Best Love: Episode 11

Sometimes when I hear the words coming out of these characters, the ache in my heart makes it hard to breathe and the emotions welling up inside has to come out so I find myself crying. I have a feeling when the Hong sisters wrote these lines – they cried too. You can’t create vivid characters like these without feeling what they are going through as well.

Best Love Episode 11 (live)

After J hugs AJ, she says he has to leave because reporters will gather. He tells her to be quiet because he is in the middle of recharging.

J: “Haven’t you charged a phone before? You have to charge at least one bar to use it. I’ll charge just one bar full.” (OMG so cute) He closes his eyes and keeps hugging her tighter.

She pulls away saying no more charging and tells him to go out and recharge somewhere else. “I am not your charger.”

He walks away so she asks where he is going. J: “Since you stopped letting me charge up, I have to fill the battery with food at least.” He walks over to the fridge and asks her to make him curry.

AJ: “Is this the right time to eat food?”

J: “I have to eat curry.”

AJ: “Do what you want then; I am leaving.”

AJ: “How can you just leave? What are you going to do if there are reporters?”

J looks out the window and says reporters are already here. Was that white car here when she came in? She says it wasn’t. He says then they are reporters.

AJ: “How do you know?”

J: “Aside from my car, there isn’t another white one in my neighborhood.”

Reporters are outside. J says if a lot of reporters gather—until they see his face—they won’t leave, so she may be trapped here for 2 nights 3 days. She repeats: “2 nights 3 days?”

J: “If it’s 2 nights 3 days that would be difficult for you. As you can see my home’s bathroom is something.” She can use it if she wants and he will be sleeping downstairs.

AJ: “I will leave even if I have to dig myself out.”

J: “Since you seem worried, fine. I will have to reveal a secret about this home. In this home there is an emergency exit.”

AJ: “Emergency exit?”

J: “You saw Batman, right? In it he made an emergency exit and when he needs it he got in his car and got out. It’s the same system. If you are in a hurry, we can ride this car and get out (the yellow one behind them).”

She says she has to leave another way. He says he has a secret passage. She says he is lying because the car isn’t even real. He hits it and says, “How can this not be real? Look, it goes real fast.”

She points out they can’t go out the front door. He says of course they can’t go out that way. If the emergency system is activated, the escape passage opens. She asks where that is.

J: “If we are going to escape, we need energy so let’s eat first.” She says he is lying. He leans in and says, “Make me curry and I will tell you everything.” The Batman theme plays during this scene.

Jenny asks why AH let AJ go to J and AH says AJ said she had something to confirm and left. Jenny worries that AJ will waver again if she hears J did that to the manager. PJ shows up. Jenny asks if PJ hadn’t left yet. PJ says he came because he has something to ask Jenny.

J and AJ are making curry. She chops and he puts in the ingredients. He blows on her arm, the part that is burned. (like how a mom blows on your cut so it won’t sting as she applies medicine)

She asks what he is doing and he says blowing on her arm because she got hurt. She asks if that is why he did that (punch the manager). She tells him not to blow on her arm and go blow on the manager’s (wounds).

She tells him to go look for potatoes and he says, “No, in this home I don’t kill potatoes. If you want to eat fish, would you eat those fish over there? You wouldn’t eat them—it’s the same as that—potatoes are grown.” He looks over to his potato and so does she.

They eat without potatoes. He says, “See, told you we don’t need to add potatoes.” She asks if he really has a way out of the house. He says since they are done eating, should they go?

He pretends he can get out with the car and asks which way she wants to go out and names exits. She asks if he can really get out in the car because he said he could get out like Batman. “Stop kidding around. Where is the way out? Through the basement?”

J: “Do you really now have a place you want to go with me? I have a lot of (places I want to go with you). Wherever we go—wherever that is—I think I will want to go to all those places.”

She calls him crazy and then calls herself crazy for believing him.

J: “I’m not crazy; I’m broken.” He touches his heart and explains how his heart is broken.

AJ: “You’re really not well?”

J: “It’s broken… and this car is here because it’s broken. I’m broken so I’m out of the safe 60-90 range so my heart keeps racing. So like a broken car I am going to keep chasing you. So you keep running away and keep your head on straight like right now.”

AJ: “Can you fix it?”

J: “Of course. After I get it repaired, it will go back to normal. Then I will zoom by quickly past your side. Right now since I am broken and clingy, don’t stick by me and get hurt. Keep avoiding me well and keep running from me.”

