Best Love: Episode 9

As I watched and rewatched that kiss scene – I realized something right away. He wasn’t just confirming his feelings for her or even that his monitor was broken – he was in essence facing what he could never run away from. She stole his heart a long time ago and that overwhelming truth paralyzed him in pain at the thought that he was one step too late. Little does he know how much harder he is going to have to work now to get her back. Even though I love J, I think it’s high time PJ gets his shot to gain her love. If you grade according to consistency of character and affection, PJ’s checkmarks are off the charts – can’t exactly say the same about J. But when you grade on a curve for lovability, it might be a tight race. 🙂

*That back hug scene made me love J more because every time he takes AJ to the brink of where she has to make choices she isn’t ready to make – he always does it for her and it’s the right one that protects her. Preserving her character means more to him and as long as he keeps doing that, I will continue to root for him. But how nice would it be for AJ to turn the tables and take the initiative.

Best Love Episode 9 (live)

After J says “ding dong,” J explains how it happened ten years ago during surgery.

J: “All this time I was so embarrassed but I’m recovered.”

AJ: “You are really ok, now?”

J: “The moment I realized it was because of the song, this (his heart) was broken from the spell. It turned out well, huh?”

AJ: “I have to hear for myself if it’s true” and puts her head up to his chest.

J: “What are you doing?”

AJ: “Just hold still.” She says his heart is beating.

J: “If it doesn’t I would die” and makes sounds like how it’s beating normally compared to before when it used to race.

She says it seems like it sounds like it used to. He tells her to rub her face just enough. If she clings and rubs her face to his chest… He stops talking and asks: “What is this, AJ? Are you regretful right now?” She lifts her face.

J: “Because my heart isn’t beating the way it used to and because it’s normal, you are regretting, huh?” He laughs so she slaps his chest and he says her hand stings.

AJ: “I came because I was worried about the azaleas. Good thing they’re normal (healthy).” She gets up to leave. He mutters her hand stings. She turns and asks: “But just because you heard the same song ten years after you heard it during surgery and how it reacted to it, can that really happen? Isn’t that strange?”

J: “It’s not strange; it’s making me feel indignant/unfair being tricked by this (his heart).” He regrets cutting off his mustache and how much fat he lost from his cheeks. “It’s really unfair.” She says sorry for making him feel that way.

J’s doctor tells his nurse he thinks it’s odd that when he listens to the song that was played during the heart surgery, the heart reacts to it. Why did the heart that was perfectly normal for the past ten years suddenly start to react to this song? This song was played to revive the heart when it was dying. Does that mean that his heart needs this song again? The doc wants to check J’s charts again from his recent checkup and scans.

AJ goes to PJ and asks him to listen to what she is about to say to see if it makes sense since he is a doctor.

AJ: “A heart—whatever the reason—it beats fast. During that, when you see someone, is it possible to mistake that you like that person?” PJ asks if she means when it beats like that, is it possible to mistake that for love.

AJ: “That’s strange, isn’t it? That can’t be mistaken, right?” He explains studies that show that rising heart rate rises during roller-coasters rides could be construed as emotional attachment .

AJ: “So love can be mistaken too?” PJ says it’s possible if the heart rate goes up. Her phone rings and she realizes it’s possible to mistake rising heart rate. That’s so unfair.

SR and J meet. J tells her they are going to continue with the CF. J: “I won’t make any more problems that are unfair.” She says there was a misunderstanding. J: “What was?” She says she thought AJ had something on him and was being used by her. He explains how AJ doesn’t have anything over him anymore.

J: “I was surprised that I could be someone who could be grabbed by a weakness, but I wasn’t.” SR: “So you really didn’t like AJ, right?” He asks who said that because he is going to sue whoever spread that rumor. He asks her: “Was it you?”

J decides to settle it before rumors start. He overhears H reporting to Moon that J was rejected by AJ. Moon says whoever spreads rumors can be sued. J likes that Moon is taking his side, but then she says she sort of likes that J was brought down a peg or two after everything moon had to endure cuz of J. H says he had to endure more.  moon praises AJ for rejecting someone like J. H says how AJ’s family doesn’t like J and J doesn’t know that. Moon says “poor J”. H says it turned out well.

