Best Love: Episode 10

No matter how you look at it – this episode was daebak. At first all the cute moments with Ding Dong and then this episode did a complete about-face and went the other direction. Maybe because I didn’t see it coming, but I had no idea the whole thing about his surgery was going to happen. I have no clue why he isn’t getting it done right away. What is he waiting for? He was planning on leaving for America to make his next film. Is he in denial about his condition? Does he not accept the odds that he could survive?

Makes me think part of the reason why he unleashed his anger on that manager was because J no longer cares about his career or image. He lost what he thinks is the most important person in his life to PJ so what else does he have to lose? The other part of me wants to think he has come a long way as a person and as someone worthy of AJ’s love. In the past, he stood by and watched AJ get slapped by that manager. Now—after all this time, after his love grew beyond what even he thought he was capable of—he steps up and doesn’t let the manager get away with it twice. The definition of “knight in shining armor” needs to have DJ’s face on it after tonight. The man earned it.

Best Love Episode 10 (live)

After J says he feels like he is dying, PD and writer say how AJ and PJ look picture perfect. The writer says she is envious, but compared to how good AJ and PJ look, SR doesn’t look like she is in a good mood. Is she really tired?

SR announces that AJ and PJ are a new couple. AJ explains to PJ that to get the whole picture captured on film, he has to keep holding hands with her; just think the cameras and people are not here.

PJ: “I’m already thinking they aren’t here. I decided that from the beginning, people disappear from the screen. I told you it’s real for me. What I am holding onto is… your heart that came to me.”

She says sorry for making him run into this situation because of her. PJ: “Since I ran in and held onto (caught) you, I’m not going to easily let go.”

He holds her hand tighter. They smile at each other.

J is in his car holding his heart. PD tells SR that everything was good today but PJ’s reaction when AJ appeared was weird. Did PJ and SR talk about something? “We couldn’t hear. What did you talk about?” SR remembers how she told PJ that she liked him. SR asks what PJ’s reaction was after he talked to her. PD says PJ seemed surprised but when he saw AJ coming towards him, PJ looked better.

AJ tells him the filming is done but he intertwines his fingers with hers.

PJ: “I don’t think of this as filming and think of it as real, so I want to just keep holding onto it.” He grins at her and says let’s go. (did you guys see that smile? PJ is killing me; thundie, screencap his dimple please.)

AH is talking to AJ on the phone and finds out PJ and AJ are riding together in the car he borrowed for them. AH lies that suddenly he and their dad had to go somewhere. AJ asks who passed away. AH lies that it’s their dad’s cousin’s someone so AH and their dad will be there all night. HK (the nephew) will be with Jenny so AJ doesn’t need to worry about him. AH tells AJ to have fun with PJ celebrating their first filming and having an after-party of sorts.

After AH hangs up, AJ mutters that her brother makes it too obvious. PJ says he feels stronger because her whole family is P-line. She asks if her brother mentioned P-line and stuff to PJ. PJ says no; Jenny did. AJ rolls her eyes.

PJ: “It would be best if you hurried and stepped over to the P-line.” She asks what is good about crossing over to the P-line. PJ: “The good points about P line are that it is safe, comfortable, and there is no wavering/shaking. And after staying strong, for the rest of your life it will never be cut.”

Jenny is feeding AJ’s nephew. She explains how his dad and grandpa will be gone and for the kid to follow her home and Aunt Jenny will make him tasty kimpap to take on his field trip tomorrow.

Kid: “What about my aunt?” Jenny: “Aunt has an important meeting so she will be late. Can’t interrupt, ok?” She gets up to take care of a customer. Kid looks at his magnets and sighs deeply. Sting’s “shape of my heart” plays. He announces to Jenny that he is going home to change clothes and will be back.

J is waiting outside AJ’s home in his car. J: “What do I say? I’m too scared so I can’t call. I thought it was weird… because of that monitor.”

The kid scares J by sticking his face up to the window. J: “Ding Dong, I thought you were a ghost so I was surprised.”

J makes a face like he is in pain. Worried kid asks: “Ahjussi, are you hurting?” J: “Yes, I am really hurting, Ding Dong. There is big trouble.” The kid takes J inside his home.

J: “Hey, Ding Dong, what time does your aunt usually come home?” Kid: “Around 12 or 11pm.” J: “Why does she come home so late?”

The door opens so kid says, “My aunt is home.” He gets up to greet her. AJ comes in and sees J inside. She is shocked to see him there. J holds up his hand and says, “I’m DJ.”

She looks at her nephew then at J. She asks why J is here. The kid explains J was sick so he asked him to come in and rest. AJ tells the kid he can’t just let anyone inside the home.

J: “That’s right. ‘Just any DJ’ was having heart problems in front of your home. I was really in pain but Ding Dong who has compassion invited me in and took care of me.”

AJ asks if his heart hurts again. J: “GAJ, I am really sick.” He looks over at the kid and holds up a poporo cup. “Ding Dong, thank you for the warm tea.” J pretends to blow on it and drink. AJ tells him to leave if he is done drinking.

Kid looks at his aunt then at J and tells J it’s ok to stay longer before he goes. AJ calls the kid’s name in a stern voice. Kid explains: “I always go over to Ahjussi’s home to play. This is the first time Ahjussi came over to play at our home so don’t tell him to go, Aunt.”

