Best Love: Episode 12

Denial can be cruel because the truth surfaces sooner or later. When PJ faced his denial in that car, watching him cry like that made tears brim around my eyes, but what stopped them was the fact that even his tears are perfect. Who cries like that? Did you see those giant teardrops hang and then fall ever so gently like some kind of tear generated by computer graphics? How can a guy cry and still look that good doing it? OMG, I am regretting going over to D-Line because of the heartache (mine, not his) and I want back in to the front of the P-Line. It’s safer there; the storm that’s coming in the next few episodes will engulf us and knowing the Hong Sisters, they won’t be throwing us any safety nets.

Best Love Episode 12 (live)

After the kiss, PJ walks down the steps and smiles slightly as he keeps going.

AJ says there is no movie to watch at this time. J: “Of course there isn’t. All the people go home at this time.” She asks if they should go eat but since it’s late there might not be anyone open or not. J says: “Of course there isn’t. All the people go home and eat at this time.”

She says: “It’s too late to go on a picnic so let’s just go back home.” J: “How about going to my home? There is a lot to eat there, can watch movies, can play games too. Ah, and I have something to show you – a proper viewing of the plant.”

She asks what plant. J says his potato, the one he grew. J: “Why? Did you think I meant I was going to show you me properly? Of course I can show you that too.” He lifts his collar to show her some skin.

AJ says, “It’s ok, let’s just go for a drive; looking at the view is a field trip too.” He sighs deeply and mutters: “What an ‘awful’ and no-fun-at-all field trip.” So she holds his hand.

AJ: “You said it was ‘awful’ and no fun at all” and he changes his mind and says now it’s “awfully” fun. He is eager to point out that they are out of gas so if they don’t hurry and go home, the car will stop. She says there is a gas station when you get past the building. He wonders when she saw that (gas station).

She reaches for a blanket. He asks what she is doing. She explains if they are seen together it will cause a problem/complication so “I have to go like this and go.” She covers her face but he pulls it off. He tells her to duck so her face won’t be seen. She says this way her face won’t be seen at all and it makes her more comfortable.

AJ: “I can just do it like this. Let’s go.” She is totally under the blanket.

J pulls up for gas ($50 worth) and attendants recognize him. They look in the car and wonder if the passenger is a girl. They think it’s SR. J feels bad for her having to cover up so he holds her hand under the blanket.

The guy asks about the person next to J—is she a friend? —she doesn’t talk and has a blanket over her. J doesn’t reply and just smiles and drives off. That guy is sure the passenger was a girl.

AJ pulls the blanket off; she says if it wasn’t for it they would have had a problem. She goes on about their circumstance—how they can’t even go for a drive without incident. She wants to get a bigger blanket ready. He holds her hand and tells her to be still because he is upset.

She asks him to pull over and he asks if she is going home. She says she wants to buy some food at the convenience store because there is nothing to eat in his fridge. “Let’s buy some yummy food and go to your house and have a picnic.” J is happy as a kid and grins.

AJ asks if the potato is really the one she brought. He points out the quality is different because he raised it with such care. He says how the stalks grew long and healthy and the color is a vibrant green. AJ smiles and says: “As soon as you open your mouth you praise yourself.”

She asks why he only grew one when she brought a few others. J: “The rest were executed ( because he thinks eating a potato equates to killing).”

She thinks: “Since it grew so well, a flower might bloom.” J: “Then I will grow it well and let you see a “potato flower blossom” (like cherry blossoms).”

She does that thing with her hands under her cheeks and I don’t get it but it has to do with that hanbok scene because she made that same face. He says “ding dong.”

He leans over her and pretends to look inside the bag next to her asking if chips are in there. He holds her hand and gets closer. Just as he is about to kiss her the bell rings.

J: “What is this ding dong?” He tells her to wait a minute. J wonders who it is at this time. He looks at the screen: “Why did he come?”

H is drunk with rosy cheeks and he staggers in. H: “When I think about you, I was so miserable so I drank.” J: “Then you should go to your home. Why did you come here?”

H falls into J’s arms. J asks why H is like this. H says with his face pressed against J’s chest: “It would be better if I could let it all out. Not being able to say anything to anyone… This heart…”

AJ has a puzzled look and says: “Heart?”

J says to H: “What are you going to do? Just resist.” J asks him to let go so J can go get some water but H back-hugs J and rubs his chest asking J to stay by his side always. “Hyung.” (LOL)

H keeps touching him so AJ stands and points and guesses that H is gay and in love with J.