AJ: “Before you told me to hurry and wake up because it’s (?) and now you are saying you are broken and want me to run away. Is it fun just driving the way you want whenever you feel like it? Fine, try following me because I am going to avoid you well. Since you are a broken car, you’ll end up stopping at some point.”

J: “That’s right. Until I stop, avoid me well.”

J comes out with H. Reporters gather. He says he will explain it all later and leaves in the car with H.

AJ is sitting in the car. She says aloud: “That’s right. This really amazing car… Why else would he say he would give me a ride? It was only because it was broken. Fix it well and go.”

PJ asks why the manager is out to get AJ. AH says the guy lost out when the group disbanded. Jenny says it’s because the guy was blamed for the group disbanding. AH: “It’s true that AJ wanted the group disbanded.” AH wonders why AJ did that back then.

Jenny says she thinks something happened with Mina. PJ asks if Mina is the other member and Jenny says yes and says Mina’s full name. PJ remembers how Mina said who she was to himand that AJ saved her. Jenny says she tried for 10 years to get AJ to talk but AJ won’t, so Jenny can’t know for sure if anything happened back then.

AH says the manager went too far and AH should have hit the manager and not J. Jenny explains how the accident was reported on TV; that’s how it happened. PJ asks if AJ knows that and jenny says she does by now cuz AJ went to go meet J.

H delivers a fruit basket and flowers for the manager. J goes up to the manager. J says sorry for punching. The guy says he will overlook it (won’t press charges) this time since J came to apologize in person but next time he won’t put up with it.

J: “I came to tell you that I won’t put up with it if this happens again next time. If you hurt AJ one more time I will crush you.”

The guy asks if J is doing this because of AJ. No matter how rock solid J’s fighting image was up to now, if J keeps doing stuff like this, he will crumple (be ruined). “Should I mess with you once?”

J: “Try it.” if you mess with a rock mountain-you might end up buried in a landslide and you could die.The manager asks if that means J is going to turn him into the bad guy when he was the one who was injured. J says that’s right. “Because someone like you dared to threaten me, the more strength it gives my image.”

J looks at where he punched the guy and asks if this is where he got hurt. J sort of leans in and makes a sound that he blew on it (like AJ wanted him to).

J: “I had to blow on you because she asked me to so think of it as an honor.” The guy asks why J is like this; what is AJ to him. J says she is just someone with no power in his agency whereas “I am DJ, who has a lot of justice and you are a bad (whispers a bad word) who hits women. This is the end of handling this matter. You write a novel and I will sue you.”

Moon tells J how she is going to resolve this matter. She is using his heart problem an excuse about why he wasn’t able to attend the show. J says the broken part is true so it’s not inaccurate to say that. Moon says he ruined the most honored moment and the brightest time of his life.

Moon shoves his award box towards him. He takes out his award and says it would have been cool. What a total waste (that he couldn’t have received it in person on the show). Moon says the only way he can remedy it is to go far away. If he goes to Hollywood as planned it will be ok. He says he isn’t going.

Moon: “What? What about what you said about superheroes?”

J: “I’m going to forget about being a Hollywood superhero and protect a fellow agency member and be DJ with loyalty/close ties.”

Moon asks why he is like this. “GAJ said she doesn’t like you so why are you like this?”

J: “That she doesn’t like me… How good is that? Then there won’t be a problem. Don’t worry.”

J puts his award next to the potato. He talks to the potato.

J: “Potato—enough to give up on this award—you are cool, right?” He says it grew a lot of stalks and asks if it keeps this up maybe a flower will bloom. Then he wonders if a flower blooms then will the poison disappear. He touches his heart and worries.

J meets with SR. She asks why he never told her that the scar on his chest was from surgery and he reminds her they didn’t have the kind of relationship for him to tell her that. Even when they used to get along in the past, they didn’t talk with each other; they just had body language. (OMG what does that mean? softy freaking out here)

She says she was startled/speechless when people asked. She asks if he really likes AJ. He asks why her expression is like that; what is she enjoying so much. SR offers to let him go if he wants to make it work with AJ. He asks what this is. They don’t have that kind of relationship where they are nice to each other and want the best for each other without a reason. She says since he knows her personality well, she will just say it. She likes PJ.

SR: “If you and AJ work out, then AJ will let go of PJ. Then I will try to make it work with PJ.”