J laughs and says “this kid.” AJ asks the kid, “Is this ahjussi your friend?”

J: “Your aunt doesn’t seem to know. Tell her how close we are, Ding Dong, and also tell her how your popularity rose after passing out a 100 of my autographs.” Kid tells AJ that his friends chose Ding Dong for some special role on the field trip because of J. AJ tells the kid to tell his friend (DJ) to have fun and leave. She reminds him he has to sleep at ten and there is not much time left.

AJ says to J: “When your friend falls asleep, please be sure to leave.” She gets up and leaves the room. J tells the kid: “You did well, Ding Dong. Next time I will give you 100 movie DVDs to distribute.” They fist-bump and do thumbs-up. (OMG so cute)

J is inside the kid’s room. He wonders what to say (to AJ). Kid asks why J is always in trouble with his aunt. J says: “Because I did something really wrong to her.” Kid tells J to beg and apologize that he was wrong.

J: “Ding dong, as a 7-year-old man, those words are easy, but at 37 years old it’s not that easy.”

Kid: “My dad is 38 but every day he begs forgiveness from my aunt.”

J: Hey, Ding Dong, I am DJ – a special guy. You know me. I’m DJ.”

Kid: “Then you aren’t going to say you were wrong.”

J: “I have to. Somehow I have to.”

The kid pushes over his notebook and points to an empty space – a box. J reads what it says: What I Did Wrong Today.

J acts insulted but ends with praise: “Are you asking me right now to write in a kid’s punishment box? Ding Dong, you are the best! You are the best.” He gives the kid a thumbs-up.

AJ is preparing kimpap ingredients. She wonders if J is really sick. Why are they so quiet? Is J really playing with her nephew?

J is writing out an apology on the kid’s notebook. “GAJ, today I was wrong…” He erases it and starts over. “GAJ, I was…” then he puts it down.

When AJ comes in, J pretends to be reading with the kid. She tells the kid it’s time to get ready for bed and to come out. Kid looks at J and J makes a don’t-do-it face. Kid explains to AJ how he hasn’t packed the bag he is going to take on the school field trip (a picnic). She tells him to pack it while she finishes making the kimpap. He nods. She leaves them.

Kid to J: “I did well, huh?” J: “Nice.” J gives him a thumbs-up and they fist-bump and giggle.

J goes to taste the kimpap. She slaps his hand as he reaches for one. J tells her not to be so stingy with food saying he didn’t get to eat because he was sick.

She gives him two pieces of the end. He complains why she is packing the normal ones and giving him the ends. She says if he doesn’t want to eat them then don’t. She tries to take it away but he keeps it saying the ends are good.

He chews and asks if she put in cucumbers. He says he doesn’t like cucumbers and asks if she can’t add fish cakes. So she puts in 3 extra slices of cucumbers. He says it doesn’t look good to put 3 but she ignores him and asks if the kid prepared what he is going to wear tomorrow. Kid says he is going to wear what she bought him.

When kid comes in with his Spiderman outfit on, J laughs at the kid and asks: “What is that, Ding Dong?” The kid’s smile drops.

J: “Are you the Spiderman man on the web? You look like the bug caught on the web.” He laughs so AJ yells at J asking why he is like that to a baby.

AJ: “Do you know what fashion is?” J: “I am Korea’s top fashionista DJ.”

She tells him to shut his mouth. She tells the kid he is really cool looking. Poor kid mutters he isn’t going to wear it. J makes it up to him.

J: “Ding Dong, come here. Fashion is having confidence. Straighten your shoulders. To give a point to your spider hands, hold in your tummy. Whether you look like Spiderman on the web or a bug caught on the web, how confident you are is on the line, try it.”

The kid holds out his arm and yells, “Spiderman!” J claps and says he did well.

J: “Nice to meet you. I am Ironman. Let’s sit and eat kimpap as two superheroes.”

Kid: “When you were younger, you liked Ironman?”

J: “When I was younger I wanted to become Ironman. I wanted to hang the man-made pacemaker ironman hung on his chest too and become the best superhero.”

J says to AJ: “I didn’t say that to sound pitiful; it’s real.” She says she didn’t say anything and tells Ironman and Spiderman to eat kimpap. She gives the pretty parts. J says, “How can I when you put 3 cucumbers in it?” but he eats it anyway.

J and the kid are both yawning. Kid can’t keep his eyes open and says he is sleepy but J says he can’t sleep yet. J says he didn’t get the chance to talk to AJ yet.

J: “Spiderman, you can’t sleep. You have to rescue DJ. Drink the juice and wake up.” Kid puts his head down and sleeps.

AJ comes in and tells the kid to go in and sleep because she laid out the blanket. J says that Ding Dong isn’t sleepy. Normally the night before a field trip kids can’t sleep. AJ says J as a kid might have done that but her nephew goes to sleep right at ten. J says it’s more fun to go on a field trip when “you haven’t slept much the night before.”

AJ asks if J doesn’t know that those kids who didn’t sleep much can’t play during the field trip properly because they are tired. J says he doesn’t know that because he didn’t get to go on field trips. She asks if he skipped field trips. J says he had to skip them because he had to go to the hospital.