J: “It’s not like that.” J tries to slap H’s hands away saying, “Let go. Let go. Why are you like this?” AJ stops J saying: “Why are you doing that to a kid who is hurt?”

AJ tells H to regain his senses. H is surprised to see AJ here. H ducks his head in shame saying: “I can’t show this side of me to you AJ noonim.”

AJ: “It’s ok. When one person’s heart goes that way, you could end up liking like that.” J says again, “That’s not it” and he turns to H. J: “Hurry and come to your senses and go to your own home.” He pushes H away. AJ says: “Don’t do that.”

H comes back and clings to J’s leg. AJ says it must have been hard for H to come all this way to confess. J: “That isn’t that kind of confession; it’s incorrect.” AJ: “Then why is he so tortured?”

H is rubbing his cheek on J’s leg saying: “Hyungnim.”

J says H has something he can’t tell that is hard for him. J: “I’m going to make him go sleep so he can come to his senses.” He tells H to get up and helps him up the stairs.

H keeps saying he loves J. J: “I know.” H: “Please don’t die. Please don’t die. You can’t die.” J seems touched by his words. (Softy cries here -every single time I watch this scene -it just gets to me)

J looks over at AJ looking at the potato. She gets up and asks J to take care of H. Since she saw the potato she will be going. J leans down and says sorry. She asks: “For what?”

J: “For showing you just the potato and not being able to show you what you wanted to see.” He says because there is a CF he is contracted to, so he can’t just do anything he wants.

AJ: “That’s too bad. From your top of your head to the ends of your feet it’s all pretty so that is why you get paid millions for a CF. That quality body – I thought I would get to appreciate it.”

J asks if he should show her just a taste but she says it’s ok and that she is leaving. He tells her to go safely. J cries and says he is the most selfish guy in the world.

PJ looks at ramen and doesn’t eat it. He looks so sad.

AH says H seemed like he was going through something because he drank so much. Jenny thinks it’s because of her. “He must like me more than I thought. I must have hurt his pride by referring to him as a young fan. Now I have to see him as a guy, huh?”

AH: “You can’t. What about me?” Jenny: “What does this have to do with you?”

AH: “What? Doesn’t she remember 3 years ago? Did she forget that night?” Jenny: “What?”

AH: “You really don’t remember? It rained that night we drank wine. Suddenly we got close (like when you get attached to someone). In the snow we…” He puckers his lips but she yells at him to stop.

Jenny: “So what about that night? Afterwards we acted like nothing happened and moved on.” He says he waited. After that night, he thought of himself as her guy.

Jenny laughs and says: “Who is? Can you be my guy just because you feel like it?” He yells out all the things she called him for and asked why she did it. When her cafe flooded, spring clean, shovel snow, rake leaves, paint the cafe…

She says she thought he did those things because he had time. He calls her a bad girl. He tells her not to drink wine with H (like she did with AH). She wonders if she was too harsh. Does she have to compensate all at once for all those favors he did over the years?

H says he drank too much yesterday and doesn’t remember how he ended up here. “Did I make any mistakes?”

J: “You came at the right time to stop me from messing up my schedule like my manager.” H takes it as a compliment: “If I did, that’s good.”

H says he thought he saw AJ in his drunken state. J admits H saw AJ. H drops his shoes in surprise.

J: “Since she doesn’t know my condition yet, until I can tell her at the right moment, be careful.” H asks, “What about Moon?” J says it’s time now to tell her because there are a lot of things to get in order.

Moon asks about the surgery. She is about to break down. Moon: “What are the chances of a successful surgery?”

J: “It’s low. Not hearing it is better.” He says it looks like it’s time for her to cry so should he go and come back.

Moon: “I can handle it. Crying pitifully… It doesn’t suit you or me.”

J: “Ok, then keep listening.” J brings up all the contracts he is under right now and how he has to consult a lawyer but she says, “Stop. I will take care of all that on my own.” J: “Ok.”

Moon: “You must believe completely that you will live. Even in this situation—you are not collapsing—you are the coolest.”

J: “That’s right, I am DJ.”

Moon: “What were thinking when you started with AJ? If your relationship is found out, you and GAJ… Both of you will be ruined (by the media).”

J: “It will be… It’ll be the worst scandal but if a last moment comes for me (if he dies)—instead of the worst moment— it could become the best. If somebody dies, people stop insulting/trashing and think it’s beautiful. If I live and say I like GAJ, we will be trashed. If I die and somebody says I liked GAJ, our love will be beautified.”