J gives AJ’s nephew a tub of ice cream. J: “Does it taste good?” The kid: “Yes.” J asks him to explain in detail what’s going on in his family. “What are they going around saying about me?”

J: “Ding dong, being 7 years old, it’s an age you can go around not caring what others think. Just say what you heard, it’s ok.”

Kid: “DJ is a butthole.”

J clamps his hand over the kid’s mouth. “That’s enough. I got it (I understand).”

The kid smiles and asks: “Ahjussi, do you want to stick like this with my aunt?” He holds up two magnets that are stuck; one side has a boy drawing and other end has a girl drawing on it.

J: “I thought I did but I don’t now.” He pulls one end off and explains: “I thought I was really drawn to your aunt but that disappeared. I am not magnetized by her anymore. See, it doesn’t stick.” He turned it around so the two magnets would not attract.

The kid takes his end and puts it next to J’s chain necklace saying: “It stuck.” J: “I am not drawn anymore” and pulls his neck away from the magnet.

AJ comes to pick up her nephew asking why he came here to watch TV and tells him “let’s go” but the kid says he doesn’t want to; he wants to watch more. She says he will be in trouble and urges him to leave with her. J tells her to leave the kid alone, that the kid won’t be able to walk about because he is watching the cartoon show in 3-D. J asks her to come over there and talk with him.

J shows her two magnets. He puts them near each other to demonstrate how he chased her and she ran away. She says that’s correct (he did chase and she did run away). He says he can’t leave that alone; his situation has been turned around. He turns the magnet around so that it is repelling hers.

J: “I am going to go on my way,” but then her magnet sticks to his.

J: “You are following me” (attracted to him).

AJ: “It must be crazy; why is it drawn to it?”

J holds up the magnets (his on top and hers stuck to his). “Are you attracted to me now?” She doesn’t answer but looks guilty.

J: “So you are drawn to me.”

AJ: “Who is? It’s just the magnets that are doing it.”

J: “Like your magnet—because I turned around and was going on my way—you are drawn to me, huh?”

AJ: “Don’t stick it to the other magnet.”

J takes off his monitor asking her to wear it to confirm.

AJ: “Why should I?”

J: “I’m curious so wear it once to make sure.” He puts it in her hand but she lays it down saying she doesn’t want to. As soon as she puts it on the magnet, the monitor lights up at 88.

J: “Since you don’t want to wear it, it seems you really are drawn to me.” He teases that she is attracted to him and laughs. She calls for her nephew to leave with her. His heart rate monitor goes crazy: 000-88-000-88-000.

J: “You are drawn to me. What should I do because I feel so sorry; because I have turned around.”

She tells the kid to get up but he says it’s almost over. J tells him to watch it till it ends; he can watch the second and third one too before he goes.

J blows her a kiss.

J: “GAJ, go well. I’m in the safe 60-90 range. That shameful one-sided love is yours.”

AJ: “You like it that much?”

J: “Yes, now it seems like all that shame is disappearing/vanishing. So that my pride can come alive, tell me I am right and admit it before you go.” He teases, “You are drawn to me,” but she says she can’t ever do that.

She tells her nephew to hurry and get up because she is leaving for real. The kid runs and gets his magnets. J tells him to leave the glasses after she leaves. J keeps teasing that she is attracted to him. He puts his monitor back on and it is 88 (the thing is broken for sure).

AJ plays with the magnets. She is scared how it sticks and throws her half on her bed to get it to stop.

PJ’s mom says she was wrong to force him to do the show when he didn’t want to. She tells him to go study in China and she won’t stop him. PJ says he won’t go. She tells him he can never like AJ.