AJ says that is what happened to J a long time ago, but her nephew has to hurry and sleep so he can go tomorrow. So stop interfering and bothering her and go home.

J asks her to go with him tomorrow because he never got to go on a school picnic even once.

AJ: “What? picnic?”

J: “Since I never once went on a picnic, I will go with you.”

AJ: “You think I will go with you on one?”

J mentions how when he was sick he couldn’t go but still he prayed if a miracle would occur and let him go on one. “Will the heavens give me permission? I hope AJ’s heaven will allow it. That would be nice.” (he pauses because he knows he took it too far)

AJ: “It won’t work, wake up from that dream.”

J asks why she is so harsh. He asks her to imagine a sickly kid who wished to go on a field trip praying by his hospital window. Then she won’t be able to turn him down. She asks if he always made a fuss like that. Did people always go along with it? “Guess no one ever scolded you for being a brat.” J says the upside to being a sickly kid was no one scolded and always forgave him.

He gets serious. J: “GAJ, can’t you forgive me just one more time?”

She says she won’t ever go on a picnic with him. “Between us two, it will just pour down rain so don’t even count on it.”

Kid wakes up and asks if it is raining outside. She says it isn’t. Kid asks if he can go on the picnic. She says yes and tells him to go in and sleep.

J says: “Between us, I will wait till the rain stops. When it does there will be a huge rainbow.” She takes the kid in to sleep.

The next day it rains really hard. AJ thinks there won’t be mention of picnic (from J) since it is raining. Kid is disappointed because he can’t go on the picnic. She says her Spiderman’s disappointment must be big. She offers to rent a cartoon DVD and watch it with him.

There is a knock on the door. She wonders why J is always doing what he wants. She goes out yelling “what now?” and hits PJ with the door.

He apologizes for coming without calling. She says sorry for hitting him with the door. PJ makes a funny face and says he is only a little hurt. She asks what brought him here. He came to drop off the present – the camera.

The kid looks at it and asks what it is. PJ says it’s a camera. AJ thinks the camera would have been perfect to take pics of the kid when he went on his trip. She thanks PJ and goes to make him some tea.

PJ says the kid must be sad because he couldn’t go when he changed into Spiderman. Kid asks if PJ liked superheroes when he was younger. PJ says instead of heroes he liked Konan (from a Japanese manga). Kid says PJ’s glasses are the same as Konan’s.

PJ asks if the pretty kimpap was made by the aunt. Kid nods. PJ asks for the kid to hand over the kimpap because he has a difficult problem to solve and it will help him. PJ offers to pay for something better than kimpap. What does the kid like to eat? Kid pushes the kimpap over to PJ.

PJ takes the kid to a donut shop and hands him a big tub. PJ tells the kid to put in as many donuts as he wants. As PJ puts some donut holes in, Sting’s music cues. The kid closes his eyes and says sorry to Ironman and fills the bucket. (LOL)

PJ makes ramen. Kid plays with camera in the tent that PJ made. AJ says PJ didn’t need to do all this. PJ whispers that he wanted to look good for the kid (get his approval). PJ asks if Spiderman likes the tent. Kid invites him in.

PJ and the kid are playing when AJ gets a call from J. J said he called to ask her to go on a picnic with him to cheer up Ding Dong who couldn’t go because of the rain. J prepared something and tells her to come down. He rented a camper. (OMG, totally beats the puny tent)

AJ: “I already came on a picnic.”

J: “What? You left without me?”

AJ: “When did I say I would include you? I’m on my trip and I am happy and it’s great.”

J: “Where did you go?”He asks if she can’t take him along because he is outside their home.

AJ: “In front of the house?”

J: “You are home right now, aren’t you? I will go up.”

AJ: “You can’t. I have a guest.” PJ watches her talk while playing with the kid.

J: “A guest? It’s that ‘just anyone’ doctor, huh?”

AJ: “You said because you were sick, no matter how bratty you were you didn’t get scolded and was forgiven. But I… Even if you are so sick and die I won’t pay any attention. I’m sorry, I’ll hang up.”

AJ tells PJ the ramen is done. AJ eats ramen with PJ and the kid. J is outside and sitting in his car in the rain.

People watch the Couple show everywhere, even at PJ’s hospital. Nurses ask if PJ was nervous. They say he is handsome and came out well. His mom is miserable. SR watches in her car.

AJ’s family watches the show. Jenny says AJ came out pretty. They clap. AH says it’s the best. Jenny says they look good together. AH says it’s P-line. Kid looks unhappy. Grandpa looks miserable too.

J watches at home and turns it off. He clutches his heart again. He says he has more shock because of the CG and stuff, something about heartache.

The writer brags to SR they got best ratings again. SR tells PD and writer that people are leaving comments that PJ and AJ don’t look good together. PD says they can continue next season with PJ and AJ. SR asks, “What about me? There is no role for an emcee.” PD says to do the opening and closing and bridges (filler lines). SR is mad because the way the show is going, all she does are “bridgements.”

SR regrets letting AJ into her show. Her stylist says at least the show is a hit. SR says it’s like ten years ago; she lost everything to AJ.