Moon: “That’s how image goes.”

J: “That is why I am going to continue protecting my top image and if anything goes wrong (if he dies), I will give all of it to GAJ and leave.”

(*thanks, Naey, for your help with this scene)

Jenny thinks AJ is crazy for starting with J when AJ is on the brink of having her career come back. AJ says it doesn’t make sense to her too so she tried to be strong/resist him.

Jenny: “But you still like him?” AJ nods.

Jenny tries again: “If he is telling you to hang on for a month, then that means he doesn’t want to date you for a long time and that he doesn’t want to reveal to people. He is being direct but you still like him even though he does that?” AJ nods.

Jenny: “What about PJ? What about the program?” AJ: “I have to talk to him about what to do but I feel so sorry so I don’t know what to say or how to say it.”

PJ is working on the puzzle finishing up putting in the last pieces but he is missing one. The bell rings. AJ is holding a fruit basket and explains she went to his hospital but she heard he was sick today and couldn’t come in today. She knows she doesn’t have any right to come here but she couldn’t act like she doesn’t know so…

PJ tells her to come in and sit. She sees the stacks of ramen cups. AJ: “You must have kept eating ramen. I brought some fruit so have some.”

PJ’s eyes go round and he grabs her basket and empties it and lets the fruit go everywhere. She is alarmed (she thinks he is mad and throwing her gift) but he is happy because he found the last piece. PJ: “I found it.”

She gets down and starts picking up the fruit asking, “You must have been really angry. I shouldn’t have come. Just made you angrier. I’m sorry.” PJ: “That’s not it” and he holds up the puzzle piece.

AJ: “You really have the right to be this (angry). I wronged you too much.” As she reaches for the fruit, he says that wasn’t it and steps on her bananas (so she thinks he pretty much hates her). He keeps trying to say that’s not it.

She says she will go and tries to leave but trips over his foot. She says again she will be leaving and tries to run out. He holds her arm and explains, “I didn’t throw that basket in anger and I didn’t step on it on purpose. While I was looking for this I made a mistake.” He holds up the last puzzle piece.

PJ: “I was trying to get my heart/my feelings in order. I couldn’t find the last puzzle piece but you came and found it.” AJ: “Really?”

PJ shows her his puzzle. PJ: “Look, it’s only empty here.” He puts in the last piece.

PJ: “Done. Now it’s over. I kept eating ramen so I was sick of it so thank you for the fruit.”

AJ: “Since you are thanking me I feel sorrier. It’s better if you let it out.”

PJ: “Then, should I try to let it out once? When I say I will do it, I do it.”

PJ pretends to be mad. “GAJ, if you bring stuff like this, do you think I will get over it (my anger)? I don’t need stuff like this.” He pretends to swing it in anger but grins and spills the content on the table.

PJ: “I saw this on the drama my mom watches. Now I think I know why they do it.”

AJ: “I’m sorry.”

PJ: “I got as angry as I wanted so there is no need to feel sorry. Also, the show that we already started, let’s pick it up one by one and put it back in and finish it up so we can save face.”

AJ: “Were you really sick?”

PJ: “I wasn’t sick. I just lied to get out of work/play hooky. Don’t worry. Thank you for the fruit.”

AJ: “Then keep skipping work well. Be well and thank you.” He smiles at her after she leaves.

PJ finally stops smiling and looks sad again. He cleans up his mess.

PJ: “Like the last puzzle piece, everything is in order (has been resolved well).”

AH finds out that AJ is asked to fill in as a reporter on Section TV (while the guy who does it is away). PD asks if AJ did a morning show as a reporter because he remembers seeing her. AH says she did (she caught crickets in the mountains and stuff). PD says this time she is going out to find news about celebrities. AH promises she will do well and thanks them.

AJ tells J about it.

J: “Reporter… on Section TV? You went around causing trouble and getting kicked out, now you are going around chasing?” He asks if she can do that since it’s embarrassing.

AJ: “Since I know how it feels to be kicked out/rejected really well, so I can do the job more like a person/ human being.”

J says that’s not easy to do because she has to ask point-blank questions to a person who is going through something bad, asking when did you break up, why did you break up, didn’t you cheat? It will be as hard as being kicked out/rejected.

She says she has to do well because she has to drop out of Couple Making now. J’s face lights up: “Really?”

AJ: “Of course I have to. If I keep doing the show, then I am doing something unforgiveable to PJ because he isn’t even doing it for the show.”

