Taking stock of May

Eagerly anticipated and now coming to an end. Yes, we’re speaking of the month of May.

In the past four weeks, a slew of new dramas began airing. Have you had a chance to watch all or most of them? If yes, how did the dramas fare? Granted it might be too soon to form a verdict of the last one off the block, namely Miss Ripley, which aired its first episode just yesterday. That’s okay, though, because the following set of polls is all about transient first impressions, not final ones. You could hold off voting for now, or go ahead and vote anyway and come back later (if necessary) to post a comment about changing your mind!

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  1. Best Love is definitely the best of the lot. One of the best korean rom-coms i have ever seen!

  2. BEST LOVE!!!! Yeh Yeh

  3. I should say sth cuz Best Love’s sweeped it all, just to weight down on others.
    Done voting, Miss Ripley gets most of my votes. Only the OTP goes to City Hunter, the drama has successfully made me feel City Hunter’s longing/compelling love for Kim Nana from epsiode1(I couldn’t feel that with others from ep1); assassin/body guard thing. Sorry for Best Love, the drama lost me way back (tho it fell into my category to watch it all at once when I get my box set). As for Miss Ripley, just the first episode, I’ve already root for her to lie (ok, make it a decent one ^^) which surprisingly odd cuz I’m normally not into this kind of thing (lie) at all, that alone does tell for me.
    Thanks Thundie, really enjoying this post!

  4. I enjoy Best Love too but its not the best for me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find Jin too immature & weird to be placed on a pedestal. In real life he’d be mistaken for a weird poofter. He’s quite adorable at times. Maybe he’ll mature when he chooses that the person he cares for is what matters. His hands are tied by his high status in showbiz. His choice. Its a pretentious world. To me Pil Joo is the best love to love. Unlike Jin he is more stable. I choose Pil Joo as the best love.

  5. The dramas have been delightful and impressive with their story lines of late =D I really like the entire cast of Romance Town. Lie To Me is such sweetness between the two leads. Thank you for this poll! It’s keeping me sane until I wait for next epis.

  6. Lie to me must beat those other K drama!!!!

  7. Can you hear my heart wins it hands down for me!! but out of all the may dramas I pick Miss Ripley, Best Love and Romance town! I was following Lie to me but it just got too ridiculous and cheesy for me and haven’t watched City Hunter yet saving it for later.

  8. Baby Faced Beauty is seriously underrated. Anyone who got annoyed with the first 2 episodes, you should sit up until 4. You will WANT to continue after that I can assure you. It gets better and better, I’m on 10 now and I’m absolutely in love. The lie is executed very well, the fear of So Young’s lie being exposed also done well, but it’s her growing friendship and affection with Jin Wook (Choi Daniel is so ever charming and endearing here, 100% guaranteed) which topples everything. Seriously, this is one rom-com not to be missed. Writing is WAY WAY better than LTM, and the OTP is even better (sorry i don’t see anything with KJH and YEH, hated their characters in LTM 1-3).

    Best Love is on par, but writing wise I like BFB more.

    RT is a bit to slice of life for my taste, reminds me of Pasta whereby nothing much happens. Contemplating whether to continue after Ep 4.

    LTM, dropped at 3. Boring as hell. Hence, OTP does not compel one bit.

    Ripley, got most of my votes. Overall, a better produced and acted drama IMO.

    City Hunter, haven’t started yet.

    But conclusion, BFB, BL and Ripley are my current favs.

  9. all i can say is lie to me couple is always be my no.1….seeing those two in a drama make me feel a live! watching them on my laptop can make me feel hot hot hot….KANG JI HWAN & YOON EUN HYE a true lead in my heart….

  10. May is really a cruel month this year…6 dramas in one month?! how can I watch it all?! In all the dramas this month I’m currently watching Best Love, Lie to me, City Hunter and waiting for Miss Ripley. I’ve dropped Baby faced beauty and Romance Town I got bored watching the first episode but I read a lot of comment that Baby faced beauty and Romance Town are also nice drama…so I’m planning on watching it again…goodluck if I can still sleep with all the kdramas that I need to watch… :))

  11. hi, now that Manny has ended, what drama takes it spot in the Wed-Thu schedule?


  12. LTM’s makeup artists should have fixed the lead actress’s makeup…too greasy to look at due to too much BB cream smathered on that beautiful face

  13. Best OTP for May drama is LTM…my favorite ever for both.
    Best Love: Pil Joo/Ae Joong but this drama will choose the the childish pretentious Jin/Ae Joong. pffft!
    Daniel Choi is soo cute, so convince with his acting. Soo natural. I really really like Daniel Choi. Gosh…I was affected when he sat in front of Nara, told her not to cry…I was already in tears…huhu.

  14. BEST LOVE FTW. Thank you Hong Sisters <3. Witty and charming with solid acting.

  15. City hunter looks good, but i don’t know if they will keep the momentum.

  16. can the LTM fans stop voting for the sake of voting for your drama?
    It’s cheating! how can your drama be better in directing and writing than the other dramas on the list?
    stop it please, be fair!

  17. If it weren’t for Pil Joo, I’d leave till later to watch Best LOve. I can’t stand a grown man acting so immature & pretentious like Jin. Its a Kdrama so maybe the lead guy will change his character to suit his role as the suitable leading man. Jin has a heart problem…how bad is it? Would he have a heart attack? Maybe Pil Joo would have a chance?
    My urge to watch for the (May kramas) next ep is Lie to me, City Hunter, Baby face & now Ripley too.
    Ongoing favorites: CYHMY, NTOG, Twinkle!
    Thank you for the chance to vote & comment, thundie.

  18. I think it is best to LTM that makes me always waiting for the spirit of drama every week.KJH and YEH I really like them.I watch the city hunter because there is min hoo,This drama by me nice and perfect action.at the beginning of the episode I really liked the city hunter because are good action scenes.but the chemistry between min hoo and a girl named kim nana I do not like,this drama I prefer action rather than romance…^^

  19. i love “lie to me” sooooooooooooooooooooo much it’s the among best korean drama that i have seen


  21. Have watched them all dropped Miss Ripley after two episodes, to dark for me , not in the mood for this type of drama, may go back later to watched. Best Love dropped after nine episodes, female lead to much of the victim for me. Romance Town just watched episode 12 trying to hang on to the end but there really is not a lot of romance and the floating lottery ticket is about to make me loose my mind.BFB had more interaction in the beginning with OTP than now so I keep getting confused about what story they want to tell.

  22. lie to me FTW. Hwan Hye OTP is the best!

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