PJ comes out of the elevator and heads in her direction. SR says she doesn’t want to lose PJ to AJ. PJ asks to speak with SR.

SR asks if he was preoccupied by what she said on the day of filming. Did he come to confirm that what she said was sincere or not? He says he didn’t see it as being sincere. If she meant it, she wouldn’t have tossed it to him like a joke in that situation.

She asks if he took it as a joke, then think the way like he wants and ignore it. He says he can’t ignore and just overlook it. Why did she make him stunned throwing out that joke on purpose at such a crucial moment?

She asks if he is here to pick on the fact she ruined his important moment where he was confessing to AJ. He says he isn’t here to pick on that; he wants to know what the reason was. She says because she doesn’t like AJ to ruin the show. He scolds her, saying she is a bad person.

PJ: “How could someone who is pretty have such a bad heart?” She asks if he is scolding her right now. PJ: “If you did something wrong you need to be scolded.” He warns her not to joke around like that.

SR cries in the bathroom and says PJ has no sense because she is KSR. “How dare he come and scold me?”

SR overhears a girl group member talking on her cell phone in the next stall with some guy she likes. She explains how she is using the phone without her manager knowing. She says how she misses the guy.

SR mutters it’s the same how girl groups date without their companies knowing. She flashes back to a long time ago when AJ and SR liked some boy-band guy and left a note for the guy at a vending machine slot. The manager picks up SR’s note so AJ runs over and eats it before he can read it for SR’s sake. The note turned AJ’s tongue blue. (end of flashback)

SR: “We had times like that. This time if I had offered to help AJ date J secretly, then maybe she wouldn’t have started the show with PJ.”

The manager tells that girl she isn’t allowed to have a personal phone. SR guesses the girl got caught. He complains to SR about girl groups, how it’s a headache keeping them from dating. She says all girls that age are like that. “We did too.”

He says SR was nice back then and didn’t cause trouble. She says she didn’t get caught. He says Mina dated a lot. He says Mina secretly dated the leader of a top band. Because of that, the fans of that guy sent Treasure Girls razors all the time. Doesn’t SR remember that?

She says she remembers crying because of that. He complains that even back then AJ got involved. The boy group’s reps said reconcile while the girl group’s reps and AJ wanted something to be done. He tells SR to contact him when SR finds Mina. SR wonders if AJ was helping Mina back then.

PJ’s mom goes to AJ’s home. She wants to see how they live. The dad comes out so the mom asks to go inside and have a serious talk. She asks about the home and dad says they rent.

The mom goes in and AH introduces himself. She asks about the kid. AH says he is his son. She asks why AH is not working during work hours and is at home. She asks if he is a bum. He says he works as AJ’s manager.

PJ’s mom: “Anyway AJ is the one who earns the money.” She asks why AH doesn’t have his own home instead of living in his younger sister’s home. She asks if AH and his son and dad are all living off of AJ, sticking to her. The dad explains they are not; they are a family.

Moon tells J about a superhero character, how the director wants him to play one of the heroes and asked to meet J.

H tells Jenny and AJ that J will be going to Hollywood soon because he got cast in Director Jerry Heimer’s movie (real name is Jerry Bruckheimer). Jenny asks when J leaves. H says after he meets the director tomorrow, J is leaving with him.

AJ: “He hasn’t decided to go yet, has he?” H says it’s the same as it has already been decided. J’s dream role was to play a superhero. The one that came in this time is a superhero that protects his home.

Jenny thinks it’s like Batman or Superman, but H says it’s a role like X-Men with other superhero characters. Jenny asks if J will be like X-Men’s Hugh Jackman. H says maybe if it’s a hit. AJ guesses J will be like an ironman.

Sting’s song cues. Kid says to J: “Thinking of you I wasn’t going to eat the donuts. I’m sorry.” J comforts him saying the kid only ate donuts and doesn’t need to feel like he betrayed J.

Kid says he brought the donuts to give to J. J asks if the doctor bought this. The kid nods and says yes. J says he can’t eat it so kid says he will eat it. J tells him to eat a lot and work out afterwards. “If you want an impressive body quality like me, you have to grow first.”

J: “My ‘chubby’, next time I see you, maybe you will have grown this much.” J measures out about 3 inches above the kid’s head. The kid asks where J is going. J says to be a superhero.

AJ cleans and finds J’s apology note to AJ: “I was mistaken that I was mistaken that I liked you because my heart raced. GAJ, I am sorry.”

She begs him to go to Hollywood and just protect earth and leave her alone.

J looks at the potato and says: “If I leave you behind, you will wither and die on your own.”

PD and writers go see PJ’s home. They marvel how pretty it is. They don’t think they need to touch it up and just bring cameras in. PD says instead of revealing AJ’s home, they can use Jenny’s cafe. They think it’s a good idea to film a housewarming date at PJ’s house.

H tells J how the director (Jerry Heimmer) they are going to meet really wants to cast J a lot. Some famous star in China wanted to do it but Jerry turned him down saying J was his first choice.

J doesn’t pay any attention to H and watches kids on TV saying they must be going on a field trip. H says J has to go now because it’s traffic time so they need to hurry and leave. But J clutches his heart asking H to take him to the hospital. His heart rate is 135.