J: “AJ and I can’t work out so that doctor who is good to AJ, leave him alone.”

She asks if that means J has been pushed aside by AJ for PJ. J says he wasn’t pushed aside. “I just can’t get ahead of him.”

SR shows PJ the article and explains that the news isn’t the truth. The reason why J couldn’t attend the award show was because of AJ. PJ says he knows and assumes SR came to tell him this and not because she was sick.

SR: “I am hurt… because AJ is holding you tight on one side and J on the other side. It makes me so furious so I came because it hurts.”

He says he can’t treat her here for her pain because it’s caused by her mean nature. He asks if the jealousy she showed last time and confessed to him came from that bad temperament in her heart.

SR: “Why am I jealous? Because what I want is being taken from me, that’s why I am jealous. When you see this (article), aren’t you jealous at all?” He admits he is jealous a lot too. PJ says sorry for acting out of line and being mean. She says then he knows how she feels so don’t scold her again because she is already having a hard time.

AJ is signing stuff and H brings in a poster ad of J. she asks what that is and H explains they are going to use it for an event that a product J is promoting/advertising for. AJ mutters J does a lot of promotions. H says he does and tells AJ to work hard.

AJ tells the pic not to look at her. She says it keeps smiling and decides to turn it facing the other way. She hits the pic over and over each time saying something. “You are a rude &*%; you do whatever you want, you broken butthole. In your broken state, why are you tormenting me? Why? Why?”

She wonders if he will get revenge for it because she put a mark on it. She tries to wipe it off. She is blowing on it and wiping it when J comes in and it looks like she is smiling and kissing his pic.

He tsks tsks. He says is that enough touching? He says she is really stuck on him. She explains she was trying to get a mark off. She tells him to look because a little bit is left. But he asks if she was doing that to the poster because she can’t do it to the real DJ.

He makes the same pose and tells her to get it out of her system and do it to him, but she can’t touch though-just admire. She explains again how she was erasing the mark so he says “ok I will let you touch me once then  – so greedy. He mimics the crazed look too. She walks off.

J: “You’re not going to touch?” Disappointed, he sits and she continues signing. He says she is good at ignoring him. She says she is good at doing that when he plays around (like that).

J: “OK, then whatever I do—like my pranks—you have to ignore it well. If by some chance on tomorrow’s paper I put out dating rumors , it’s a joke.” AJ: “Ding dong.”

J: “If by some chance the day after tomorrow, if I cling to you asking you to marry me, it’s a joke.” AJ: “Ding dong.”

J: “If by some chance the day after tomorrow… if I disappear to go die, then that is also a joke.” He urges her to say ding dong.

AJ: “Can you even joke about that?”

He reminds her he is DJ who has a butthole for a mouth. Changing the subject, he asks how many she is going to sign and gives her some candy to eat and asks, “Isn’t it an honor? You’re grateful, huh? Answer me. Fine, just eat it.” He leaves.

The manager Jang is with some guy. The guy asks who did that to Jang. Jang says he doesn’t know and can’t talk about it. The guy says Jang’s personality isn’t the type to sit back after going through this. Jang says it’s too unfair to sit back and do nothing.

Jang asks what the boy band leader who used to date Mina is doing these days. The guy says the boy band leader is in China. Jang wonders if he reaches the leader, can Jang find Mina. The guy asks if Jang is looking for the leader or Mina. Jang says he wants to find Mina and find someone’s (my guess their weakness-something he can hurt them with).

H asks if J is not going to Hollywood because of AJ.

J: “I can’t go because I messed with someone. He has to know that the collapsing mountain is standing firm so he will be scared and not dare to mess with it.” H says Director Jerry is still waiting.

H asks: “Are you not even going to tell me what the hospital visit results were?”

J: “There is a chance you might not be my manager for too long. What did I say my manager had to do?”

H cries and says: “(a manager) might not be perceptive, could easily talk and reveal stuff but I can’t do those things.”

J: “That’s right; just do that, Kim Jae-suk.” H wipes his tears.

J’s doctor holds a meeting with other doctors about J’s heart surgery. He explains how ten years ago the patient had a virus (more medical stuff) then how the device in his heart doesn’t work so he needs surgery. He reminds them how for this kind of surgery the chance of success is only half. He says DJ’s name and says how special DJ’s surgery is. As much as DJ is famous, the doc is asking them as a favor to keep it confidential.