PJ: “Since you are sincerely stopping me, you must see that I sincerely like her.” She complains how she can’t show her face around because of the article with him and AJ. She can’t even go golfing; she is afraid she will be a loner. PJ offers to play with his mom. (LOL)

His mom goes to find AJ’s home -she thinks it’s here according to the address she got off of AJ’s chart. the mom is determined to find the palace that AJ’s yakuza boyfriend built for AJ and to go inside and find proof to show PJ for him to turn away from AJ. The mom runs into AJ’s dad. She asks if this is AJ’s home and he says it is. She asks if AJ lives somewhere else with someone else and only the family lives here. The dad says the whole family including AJ lived here for 7 years straight and there is no one else. She turns and mutters this is going to make it harder to pull AJ away from PJ because if AJ had hidden things it was going to be easier,but the hardest is someone in run-down state. AJ’s dad wonders what PJ’s mom is saying.

J tells Moon and H that everything he did was because of the spell from the heart surgery. “You two understand, right? So don’t misunderstand.” Moon wonders how that could happen. H says AJ had to come and go for nothing. J says he has to pay up for all that the pitiful DJ did. He tells Moon to continue with the CF contract with SR. Moon is happy and thanks him for coming back.

J tells Moon to let AJ do the sneaker donation event. Moon asks why and J says because he made AJ come and go and if she does a donation even, AJ’s negative image will improve. Moon agrees to it and tells J not to worry because PJ is going to help AJ with her negative image. J tells Moon to tell PJ to go with AJ then. J also says because he doesn’t need the van, to let AJ ride around in it.

H: “Riding in that van, AJ will go to film the date with that doctor.” J: “That’s good, since she can’t look cheap. If they need to, tell them to ride around in it together.”

AH talks to the show PD and writer. AH says AJ will work hard with PJ for the corner they made for AJ and PJ. PD says to do well because it could be a daebak (awesome) chance for AJ. The writer tells AH not to tell PJ that AJ will for sure accept him because the realistic surprise reaction will go down.

AH breaks down in tears. He says how for ten years AJ had to endure insults and he couldn’t do anything for her as a manager. As a manager the show is important, but as her brother he wants them to help so that AJ can do well with someone as good as PJ.

Jenny tells AH to stop crying. AH says this is the first time he cried at a studio as a manager. Jenny likes coming out here to the studio since it’s been a while. She thinks maybe she should follow AJ as her manager so she can keep an eye out on SR. AH says then if they get married they can change roles and he can take care of her store. But H comes up and says no-he will. AH asks why H came and is interfering. H says he came because of J’s special.

Jenny takes H’s arm saying AJ will be putting out an album and then she holds AH’s arm saying AJ will be on the show. Jenny says AJ is a triple crown if AJ does acting. AH: “Is AJ Lee Seung-gi?” Then Jenny says it really is Seung-gi.

Seung-gi shows up. Jenny goes up to him saying she is his fan and asks for a handshake. AH says he is wearing the same scarf as Jenny and Seung-gi covers his up. He keeps smiling, thanks them, and tucks the scarf under his sweater. Jenny says he is polite and nice. AH says even if he is a top star, he says hello well and is nice.

Seung-gi turns to look at Jenny’s scarf with disdain but smiles when he sees they are all looking at him. H says Seung-gi is the opposite of J. “When I first met J, I was mistaken that he was that nice.”

Later, Seung-gi takes off the scarf and asks his stylist: “Can dogs or just anyone wear this?” He won’t wear it.

J comes out of the elevator and Seung-gi says hi. J asks Seung-gi since he is an emcee on “steal heart” to invite AJ on the show. Seung-gi says the director and writer choose who gets to be on the show so how could he?

J: “Why are you being like this between actors? If you throw a fuss, can’t you make it happen? Do you not have that kind of pull yet?” Seung-gi says since J is asking, he will put in a good word, but is it that important for J that Seungi-gi does this? J says if he does that for him, J won’t mess with Seung-gi’s fridge CF.

Seung-gi: “My fridge? I am Lee Seung-gi. Even though you are a sunbae, I’m not someone you can threaten to take away my CFs. All this time I protected my CFs and I will continue to do that in the future. dont enter my safety zone”

They go up against each other pointing fingers at each other and J tells Seung-gi to go on his show and demand that AJ be on the show or else (he snaps his fingers) the fridge. Seung-gi says he can’t.

Some girls show up as they stare down each other. J counts off 1-2-3 and they both turn and smile at the girls. They laugh together and Seung-gi agrees to the deal. H watches and shakes his head.