J is being wheeled on a gurney into the hospital. H is crying and telling the doctors to go faster. J is in the hospital room. H says he will call Moon but J tells H to tell Moon to push back the meeting with the director and not make too much noise about it.

The doctor comes and asks J if he is hurting a lot. J explains what’s wrong with his heart. The doc wants him to get tests done first.

AJ says PJ’s home is nice. He tells her to come over and hang out when they don’t film. If she doesn’t want to be alone with him then she can bring Spiderman along.

The doctor tells J that his pacemaker is broken. They have to open him up and fix it with surgery. J asks if his heart condition is like before the surgery 10 years ago. The doc explains how J could have suddenly collapsed one day without knowing it was broken. But because of the song, they kept checking and were careful so they found it before it put on the brakes.

J needs to have the earliest surgery possible. He asks for the percentage of surviving. The doc says J has fifty-fifty percent of surviving. Whether he lives or dies, it’s between those two.

J says that the doc had also said that before (the last time he had the surgery). But after J survived last time, the real chance of him surviving back then was only 5%. J reminds the doc how he had bragged that he was able to save J by a miracle. The doc asks if he had said that but right now he can only say that J will either live or die.

(*just to clarify: J had a 5% chance of surviving his last surgery – not this one. Right now he has 50/50.)

J’s potato starts to wither and die.

J sits in the lobby of the hospital and repeats what the doc said, about how the heart puts on the brakes. He looks around at all the patients. One by one people start to recognize him. He tells himself that he is DJ (like he is reminding himself he isn’t the sickly person from 10 years ago). He puts on his sunglasses and looks like a star.

Fans surround J for autographs. H explains J has to leave but J tells him to leave them alone and keeps signing.

PJ and AJ are filming their date. They are cooking. AJ compliments PJ saying she chops vegetables well. She picks up a potato and stares at it. He says he is making potato salad and asks if she likes it. She says she hates potatoes. He offers to take them out.

J meets with the director. The guy speaks English. J agrees to do the movie.

Moon says she will take care of everything that happened here and tells J to leave with the director. J says he will accept his award* and then leave. “I’m going to leave the coolest image of me.” (*award is for Korean movie Daesang awards)

Moon meets with the PD and writer. They tell Moon how they got AJ a chance to present an award at the Korean Movie Daesang Awards show. For their program image they need to change AJ’s image. Moon says she will prepare AJ’s clothes with a lot of attention because the award dress could change AJ’s image right away.

PD wants AJ and PJ to use a couple phone and asks Moon to let them get permission to use that phone. Moon says it’s the one J does the CF for.

J is wearing a tux. AJ shows up and sees him and runs away. He calls out to her. He asks if she liked stealing a look at him. She says she didn’t steal a look. He says she is dressed well too. He heard she is presenting an award. “It’s not by any chance the male actor award, right?” She shakes her head and says it’s for best child actor. You’re not going to win best child actor by any chance are you?

He tells her not to fall while walking down the red carpet. She says the heels are too high so she is worried she might trip. He gives her advice on how to carry herself. He lifts her chin up. “You walk the red carpet with your confidence. Think you are the best celebrity in this world.”

AJ: “Since I look like I am high in demand (popular) today, I’m not going to lose confidence and brag a little.” She asks if she looks less cheap now dressed like this.

J says: “Even when you dressed as a frog you didn’t (look cheap). Out of all the frogs I saw, you were the most luxurious.”

AJ: “Thank you.”

J: “Keep working hard.” He turns to go but turns back and asks: “GAJ, am I cool-looking* today? I have to be most cool-looking today so that no one in Korea can say I am not the most handsome.”

AJ says he is. She says even when he was the pitiful DJ, he was cool then too.

J: “Of course I was – keep remembering that I was dashing.” After he walks away, she shakes her head and tells herself no matter how handsome he is, “let’s forget him.” (*cool-looking could also be handsome or dashing in this context)

J walks the red carpet.

SR’s stylist asks why SR borrowed so many dresses when SR is only going to wear one. SR: “I have to bring all the pretty ones so another actress can’t wear them.”

J goes in to see SR. She asks her staff to leave and asks why he is here. He says he is going to Hollywood to film his next movie. He wants to tell her in advance so she won’t act surprised. SR sounds envious saying that on a big stage, getting a major award and if he reveals that (going to Hollywood), it will be a big deal. He says today especially he has to look the coolest out of his whole life.

AJ is nervous. Jenny says AJ looks really great. PJ tells her she looks really pretty. She thanks him.

AJ says she is here to give an award not get one but she is shaking too much. PJ holds her wrist and tells her to hold it down like that if she is nervous because it will help. She smiles at him.

Guy comes and says AJ is the first presenter and tells her to go and get ready. PJ says she will watch out for her.

AJ goes out and says hi to her old manager and his girl group. He says these days AJ is popular because she gets to present an award on such a big stage. Did the Couple Making give her this chance too? She says yes and tells the girls to work hard today.

The old manager makes AJ feel bad saying: “Do you really want to tell the girl who was cut from Couple Making because of you to do well?” AJ tries to speak up for herself saying it wasn’t her doing. Why does he think everything is her fault?