J meets with his doctor. The doc says prepare so they can perform surgery within a month.

J: “If I go into surgery, this (his heart) will stop, huh?”

Doc: “That’s right. If we succeed then it will beat again.”

J: “Or it will continue to stop.”

The doc tells him to think positively and reminds J that the cause for J’s heart to “thump” ten years ago is next to J’s side.

J: “Leaving her by my side seems too selfish so I am trying to hold it in (restrain).”

J is in his home saying aloud: “I want to see GAJ (I miss her).” His heart beats loudly so J tells it to be patient and have mind control. “Even though I miss her so much I should hold it in at least 3 times.” He yells at his heart: “Do you get that!”

Then he says again: “I miss her.” J says really fast: “I miss her I miss her I miss her. There, I held it in 3 times.”

J gets up but makes himself fall on the bed and says to himself: “Hold it in for another 30 minutes.” He lies on his side and looks at the potato. “But I still miss GAJ. GAJ.”

J sneaks towards her back door telling himself: “I held it in 300 times. I need to recharge. I will just see her for a second and leave.”

The kid calls out: “Ahjusshi, hello.”

J: “Ding Dong, where is your aunt?”

Kid: “Not here.”

J sees the blue chair the kid is holding and asks what he is doing with it. The kid asks with the cutest begging face: “Since you are tall, please help me out.”

They are in the kitchen. J: “Where is it?” Kid points to the top of the shelves. J reaches over for it and gives the kid his Nintendo back.

Kid: “Aunt wanted to get rid of this and put it way up there.” J tells him not to tell his aunt that J got the game down for him and tells the kid to act like the kid got it down. J asks for the chair and puts it right where the kid would have reached for it if he had tried. J says it’s proof that the kid did it.

Kid: “Did you come to secretly look at my aunt?”

J: “No, Ding Dong, secretly spying on someone is what a perverted stalker does. I came to see her like normal (properly).”

Kid says he will go switch out his game cartridge with his friend and tells J to wait. J spies around and finds his vitamin water and is happy to see his drink. Then his smile is gone when he spots PJ’s medicine.

He guesses that “anyone oriental doctor” gave it to her. That is why AJ’s face was so rough lately because she was drinking this. He walks around with a packet of the medicine.

J looks around and walks by her room and backtracks quickly to peek in wondering, “Is this GAJ’s room?” He starts to go up the steps, but stops. He asks himself: “What are you? A perverted stalker? What are you trying to see and want to look?”

He steps back down a step and turns to go but turns around saying, “I should knock before I enter.” He knocks and says “I did it” and grins and then goes in. (LOL)

He looks around and sees how she didn’t close the lid on something. He smells it and lights up saying “it smells like AJ.” He wants “to take some of it with him” and dabs some on his upper lip. He takes whiffs and keeps repeating “it smells like GAJ.” (beginning to wonder if the man knows what perverted means)

Suddenly he hears AJ calling out for her nephew. J is startled and drops the medicine packet. AJ comes in the house and J tries to run but steps on the medicine packet so it squirts everywhere. He tries to clean it with his hands then reaches for something to wipe with. He lays out her white shorts on the ground and puts his hands on it and wipes the mess. Then he folds it up and puts it in his pocket.

AJ is coming in complaining it is hot so he steps on her bed (leaving clearly visible footprints behind) and goes to the other side and jumps down and twists his ankle a bit. He suppresses his audible groan and ducks behind her clothes rack. AJ thinks she heard something and wonders what it was.

AH and her dad come home with a watermelon saying how cold it is and tells her to come out to the patio to cut and eat it. She says she will be out after changing clothes. She starts to take her shirt off saying how hot she is. J is in pain from his ankle but forgets all about it as he watches her undress. He covers his eyes with his hand but lowers it to watch.

She wonders where her shorts went. He makes a sound. She asks “Who is it?” and sees footsteps on her bed and says “feet?” Suddenly J calls out saying, “It’s me, GAJ. Don’t go, don’t go.” She can’t see his whole face and gets scared and starts to call out for her brother and climbs over her bed. J tackles her there and covers her mouth with his hand.

J: “It’s me. It’s me, DJ. Somehow I came in and ended up hiding. If your family sees it will look ridiculous so be quiet, got it?” She nods yes.

He lets go and her brother calls out for her. J gets under the covers next to her. AH in the house telling her to hurry up and come out and eat. She covers J with the blanket and lies on her side. AH comes over and asks if she is going to sleep. “Aren’t you going to eat the watermelon?” AJ: “I will eat it later after I wake up.”