J says PJ has nothing much to lose because PJ got to advertise for his hospital and got really famous.

AJ: “You do fake dating for a CF but PJ isn’t that kind of person.”

J: “So I am a lump of fakeness and that ‘anyone oriental doctor’ is a lump of sweetness/innocence. But since you still came to me, you must like me a lot?”

AJ: “Yes, I like you.”

J: “If you like me too much it will be complicated (a problem).”

AJ: “Don’t worry. I won’t ask you to say it’s true. I’m just going to have fun liking you my way.”

J: “If you are going to have fun, why did you bring along Ding Dong?”

AJ: “You said you two were close friends. Play with your friend and I will go look at the potato.”

J: “I want her to have a fun time but aside from the house, there is no place to go.”

J looks over at the kid: “Isn’t Ding Dong watching that too much?”

J tries to get the kid to go to his friend’s home. “Ding Dong, won’t your 7-year-old friends miss you when they are gathered together? Shouldn’t you leave now?”

Kid: “I like here the most. There is an arcade and the biggest TV.”

J: “Are you going to watch all of this till it ends?”

The kid says this is just the first one and he is going to see all of the rest (30 more). J can’t believe there is 30 and sits on the couch and remote and turns off the TV.

Kid: “It turned off.” J takes this chance: “What’s wrong with the TV? Is it broken?”

The kid looks for the remote. He sees J moving to hide it under his leg. J says he will show the kid something funny and makes a face with his tongue over his upper lip but the kid just stares and J asks what’s under his leg.

The kid is happy and grabs the remote. J looks disappointed so the kid doesn’t turn it on. J says: “Watch it. If you want to see it you should, since your whole life is 7 (years)-you can be self -indulgent.” Kid: “I don’t need to watch it. Since I saw the first one today I can watch the next one later.”

J: “You said it goes up to 30 so since you can’t watch all of it in one day, just watch when you can.” Kid: “Why?” J: “Ding Dong, no one can be sure they get the time to watch one each day to watch all 30 so you should watch when you can. I am being self-indulgent too.” J looks over at AJ.

Moon and SR and J talk about the terms of their break up and how to announce it. SR mentions how they can’t do separate interviews for the moment. Moon says J is going to avoid it by pretending to go out of Korea for a photo-shoot.

SR tells him not to shoot outside of Korea for real. After they reveal the news, if he goes out of the country and gets his pic taken, it will look like SR hurt/scarred him. He tells her to stop uploading pics of her staring up at the sky with eye-drops in her eyes.

Moon says how they are going to say they broke up already a long time ago without hurting each other and being cool about it. She adds they will handle all the problems with the CF contracts. She calls an end to the meeting but SR and J stay behind.

SR says her image went up because of J as his gf and he didn’t fall because of her.

J: “During that time we mutually used each other well and watched over each other.”

She says – while bragging – being on top – suits him and she doesn’t think she would like seeing him being trashed for liking “someone.” He asks if she is worrying that AJ and J will be trashed.

SR: “I don’t have to worry, right? If you think you will fall, you will let her go, right?”

J: “I won’t drop and I might be able to break through and rise up to the sky.”

SR: “See, you are bragging again and it’s cool.” She wants to hug him for the last time but he says he can’t.

J: “Can’t. I have an exclusive recharger. If you touch me, I’ll short circuit.” He makes her hug herself. He tells her to grow potatoes and it will help her unrequited love.

PD says the next show idea: to go record AJ’s album and PJ can play the piano there because it will be affective.

PJ says he doesn’t want to continue the show with AJ. PD asks why. PJ says his older family relatives are opposed to him coming out on the show. If the next people on the list are ready to film, PJ wants to quit. PD says asks weren’t PJ and AJ doing well? They were hoping PJ and AJ would keep going. PJ says sorry and asks for the PD’s understanding.

AJ meets with the Section TV guy. He tells her she is going to do the Star Date and introduces her to the PD. She says she watched Star Date a lot. “It’s when you go here and there and naturally conduct interviews.” He tells her to look over the format because it’s simple.

She gets a call from J. He asks what she is doing. She says at the studio because she is the Section TV reporter today.

J: “What are you going to do?”

AJ: Star Date. Going here and there and interviewing.”

J: “You are doing that? It seems like it will be fun. Then, GAJ, have a date with me. Wait.”

J hangs up and Section TV gets a call. The guy is happy to get a call from J’s agency. J wants to do the interview. The guy says he has been asking J to do this so of course they would be happy to have J on the show.