He gets up and says she is speaking back just because she is dressed up. “You are still not at the level where you can be forgiven if you do something wrong. Just because you are dressed up that way, you must be mistaking that you are at that level.”

AJ says today she won’t hold her head down when she doesn’t have a reason to. She holds her head up and tells Jenny “let’s go.” He shakes his coffee cup and it says “caution – hot.”

The manager later throws coffee on her pretty white dress.

Manager: “GAJ, what do I do? I’m so sorry. That clean dress went back to being dirty/cheap. That’s why don’t go around like this because it doesn’t suit you. What is this (as in she doesn’t look good now)?”

SR gets asked to go up and give the award because a problem occurred with the other presenter. SR says she came to watch so how can she present. The guy begs her to do it because the award is the first one to be presented and they are in a hurry. She says she has to find a dress to wear and looks for her sylist.

J heard the best child actor award is missing the presenter and asks if the person who couldn’t go up was AJ. The guy says it was.

J walks over and sees Jenny talking with the manager. Jenny accuses the manager of doing that on purpose. He says he was holding the coffee and it slipped. Jenny asks why he is doing that to just AJ. He denies it saying he didn’t have a reason to do that to AJ. She says he is going too far. He keeps insisting he was holding it and slipped so it splashed on AJ.

J goes looking for AJ. (stunning setting with the arched window and soft lights) He finds her sitting in the stairwell.

J: “On a day like today… wearing clothes like this… spilling this… and not being able to (?)”

J holds her arm and realizes she’s injured. He just quietly looks at it and says: “You were burned (scalded).”

AJ: “Yes. It’s not serious. If I dunk it in cold water for a little bit, I think it will go down. I don’t think it’s my lot in life to wear a dress like this and put on airs. Just rolling around—falling down as a frog—suits me more.”

J never takes his eyes off of her burn as she talks. Then he finally looks up and tells her to hurry and put medicine on it so it won’t leave a scar. He turns around and looks up; the expression on his face – pure determination.

(*this is when I started crying. Watching him stare at that burn, you can see the emotion welling up inside of him listening to her go on. Being the AJ he has always known, being so accepting of things like this because she is used to it. And he hates that she IS used to it and doesn’t want her to be that person anymore…)

The award show starts. Famous stars are there. This footage is from a while back for sure, not this year.

J goes to find the manager. He is laughing about what he did on the phone, saying how he almost died from laughing. He says he will go and tell the person when they meet later. J follows him. (there needs to be a new word for furious – J is out for blood you can tell)

J calls out the guy’s name and when he turns, J punches him.

PJ treats AJ’s arm. He says it’s not severe to leave a scar but it will blister and sting. AJ says that Jenny shouldn’t have called PJ (since it’s not serious). AJ worries that PJ didn’t get to watch the show because of her. He says he went to see her.

Jenny asks why that manager is still after AJ. “Is it your fault that Treasure Girls disbanded? SR shares some blame and there was a problem with Mina…” AJ shushes Jenny from talking anymore and tells her to stop. Jenny changes the subject saying the award show must be over.

As Jenny and PJ are about to leave, AJ’s dad says J is on TV.

J is on the news. The news anchor is saying there are speculations again about bad blood between J and the director of J’s recent movie project “Fighter”and that J didn’t attend the awards  show.

Reporters are going crazy around H at the office. H tries to ward off reporters saying DJ is not at the office now. There is no point in them being here and asks them to go. They ask why J did that all of a sudden. H says sorry he can’t tell them now and takes Moon’s call.

Moon is with the injured manager. (OMG, the manager is beaten up a lot, like there was more than just one punch)

Moon asks if a lot of reporters are gathered at the office and H says there are. She instructs H to say that “there was a personal reason they can’t talk about.” Moon says she has to stay there at the hospital and take care of things. She asks where J is. H says J is at home and not picking up his phone. Moon tells him to get in contact with J somehow and tell J that until they get this settled, to hide somewhere and be quiet before the reporters go to his home.

AH is putting on his clothes. AJ asks AH what’s going on. AH says H asked him to go to J’s home. J hit someone at the award show.

AJ: “What? Hit someone?”

AH says that H asked AH to go and take J out of his home before all the reporters gather there. AH: “If I go, I don’t know if he will listen to me and leave.”

AJ offers to go to J’s home. AH asks why. She says she needs to confirm something and says she will go.

AJ punches in the house alarm code and says it’s the same 6090. She calls out for J. He comes out still wearing his suit, drinking his vitamin water and looking exhausted.

She asks what happened to the person he hit. J says he doesn’t feel like talking about the news with her; he is tired.

AJ says he shouldn’t have made trouble like this. Before he dies he has to go to Hollywood like he wished, to become a superhero and protect earth like the cool guy he is.

J says he isn’t going. “Instead of earth that goes on without me needing to protect it, I have something here that I must protect in a cool way. From overdoing being so cool today, I’m very tired.”

He hugs her.

She asks what he is doing.

J: “Be still – so I can continue being cool (to handle what is going to happen to him from here on). I need to gain strength. Recharge (as in hugging her is recharging his heart).

The End

No preview

OMG!!! Tears are everywhere; my whole laptop is like soaked… I am so afraid about his health… I can’t stop crying… My hands were shaking from crying and being emotional.