AH looks at the blanket covering her and asks, “Aren’t you hot?” She says she is fine. Then he spots the feet sticking out and says, “Oh, your feet.” She asks: “What?” AH: “Wash your feet and sleep. So dirty.”

After AH leaves, AJ kicks off the covers. J asks: “Is he gone? Did he go?” His face is close to her.

She asks what he is doing in her room. J gets close to her face and says he will explain. Suddenly she sniffs him over and over.

J: “Why are you doing this? Like a pervert.”

AJ: “This scent is like my cream.” She sniffs some more.

AJ: “Did you secretly put on my cream?” She moves away from him. He explains: “Listen to me…”

She suddenly sees her shorts and yanks it out of his pocket saying “my shorts.” She lays it out and his hand prints on her butt area. He starts to stammer out an explanation but she points at him unable to speak. He puts her hand down and asks: “Are you thinking that I am a perverted stalker right now? (“Pot, meet Kettle.”) I am DJ. I knocked and came in properly.”

She says her whole family is here so how is he going to get out.

J: “GAJ, what do you think? How do you want me to go out?” She says there is a second-floor roof exit door and tells him to follow her. J limps out and explains he twisted his ankle.

AJ: “If I report you, what you did will put you right in jail. You came into GAJ’s home secretly, put on her cream, was about to steal her shorts and got caught. I can’t let that go out on the first page tomorrow in the papers so I am letting you slide this once. So hurry and go now.”

J: “Let me sit for a minute and go. My ankle really hurts.” She tries to take a look.

J: “If you look at it, will you know? Did you learn something from the ‘anyone oriental doctor?’”

She says she did. Even though she can’t give him acupuncture treatments she knows how to put compress on it. She wraps his ankle and asks: “Why did you come again today?”

J: “To recharge.” He holds her face close to his face so they touch foreheads.

AJ: “What are you doing again?”

J: “Stay still. I will just charge one bar full – recharge.”

AJ: “Is your broken state something serious?”

J: “Preparing to get it fixed. Right now I need to recharge.” She lets him hold her face till he pulls away and sighs deeply while looking into her eyes.

J: “I’m going crazy.”

AJ: “Why?”

J: “I want to take you home and use you as my recharger. GAJ, I told you I was broken. To fix me, you need to wait a month. During that time, will you stay next to my side, by the broken me?”

AJ: “Why are you telling me that? For one month? When it’s not even love but broken.”

J: “Just stay that long with me.”

AJ: “You said after you are fixed you will speed right by me. Why are you doing that to me?”

J: “Think of me as a broken car. You don’t know where I might get in an accident. You hold onto the handle and stop me. cuz my battery is low, i might stall before the month ends so you can recharge me and stay by my side. Then I will really be good to you.”

She tells him to say it straight: “That you like me and want me to keep staying by your side.” He says he can’t because he is broken. She gets mad and tells him -if he doesnt want to be taken to the junkyard right now just leave. She storms off. He says he is going crazy for real.

She looks at the footprints he made on her bed and calls him a bad guy.

PJ’s mom meets with the PD. She says because he was a sunbae (senior) to PJ, she trusted the PD and convinced PJ to do the show so what is this. PD apologizes and says he didn’t know PJ’s decision would end up like this. She complains how all PJ’s choices for future blind dates are all cut off. Did the PD and writer, for the sake of the rating, urge PJ to stick with AJ more?

PD says if she saw the show she would know but right now PJ really likes AJ and came to this point. She asks if they told AJ to persuade or beguile PJ. PD explains that for the sake of the audience to have fun, even though the participants don’t feel it in their hearts, all they can ask is for them to act like they like each other.

The mom asks, “So are you saying that AJ doesn’t feel it in her heart and PJ liked her so much that they came all this way?” PD says that is the irony.

PJ’s mom goes to meet AJ’s dad and asks, “Is GAJ, who really doesn’t have her heart in it, doing that with my PJ because of the show?” The dad says they think PJ is a really good person. She says everyone knows that PJ is a good person.

PJ’s mom: “So are you saying she (AJ) thinks PJ is a good person but doesn’t really like him?” The kid yells out “ding dong!” (soooo cute) AH clamps his hand over his son’s mouth.