PJ is at the bookstore. He reads about dating advice and says aloud: “Give a present to show what you want to do together.” As he is walking along, he wonders what he should do together and looks at bras or swimwear (can’t tell). Then he thinks maybe taking pics together so he looks at cameras.

AH tells AJ that J let her do everything; he got her on Seung-gi’s show and even said she could use the van and stuff. Jenny wonders if J is clinging again after he said he isn’t going to. AJ says that’s who J is, changing (his mind all the time).

AH offers to go and talk to J. AJ says her brother can’t say stuff like that well. Jenny offers to set J straight but AJ says if she does, Jenny will be sued. Jenny says then what should they do because J is going to keep doing this and AJ thinks she should meet J and nitpick because this is so irritating.

The nephew looks up and grins and hands his poporo mic (the lie detector) and it’s losing battery because the voice is getting lower. She tells the kid not to play with it but looks away and grins “this is so hard.”

J shows the doc how the monitor is at 88 and doesn’t go out of 60-90 saying he came back to safety range. The doc says he called J because he was worried that the pacemaker wasn’t controlling the heart well. He still wants J to have a check-up but J says there is no need because it was all because of a spell.

Doc: “Are you certain you felt all that because of the spell?” J: “Of course.”

Doc: “Not because your heart raced and you liked her. Isn’t it possible your heart could have raced because you liked her? Are you sure which one is correct?”

When J drinks his vitamin water, instead of his face he sees AJ’s. He checks the monitor and it’s 87. He thinks he shouldn’t have gone to see the doc because it messed up his feelings. He tries his mind control and starts singing AJ’s song. He wonders why her song is coming out of his mouth. The heart rate is 87-88.

AJ goes to see J (to ask why he did all those nice things for her).

J: “What?”

AJ: “Why did you do that again? Did your heart rate change again so is it ‘I like you again, ding dong’; something like that?”

J: “You are probably doing this because you’re regretful but that’s not it.”

AJ: “Then what is it?”

J: “It’s because it bothered me/made me feel uneasy and I was grateful.”

AJ: “For what?”

J: “It bothers me that I chased after you and I’m grateful you didn’t reciprocate my feelings. And because you’re regretting too late, I felt bad about that so I did it. The things pitiful DJ left behind, the DJ who came to his senses is fixing so don’t feel obligated.”

AJ: “Is that it? You really are right-minded.” She turns to go but says “wait a minute…”

J: “What now?”

AJ: “I can’t go because I’m regretful and I’m drawn to you.”

J: “What?”

AJ: “What you said is right. I’m disappointedl that the pitiful DJ who liked me is gone. Now that I see the right- minded DJ who is rejecting me, I admit I am drawn to him.”

J: “You said you would never admit, but why are you admitting to this?”

She asks him to give her 10 seconds to confirm if his monitor won’t go out of the safe 60-90 range. She takes his hand but he shakes her off and pulls her close.

J: “Are you really regretful and drawn (to me)?”

AJ: “Yes, since we are sticking close together, I want to stick to you like a magnet.”

She hugs him tight. He hugs her back then pulls her away and looks up to his bedroom. He turns her around and back hugs her, walking her towards the stairs. She tries to resist somewhat when she sees where he is headed. Then he turns her around towards the door and lets go.

J: “Because you thought it was unfair, you were trying to do it once too? You couldn’t even stick to me properly. Go.”

AJ: “When you were clinging on to me, did you think about sticking with me properly? Were you going to stick to me all the way till the end? I’m asking if you were thinking of sticking to me properly so that you don’t have to think of it in such a complicated and realistic manner. Your heart knew and turned around.”

When she leaves, his heart races again. He says because his heart was always racing, he didn’t have a chance to think of it as complicated and realistically.

Jenny finds out from H that J is back to normal. H says J was in high spirits yesterday and today. Jenny says J made AJ feel uneasy about going to PJ. H says he thought it was certain AJ would choose PJ. Jenny says to make it certain, she is going to make the mood before they do the Couple Making (show). She calls PJ.