What he did for her—and she doesn’t even know—he loves her so much. He puts her before anything else in his life: his career, his image, everything. And she doesn’t know…

I take back everything I said. I am no longer on P-line, not after this… I love YKS but PJ can’t ever do this for AJ because he is a doctor. The only thing he can lose is his mom. And the way she is, not seeing her for a while might do him some good.

Lots of typos near the end more because I was too hysterical from crying so hard. Why is this drama breaking my heart at only episode 10?

135 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 10

  1. Softy thank you so much once again for doing this! Thundie, thanks for hosting it too!

    Truly appreciate, and rely on your precious summaries every week!!!

    I LOVE YOU DKJ! Finally, you show AJ she means the MOST to you!!!

  2. Yeah with the heat of the topic we always forget to thank earlier:DD thank you for the recap SOFTY!!!!! we share your sobbing:((

    yeah even the doctor said there is just 5% of survival rate, thinking that this is a Hong sisters rom-com, and thinking that now besides the song deugeun deugeun DJ has AJ in his heart, he wouldnt let go:D maybe he did what he did because he knows his life is valuable since he has a serious heart condition that he grabs his love more than he would ever do.!!!! team AEJIN FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow what an episode finally finished reading and watching it raw!!! Smiling at the beginning and end up with my heart out of my body at the end!!! AJ, PJ and J you are going to kill me waiting until next week to see what happens!!
    Softy thanks again for all your hard work.

  4. Thank you very much for the live recaps Softy and for this site Thundie!
    While watching this episode, I have a strong feeling that DKJ will die and AJ will end up with PJ. I don’t want that to linger in my thoughts because I am for the main OTP but why do I have this feeling? So sad…my heart breaks…. 😦

  5. When I heard “Shape of My Heart”, I was like- WHERE HAVE I HEARD THIS BEFORE??!!!

    And then I was disappointed in myself because I came to realize that I forgot all about Delightful Girl Chunhyang and “Saranghaeyo” from its OST. I loooooooved that OST, but clearly not as much as the Hong sisters love to use that tune in their dramas. Lol.

    Thanks for the recap, Softy & Thundie!

  6. Hi, this is my first time posting here as i was hunting for the very first news on Ep10. Thank you Thundie.
    Re: PJ’s Conan – I suspect he meant Konan from a Japanese manga about a boy detective. The boy also wore huge nerdy glasses like PJ’s.

    • Thank you for explaining cuz I was thinking conan the barbarian and thought the guy barely had any clothes on so where would conan get glasses when he got fire like yesterday – wasn’t it like cavemen days setting? I knew I heard conan so I wrote it but I knew I was wrong. 🙂

      • LOL I was wondering if that could be the Konan they meant. He does look more like that Konan than the other Conan. 😀

      • ha..ha.. it’s another meta from Hong sister. Conan is a very smart teenage detective and because a villain give him a drug, he shrunk and became a small boy. So DokGo is the Iron man (the muscle type super hero) and PJ is the smart superhero. (and with PJ ‘s pout and cute facial expression, it’s hilarious when thinking of him as a small Conan)

        • detective conan’s japan anime. he’s cute n his name is shinichi kudo i beleive. so suitin wit PJ. tho PJ headin to a heart heart heart break, m still not siding wit him.. M DJ line thru n thru.

  7. Thank you so much.
    I am not sure at which point I started to cry, but I haven’t stopped for the last 15 mins.
    DJ has to have the surgery, right? That is why he is NOT going to Hollywood.
    He cannot stay and protect AJ if he is DEAD!

    I know we kinda got hit over the head with it, but I like how the heart doc said, “Without that song to make your heart act up, we never would have found this problem until it was too late.”

    And didn’t AJ look just so beautiful in what could be a wedding dress with her handsome handsome groom right there giving her tips on walking down (the aisle) red carprt?

    I am currently in a conference room at my office wondering if I can stop crying long enough to sneak out to my car. Allergy season, BLESS YOU for a good excuse to have red eyes and runny nose!

  8. Just finish watching it, and watching again many parts.
    Before, I was going back and forth btw DJ and PJ, thinking that whoever she ends with it’d be great, even thinking that for once the “nice” guy getting the girl will be a good surprise.
    But now… Just like Softy said I’m on DJ side, definitively. He has to live ! Don’t kill him, I need a happy ending, with them crazily happy and surrounded by kids ! I’m so anxious now…
    CSW is such a great actor (I already know since City Hall), I’m hurt when DJ is hurt, and when he sees her burn, we can see all the change in is facial expressions, from sad and hurt, trough determination to pure anger. And damn is voice is awesome, he is truly handsome and he is such a charismatic guy.

  9. Well, it’s bugging me, ppl comment he has 5% chance. But as I understand your recap, his previous operation 10 years ago was a 5% chance. Now it’s 50/50 survival rate for the replacement of his pacemaker, am I right ? Desperate for hope.