The mom wonders if AJ could reject PJ on the show in one swoop. The dad reassures the mom that AJ wouldn’t do that to PJ on the show. “She can’t do that.”

The mom worries: “If she can’t do that, even though her heart isn’t in it, is she going to go all the way till the end because of the show? She can’t do that too.” She keeps saying, “What do I do with my PJ?”

AJ goes to see PJ and explains how his mom is really worrying a lot. PJ says sorry for putting her through this. AJ explains how his mom is worried groundlessly that AJ will go like this all the way till the end. AJ says sorry.

PJ: “it’s not a groundless worry, when I started this, I thought about it all the way till the end. Through someone else I learned something. If a heart is full with someone else —can’t hold onto that heart. GAJ, if you like me a little, please let go of that person (J) from your heart.”

Moon gives AJ her solo song demo and tells AJ to listen to it.

AJ: “This is my song?” Moon: “I listened to it already and it feels good. I think it will be a hit. Also, a CF came in for you.” Moon reminds AJ that Moon told her that she would be able to shed her old image. If AJ keeps going like this, it will be good for AJ.

Moon asks for a favor. She trusts AJ’s honesty/sincerity so she is saying this. Moon asks AJ to convince J to go to Hollywood. AJ asks how. Moon says: “J has the strongest pride in this world. Mess with J’s pride and also break up with J for good.”

AJ looks at her sneakers. How J announced he bought it for her in front of the reporters. How she asked him to say that he liked her but he said he couldn’t because he is broken. She puts away the sneakers. The kid comes out of his room and watches her put them in an envelope and she cries. The kid cries too.

The manager meets with SR to say he found out about Mina. She changed her name and and her new name is Hae-jin. He heard she went to America right after getting married but he says he isn’t sure if Mina is in Korea or not. SR says Mina is here in Korea; SR saw her before. SR offers to find her.

SR goes to the nurses’ desk and asks for info using Mina’s new name. SR says she is her old friend and asks for contact number. The nurse says she can’t give out personal info but since Mina is coming for her next appointment, the nurse offers to tell Mina that SR wants to meet her. SR says there is no need to do that. She will come and meet Mina in person when she comes for her next appointment. “Don’t tell her that I will come to meet her.”

PJ comes out and asks what SR asked the nurse and she tells him. PJ wonders why SR is looking for Mina. He remembers how Jenny said SR is not close with Mina and SR won’t want to see Mina. Jenny asks how he knows Mina and he said he heard about Mina through SR.

PJ is walking and sees the kid trying to reach into a bin. PJ calls out, “Spiderman!” and the kid bows and greets PJ.

Kid: “Hello, Konan Ahjusshi.”

PJ: “What are you doing here?”

Kid: “I have something I need to get. Ahjusshi, please help me. I have to get back what my aunt threw away in here.”

PJ and kid go through the pile of stuff PJ pulled out. PJ holds up the sneakers and kid takes them and hugs them.

PJ: “Is that what you were trying to get?”

Kid: “Yes.”

PJ: “Didn’t your aunt throw those out?”

Kid: “Yes.”

PJ: “If you return what she threw away, your aunt won’t like that.”

The kid says she didn’t throw them away because she didn’t like them. “My aunt cried a lot while she was throwing these out.” The kid washes the sneakers and leaves them out to dry.

AJ practices what to say to J while looking at his poster. “DJ, don’t make me waver anymore. I want to do well with PJ. As long as you are not in my life it will work so get lost.” She mutters: “Practice on a poster of DJ like this. I have to do the same thing to the real DJ.”

She starts over but J is behind her and heard it all. He calls out her name. (he asks if she is falling for him)

J: “Are you wavering right now?” She says he is too arrogant. He says he has something to show her and to come to his home. She says she thought about it and listened to him too well. She came and left when he wanted.

J: “So this time too, listen to me well.”

AJ: “This time will you listen to me?”

J: “What? What you just practiced? Telling me to get lost from your life? I won’t do that.”

AJ: “DJ, go on a picnic with me.”

J: “What?”

AJ: “Do you want to go? If you want to go, will you wait for me once?”

J: “If I wait, will you come?”

AJ: “Can’t you just say you will wait no matter what? While you wait, if you want to go on a picnic with me, wait for me out in front of my house today. I have to go film now so I will leave first.”

J: “GAJ, I will wait for you. Make sure to come.”