PJ agrees to go to Jenny’s for dinner and thinks it’s good to have someone like Jenny interfere and help him with AJ because it was hard for him to ask AJ out to dinner. He tells himself to calm down and not be clumsy anymore. He looks down at the camera he bought.

PJ’s next patient is SR. He takes her pulse. She took his medicine on an empty stomach and he tells her she shouldn’t have done that. He asks if she doesn’t have energy; is there anything else wrong? She says no matter how much he checks he won’t know why she is hurting.

SR asks if he really is going to choose AJ because if he does, AJ will bring him down to her level. He says if he shows much he likes AJ for real, then others might like her too, like him. SR says that AJ likes someone else.

PJ: “If I like her more, then maybe it  will work out.” She says watching someone you like like someone else right in front of your eyes is really painful.

As she leaves she runs into Mina and her baby. Mina leaves. The fans ask for SR’s signature and SR almost faints. PJ comes out and takes care of her.

J sighs and looks at his monitor: 83. He wonders why he is ok when AJ left like that. Even if his heart is ok he feels weird. He decides not to just turn his heart back to the way it was and to erase everything from the start. He takes out the wine for Director Peter. He decides since he started with it then he should end with it.

AJ goes to meet Jenny and H. Jenny has a lot of food prepared. AJ asks what the special occasion is and Jenny says it’s to congratulate AJ. Jenny hints that someone is coming and AJ says there is a lot of food prepared. J shows up with the wine and Jenny is not happy with H because she knows he called J. H owns up to the kind of manager he is. H and Jenny spy on AJ and J.

J explains to AJ about the wine. “This played a big role in making us come this far, this wine that is made from grapes that was returned by Peter after it was sent to him.” She asks why J brought the wine. Did he come to compensate for feeling uneasy, thankful, and feeling bad/pity?

J: “I left out one thing. I am… sorry. Can’t you hear? Really sorry. You heard, right? Don’t you hear? Sorry, sorry.”

AJ says she can’t hear it. He says there was something like that so he brought it. With this he hopes she will snap out of it. She asks if that makes sense and he tells her to believe it because that’s how he was able to snap out of it.

He acts like he put her under some hypnosis and speaks slowly. He tells her to pop the wine cork. “With this start, then it will all end for you too.”

She drinks right out of the bottle. He asks what she is doing, tells her it costs $15,000 but she is downing the whole thing. Jenny and H try to stop her but she drank it down. AJ: I’m all recovered now. J says because she drank it down like that, she might throw it up. She says: “I won’t ever throw this up. Everything that happened with you from beginning to now, I’m going to drink it all down, digest it all, and turn it into poop.”

AJ staggers away. H and Jenny ask if AJ is ok. Jenny tells J to leave because PJ is coming. She says how PJ thinks of AJ and is good for her. Even though AJ lost his precious belonging, he was worried that AJ would feel bad about it. He bought a new one and lied that it was found to put her at ease.

J: “Belonging? What was it?”Jenny: “A pen. That pen that you threw and found.” J asks if AJ didn’t lie about finding the pen. Jenny says that was just what J misunderstood.

PJ tells SR: “I thought about what you said a while ago, watching someone like someone else, how it hurts. Are you hurting a lot because you are breaking up with J? If you are going through this much heartache where your health is affected, it really seems like it was for real.”

*SR: “Yes, it is for real. I didn’t know that it was to this extent. When I look at him, I keep liking him.” (*she is talking about PJ and not J)

PJ: “Since I am in the same situation, I can’t tell you how to get it resolved. But have strength. You are someone who is loved by a lot of people. If they know how exhausted you are, they will be very concerned/upset. Be strong.”

He gets up to leave. She asks him to stay by her side a little longer. “If I am alone I will get more depressed. Just stay with me a little longer.” He looks at his watch and says he will stay a bit. He asks if she suffers from depression normally and advises her to drink tea when she feels down. He writes down a name of tea that will give her more energy/lift her spirits.

Jenny says AJ isn’t in the bathroom. She worries because if AJ drank all that she will be drunk. H tells her to call her.

J walks out and hears her phone. He goes over to her. She is sitting and totally drunk. He calls her name asking why she is there.