    • Don’t know why ppl still think that – I even clarified it on the post – right now 50% chance back then it was 5%- anyway you look at it – the man needs surgery like yesterday.
      I bet next ep J is going to go in hiding from reporters – maybe she can take him home like in notting hill when Julia Roberts character hid out at Hugh grant’s character’s home or she could just take him out of the city. Bet she will help protect him once she learns it was her old manager who was hurt. That would be so cool if they had some alone time again minus the bickering 🙂

  10. ah, do heartbreaking, this episode . . . SOFTY, thanks for the recaps . . . i can well imagine your tears and heartbreak while watching this episode, and i am doing it too by just reading your recaps . . . my chest tightens so much that i can’t breath . . . and just like my JIN, feels as if everything’s gonna fall apart . . . so much pain and love . . . but i still urge myself to encourage my AEJIN to go on fighting for the real thing that they’ve got . . . and that is LOVE for each other . . . the world may crumble around them (career, popularity and “coolness” too) but they still got each other, right?! . . . THUNDIE ~ love your site

  11. Oh My!thanks for recap.hua turn over situation.torn and sad.god this drama so so so good!I want ae jung with phil joo but DJ is so amazing too at make it worst we have to wait next week for next ep.6 episode to go and must prepare my heart.

  12. I wonder if that manager has something to do with MN’s pregnancy. He want to find her. Maybe to get sure she keep her mouth shut. His ways with AJ shows he is someone who would use violence if something or someone gets in his way. If he did something like harassment or sent MN for “special service” no wonder the company made no complain AJ breaking up the group.

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  14. i hope this won’t end in death…let us have a happy ending…please Hong sister’s…let next wk come ahead…shukran katir^^

  15. Softy – there are no words in this world to describe how grateful I am for your recaps! Thank you.

    Thundie, thanks for inviting Softy to do these recaps and for welcoming us to your blog to share the obsession we share for this greatest of drama.

    Best Love is the best drama in town. PERIOD!! The Hong Sisters have outdone themselves. I could only wonder what type of childhood these sisters shared that produced such prolific minds. I am in awed of their writings. And if that was not enough, Cha Seung Won’s personification of DoKo Jin leaves me breathless. He is such a manly man, I could sense his testosterones even when he is playing the histerical and guffy actor. Not to be outdone, Gong Hyo Jin’ s portrayal of Ae Jung is mesmerizing and realistic. I loved her in Pasta, and in Hello, My Teacher when she played the lead with, one of my favorites actors ever, Gong Yoo.

    I’ll be here next week, and the week after.. until we see this drama end. I hope my (our) heart(s) are not broken at the end. As much as I like Pil Joo, and his adorkable smile, and the sincerity of his feeling for Ae Jung, Ae Jung belongs to DoKo Jin.

  16. softy…thanks s much…i was also crying…DJ is a silent hero in love…that manager deserves a lot of beating coz he keeps on physically hurting innocent AJ…Mina should also speak up so things would clear up for AJ so she can save DJ this time….
    my heart is also hurting…hope its wednesday already….

  17. Here is a fanvid with spoilers through ep 10.
    I’m staying very positive on my outlook for uri OTP.
    This has one of my favorite scenes from ep 6, when she was looking to see if he had an eye injury.
    I was tempted put the whole 3 mins in there.

    The song is by Jonathan Clay: Close to You

  18. Whoah! Dokko Gin used some Athena moves against the manager! >.<
    Btw, Softy. I see that the rights to Pil Joo's smile is already reserved to you! Haha! Darn, you are so fast, =P

    • Heehee 🙂 when I saw it live, I wanted a rewind button – just love his smile so much *swoon*. I saw the screen cap thundie made for me at work and I was grinning soooooo much – she also changed the main top pic for me too. Aside from that one Athena video thundie posted, I didn’t watch Athena. He was sooooooo scary I don’t think I could ever watch him in that. A few years ago, CSW was in almost every CF so in one day, if you went outside, he was on all the billboards and then on TV every hour during commercials. It was just too much so even tho I didn’t know him, I got tired of his face. Then city hall came out and as soon as I heard he was on it, I didn’t even bother watching. so this drama is my first time watching him – I’m glad cuz as J, I love CSW now – but just his character, I still love YKS the actor more 🙂

  19. thanks for this recap. this episode really was daebak
    i watched it yesterday but i’m still crying.
    DJ is the awesomenest leading man i’ve ever see. love him to pieces. he must live!!!
    i need a succesful surgery in episode 11, please solve it quickly. pleaseeeeee

  20. hi i found this video @ Youtube : Cha Seung Won in trunks….

    Korea’s Sexiest Male Stars [subbed]

  21. Has anyone considered that there was mention that DJ’s house would soon be surrounded by reporters?

    Doesn’t that mean that AJ is stuck at DJ’s house for the night? hmmmm???

    • Answering late–I think they will end up at AJ’s house – much more possibility of fun with the family…

  22. So odd how this is one of the few dramas where i never found myself suffering from Second Male Lead sickness… I mean I was about to die during YAB it felt so unfair. But I think that these two are doing awesome together, and sure Dr. Who is cute but nothing compared to Mr. Panty Ironman.

    Between this episode and the last I was in tears over their whole misunderstanding. Tears i tell you tears. I don’t know if I can keep watching unfinished dramas I’m literally pulling my hair out waiting for a week to be over (mind you I said the same thing while following YAB, MGFIG, and SKKS). I have issues thanks a lot k-dramas.

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