Guy: “For the Star Date section? Right this minute? Yes.” The guy hangs up and orders camera crew to be called; call for the van to leave in 10 minutes. The guy tells AJ to hurry and go with them. She asks if she has to interview DJ right now.

Guy: “They are going right now because J only has time today. Since it’s DJ, of course they have to go.” He tells everyone to hurry and leave in 10 minutes. AJ says she is going to go crazy.

AJ says she doesn’t know what she is supposed to do because it’s her first time. The guy says it’s great that she got J when it’s her first time doing this. He tells her not to be nervous because J is here.

J arrives wearing a suit. He waves to the crowd.

AJ interviews him. AJ: “Hello, I am GAJ from Section TV Star Date.” J says hello back. She says today the Star Date course is going to the arcade or to eat dukboki. She stammers so he chooses. J helps her out saying she prepared a lot and says dukboki sounds good.

J says having a date at a place like this fits his image well. She asks if he likes dukboki. He says he likes kimpap more when it doesn’t have cucumber. She says let’s try the dukboki and eats one saying it tastes good. He asks if she likes to eat it alone—most times like this—during interview.

The interviewer feeds one to the guest star. If it’s a burden then she doesn’t have to. Behind the camera, PD frantically motions AJ to do it. AJ says she will personally feed him (hallyu star DJ) a piece. “That’s ok, females fans, isn’t it?” She feeds him one and he says it tastes good. Then he feeds her one.

Then they go to an arcade and play games. J throws basketballs and he helps her throw one in.

They walk down the street while being filmed. He talks about the movie after “Fighter”. He stops by an accessory shop. Since this is her first interview for Section TV, to celebrate, could he buy her one?

AJ: “If you do, that would be an honor.” He goes in and asks her to choose one. He asks if he should and picks a big white heart pendant necklace saying it will look good on her. He puts it on her. He says it looks good – GAJ’s heart. She says he has manners like she heard. He thanks her.

She finishes up the Star Date. She says she had fun. J: “Me too. I had a really fun time.” She asks him to say bye to their audience.

J: “There is something I wanted to say in this place. Since it’s comfortable here, I think it will be good.”

J asks AJ, “Will you ask me about SR and me?” She asks if they are dating well (J and SR).

J: “We are not dating anymore. For a long time we have been just comfortable acquaintances. (to AJ ) You’re surprised, aren’t you?”

SR hears that J did his interview already. She writes her response to what he said. SR: “Hello, it’s KSR. You were really surprised, weren’t you? I decided to remain good friends/acquaintances with DJ. Sorry for not telling you sooner.”

Jenny: “DJ settled his relationship with SR?” She reads responses. People are not liking it, as Jenny sees.

SR puts in fake tears. She doesn’t want to look too ok. Reporters ask her questions.

PJ’s nurses are talking about it. One says SR and J broke up a long time ago. They acted like they were dating because of the CF. Celebrities can’t be trusted.

AJ gets compliments for doing well on her first interview. Guy asks if she didn’t know about what J said since they are same agency. She says she didn’t know J would say that today. Guy asks another one if SR was dumped by J.

J calls her. “You were surprised, huh?” AJ: “Why did you reveal that without telling me anything?”

J: “It was the time to reveal it.” He tells her not to come to his home for now because reporters are at his house.

H: “Did you interview with AJ on purpose and reveal it?” J explains he did it because he wanted proof to remain that he was next to AJ (since their date was filmed).

(* Naey explained this better: That’s why he did the Star Date program with AJ to leave a proof that he’s been with her by saying that he and SR haven’t been a couple from long time ago. If Jin dies, AJ will be his last woman and then people will sympathize with her and her image will become favorable with Jin’s good image.)

Candy group complains about their tight schedule. The manager says it can’t be helped. Some guy runs into the manager. Mina comes over; it’s her husband. The manager sees that. He asks if she is Mina and says it’s Manager Jang.

Mina’s husband doesn’t know her name is Mina. Jang explains how he used to be her manager. The husband knows that she used to be a singer. The husband and manager exchange business cards. Jang sees that her husband is Korean-American. Jang tells her to contact him and asks if he should contact her husband if she doesn’t. So Mina offers to contact Jang. Jang holds up the card like a threat to Mina. She bows her head.

