (bless them, they have power and use it WISELY), so we are wrapping this up next Thursday. I expect to be (1)out of Kleenexes and sniffling into my shirt hem and (2)more in love with Cha Seung Won as an actor than ever and (3)re-watching this in a marathon next Friday/Saturday so I can breathe on Sunday. This drama marks my soul.

    • Your last line got to me – made me realize just how much so many of us love this show more than we ever imagined. I totally agree with you – this work is the best the hong sisters ever wrote – ever line every word is carefully crafted to elicit emotions in ppl who know this kind of love and for those who yearn to.

  13. Softy: Thank you for the amazing recap. I went to work before you put it out and after 13 hrs of work; finally, I was able to read it!!! Wow, wow, my heart is aching for PJ, AJ, J and AJ’s family. I am not ready for tomorrow episode. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to this drama.

  14. Softy…I am trying my very best not to cry..after reading your recap..Softy it is soo hard to hide my sad emotion but I am at work so I certianly think that I am in a safe house..otherwise if I am can imagine!!
    Please don’t leave us.. please recap episode 14 for us Softy!!
    DokkoGirls..are here we love you..

    Softy & Thundie Fighting!

  15. i have to say it. best recap ever. love it. thanks softie
    thundie your quoted pics are getting better and better!!!!
    this episode just kill me. i only wish this drama will have a happy ending. pretty please

  16. Two thoughts about this episode:
    1. I was getting frustrated with AJ and her constant need to protect others. But then again, it wouldn’t be AJ if she wasn’t like this…
    2. I wanted to shut up PJ when he started speaking to the reporters. There was no way what he was saying would be construed properly. But then again, it wouldn’t be PJ if he was so shrewd about the showbiz ways…

    In other words, I was totally bipolar while watching this episode. Ai, ai, what is this drama doing to us? And they better not make Ding Dong cry like that in future episodes because that’s just CRUEL!

    Anyway, another perfect recap by Softy! And man, Thundie’s captions had me LOL. Hmm, what word could possibly rhyme with pitch and start with ‘b’? *scratching head* hehehe.

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