Jenny is worried because AJ isn’t picking up. H tells AH that AJ drank a whole bottle of wine in one shot and disappeared. AH asks if she is drunk. Jenny worries saying AJ can’t do what she does when she is drunk with just anyone. H mentions an incident where AJ assaulted someone (verbally).

J asks AJ: “Are you ok? Are you drunk?” She repeats everything he says. J: “What’s this? GAJ, come to your senses.”

AH explains to H how when AJ drinks, she repeats whatever someone says. At that time, it was an ahjumma and AJ repeated everything she said and spoke informally. That ahjumma threw a hissy fit and AJ repeated what she said. Jenny says when the ahjumma said “this girl is crazy,” AJ repeated that because she was drunk. Jenny yells at AH and H to go find AJ.

J says to AJ: “You are a fool.” She repeats it. J asks if this is her habit when drunk, repeating what someone said.

J: “Why didn’t you explain about the pen?”AJ: “Didn’t explain.”

J: “You didn’t trust me, huh?” AJ: “Couldn’t trust you.”

J: “You were really going to take back saying you wouldn’t like me.” AJ: “Was going to take it back.”

J: “And those potatoes you brought to give me.” AJ: “Brought to give you.”

J: “Then you came to feed the fish.” AJ: “Came.”

J: “I’m sorry.” He lets her lean on his shoulder and he looks at his monitor and touches his heart.

PJ shows up and Jenny explains that AJ is a little drunk and AH is out looking for her. PJ says he will go look too. He finds AJ sitting outside. He asks if she is ok, can she stand. J watches from the corner. PJ asks if she can stand. J leaves. AJ leans on PJ’s shoulder.

PJ: “Tomorrow you are going to take my hand, right?” He makes her pinky swear.

J goes and looks at his fish. “AJ came to feed you guys. I should have raised pets that talk. If I asked a dog did AJ come by, the dog would have barked. Why didn’t you guys even move your lips, huh?”

SR meets with AJ’s old manager. SR asks: “When Treasure Girls broke up, I was the one who was slapped and didn’t say much. Why did you follow AJ’s wishes to disband the group when she was the one who hit me?”

He says there was someone who was backing AJ—took that person’s money—and the company president allowed the group to disband right away.

SR: “AJ had someone like that? Who?” Manager: “If I knew that, would I leave AJ alone?” SR wonders if Mina would know because she was close with AJ. The manager says he has a lot of questions for Mina too. SR says she wants to meet Mina and clear the air about AJ but she feels uneasy about whether to find Mina or not. Manager: “If you find her tell me. So that it doesn’t put you in any bad position, I will find out AJ’s secret.”

Jenny tells AJ to take medicine. PJ left her this medicine because AJ might not feel good when she wakes up. He told Jenny to heat it up and give it to AJ. AJ says PJ is a really nice person.

Jenny says she wants AJ to live now without getting hurt or harmed. So even if Jenny knows why AJ is going through a hard time, she wants to act like she doesn’t know. She tells her to take the meds and leaves.

AJ reaches for vitamin drink and puts J’s face against her cheek saying it’s cold. She puts PJ’s medicine against her other cheek and says it’s warm.

AH and AJ see that J came again. AH wonders if J is here to kidnap her so she can’t film. She explains that J probably came because she was drunk yesterday and he feels bad about it. AJ decides to make everything clear and settle things before she goes. She tells her brother to go ahead first. He makes her promise to come; he is going to trust she will show up.

She goes over to J. He asks if she is ok. She says she has a hangover from his alcohol and asks for him to treat it and drive her to the show to film.

He takes her to eat some soup to settle her stomach and get rid of her headache. She tells him not to leave till she is done eating. J says he never sat across from her till the end before. She says he always drove her away and not let her sit next to him comfortably even once.

AJ: “But that’s good. If I didn’t run out and stuck by your side till the end, they would have come out in the papers.” J rubs it in that someone like her would be in the papers but since he is a top star, it would have been rougher on him. She says he shouldn’t have been so obvious to show he likes her and held it in.

J: “I liked you so much that I couldn’t do that.”