PJ looks at his puzzle. “Since it’s all settled I can’t undo it.” He gets a call. SR drank and called him. She asks him to drink with her. He says he can’t drink. She says she will do the drinking then. He says he has to leave and won’t be able to see her. She says she will drink a lot. Is he going to leave her drinking like that? She will leave her location on his text so he can come or not.

SR stops drinking. “There is no one to take care of me if I’m wrecked.” She walks out and sees PJ so she goes back in and pretends to be passed out.

SR: “You came?” PJ says he saw her run back in. She gets up. Since he came here, if she falls (drinks too much) he will take care of her, right? PJ says even if she does this he can’t take care of her. “I hope you can settle (put in order) your feelings well.”

She asks if he is doing that well. PJ: “I think I am doing it well.”

SR: “What a lie. You said you were like me. You said you were upset too (about AJ and J dating). You want to think you are doing well because you don’t want to be stupid like me and show how you are devastated.”

She tells him to hurry and leave because it’s embarrassing. She can’t find a kleenex so he takes her a box and watches her cry but doesn’t give it to her and goes. (oh thank goodness)

He sits in the car and looks at his puzzle. PJ: “I settled it all. One by one I thought I settled everything.”

Big teardrops fall. He remembers all his time with AJ. PJ: “I didn’t settle anything at all.” He starts to cry more.

AJ talks to J. “Are reporters still at your house? If you are trapped/imprisoned, you must feel so stuffy.”

He says he feels like a princess trapped in a tower. She says for a princess his body doesn’t fit and says he is a beast, a beast who’s growing a potato in a tower.

He asks her to rescue him. She says it will make it worse for him if she goes to rescue him. While looking down on everyone from the high tower and bragging, he’ll end up on the ground (because of her).

So he can recharge, he asks her to sing her song.

AJ: “Download it for 50 cents.”

J: “Sing it for me just once so it doesn’t stop and ‘thumps’ well.”

She reminds him that he is over her song/the spell is broken, he said. He asks her to use magic then, magic that can bring about miracles.

AJ: “Fine, I will put a magic spell over you, awful DJ who grows potatoes. Change into a nice princess.”

She says she will go see if the magic worked and check how nice he became. She hangs up. He looks at the potato and touches his heart and begs: “Please.”

J invites his doc to a nice meal. J informs the doc that this is the most expensive entrée in this restaurant. Since the doctor is doing his surgery, J is giving him the best meal so the doctor should eat as much as he wants.

J asks the doctor to be upfront and honest with him. “Do you have the confidence to fix my heart?” Doc asks if he says he doesn’t have confidence, will J go looking for another doctor?

J: “Of course. If there is someone who can raise my chances of living by even 0.1%, I will end it with you and go find another doctor.” Doc: “You don’t need to because I am the best.”

J: “Ten years ago too you said you were the best. Since that time maybe there is another doctor (who is better).”

The doc says how he is the best now and that won’t change even in 10 more years. “And I will tell you something else. The chance of success for your surgery went up twice since 10 years ago.”

J: “If it’s twice… then it’s 10%.”

Doc: “Let’s just think of it as 50-50%.” The doc reaches for wine and J stops him. J asks what if his hand shakes since he is older? Until after his surgery J doesn’t want the doc to drink alcohol.

The doc says, “Don’t worry. I will fix it.”

J: “Please fix me, Doctor, because I want to live ‘awfully bad’.”

PJ’s mom and PJ’s great uncle tells PJ that the older family members worried about him doing the variety show. Quit the program, settle his relationship with the celebrity girl, and continue his study. His mom says someone will write a recommendation for PJ to continue his study in China.

PJ says he was getting his affairs in order and planning to quit the show after talking to the PD. The mom is happy and says if she knew she wouldn’t have called the uncle.

J’s doc calls the uncle by name. They know each other and chat. The uncle tells him to come out next week but doc says because of his big surgery he can’t drink.

PJ’s mom tells PJ to meet other doctor friends and meet a doctor’s daughter. He asks if she knows that what she is saying doesn’t make sense if she thinks about it.

The mom asks about J’s doctor. He says that doctor is the best surgeon. She says then he should have introduced him to PJ. He says the doc was with J. She asks if he is talking about the top star J; she remembers hearing J had surgery. PJ is surprised to hear it.

Jenny explains that AJ has lost her mind temporarily. J doesn’t really like AJ. J asked AJ to meet only for a month, not because he liked her, but just because he is broken. After a month when he is fixed he will leave AJ. They said all that and started.

PJ asks: “Broken for a month?”