PJ and AJ film. The writer tells them today is about PJ’s hobby and tells them to solve the puzzle well. She says last time when she asked them to cook, they didn’t talk and just worked on cooking a lot. “Don’t do that today and please converse. Talk, please.”

PJ and AJ exchange smiles. PJ: “If we are going to solve a puzzle we have to focus so we shouldn’t talk. But since they want us to talk, it’s hard.” AJ promises to talk more than him.

PJ: “If you are talking, how can I concentrate on a puzzle?” She smiles. He asks if she was burdened by what he said last time.

AJ: “You did well saying that. I have to feel some burden.” She says she was determined and did something to J today to drive him away. “So please help me. So that I don’t run over there all day today, please hold onto me.”

PJ: “Thank you for making up your mind like that.” AJ: “Sorry for asking this kind of favor.”

J gets dressed and is happy. He says to the potato: “I’m gonna put the rest of my life on the line and I am going to go and wait for GAJ.”

AJ gets a text. It’s a pic of J’s potato. PJ picked it up and saw it. She asks what he is doing and he says since their phones look alike, he got confused and thought it was his phone and that J sent her a text. She says delete it because she doesn’t want to see it. PJ was about to but I don’t think he did.

The writer complains they aren’t talking at all. What are they doing, a puzzle championship? PD thinks there is nervous tension between AJ and PJ.

PJ and AJ are doing a puzzle. PJ says he will help her and if it’s hard she can follow him. He was talking about the puzzle but applying it to their situation.

J goes to her house to wait.

PJ and AJ go to eat. PJ looks sort of sad.

As PJ walks her home, he asks if she had fun watching the movie. She says “yes.” He looks at his watch and says the day is over. They walk to her house together and J is still waiting.

PJ holds her hand saying, “I will help you. If it’s hard, just follow me.”

They walk holding hands to the gate. AJ hesitates so PJ takes her other hand and leads her in.

PJ takes her to sit out on her patio. He watches her pull her hand out of his and he grips the emptiness for a second.

AJ cries. PJ sits next to her. She wonders aloud (if J got the message).

AJ: “I did a good job of passing by him with conviction, huh? He must know for sure that I ignored him as I passed him, right? If he has any pride, he will completely leave (my life), right?* Then now it’s all over.”

(*she asked those questions aloud – wishing the whole time she was wrong)

AJ turns to look at PJ: “I am sorry because this must be hard on you too. I’m sorry.” She cries.

J is in his car crying. He wipes his tears.

PJ sees her sneakers then watches her cry. He takes out her phone and shows her the potato pic J sent. He says he couldn’t delete the pic. He gets up and doesn’t say anything and leaves.

She sees the potato pic and message:

“GAJ, I grew the potato you brought this much. (they say) the (green part) is poison but I was just patient and grew it and I think a flower will bloom. I’m broken so I can’t catch you properly. So this time you come, so that I won’t stop and be able to move. Come and recharge me.”

J is still sitting in his car waiting. AJ goes outside and does the same thing he did before; she cups her hand around his cheek through the window. He rolls down the window.

AJ: “You bad guy – recharge.”

He grips her hand (in silent gratitude) and sticks his head out of the window. He pulls her close and kisses her.

The end

No preview

OMG – I can’t find the right words to convey this perfect moment -just happy tears.

Tonight, my poor PJ broke my heart. Till the very end, he tried to hang in there and be her rock of support – he tried to protect her from the pain of loving someone like J, but tonight he just knew and did the bravest thing a man in love can ever do – he let her go. There is some pain in this world you can’t escape from or avoid. No matter how much you rationalize it’s not good for you, you have to go through it and hope you are strong enough to weather it through. Whatever uphill battle AJ and J still have to go through, at least they have each other now. But my poor PJ has to watch from the sidelines, hoping he did the right thing and wishing his decision didn’t hurt so much. I just wish we could all give him a collective hug. Just for a second though – no lingering, please.


169 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 11

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      • Thank you for your effort Softy!
        Thundie wrote that you spent sleepless night yesterday doing the transcap.
        Hope you stay well!

        • Softy worked on the recap from 10pm to 8am. Ten hours straight! The more she loves the drama, the more hours she spends on it in order to give us the most complete transcap.

          We are not worthy, Softy!

  2. All you best love fan’s comments here are hilarious! I love reading the recaps AND the comments especially those of Mrs Cha! muahahahha…. Thanks to softie for the awesome recaps again. I agree, this drama rocks. The actors, the script. Loved it!

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