AJ: “You liked me that much? You saw I was going through that shameful one-sided love. Since I am not now so I can say it honestly, but if I didn’t come to my senses, I would have hit rock bottom and broken my heart.”

She smiles so he asks why. AJ: “Because you didn’t turn around because I was pitiful, but because you turned around because you like me that much, it’s nice.”

He shows her his monitor and it’s at 80. J: “Even though you smile like that, I am not affected at all.” AJ: “That’s true.” She says she doesn’t like the monitor.

J says he is normally DJ who can control his mind well. She bites his hand. He asks what she is doing.

AJ: “I wanted to confirm how well you control your mind.” J: “Confirm?” AJ: “You really weren’t affected.”

She says she is going to eat all the soup and not care at all like him (not be affected like him). “Even though my head and insides hurt a little now.” His heart rate goes up a bit looking at her but the monitor says 86.

SR tells PJ: “You trust that AJ will show up today, don’t you? But I don’t think AJ will show up today.” PJ: “What?” SR says he seems stunned.

PJ: “Are you kidding around? I’m already nervous so don’t joke like that.” SR: “A minute ago you were stunned and now you are mad, huh? That feeling… Don’t forget it and please remember it so that it’s easy to explain later.”

AJ and J are standing around the corner from the set. AJ tells J that she will go there and film well. She thanks him for bringing her here. He asks if PJ is waiting over there if she goes now. AJ: “Yes.” She turns to leave but turns back around.

AJ: “Since you were honest and told me everything, I will be honest and tell you everything before I go. To be honest, I was really falling for you. After I met you, in my heart flowers (she lists all those flowers) bloomed. But after flowers bloom, they fall off at some point. So I was happy that I was falling for you, but I was afraid to hold out my hand. After one step at a time, when I was just one step away (from him), thankfully the flower fell first.”

J checks and his heart rate is 88.

AJ: “On a nice spring evening, thank you for showing me such beautiful flowers.”

His heart rate is 88 and he says “it’s strange, when my heart is racing like this.”

She says she will leave. He grabs her hand and stops her.

J: “Something is wrong. I have to make certain too.”

He kisses her. His heart rate is 88.

J: “I’m not affected at all.”

AJ (feeling hurt): “You’re not affected at all?”

J: “But I’m not.”

AJ: “That’s good. Thank you for confirming till the end that you aren’t affected at all.” She starts to walk away and pauses before resuming.

J says something is wrong and takes off the monitor. He takes out his cell phone and takes his pulse by hand counting off.

SR starts the show, talking about what PJ did last week and how he is standing here to see if AJ will accept his heart. “Will AJ show up here and accept PJ’s heart?”

J is counting his heart rate. It’s 130

SR to PJ: “Even though you are shaking, you are happy thinking of starting with AJ, aren’t you? But… because I don’t like just standing here watching that, I have to tell you now. That feeling I told you to remember a while ago… That’s how I feel right now. I like you.”

The PD asks why PJ has the expression on his face; they wonder where he is looking. PJ looks at SR and then turns to look at AJ coming in.

SR says that the person the perfect man was waiting for has appeared. “Couple Making Season 3 finalist GAJ. Is she walking over for the sake of starting over with PJ or is she coming to break his heart and decline him?” SR talks about AJ and PJ’s expressions, how nervous they are. “Everyone, please wait a little longer.”

J starts to walk over to AJ.

SR says that AJ has stopped walking suddenly. “Is she wavering right before her last decision? Is she wavering for a happy ending or a beautiful goodbye?”

AJ is almost there close to PJ but looks back behind her to see if J is coming after her.

J is still walking over.

SR: “It is a tense moment.” AJ continues walking towards PJ.

SR: “AJ is walking towards PJ again. What could her decision be?”

PJ steps into the heart and holds out his hand to AJ.

SR: “PJ is all ready. AJ, decide what’s in your heart.”

AJ takes PJ’s hand and steps inside the heart too. Fireworks go off.

J is having a heart attack or something because he is grabbing his heart.

J: “AJ, I am really hurt. I think I am dying.”

The End


BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And best kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


84 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 9

  1. I’ve read it.Man the show keeps getting better.I don’t know how.I also don’t know how I am going to survive all the heartache this week.