Jenny: “If you like AJ, don’t let her go and hold onto her.” Jenny says J is a bad person. The kid says: “Ahjussi is not a bad person. He is Iron Man. He is a superhero with a man-made heart.”

PJ remembers the doc and the talk of surgery. PJ goes to meet J’s doc. PJ says he heard the doc has a huge surgery and it might be someone he knows. What is the percentage of living? The doc says just living or dying.

AJ’s dad asks about PJ’s mom; she used to come a lot but not anymore. AJ says she won’t come anymore.

The dad: “Why, did she give permission for you and the doctor?” AJ says she isn’t like that with PJ. Her dad guesses since J broke up with SR, so did AJ cross over to D Line? The kid says “ding dong.”

AJ wonders if she should go sing the “thump” song since H said all the reporters left.

J says to his potato: “I have to hurry and escape and go recharge.” As he leaves PJ shows up.

J looks at the screen and says: “What is this? It’s the ‘anyone oriental doctor’.”

PJ says he has something to ask and came. J: “What?”

AJ tells her dad that she is going out for a bit.

J: “Is what you’re curious about involved with my heart?”

PJ: “Yes. AJ doesn’t know about your heart, does she? Please tell me for sure. Is there a chance you could die?”

J: “I will tell you for sure. I could also live. Should I tell you something else with certainty? If you tell AJ about this, ‘anyone oriental doctor’, you’ll die.”

The end

No preview

Now with PJ knowing about J’s heart condition, only AJ is left. Something tells me she isn’t going to take the news well, not because she will be angry that J didn’t tell her from the start or even that he waited so long to tell her. More than anything she will be upset because it’s out of her control and something she didn’t know she needed to be prepared for. If you think about it, all the signs and hints were there. She just never picked up on how serious it was.

I wonder what any woman in her shoes would do. Would you fall in love with someone who has such a small chance of surviving the surgery? Would knowing all the facts change anything about how she feels about J? Could any woman walk away from a complicated love like J’s? Or would they prefer to run into PJ’s safe arms?

After watching AJ all these episodes, I can venture a guess. Not only will she run into J’s arms, but she won’t let him turn her away when he wants to stop hurting her. He has been running away all his life—from love—from attachments—from his fears… and all this time, AJ led her life the opposite way. She faced obstacles and braved them over and over.

If anyone can help J get through this, it’s someone like AJ who has already been through adversities with her ethics intact. She never compromised her beliefs for anyone and she certainly won’t make compromises for love. Watching her bring out the sweet loving side of J’s character without even trying was so beautiful to watch. Look how wonderful he is with the kid and H. Deep down inside, J was always this nice, but never got to show it. I’m glad that AJ brought this side of him to light before his surgery. Man, I really don’t want next week to come because there are going to be some major tears.


125 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 12

  1. I love this drama sooooo much,….
    When i watch this episode, i cry,..
    I love pil joo si and dokko jin,..both of them have a great love ways to love ae jung
    And anyone know the prew for next episode???
    I want ae jung, dokko and pil joo happy, I don’t want to see sad ending


    Still Here, Yaar
    Ae Jung’s serious accident in episode 13!!!!
    Okay, okay I take back about what I said about Dokko Jin dying. After watching episode 12 of Best love ( which in my opinion, I think a better episode than episode 10 and 11, not the best but hilarious and amazing on an get-the-audience-emotionally-attached-kind-of level … I ship Jae-Jin) I now can see that a serious accident might endanger Ae Jung (yikes!!) Here are the reasons why:

    First of all endangering Dokko Jin’s live is too predictable for episode 13 and in order to give the plot a twist, having our dear Ae jung, who was on her way to Dokko Jin’s house to do a magic/miracle to save dokko jin sing.
    get into a fatal accident might help to turn up more tension, more angst in the plot and twist and pull our hearts and activate our tear glands when we see our two men in sadness and in tears.

    Second, when Ae jung was leaving, Pil Joo was asking Dokko Jin about his heart and when Dokko Jin threatened Pil Joo. Here are some snapshots for my lovely readers:

    The music in the background was the music that is always played at crucial and plot twisting moments in the drama. Therefore suggesting a twist….

    I think it would be the best punishement and shocker to these two men who are fighting over Ae Jung. I think its a punishment to Dokko Jin for all the rudeness and arrogance he displayed from the beginning of the drama. It might help Pil Joo to question himself whether or not he really is over Ae Jung (which he isn’t) and how significant of a role does Ae Jung play in his life…
    We need tension, there are only 4 episodes left, the final episode would have to solve the conficts, tension etc.. and for a sucessful final episode we need to build it up!!!
    I may be wrong but I think there is a big possibility that this will turn out this way. (sigh) I wish they’d extend it to 20 episodes…Here is my Best love fan art (something to help me wait till we get the Best Love episode 13 preview on Monday..)