  2. This was such a good episode. Thanks for the live recap. If Mina was pregnant 10 years ago where is the kid now? Could it be Ae Jung’s nephew? And I never liked Ae Jung’s old manager, he looks like a total creep. The fact that he wants to know if Se Ri finds Mina is odd, could he have been the baby daddy 10 years ago??

  3. thanks softy for the live recaps….oh noooo…no previews…my heart is aching too…see u tomorrow..:-)

  4. OMG OMG OMG, what an ending!

    Thank you so so so so much Softy for your hard work! Truly truly appreciate it!

  5. You guys!!! I think Ding Dong is Mina’s kid from back then — he should be the right age, right? AJ took him in and had her brother pretend it was his kid. If you think about it, he’s never talked about the mom at all. That would make so much sense!! What do you guys think??

    • omg if it’s like that i would take my positive feelings for Mina back, how could she leave her child :((( omg i dont want it to be like that :((((

      after reading the recap, the ex-manager talks about someone powerful was supporting AJ, i think it was someone from industry and Mina was in relation with him (and she got pregnant) then AJ learned about it and the group disbanded according to AJ’s wish (probably she choose this as the safest way). And we saw that Mina has a baby, and we dont know her baby from back then is just at home or not?

      OMG i couldnt keep thinking that DingDong is Mina’s child now!! why did you seed this idea into my mind!? goin’ crazy! my stomach doesnt feel good now…


    • How old is Ding Dong??…. I thought he was seven or was 7 in relation to the years they lived at the house? The girl group broke up 10 years ago, and at that time wasn’t Mina pregnant? I am just throwing questions in the air, I will have to go back and look at those episodes to get the answer.

      I was thinking that maybe Mina had a miscarriage which was a direct cause of the drink that SR made for AJ. I think that is why both Jenny and Mina are so upset with SR and does not think she deserves to be in the spotlight. I know they both have empathy for AJ and want only good things to happen to her. I was thinking that maybe this was the first child that we see Mina holding in the last episode could be the first child that Mina had since the pregnancy 10 years ago.

      • well i go back and skip-watched earlier episodes and in ep4 our little Ding Dong says that he lived in that house in his whole life and says that he is 7. and we know that he is in primary school. So if the group disbanded 10 years ago Ding Dong is not Mina’s child I believe (unless little Ding Dong is bad at math) .

        The miscarriage plot seems logical:)) i would prefer that:DD

  6. Does anyone have thoughts on the scene when both Seung-gi and Jenny are wearing the same scarf ?

    I felt as if Hong sisters gave us a glimpse of what would have happened if Seung-gi was the lead. Kind of repeat of what on between Jin and AJ in episode 1.

      • I agree 🙂 CSW does such an awesome job that I still wish for this version rather than the reverse one. There is something to be said for him acting out all those hilarious parts and being so funny!

  7. Another perfect show. With perfect acting. Perfect everything.
    God, AJ is the cutest drunk I have ever seen. PJ is so sweet and vulnerable. DJ is finally getting that the numbers don’t matter when he listens to his heart.

  8. I forgot to say, thanks for the recap, and the place to hang out with this show.
    I don’t ever want it to end. EVER.

  9. And thanks so much for the Recap!!!! SOFTY!!!!

    after i downloaded the raw:D I watched and read at the same time:DDD It is the best before getting subs:DDDD

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  11. Thank you so much , Love your recaps. Really appreciate all the hard work you do to keep our addiction.I cannot watch it live so I wait up until 12 midnight and read your recaps. I am from Australia , you are the BEST!!!
    THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thank you for the mega quick recap! On tenterhooks… Can’t she end up with both guys?? (Like Jenny, maybe? =p)

  13. i’ll never get tired of saying this: Best Episode EVER. BL you’re killing me literally. you’re so good you’re perfect in everyway
    Softie many thanks love your recap!!!!!!!!!

  14. Just watch it subbed and it’s great, I enjoy the Ding Dong et DJ moments a lot.
    I really like her confession, quoting all the flowers before he kisses her, very touching.

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