  3. Please….hong sister don’t make this drama with sad ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the greatest is one of my favorite drama,..please don’t let dokko jin die,..
    hope you have a magic ways,..

  4. Please read this again…from

    Still Here, Yaar
    Best Love and its similarities with Kal Ho Na Ho
    Was just going through a bunch of my favorite Bollywood songs and came across a song. As I have mentioned before, I feel that the Greatest Love/Best Love has so many similarities to Kal Ho Na Ho’s ( a Bolly wood movie) story…. I will deal with the similarities right at the end of this essay.

    Basically this song is about how one should enjoy and live life to its fullest for there may or may not be a tomorrow. The guy who is singing this is the main hero who has a heart condition and sets up the second lead and the main girl together since he loves her very much and he knows he is about to die. This is a great movie which can make you cry, make you laugh, make you dance on its amazing songs, it provides some eye candy as in the amazingly shot dance sequences and New York as the background, and helps one to reconsider their family values and raised questions on the consequences and ethical decisions that are needed to make in one’s lives.

    Here is a trailer of the movie, I have translated it a bit.

    Naina: They say that when relationships are under pressures then they become even more stronger and some relationships come and leave behind their own effects on the seasons. Laugh, smile who knows there may or may not be a tomorrow.

    ( a montage of the best moments of the movie, that is pretty much the whole movie)

    I am Naina Catherine Kapur

    (then you see this guy other guy…)

    Rohit Patel, Rohit lives alone in New York and for the last 3 years he has had absolutely no sucess in the field of advertising.

    Rohit: Thank God, you’re not like the other New York girls, you’re not pretty, you’re not sexy, and always have a lot of time on your hands. Thank You

    Naina: However, he wasn’t as cool as much as he thought he was. Still he never stopped trying.

    ( then you see a new guy, the famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan)

    Aman, (and everybody says Aman, AMan aman…)

    You just came out of nowhere and you changed everything..

    Aman: For the first time in my life, this heart has loved another with all its might.

    Naina: Why do I love him? Why do I love him, mama?
    Rohit: NO FOOL would ever love you!

    Aman: Nobody can love you like I do.

    Rohit: What would you have done if you were in my place?

    Naina: For God’s sake, please leave me alone.

    If you’ve never seen this movie, this is a must watch. And if you are a Best Love fan, then this movie would definitely help you to gain more insight on Best Love.


    Both of our heroes have a serious heart condition.

    There is a love triangle in both of them ( well in best love its supposed to be a love square, but the main focus is on Ae Jung, Jin and Pil Joo)

    Both are romantic comedies and are simply hilarious ( however Kal Ho Na Ho has a tragic ending, we don’t know about Best Love)

    Both the second lead are good natured people.

    Both the heroes seem annoying at first but they really are nice persons inside.

    There are a lot of small characters that add more fun to the plot.

    In Best Love, we know love to say Ding Dong and in Kal Ho Na Ho, we say kantanben ( its the name of a servant in the movie)

    Both have amazing cinematography.

    There are jokes made about Rohit/ Aman and Jin/JaeSuk


    Best Love deals with characters from the entertainment industry whereas Kal Ho Na Ho is a story of a bunch of working people in New York.

    Kal Ho Na Ho has many dance sequences…. ( still you’ll love them..)

    Best Love might have a more upbeat tone comparatively.

  5. Hi Softy and Thundie…
    It is Wednesday once again..I hope to join and read your post tonight..
    Softy..dear you have done a really great you
    Thundie..I am sure alots of us will be at your blog tonight..traffic jam!!

    See you

  6. Here in Episode 12 of “THE GREATEST LOVE” when Dokko Jin showed to Gu Ae Jeong the potato he’s growing the background music is “Take my hand” but it has no lyrics but only lalalalala (like lalalalalala lalalalalala) in the tune of Take my hand, I love to have that song. Does anyone here know where I could download it, even if it’s not free that’s fine I’m willing to pay for it, I just really want to have a copy of that song. I knew it’s IU singing there even the lyrics were only lalalalala, please help me. Thanks. The song I want is the one with only lalalalala as the lyrics not the real Take my hand. Please help me. thanks

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